How To Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals As A Beginner?

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If you’re brand new to owning crystals, or if you’re a seasoned crystal keeper, then it’s important to know how to cleanse and charge your crystals so that you can use them effectively.

How To Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals As A Beginner?

In this article we’ll be going over how to best charge and cleanse your crystals for your own personal use, and explaining why it’s so important to do so.

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So without any further delay let’s get started. 


Just before we get started though, it’s important to understand exactly why it’s so important to cleanse your crystals, and clean them regularly.

It’s a good idea to think of crystals like your skin, throughout your day you’re going to pick up negative things, so before you go to sleep you cleanse your skin of any negativity, and then charge your skin up with positive creams and serums throughout your sleep. 

It’s the exact same with crystals, they can often be depleted in energy or be filled up with emotion that’s not necessarily desired within them.

Rather than continuing to use them whilst they’re in this state (as they’ll be much less effective) it’s important to know how to cleanse the negative energy out of them, and charge them ready for you to use again. 

It’s important to note that different crystals have different personalities though, so various charging methods won’t be effective for different crystals, and some can cause catastrophic damage to your crystal if it’s not designed to be charged/cleansed in that specific way.

If you’re unsure about what you’re doing, then don’t be afraid to research further into how you cleanse and charge your crystals. 

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So let’s take a look at how you can cleanse your crystals. 

Cleansing Your Crystals

Below are a few different methods that you can use to cleanse your crystals.

Be sure to check what the most effective method for the specific type of crystal that you’re choosing to cleanse.

Running Water

One of the simplest methods of cleansing your crystals is to run them under water for one minute at a time, moving your fingers over them to wash away any negative energy attached, this is a super simple method that only takes a short amount of time, and works pretty well on whatever crystals you’ve got.

Salt Water

For crystals that can be submerged, take a teaspoon of rock, pink Himalayan, or normal table salt and add to a bowl of water to rest. 

Use your own intuition on how long you want to leave them submerged.

If you cleanse your crystals often though, a simple soak for an hour will produce results, but if it’s your first time cleansing them, or just haven’t cleansed your crystals in a good while, then leaving them in overnight will be really effective.

Just be sure not to soak them for too long!  


Using sage to cleanse is a great way to restore a crystal’s natural energy whilst also warding off any negativity that you might have yourself.

It’s advisable to first run them under a tap to clean off any initial bad energy, and then after lightly drying them. 

Sit and sage them one by one, you should put some healing music on whilst you’re doing this too.

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This is a super effective way to cleanse your crystals, but it’s also a great way to cleanse yourself whilst you also work on your crystals, twice the reward!


I’ve often spoken about the power of visualization and using your thoughts to cleanse your crystals can be a super powerful way of ridding any attached negative energy. 

Hold each crystal in your hand as you meditate and imagine a bright white light around it as you manipulate it in your hands. 

You should be able to feel the crystal become lighter, which is an indicator it has been cleansed.

How To Charge Your Crystals?

How To Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals As A Beginner?

Build A Crystal Charging Station

An incredibly simple, yet powerful method of charging your crystals with ease, you can essentially make a charging station out of anything, but getting something that is relatively closed off whilst being see-through is a great choice.

Meditating and visioning a white light glowing around the charging station is usually a fantastic indicator that your charging station will work.

After this, nudge your crystals underground just far enough that they can stand up on their own, and place them so that they see the light of the moon.

Your crystals will charge overnight, and this makes for a really nice space that you can continue to build on and make your own, whilst having a practical use of it’s own. 

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Standing Outside In The Sunshine

Using the natural resources of the earth to charge crystals is extremely powerful, so if you have the chance depending on where you live, then letting your crystals be charged by sunlight every now and again is a great way to see them energized. 

Just place them apart enough so they don’t cast a shadow over one another and are fully exposed to the sun’s rays, then leave them out for at least an hour and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the weight of the crystals, indicating that they’re charged. 

Set Intentions Under The Moon

Saging your crystals as listed up above and then laying them in the direct light of a full moon is a fantastic way of charging your crystals.

It’s up to a lot of debate whether you should put your crystals in the direct light of the moon itself, so if it’s cloudy it won’t work, or being on the other side of a window won’t work.

But in reality if you simply leave your crystals out in during a full moon then they will always feel much lighter than before (which is a clear indicator of being cleansed and charged) so go with whatever your situation suits, either way you’ll see a direct level of cleaning and charging happening. 

Sit In The Soil

Allow your crystals to reform their connection with the earth by burying them in soil overnight.

Don’t worry about not having a garden, or outside space that you can bury them in though, a plant pot indoors with soil or any vessel that you can fill with soil works perfectly!

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Staying On Top Of Your Cleansing/Cleaning Routine

Whatever your usage of crystals, it’s a really important idea to stick on top of your cleansing routine for your crystals.

This is because you’ll see much better results from using your crystals, be it for meditation, or healing, and simply put, this is just because your crystals have much more power and aren’t bogged down with any negative energy.

Making sure that you stick to a routine when you use your crystals, and making sure that you properly maintain them is a huge part of making sure that your crystals work.

So be sure to get an effective routine set up in your head.

Programing Your Crystals

Once your crystals have been effectively cleansed and charged, it’s important to get them programmed so that they’ll do exactly what you want them to do.

This can be anything depending on what the crystal’s purpose is, but making sure that you program your crystals before immediately using them is an excellent practice to get used to, as it’ll make them so much more effective. 

But how do you program your crystals once they’re ready? Simple.

Firstly make sure that you’re sat in complete peace and quiet, if you’ve got any distractions then they could get in the way of you completely being focused, and this may not work.

Once you’re certain you’ve got peace and quiet, take your crystals in your hands and close your eyes.

Crystals will take in whatever emotions and feelings that are coming from you, so vocalizing what you’re feeling is a really important part of this process. 

Then the next step depends entirely on what crystal you’re using, if it’s a rose quartz crystal then welcoming love into your life is an effective way to program your crystal to channel exactly that, vocalize what this means to you, and exactly what function you want the crystal to perform.

Being honest with your crystals is an extremely important part of them working, because otherwise how would they know exactly what it is that you want! 

Once you’re satisfied with your vocalization of what it is that you want, then simply carry on with using them.

It’s good practice to do this every time you cleanse and charge them, but missing it out once or twice won’t do too much harm.

It’s just good to understand that you have to program your crystals occasionally!

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