A Simple Clairvoyance Meditation To Open The Third Eye

If you want to expand your perspective and aren’t sure where to start, meditation can be a great way to increase your psychic awareness and heal and purify the energy around you.

But how do you determine which meditation will work for you and whether it will activate your sixth sense or third eye?

A Simple Clairvoyance Meditation To Open The Third Eye

In this article, we will outline what the third eye is, the benefits of activating it, and an easy-to-follow mediation you can follow from the comfort of your space.

If you’re ready to tap into this infinite source of knowledge, read on to find out more.

What Is The Third Eye?

Known as the third eye chakra, this pineal gland is a higher energy field that allows us to tap into what cannot be seen, tasted, heard, or smelled.

It’s considered the sixth sense, as it transcends our other senses and has to be brought to our attention in the form of a gut reaction.

The best way to identify this gut feeling is to ask yourself whether you’ve gotten a feeling that someone you know is in a dangerous situation, only for that person to call you back and confirm your feeling.

Knowing and seeing the unknown is a great ability that can be developed towards a significant level.

As this ability starts within, you might wonder about the effects of activating this third eye, but don’t worry. They’re all positive ones, which we will discuss next.

What Are The Benefits Of The Third Eye?

Improving Your Intuition

Very much the thing that can drive this third eye, meditation can tune you into this intuition that is a gift that we all share.

When you begin your meditations, you’ll begin seeing how that intelligence quickly starts to build up, which is a good motivator for you to continue opening and activating your third eye. 

This intuition can also provide benefits such as restoring good friendships and successes, as this intuition knows the steps to take to reach these goals.

Your third eye also understands why you’ve chosen the path you are taking in life and can show you true purpose. Having this through meditation is like having it available at your beck and call.

Manifesting Abundance

The true power of the meditation aspect has us change the nature of our thoughts by reducing the amount of negative thoughts we have, by having this cleaned from your mind will have fewer limitations and more rewarding experiences take their place.

As your third eye opens up more, your mental, emotional, and physical state will improve, helping you to attract higher levels of souls into your life.

This can, in turn, help you find and improve friendships and will open up a more conscious, meaningful, and thoughtful dimension, which all start to take effect in your life.

Wealth Of Information

If you ever think about what is unknown, or what could be possible beyond this level of thinking, and may be specific to your circumstances such as your career, relationships, or your goals and dreams.

Wealth Of Information

These can be answered with your third eye, as meditation allows you to see, acknowledge, and enjoy the sights and sounds of this hidden avenue and leaves you able to optimize your day-to-day activities so it falls in line with what you hope to achieve.

This bank of knowledge can help us to unlock our potential and live the best lives possible.

A Simple Meditation To Help Open Your Third Eye

The meditation that we are going to use is the mindfulness mediation, which is technique neutral, which means that this meditation uses sound to deepen the state that you’re in.

This doesn’t affect what you’ll be practicing, like focusing attention, resting awareness, or visualization, for example.

This doesn’t mean you must follow this guide step by step, so you can combine or enhance it or use audio programs if you prefer.

Step 1

First, you want to establish your surroundings and get into a comfortable position but not too comfortable where you’ll feel tired.

You might want to sit on a chair or lean your weight against something, using a pillow to support your lower back.

There isn’t a singular way to use your hands, so do what feels natural, or place them on top of your legs, if you’re sitting with your legs crossed.

Step 2

With this meditation, you want to eliminate distractions in your mind and begin to center your thoughts by taking normal breaths.

In this meditation, you don’t have to put an emphasis on your breathing but just being aware of its rhythm is fine. This will come in handy when your mind inevitably wanders off so we can operate from our deep minds.

Step 3

While paying attention to your breaths, you want to observe things such as the weight and gravity of your body, any tingling sensations, itches (You might want to check out What Does An Itchy Finger Mean), contact and pressure, any tension or tightness in your body, and any absence of sensation.

You want to try not to correct any of these as you’re just observing, and letting them go one of the main objectives of this meditation.

The main thing you want to remember is that you don’t want to force any sensations, and if you don’t feel any, then that is fine, as we’re only scanning the individual pieces of sensations until they become more apparent.


Once you have these steps down to memory, you can practice them for about 10 minutes every day or longer if you feel this time doesn’t seem to be making a difference for you.

Having an optimal meditation practice will take time but will allow you to manifest the positives of your third eye, and you will be able to see the changes in your life fold out in front of you (Also check Out What Is The 369 Manifestation Method And How Do You Use It?).

Thank you for reading.

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