10 Best Crystal Combinations For Rose Quartz

If you are wondering what the best combinations of crystals are when it comes to rose quartz, then you will want to read on.

While a common stone, Rose Quartz is a beautifully pink crystal that has properties such as healing, which is great for anyone who is wanting to add it to their collection of crystals.

Its main basis is love – it is called the ‘Love Stone’ afterall – and is also related to the heart chakra.

10 Best Crystal Combinations For Rose Quartz

This crystal is often used to improve relationships, from healing after a terrible breakup, to helping lovers glow with warmth, happiness, love and great health on an emotional level.

Even though the crystal alone is absolutely beautiful, to make the most of it, you will want to pair it alongside other stones to feel an even greater effect.

Doing so can help you to manifest desires, or even heal stronger.

In this article we take a look at the 10 best crystal combinations to use with Rose Quartz. Some of those are Black Obsidian, Amethyst, and Rhodonite.

So, let’s get to it!

Rhodonite + Rose Quartz

If you are finding that you are out of balance emotionally, then pairing Rose Quartz with Rhodonite can help those feelings to stay in check.

This is especially true if you are currently going through a breakup.

Rhodonite radiates compassion, and is a crystal that can help a person’s heart and mind to heal from dealing with a bad situation and trauma.

This is because the combination opens up the heart chakra to allow for healing.

Not only does this pairing of stones help with the breakup of a relationship, but it can also help with grief too.

Carry them both with you all the time to make sure you feel the constant energy they emit for your benefit.

Pairing this stone with the Rose Quartz means that you get healing and compassion from the Rhodonite, and tranquility and peace from the Rose Quartz.

The vibrations these stones give out will help you in times of need after a loss.

Ammolite + Rose Quartz

Ammolite is a beautiful looking crystal, so it is no wonder it is said to be perfect.

The colorful hues shine and sparkle, and compliment the delicately colored Rose Quartz well when held together.

The Ammolite works alongside the root of the chakra in order to bring perfection to your life.

On the other hand, the Rose Quartz deals with the heart chakra which activates the root chakra, to work with the imbalances one might feel.

Pairing these two stones together will ignite something extraordinary for you, giving you a sense of positivity for the outcome of your relationship.

If you are feeling a little off balance within your own body, as well as in the relationship, pair these two crystals together to begin understanding where you are going, as well as to feel more decisive.

Chrysocolla + Rose Quartz

Known as the stone that represents communication, once paired up with the Rose Quartz it can help to ease any issues within a relationship, but especially if the couple are married.

This is because the stone promotes communication which can help to solve issues within a relationship.

It can also help with friends and family too, as we need communication with all for a happy and healthy relationship.

The Chrysocolla crystal can help to balance the heart chakra’s synergy within the realm on the outside, while the Rose Quartz will help to regulate the energy felt by the universe on the inside.

This stone paired with the Rose Quartz is a must if you are struggling with communicating with a loved one and need to work on moving forward.

Red Jasper + Rose Quartz

If you are looking for another crystal of perfection, then the Red Jasper is a great alternative.

It is a powerful stone that is good to help soothe the nerves, and is said to be a worry stone.

Having this stone by your side can help you to feel more confident and less stressed with nervousness.

The crystal can also help you with encouragement when it comes to romantic intimacy.

Pairing the Red Jasper with Rose Quartz can help you and your partner to rekindle any passion within the relationship, so this combination is best kept in the bedroom.

However, this combination of crystals can also help you to stay emotionally balanced when going through a serious type of illness, or a generally difficult time within your life.

The crystals paired up will help you to see clearly despite what you are going through to help you make decisions, as well as pass on the strength you need to get through the difficult situation.

Citrine + Rose Quartz

Citrine is a popular crystal with many people wanting to benefit from its vibrating energy.

Known as the Merchant Stone, it is wanted for its money properties and the abundance it can bring to a person.

Once the Citrine is teamed up with the Rose Quartz, it can also encourage a person to be successful within their career, but also within their own relationships.

Citrine has a warm energy, and once paired up with the Rose Quartz can help to balance a person’s emotions.

This is because the Citrine can help to diminish feelings of both anxiety and depression, while Rose Quartz brings with it feelings of serenity.

Not only are the above things beneficial when it comes to pairing these two stones together, but doing so can also help to boost a person’s self-confidence and to help a person to forgive themselves.

To put it simply, having the Rose Quartz and Citrine together can help you to live a fulfilled life where you can feel wonderful about yourself.

Malachite + Rose Quartz

Malachite + Rose Quartz

The Malachite and Rose Quartz both have connections with the heart chakra making them a great duo.

Teaming them up can help to replace negative energy with loving and positive vibes. Malachite is a stone that protects and can make a person feel peaceful.

The Rose Quartz has the ability to bring a person comfort, even during the most difficult of times.

This means that having both Rose Quartz and Malachite together is a double whammy of great vibes when you might need it the most.

Wearing them as jewelry can help a person to heal from past wounds that have not healed on an emotional level.

The energy that is given out will soothe the wearer to prevent any type of mood swing, as well as feelings of sadness and anxiety.

If you need that extra bit of help when it comes to overwhelming feelings of sadness, then this impressive duo of crystals is for you.

Amethyst + Rose Quartz

When it comes to complimenting colors, the Amethyst and Rose Quartz do it well. While one is a beautiful pailer purple, the other is a light pink.

How beautiful they are! Alone, the Amethyst can help to get rid of any anger that you might feel, while it can also soothe any irritable feelings.

Put it alongside the Rose Quartz and you have a great combination of stones that will compliment your romantic relationship.

This is because the Amethyst can facilitate the connection on an emotional level, while the Rose Quartz will bring great harmony to the relationship.

However, this combination also works well on strengthening other forms of relationships, such as with family and friends.

So if you are wanting to strengthen the bonds you have elsewhere in your life outside of a relationship, then these crystals can help.

If you are in need of spiritual wisdom, then the Amethyst and Rose Quartz can help when it comes to trusting intuition.

Because of this, it means that you will be able to make better and clearer decisions in order to get the things you want out of life.

Clear Quartz + Rose Quartz

The first reason both the Clear Quartz and the Rose Quartz go together so well is because they belong to the same type of mineral, which only makes them a great match for one another.

Adding the Clear Quartz alongside the Rose Quartz can also help to enhance the overall soothing of the latter stone.

This is great for those who are in the middle of dealing with strong emotions within a relationship.

Using these two stones together will help you to process all the emotions that you are going through before making big decisions within your relationship that might change its course.

Pairing the Clear Quartz and the Rose Quartz can help to evoke intimacy, compassion, as well as respect.

They can also restore any lost harmony and trust between you and your partner.

If you are not romantically involved with anyone, then having these two crystals together can help to keep you calm and serene, as well as promote loving yourself.

Black Obsidian + Rose Quartz

While it is the blackest form of any crystal, the Black Obsidian has a solid connection with the root chakra and the earth.

It is a great stone to be near as it can help to remove feelings of negativity and resentment, two things that are detrimental to any type of relationship.

When the Black Obsidian is teamed up with the Rose Quartz, the purging of the negative thoughts and emotions is even stronger.

Together, they have the ability to keep a person safe, especially from negativity.

Having these crystals as a duo can also help a person to deepen their own practice of spirituality, with the sole purpose of promoting the exploration of the spirit realm.

If you happen to be grieving for a lost loved one, then having both the Black Obsidian and the Rose Quartz together can help to provide that support you might need during hard times.

Lapis Lazuli + Rose Quartz

When it comes to friendship, there is nothing better than a strong bond.

When the Lapis Lazuli is combined alongside the Rose Quartz, it can help to strengthen the connection between you and a friend.

That is because the Rose Quartz promotes both compassion and kindness, while the Lapis Lazuli helps to encourage self-expression.

This means that you can easily identify the emotions you are feeling concerning your friendship, and are able to discuss them freely without judgment.

The stones themselves will promote clear thoughts and self-awareness to help you when you are struggling to make tough decisions.

Pairing both these stones together can stop you from making a decision that is wrong in hyndsight in order not to suffer with the lasting consequences.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to relationships, whether romantic, friendship, or family, the Rose Quartz can help you through difficult times, or enhance good ones with positivity and good luck.

Once teamed up with another crystal, the energy can explode and bring compassion, communication, and stronger bonds – among other things – to the relationships in your life.

The Rose Quartz itself is known as a stone that can soothe, and it is one that works very well alongside other stones.

Some of these are the Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Rhodonite.

Find the combination(s) that work for you right now, and embrace whatever changes may come your way.

You will find that each crystal has a positive effect on your current relationship, whether romantic or platonic.

If you found this article interesting check out other crystal combinations!

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