The Best Crystals To Combine With Amethyst

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Healing stones and crystals are a great way to dispel negative energy from your chakras and replace them with positive energy that can help you out in so many ways.

Each crystal is better suited for different chakras and are filled with different energies including confidence, creativity, and more.

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The Best Crystals To Combine With Amethyst

One such popular crystal is amethyst – a stunningly violet crystal that is great for promoting natural spiritual connections, love, intuition, and more.

However if you want to enhance this crystal’s power, you can always combine it with another to help you gain as many benefits from amethyst as you possibly can.

The only question left now is which stones and crystals combine best with amethyst.

Because there are so many out there, there are tons of combinations you can try – and some are better for certain purposes than others.

So, we are going to go through some of the most powerful crystal combinations that include amethyst and check out what each one is capable of doing for you.

What Is Amethyst?

Before we start looking at the best crystals to combine with amethyst, we first need to understand what amethyst is and its spiritual properties.

This way, you can understand how it is used and why it will pair so well with other crystals. So – what is amethyst?

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Amethyst is a gemstone that is highly serene and spiritual. It is well known for its shades of lilac and violet, making it a rare purple gemstone.

Amethyst is also the birthstone for those born in the month of February, meaning that it has a special connection to those born under the star signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

Spiritually, amethyst is known as a stone that encourages our connection to the divine.

It offers protection to those suffering from spiritual attacks and offers wisdom to those who seek it.

Many use amethyst as a form of stress relief as it is a tranquil, calming gemstone that can also help ground you.

This has caused some people to even use amethyst to help them slip into a deeper sleep every night simply by placing it by their bedside or under their pillows.

Due to its strong spiritual connections, amethyst works best at emptying the crown chakra and thus helps clear our minds from aches and confusion.

This is why so many use amethyst when seeking wisdom to help guide them through difficult and challenging times.

As a result, many also use amethyst when seeking physical pain relief for migraines.

Amethyst is an ideal gemstone to use if you want to boost your intuition, turn away from negative influences, and open up your third eye.

Calming and balancing, it’s easy to see why so many people opt to use this gemstone in a lot of healing rituals and worship.

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However, some find that they want to boost amethyst’s power by combining it with other crystals and gemstones that complement it and work alongside it to great effect – but what crystals work best with amethyst?

Which Crystals Should You Combine With Amethyst?

There are a lot of different crystals out there but some have properties that make it best suited for use alongside amethyst.

Here, we are going to check out each one and discuss its properties, how it works well with amethyst, and how you can use it.

Clear Quartz

Let’s start off with an easy choice – clear quartz. Clear quartz is known to be a great amplifier when it comes to healing stones and crystals.

This means that if you combine it with any other kind of healing stone or crystal, it will help boost the powers and properties of the stone you have combined it with.

This is partly due to the clarity of clear quartz as, unlike some other crystals, it is completely clear.

Its transparency means that it acts as a balancing, cooling stone, which you can use on its own to help boost your concentration and sharpen your memories.

It connects to all the chakras and appeals to most people even though it is one of the birthstones of Aries.

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So, you won’t have any trouble connecting with clear quartz.

There are lots of different types of quartz out there but clear quartz is the one that most people love to use alongside their favorite healing stones and crystals.

It’s abundant so it’s easy to get a hold of, and you can use it alongside any other crystals or stones you use from time to time.

Most people use clear quartz in altars and crystal clusters, although you can use them in jewelry, tumblestones, and as spheres.

So, if you want to really boost the power of your amethyst stones to help improve your healing, protection, or spiritual connection, then clear quartz is a great crystal to combine it with.

It will naturally enhance the magical properties of amethyst so you can really achieve the results you want.

Rose Quartz

If it’s immense healing powers you want, then combining your amethyst with rose quartz is a great way to achieve quick and amazing results.

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Amethyst’s natural serenity allows it to act as a great stress relief plus some have even found it to be a huge help when it comes to issues related to anxiety and depression.

This is due to amethyst’s amazing protection powers that help protect you from negative spiritual energies, guarding your mind and heart from feelings related to these conditions.

Then, it provides a soothing effect that acts like a balm to your soul.

By adding rose quartz into the mix, you are allowing positive energies to replace the ones repelled by amethyst.

Many find that simply expelling and protecting themselves from negative energy is not enough and they want to combine their amethyst with a crystal that will help them feel loved, harmonized, and a little confident.

This is where rose quartz comes in as it is the perfect crystal to encourage these kinds of energies and emotions.

Rose quartz is a pale pink, smooth crystal that is closely connected to the heart. This is due to its blushing tones of pink, its feminine energy, and soft aura.

Like amethyst, it is calming and soothing but also filled with love and trust. As a result, many use rose quartz to help them recover from emotional damage.

If you have been through a break up, or damaged a relationship with a friend, then rose quartz is the crystal that will help soothe over the pain and fill it up with strong, positive energies.

It’s also connected closely to the heart and throat chakras, allowing for easier communication and expression of self.

When combined with amethyst, rose quartz can help ease the pains caused by road bumps in your relationships.

Together, they can protect your heart from negativity, fill it up with feelings of love and harmony, restore your trust and open up your mind and throat chakras to ways of communication and diplomacy.

This can help you rebuild your relationship once you have recovered from the hurt.

If this sounds like the ideal combination for you, then rose quartz and amethyst can be used together in various ways.

Although you can use them both in crystal clusters and as tumble stones, they both can be used together in jewelry.

If you are aiming to guard and repair your heart, then a necklace that allows for skin to skin contact would be ideal.



Bloodstone is well known for its strong powers of protection and healing, which is why it often finds itself in the crystal collections of those in need of balance and repair.

It’s filled with positive physical healing properties ranging from healthier circulation to boosting your immune system.

These properties are hugely beneficial, especially when paired with its emotional and mental properties that encourage strength, courage, and perseverance.

As a result, many use bloodstone as a crutch whenever they feel run down and weak, either emotionally or physically.

This makes it the ultimate healing stone and thus, it goes hand in hand with amethyst.

Amethyst has its own natural healing properties that work at soothing and calming emotional stress and woes.

Many refer to amethyst as a balm to your woes.

This makes it a great combination for bloodstone as both can work together to help heal your body from head to toe, physically and spiritually.

After the amethyst has calmed you down and eased your pain, bloodstone can boost your energy once more with feelings of courage and confidence, allowing you to recover swiftly and get back onto your feet.

Bloodstone and amethyst also work great together because they appeal to different chakras.

While amethyst works best on your higher chakras including your crown chakra, bloodstone gets to work on all of your base and lower chakras in order to help ground you.

So, while bloodstone connects you back to the earth so you can feel anchored to reality, amethyst helps clear your mind so you can think and see clearly.

So, this combination even works great for emotional injuries as well as physical ones.

It’s rare to see these two crystals combined in the form of jewelry as many only use them whenever they need healing from harm or stress.

Thus, you will most likely find these crystals used as tumble stones or in crystal clusters to help those who need it to repair themselves in private.


Known by many names including the ‘Singer’s Stone’ or ‘Sunset Stone’ – carnelian is a warm, creative precious stone that acts as a strong healing crystal by completely cleansing your body and soul.

Bright red and feisty, carnelian is filled with life that works great at passing a strong flow of energy through your body.

It stimulates muscles, flushes your organs, helps transport oxygen and detoxes your chakras from blocks.

This means that carnelian acts as a ‘kiss of life’ to those in desperate need of warmth and stimulation. This is why so many choose to pair it with amethyst.

The two crystals are opposites yet work alongside one another perfectly.

Carnelian works to oust any and all negativity that is blocking your chakras while amethyst moves in to soothe the and release the stress built up in your mind over time.

Where carnelian is hot, amethyst is cool so you get the best of both healing stones. But carnelian is not only used as a cleansing stone.

It’s also an amazing source of inspiration as it boosts creativity and motivation, filling you with the fire of life that many need to sustain their work and projects.

This is another reason why many pair it with amethyst – while amethyst clears your mind of stress and allows you to concentrate, carnelian fills you with the encouragement needed to get things done.

As a result, you can wear both as jewelry as you go about your working day, or leave them close to your desk while you work at home.


Finally, we have citrine.

Citrine is an energetic crystal that comes in a range of bright colors including pale yellow to light amber.

It’s brightness has earned it the name of the ‘sunshine’ stone and thus, it’s a great crystal for promoting emotions such as joy and happiness.

It’s also a great boost for your energy and also prosperity, allowing you to achieve the things you want.

Due to its energizing properties, many use citrine as a mood boost that helps fight against tensions and anger by replacing them with more positive energies.

It can also boost your confidence and self esteem, helping you fend off emotions related to depression, confusion, anxieties, and more.

This is why citrine works so well with amethyst – both ease stress and mental ailments.

Where amethyst is calm and soothing, citrine can help you recover from your lows so you can reclaim your smile.

So, you can find citrine and amethyst used side by side in crystal clusters or in jewelry to help relieve fears and tensions when in tricky situations.

Tumble stones are also a great use because it directly contacts your skin, allowing for the soothing balm of amethyst and bright energies of citrine to pour in with ease.

Final Thoughts

So, there are all the best crystals you can use to combine with amethyst.

Whether it’s healing and protection you are after, or a need for energy, or just want some peace and comfort, amethyst is a great stone that you can use to achieve all of these – but to get even better results, pair it up with some of the crystals from above!

Good luck!

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