100 Self Love Affirmations To Build Your Self Esteem

It is not uncommon to have low self esteem. Most of the time, it is due to what we think about ourselves, rather than what other people have said.

This is because we are far too critical when it comes to our own appearance, success, and how we handle situations.

100 Self Love Affirmations To Build Your Self Esteem

Does any of this sound familiar? Thought so.

Once we let these negative emotions take control of our lives, it is easy to let fantastic opportunities slip by, and we start to become a shell of what we once were.

Do not let this be you! In this article we shall take a look at 100 self love affirmations to tell yourself when you need it most.

Just remember, all the differences we have make us unique as people. Can you imagine if we were all the same? Boring!

So, let’s take a look!

100 Self Love Affirmations That Will Help To Build Your Self Esteem

  1. I love my body as it is because it is who I am
  2. I also love my mind and everything that makes me, me
  3. I am enough as the person I am
  4. I trust the person I am every day
  5. The judgements made about me do not affect me as a person
  6. I am the person who is in control of my full happiness
  7. I take the time to make sure I am cared for
  8. I accept every single little thing about myself
  9. I am fully grateful for all the things I currently have
  10. I am both resilient and strong every single day
  11. I am successful at what I do and will use that to lead a good life
  12. Loving myself as the person I am is so easy to do
  13. The fears I have will not hold me back from achieving my goals
  14. I have lots of goals I want to achieve and I shall do it
  15. I do not need the acceptance and judgment of others to love myself
  16. Every day I grow as a person and learn from past mistakes
  17. I let go of the past and what has been so I can live in the present and the future
  18. I let go of people who do not have fit in with my own morals and interests
  19. I know that things will work out the way they should
  20. It is okay for me to take time out to focus on self care
  21. It is fine for me to take each day as it comes, one step at a time
  22. I have the ability to control peace within my life
  23. It is okay for me to step away from a stressful situation
  24. I deserve to have great things
  25. The anxiety I have does not control who I am or what I do
  26. I am fully open to receiving love from other people
  27. I am the person I am meant to be right now
  28. It is fine for me to feel emotions on a deep level
  29. It is okay for me to feel affected by something
  30. I will not judge my own actions or who I am, and instead will forgive myself so I can move on and learn from mistakes
  31. I can overcome difficult challenges that life throws at me
  32. This new change in my life will help me to progress as a person
  33. I am willing to say no without worrying if it will upset the other person
  34. I will not apologize for being my authentic self
  35. It feels great to be alive right now
  36. The bad things that happen in my life and to me are not who I am
  37. I am in control of my feelings and thoughts and where I go next with them
  38. I am absolutely beautiful inside and outside
  39. If I do not succeed, I learn and move on
  40. I understand that I have limitations
  41. It is fine for me to want and only need my own company
  42. I am a confident and powerful person
  43. I trust that I have the ability to work through very difficult times
  44. Because I love myself so much, I can love others even more so
  45. I look at life in a positive way to attract positivity
  46. I respect who I am and the decision I make
  47. I respect myself every time I give something a try, even though I fail
  48. Failing does not mean I have to give up, but perhaps change the way I feel about something
  49. What I say means something and is valuable in this world
  50. I am secure about who I am
  51. My ideas and thoughts deserve to be mentioned and heard
  52. I am fully open to experiencing new things and all of the opportunities that arise
  53. I am happy to reward myself for doing great work
  54. I will not judge myself in a negative manner
  55. At this very moment, I will promise to love myself more each day
  56. The only time I will need approval is when I give it to myself
  57. I love spending time in my own company
  58. I make sure to treat the body I have with lots of love, care, and respect
  59. I understand that I only have one body so I will respect it and look after it
  60. Nobody needs to feel sorry for me because I am a strong person who can get back up
  61. I attract positive people and positive energy
  62. I always listen to my body and what it needs
  63. I have been put on this earth to make the most of living
  64. I shall succeed in this new job
  65. The imperfections on my body is what makes me who I am
  66. I am always thinking of loving thoughts for those around me
  67. I support my friends and family who are succeeding in their lives, rather than bringing them down
  68. My own needs deserve to be met, not just meeting another person’s needs
  69. I deserve to be loved and to love
  70. I trust the intuition that I have and know I can use it to guide me through life
  71. I feel balanced as a person
  72. The universe will help guide me through life and support me
  73. My number one relationship is with my own body
  74. I have so many reasons to celebrate my life and being alive
  75. I honor the fact I have had a chance to walk this earth
  76. I take time out to nourish my body and overall health
  77. I also deserve to live out my dreams and have success
  78. Every choice I make going forward is a reflection of who I am as a person
  79. I understand that even through difficult times, great times are ahead
  80. I know I am an inspiration to others
  81. I am fully sure of myself and who I am as a person
  82. I am really proud of who I am today as a person
  83. I always choose to view my life positively, even in difficult times
  84. I am thankful for where I am at in life
  85. My own body is my ultimate best friend and I choose to treat it well
  86. I do not feel guilty for taking time out to focus on my well being
  87. I always make sure to let love in and let it flow freely
  88. I know that I am glowing on the outside, because I am glowing on the inside
  89. Even though times feel difficult right now, things happen for a reason
  90. I am a really powerful person
  91. My beauty is powerful, but it is not the one thing that is wonderful about myself
  92. I always know I am able to handle whatever life decides to throw at me
  93. I am a unique person with my own talents that make me the person that I am today
  94. I do deserve to be a number one priority
  95. I am not like other people, and this makes me, and everyone else, special
  96. I am not the flaws and mistakes that I have made
  97. I am the only person who has the ultimate power to change my own life
  98. I accept that people do love me and want to know me for who I am
  99. I have so much to offer the world and the people in it
  100. When people compliment me I take it on board

Reframe How You Think About Yourself

Reframe How You Think About Yourself

It is easy to look in the mirror and pick out everything you hate, or be extra critical about why you did not get the job (Also check it Is Two Mirrors Facing Each Other Is Bad Luck?).

When this happens, our self esteem lowers and we become negative about ourselves and the world around us.

When it comes to using affirmations, it is all about reframing the way you think.

While it doesn’t just happen overnight, you will want to get into the habit of telling yourself why you are worth it.

This is a positive action to stop letting things get in the way of living life to the fullest.

Once you accept that you still are a wonderful person with skills, ambitions and a whole lot of love to give, you can stop telling yourself why you think you are terrible.

Spoiler alert: You are amazing. You will find that the more time you spend on self love affirmations, the more your self esteem will begin to grow again.

How To Do Self Love Affirmations?

Rather than just practicing self love affirmations when you are going through a difficult time, make it a habit to set some time aside every day to go through them.

If you are not consistent, then there is a chance you will go back to how you once felt.

For example, while you are getting ready for the day in the morning, tell yourself some positive things in the mirror.

This way you can take these affirmations around with you all day. This is one of the easiest ways to bring affirmations into your regular routine.

The thing to try and avoid is to add a time out to your day to go through affirmations (unless you want to).

This is because you are less likely to carry on with it, or you might find it a chore.

Spending time doing your usual routine and going through affirmations is just an easier and fulfilling way to build up self love.

So, you can even try practicing self love affirmations as you commute to work, do the chores, or are brushing your teeth.

Final Thoughts

The next time you need a little helping hand, take a look at the list above to find 100 self love affirmations to help you to build up your self esteem.

Just remember that only you can believe that you are worth it.

It is important to accept yourself for who you are, and to learn to love every single thing about you.

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