7 Ways To Clear Negative Energy

We sometimes neglect the thought that negative energy, if not kept at bay, can pile up and become a nuisance in your home like a pile of dirty laundry.

If you’re stressed and frustrated, the act of removing negative influences can seem like an overwhelming task, and if this space happens to be in your home, it will turn into a place that you dislike, and nobody wants that.

7 Ways To Clear Negative Energy

In this guide, we will show you 7 easy ways to remove the negative energy that is messing with your space, and hopefully, you can build these into habits and make your area feel airier, nicer, and much more productive.

If you want to improve the energy of your space for the better, then read on.  

Why It’s Important To Remove Negative Energy

If you leave this energy lingering in your space for too long, you could potentially see yourself becoming more stressed, which can lead to issues such as a weakened immune system and draining of your positive brain chemicals.

This frustration could lead to the dysfunction of the heart and digestive system, so you might now be motivated to get started, but you might want to consider any significant changes that have occurred to you recently.

If you have recently lost a loved one, are in a bad mood, are arguing with family or friends, or have started a new job that brings about its own problems, these might influence the negative energy in your space and make you lose creativity and clarity of mind.

We can start removing this presence from our lives, which we will discuss next.

Try Clearing Out The Room

This is a practical but effective way to start noticing a change in your space, and you can do so by opening all of your windows and letting the air circulate in the room.

If you find this negative energy in your bedroom, you can shake out your pillows and blankets, which will give you a refreshed feel whenever you use them to unwind at the end of the day.

Then you can turn your attention to the rest of your space, especially any broken or faulty items that you have in your space, so you want to be looking for items like these.

These items might be things you’ve been meaning to fix like office chairs, stationery, ornaments, furniture, or even anything you find messes up your space like nick-nacks, jewelry, or clothes.

These items might not be worth holding onto because they could be bringing that stuck negative energy into your space, so it is beneficial to you if you’re looking to replace any items in your space.

Try Burning Dried Herbs In Your Space 

This is a tried and tested method that can clear negative energy, and the fact that it’s a long-lasting and popular process should give you confidence that it’s an effective method.

You could use herbs like rosemary and sage that can be burned for their cleansing smoke by placing your herb in a fire-safe container and light until you see a flame, then blow it out.

You’ll notice that the orange embers will continue to burn, where you can begin to fan these embers while spreading smoke into every crevice of your space.

Place Crystals In Your Space

You can give your space an energy makeover using crystals that carry various beneficial vibrational properties. If this space is your bedroom, you can use selenite, a deep energy cleanser that you can place under your pillow.

If you’re looking for something in your living room, you could go for the stress-relieving amethyst, which is excellent for generating a relaxing and refreshing space.

The amethyst can also clear negativity and release positive protective energy, so if you’re looking to refresh your space, you might want to look here, and you can even use crystals by the front door or garden to keep negative energy out.

This is an effective way to inspire creativity and innovation in your space.

Use Salt To Cleanse Your Space 

Use Salt To Cleanse Your Space 

Sea salt has been known to cure remedies from muscle cramps to eczema, and its properties make it great at removing negative energy, and there are a few ways you can use the salt.

The first way is by dissolving sea salt in a spray bottle filled with water and spray around your space and the adjoining rooms, making sure you leave it long enough for it to cover the entire room.

Another method you can use is to place a thin line of sea salt at the entrance to your space or around the perimeter to ensure that no negative energy is finding its way in.

You could also put some sea salt into a dish and leave it out in a prominent area, like a mantlepiece or table. Or you could dissolve some salt in your floor cleaner when you next go to mop or steam any floors.

Note that if you’re using solid sea salt, you want to wait a few days before you sweep or wipe up any salt and dispose of it for it to be effective in cleansing your space.

Use Your Imagination Or Meditate

This method might require a bit of practice, but it’s all about being able to tap into the energy that is present in the room and improve it if you can.

You want to imagine a golden light inside of you, and as you breathe in deeply, you want to expand that light until it’s outside of your body, and from here, you can spread that light into your living space. 

If this exercise sounds outside your comfort zone, you could look into guided meditations that target particular thoughts and use them to project your energy into the space.

This allows you to gain more clarity, you can make it a part of your routine, and you can make these exercises as brief or as far-reaching as you feel necessary. 

Give Your Space A Good Clean

If you’re going through any excess items that may clutter your space, you can clean as you go, as you’ll see an improvement from the energy present from the last time you cleaned or had a good clear out.

A good routine to get into is to clean at least once a week, so there isn’t any negative energy that is compounding your stress and affecting your wellbeing.

Be sure to reach high places like shelves and light shades if you want to see improvement within your space.

Utilize The Power Of Smell

 Scent is a very good way to invigorate and freshen your space, where you could use plants, oils, and candles that can give your room a boost.

You could also simmer lemon peels in water and let the steam scent your space, or leave small dishes filled with fresh lemon slices in different areas, ensuring your covering a good amount of the room.

You could also use plants like aloe vera, which can also improve the look of your space to give you that fresh scent that you may prefer instead of essential oils.

What If There’s Bad Energy In My Body?

You want to ensure that you aren’t making the energy in your space worse by any negative emotions you have and may not realize deep down that you feel these.

It can be hard to identify these feelings, but you are looking for internal sources such as stress, anger, fear, jealousy, and hatred, just to name a few.

You might also feel fatigued often, depressed, or have more off days than usual.

These effects can be caused because your energy is blocked, so you can counteract these effects by taking a warm bath, using essential oils in meditation, spending more time outdoors, exercising, eating well, and practicing kindness can go a long way.

After you try some of these methods, though, you will want to stop and take account of your feelings, so if there is a certain process that you prefer to expel negative energy, you can focus on this more.

This can be a very rewarding experience as it sets out a routine or habit that will improve your aura over time.


This process of cleansing your space is very much the same principle when you have any opposing thoughts, so it’s good every now and again to drive all that negative energy away, and you’ll be happier with your mind and your space.

You also want to be able to notice when you’re showing signs of having a bad aura, which can improve your wellbeing and eliminate any excess toxins from your body, so you’ll eventually see some improvement in that area.

You could then use different herbs and crystals, but be aware that you don’t just want to pick out a color you like and instead go for ones that will improve your energy and emotions.

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