10 Powerful Crystal Combinations For Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is an incredibly powerful stone that embodies fearlessness, personal power, and courage. You can harness its protective energy in order to take more risks and expand your comfort zone.

10 Powerful Crystal Combinations For Tiger’s Eye

This golden crystal also has numerous other benefits that will be amplified when they are paired with other crystals. Read on to discover the best combinations for Tiger’s Eye stones and how you can use these to reap rewards!

1. Citrine And Tiger’s Eye

Citrine And Tiger’s Eye

If you need to build your self-confidence and enhance your confidence levels, then this combination is perfect for you. Confidence derives through accomplishment. Whenever you achieve your dreams and goals, you tend to feel far more confident in yourself.

Citrine naturally radiates a warming energy that will encourage you to be more motivated to get things done. Tiger’s Eye also promotes action-taking and determination that inherently enhances your confidence levels.

If the fear of failure is consuming you, then this crystal combination will help you to gather your courage and pursue success. You should remember that whatever you are aiming to accomplish is far more important than any fear of failure. 

2. Carnelian And Tiger’s Eye

Carnelian And Tiger’s Eye

Carnelian also makes the perfect accomplice to Tiger’s Eye. This is because Carnelian has a warm energy that radiates alongside Tiger’s Eye stones.

Carnelian is used to enhance your creativity and this is a highly useful stone for writers who are seeking to stay in an inspired state-of-mind.

Creativity can be developed, cultivated, and practiced using hard work. Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian will help you to enhance your imaginative skills in order to become highly adept at creative visualization.

This combination of crystals will also encourage you to try new creative outlets. Changing your scenery is greatly beneficial for revitalizing your creative mind and enhancing your levels of inspiration.

3. Pyrite And Tiger’s Eye

Pyrite And Tiger’s Eye

Pyrite is otherwise known as fool’s gold and is one of the best crystals for money manifestation. This crystal also pairs wonderfully with other forms of crystal.

One of the main benefits of pairing this crystal with Tiger’s Eye is that both of these crystals attract prosperity and abundance.

Your mindset will also drastically impact the overall course of your life. If you believe that you are not and will never obtain enough, then you will continuously struggle to be secure.

Thus, pairing Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite together will ensure that this block is removed. You will then be able to alter your thoughts in order to create a more abundant mindset.

Using this crystal combination alongside various affirmations will also help you to attract abundance into your life. This will ensure that you are better able to notice the positive things in your life as opposed to focusing on the negatives. 

4. Lapis Lazuli And Tiger’s Eye

Lapis Lazuli And Tiger’s Eye

This is the best crystal combination to use for self-expression. Implementing authentic expression of our innermost self is how we are able to build the best relationships. Embracing who we truly are also encourages us to be the best version of ourselves.

When you have this crystal combination by your side, you will be able to communicate more succinctly in a healthier manner. This combination of crystals will also inspire you to stay true to your innermost self.

As hard as this may be, remaining true to yourself is key for you to remain in alignment with your destiny.

Using this crystal combination together will encourage you to allow your individuality to shine. The Lapis Lazuli crystal will enhance your mental clarity and ensure that you do not allow others to define who you are.

Using Tiger’s Eye will provide you with the courage you need to make the best life decisions.

5. Amethyst And Tiger’s Eye

Amethyst And Tiger’s Eye

If you are dealing with anxiety and stress, then this crystal combination can definitely help you. These soothing stones will ensure that you are a beacon of serenity.

Continually worrying and projecting negative thoughts can take a toll on your emotional health and the health of those around you.

Amethyst acts as a natural stress-reliever ensuring that you are able to challenge your negative thought processes. When you have reestablished balance within yourself, you will be able to engage in life’s activities with joy once again.

Tiger’s Eye crystals will greatly assist you in boosting your levels of motivation which will inherently improve your mood overall. This crystal has warm vibrations that encourage you to act in a more energized manner. 

6. Black Onyx And Tiger’s Eye

Black Onyx And Tiger’s Eye

Black Onyx is a specific type of Chalcedony that has been used within healing practices for numerous years. It is renowned for its protective properties.

As it is a black stone, it is also an excellent crystal for grounding purposes. This stone can be combined with Tiger’s Eye while engaging in spiritual work in order to enhance self-awareness and growth.

Crystals work hand-in-hand with meditation. Black Onyx will ease you into a gentle meditative state while the inclusion of Tiger’s Eye enhances your clarity.

By encouraging you to remain present, these crystals will enhance your focus during your meditative practices. This crystal combination can also be used to unblock certain chakras in your lower body.

Try placing black onyx onto your root chakra and some tiger’s eye stones on your sacral chakra. The combination of both of these crystals will ensure that you are able to resolve any issues objectively.

7. Blue Tiger’s Eye And Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye is an incredible crystal that has many similar qualities to Tiger’s Eye. The main difference is that this crystal has a blue sheen. This crystal assists you in enhancing your levels of communication.

Expressing yourself can feel overwhelming or daunting. This is because, whenever you allow yourself to become vulnerable, you become open to the possibility of becoming hurt.

However, opening up fully will also allow you to build deep connections with others.

Blue Tiger’s Eye stones will enable you to communicate how you feel more effectively so that you are far more likely to be held and understood by other people.

In addition, traditional Tiger’s Eye crystals will also provide you with the strength and courage required to express how you feel while remaining calm, removing the fear of being rejected inherently.

8. Amber And Tiger’s Eye

Amber And Tiger’s Eye

Amber may be fossilized tree resin as opposed to a stone, however, it has copious healing benefits. It is one of the most powerful cleansers for the spirit, mind, and body.

Amber can be combined with Tiger’s Eye in order to promote vitality and joy. This crystal combination radiates a warming energy that enhances our levels of focus and enthusiasm.

9. Bloodstone And Tiger’s Eye

Bloodstone And Tiger’s Eye

This is another beautiful crystal combination that will enhance your energy flow, smoothing it over accordingly. Bloodstone pairs wonderfully with Tiger’s Eye in order to dispel any anxiety or unwanted fears.

This combination of crystals is incredibly useful for calming your nervous system.

If you wish to control your anger, then wearing this crystal combination is a brilliant idea. This is because bloodstone works in the heat of the moment, as it emits soothing vibrations that encourage you to collect your breath prior to acting impulsively.

Once you have become calmer, Tiger’s Eye will enhance your mental clarity and enable you to communicate with others without hurting their feelings. 

Whenever your temper flares up, you can hold these stones in your hand while practicing deep-breathing techniques and this will relax you immediately. 

10. Amazonite And Tiger’s Eye

Amazonite And Tiger’s Eye

Amazonite is the last on our list. It is a stunning blue-green gemstone that radiates calm and soothing energy. This stone is perfect for promoting healing, sincerity, and self-love.

When this stone is combined with Tiger’s Eye, you have the perfect crystal combination for healing deep-seated emotional trauma.

If you are having difficulty in releasing traumatic memories, then this gemstone combination will assist you in your road to recovery.


To conclude, the crystal combinations that I have outlined in this article will promote vitality, rebirth, strength, self-love, and self-awareness. These stones make the perfect addition to Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye is renowned for enhancing your levels of courage and ensuring that you are able to communicate clearly with others.

This crystal matches beautifully with the stones that I have outlined above, and it pairs particularly well with those stones that emit warm and healing energies.

You can hold on to these crystals while practicing mindfulness or meditation. This will enhance your spiritual practice and take it to a whole new level.

Thus, if you are seeking to promote your confidence levels and evolve into a new spiritually-aligned state-of-being, you should definitely consider possessing the crystals that I have outlined in this article.

I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading.

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