Beautiful Quotes About Angels

When it comes to being inspired to be better, to do the right thing, food many of us, there is a better guide for that than in the form of angels.

They are guides that can help us through the most difficult points in our lives, as well as point us in the right direction on how to better ourselves.

Beautiful Quotes About Angels - Psychic Readings Guide

Angels can often feel like otherworldly beings. And to a certain extent at least, that is because they are!

Spirits from heaven that help spread the word of God can be a pretty difficult image to unpack for a lot of people here on earth, especially when many people aren’t exactly sure what they are in the first place! And yet, they are all around us.

So, how exactly do we help people understand angels a little better, both for others and for ourselves?

Well, one way that people try and understand angels better, is what other people who feel and see them better say about them.

These words of wisdom are what we will hopefully be able to explain to you in this guide, with some of the best quotes about angels that we can find out there for you.

“Be Kind To Strangers, Because It’s The Loving Thing To Do. Also, You Never Know – They Could Be Angels.” – Cott Curran

This is a common sentiment that many people share, although there is also a little more to this quote than that.

The quote is telling us to be kind. That much should be clear just by reading it.

However, the quote then mentioned that the random stranger that you could b helping is an angel in disguise.

Now, there are two components to this idea. First, is the aspect of the quote that suggests a moral test.

In religions, folklore, myths, and legends across the world, it is common that many divine or powerful beings will often test people’s strength of character, usually by seeing if they will help a stranger with no prompting or reward for it, sometimes by disguising them themselves.

Some people may read this as meaning that helping a stranger can be seen as a test by an angel to see if you are the kind person that we all like to think we are, by allowing us to do the right thing.

But also, and arguably, more importantly, is a lesson in simple kindness, rather than just a way of making sure that you aren’t being tested.

The spirit of the quote is not saying ‘do the right thing, because someone may be watching.’, as much as it is saying ‘do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.’

If you would treat a divine being with the kindness and respect they deserve, then why wouldn’t you do the same for your fellow man, woman, or child?

“Insight Is Better Than Eyesight When It Comes To Seeing An Angel.” – Eileen Elias Freeman

This is a quote about the importance of instinct.

Whilst the world can seem to be a chaotic place to live in (partly because it is), it is also possible to rely on your instinct to make the right call, rather than simply trust your eyes.

In the end, the quote is reminding us that, when it comes to doing the right thing, always try and go with your gut, rather than something that your eyes, or even your mind, can get in the way of.

“You’ll Meet More Angels On A Winding Path Than On A Straight One.” Terri Guillemets

This is a classic quote about not just angels, but also the path in life that we all walk.

When it comes to being a good and kind person, many may feel that it is as simple as that: Be a good person, and you will get your reward.

However, for many of us, that simply isn’t the case. For many of us, doing the right thing is surprisingly difficult, and often comes at a great cost, be it financially or socially.

As a result, many of us will find ourselves straying from the path well more than once, and it is often up to our angels to bring us back onto the path.

The quote is effectively saying that angels do not necessarily intervene in the lives of those that do good, because they are already doing the right thing.

What it is saying is that angels often appear to those that need them most, which means that those people who see them are likely very far from the right path.

“Ever Felt An Angel’s Breath In The Gentle Breeze? A Teardrop In The Falling Rain? Hear A Whisper Amongst The Rustle Of Leaves? Or Been Kissed By A Lone Snowflake? Nature Is An Angel’s Favorite Hiding Place.” – Carrie Latet

This is a pretty simple quote, though that does not mean that it is unimportant.

The quote effectively tells us that, because God or another divine being created the world around us, parts or aspects of him inhabit the world around us.

As such, it is no surprise that angels would find that nature is a place where they are most comfortable. After all, it is where God is!

But more than that, it is also saying to the reader that, if you want to be close to angels, you need to make sure that nature is protected from those people and organizations that would do it harm.

By protecting nature, we are also protecting God and what they have created on Earth.

“Sometimes Angels Sing To You In The Wind. All You Have To Do Is Listen.”

This is not just a quote on the patience it takes to see angels, but also the faith you need to have in God to see them. You do not find angels, after all, you let them speak to you!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing things that have been said by angels, unsurprisingly!

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