91 Ways To Interpret Throwing Up In A Dream

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We all know how real dreams can feel at times, so when the contents of those dreams are particularly unpleasant, such as vomiting, it can really take it out of you.

Even after our morning cup of Joe, it can be hard to shake the dreams loose, leading us to ponder their meanings.

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91 Ways To Interpret Throwing Up In A Dream

Well, to discover the essence of a dream involving throwing up, we need only think about the act in our waking life — an involuntary method of removing impurities and pleasantries from our system.

This is the core backdrop we should use for deciphering these often disturbing dreams.

Vomit Dreams: 11 General Meanings

Vomiting dreams summary: Generally speaking, dreaming about throwing up is reflective of exhaustion, discontentment, rigidity, or even growth and success.

Here are some more specific meanings we’ll cover:

Symbol Of Rigidity

Oftentimes, a dream in which we throw up is symbolic of our inability to process certain feelings; it highlights that we’re in an emotional quagmire, so to speak.

We may be struggling to either express are come to terms with certain opinions or beliefs, both our own or those of others.

Your rigidity may manifest itself in your waking life as breakdowns in communication, a seed of discord that can eventually lead to conflict.

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In light of this, we can use this dream as a bit of a wake-up call (ironically). It tells us that it’s time to face the music, and try and express ourselves.

Symbol Of Exhaustion

Throwing up in your dreams may also be a nod towards your complete and utter exertion in regard to one or more aspects of your life.

For example, it could be derived from a toxic relationship riddled with imbalance that’s driving you to breaking point.

The dream could of course also pertain to your professional life, as we often feel rundown and defeated because of the rigors of a job.

Dishonest or unreliable friends could be another cause, as could implacable parents… basically anything that drives you up the wall!

Symbol Of Sickness To Come

As we vomit to purge impurities, especially when ill, your sicky dream could well be prophesying infirmity in yourself or those around you.

Unfortunately, you can’t force others to lead healthier lifestyles, but you can take it upon yourself to eat better, drink lots of water, and get plenty of exercise!

Looking after yourself sets an example for those around you to follow.

Symbol Of Humiliation Or Panic

Symbol Of Humiliation Or Panic

Shame and anxiety can often make us feel physically sick, so it should come as no surprise that a vomit dream can be reflective of the way you view certain events in your personal history or events yet to occur.

If this is indeed the case, it’s important that you address your shame and anxieties and try and accept them — your mistakes do not define you; it’s how you learn from them that does.

Symbol Of Dissatisfaction

Sickness in a dream can also be indicative of utter discontentment in your waking world. The only healthy way to respond to this realization is to strive for a happier heart.

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Alternatively, you could make some big changes and try to completely move on from the aspects of your life that are getting you down.

Symbol Of Chaos

Have things been getting a little, shall we say… disorganized in your life as of late?

Then your vomit dream could well be urging you to reign it in a bit, regain control of your situation, and find some direction or discipline.

Symbol Of Dead Weight

Sometimes things hold us back in life, and often, we see them as a positive rather than a negative, as a reliable comfort.

But when this happens, we become blind to our prospects if we ditched the dead weight and ventured beyond our comfort zones.

Are there any relationships that you feel are stifling you in any way? Do you have a habit that’s preventing you from engaging in other healthier activities?

Are holding on to a lot of belongings that you’re never going to need?

It’s time to reassess your connection to them!

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Symbol Of Self Loathing

There are many ways that our self-esteem can fall to such a degree that we develop a sense of self-loathing, and a throw-up dream can be the sleeping consciousness processing such feelings.

If this is the case, you should use this dream as an impetus to reflect on the specifics of your self-loathing. Why do you feel this way? Is there anything you can do that would make you feel better about yourself?

Symbol Of Overwhelm

Been working round the clock recently? It might be time to book in some holiday, or at the very least cut your hours down, as vomiting in your dream could be a cerebral manifestation of having far too much on your plate.

Symbol Of Growth

Throwing up doesn’t just have negative connotations. Think about how great you feel after vomiting sometimes. It’s a sign that you’re healthy and getting healthier!

As such, we could also interpret a dream in which you vomit as a symbol of personal or collective growth. It could be reflective of growth in progress, or prophesizing growth to come in the near future.

Symbol Of Success

Symbol Of Success

Likewise, this dream could indicate success to come if you follow your goals, but it often comes with a catch… you’ll have to make sacrifices and take risks to make it!

But this isn’t something you don’t already know.

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Your dream is telling you to prepare yourself and to be courageous in the pursuit of your waking dreams!

Who Was Throwing Up In Your Dream? — 14 Possibilities

Okay, so we’ve covered all the overt symbology, but with dreams, the devil is most certainly in the details.

It’s the particulars of our experience when slinging zees that allow us to make specific assertions about a dream’s relevance to our lives.

So, let’s discuss who was doing the vomiting in your dream.

Someone Else Was Throwing Up In Your Dream

If you recognize the person vomiting in your dream, it might be urging you to reconsider their character. Perhaps someone you feel only positivity towards is not as righteous as you believe.

The act of them throwing up on your dream is highlighting an error in their ways and warning you to be cautious around them.

Many Other People Were Throwing Up

This is essentially just the plural version of the previous dream. If multiple people are throwing up, it generally means that there are multiple people in your life that you should be wary of.

It’s also a sign that you need to purge your negative emotions. Stop holding them in a stuffing them down. Express yourself and feel the relief.

You Saw Yourself Throw Up

There are two ways to take a dream in which you see yourself throwing up. On the one hand, it could be a sign that you are making great strides in your life towards positivity.

The dream illustrates your letting go of toxicity in all its forms — relationships, beliefs, feelings… all of it!

On the other hand, it may also be a sign that you’re prioritizing certain aspects of your life over your health. For instance, you might be putting in extra hours at work at the expense of your mental and physical wellbeing.

If scenario two seems more on the money for you right now, you need to assess your priorities, hit the brakes, and start enjoying some you time.

Your Infant Was Throwing Up

This kind of dream can be incredibly disturbing, especially if your infant is still quite little, but there’s a good chance it’s not actually negative.

More likely is that it represents an opportunity to start afresh. This new start usually pertains to the professional side of things, so expect a new workplace role in the near future.

That said, it’s not all positive. This dream also signifies that there is something causing excess stress in your life.

Typically, the stressor is your current professional position, so moving on to something new will solve the problem.

A Child Or Children Are Throwing Up

Such a dream is telling of your desire to withdraw from demanding situations such as a tough job or taxing relationship.

You are coming to terms with the fact these overly stressful aspects of your life are not worth the energy.

A Baby Threw Up

Here we have two possible interpretations. The most likely of the two draws on the nascence of the newborn imagery juxtaposed with the purging of toxins, suggesting that you have some new beginnings on the horizon.

Alternatively, it could be your desire to do something different, exciting, and impulsive, to separate yourself from the norm, to strive for originality and excellence.

Although the norm is that babies need lots of milk to grow, the one in your dream is rejecting it, indicating a solution to your problems will be remarkable rather than commonplace.

Your Pets Were Throwing Up

Your Pets Were Throwing Up

If you have pets, this dream is almost certainly on some level going to be related to them, but it also has ties to notions of independence (pets are reliant on us), flexibility (looking after pets requires it), courage (to take in those in need), and rejuvenation (wellbeing knowing you’re giving your pet a good life).

A Dog Was Throwing Up

Dog is man’s best friend, so when you have a dream this specific, it’s likely to do with friendship. Perhaps you should be re-evaluating your connection to people, both close and quite distant.

A Drunk Person Was Vomiting

Although this is a fairly commonplace and meaningless happening in waking life, if you see a drunkard throwing up in your dream, be wary of a betrayal on the horizon.

It may not be crystal clear who the culprit is, as it may only involve subtle deception or an accusation from an unknown source.

A Pregnant Lady Was Throwing Up

Seeing a pregnant lady vomiting in a dream is often symbolic of the pity you feel towards someone or something in your life.

The subject of this pity is perhaps someone who has made some mistakes and realized it. Now their awareness of their misdeeds has left them overcome with crippling feelings of shame and self-doubt.

An Ill Person Threw Up

An ill person throwing up in your dreams is not a good omen at all. It foreshadows a meeting of strangers and the subsequent relationship in which one will exploit the other.

So, if you enter any new friendships or romantic relationships in the near future, be wary of your own and their behavior.

Your Parent Was Vomiting

Finally, some more good news!

If you witness one of your parents throwing up in your dream, it may seem like a pretty heinous omen, but it actually insinuates someone is going to share your burden, take on your problems, and give you a bit of room to breathe.

This person won’t mind helping out, as they’ll be more suited to handle the problem than you, and you’ll rest easy knowing that the issue will be dealt with to an exceptional standard.

Enjoy this opportunity to rest and catch up with life, but don’t forget to show your gratitude to your savior.

Although they didn’t do what they did for a reward, showing them how much their help means to you will be incredibly meaningful and shows you as a person who doesn’t just take, but gives too.

Someone Of Significance To You Threw Up

Going from the good to the decidedly bad, seeing someone important to you throwing up in your dreams is a dire sign indeed. It typically means that there is some sour news on its way in the near future.

This news is going to be a big disappointment, and it will be something to do with the person you saw throwing up in your dream. It will be totally out of the blue and completely out of character for the person in question.

A Stranger Threw Up

If this is what you saw in your dream, brace yourself, as there is a clash in your future.

You’re going to end up in a confrontation with someone you despise. It’s going to get nasty too, so do your best to stay vigilant in social situations.

I’d also recommend that you try to banish the hatred you feel in your heart for certain types of people. If you feel no ill will towards your fellow man, there can be no encounter.

What Was Being Throw Up In Your Dream? — 27 Possibilities

What Was Being Throw Up In Your Dream? — 27 Possibilities

Before you can truly pass judgment on your throw-up dream, you should also consider what exactly was being purged, as this will also impact the symbolism of the experience.


As you might suspect, a dream of throwing up blood is strongly related to your health and your feelings about it.

I’d recommend going straight to the doctor for a check-up, just so you don’t dwell on the dream too much, as this can have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing.

If you get the all-clear from a medical professional, it’s possible that the dream was symbolic of a creative block. It tells of your frustration as you try to free yourself from this slump and reclaim your productive side.

Believe it or not, the best thing to do is to apply some limitations to your craft. This will kill potential option paralysis and help you get the ball rolling on something fresh.

Alternatively, you need to exorcise any expectations before you sit down to create. It’s your expectations and thus your fear of failure that is holding you back.


Dreaming about vomiting feces is understandably alarming, but as unpleasant as it is, it doesn’t necessarily foreshadow bad fortune; it’s more neutral — it could go either way!

More often than not, this unsanitary dream event signifies the approach of a life-changing happening. It could be good; it could be bad. The only way to know is to wait and see.

To tip the scales on the positive side of things, overcome your lack of confidence, get out into the world and start seizing opportunities to grow, such as socializing and striving for progression in the workplace.


There are a number of implications of a dream in which you vomit water.

It could be that there’s an obscured threat on its way, but it could just as likely pertain to imbalance in your current situation, disharmony that is causing or will cause emotional turmoil if left unchecked.

It’s also very possible that the regurgitation of water in your dream represents your focusing on unimportant things in your life and the rejection of the pure and essential. Try calibrating your priorities.

What truly matters in life? What do you absolutely need to get by? Don’t neglect these crucial factors.


This dream speaks of the squandering of luxuries. It could be that you have or will waste money or that you are at risk of overindulging in certain pleasures — to your detriment.

In the wake of such a dream, perhaps it’s time to start behaving a little more responsibly with your wealth. 


Usually, a dream in which you vomit silver is indicative of good luck heading your way.

It will most likely be a pregnancy, so if someone you’re close with has been trying for a baby, they might just get what they’ve been hoping for.



Throwing up jewels in your dreams indicates that you may be on the receiving end of some particularly good luck, so be sure to make yourself present to the world. Be receptive of the gifts that await you.

Fruit Pits

A fruit pit is an expression of guilt. If you’re throwing them up in your dreams, it means you’re coming to terms with past behavior that has harmed others.

It feels horrible to accept that you’re the bad guy sometimes, but this dream is actually a driving force for good.

Once you take ownership of your past misdeeds, you can use the negative feelings surrounding them as an impetus to do good, thereby separating your old self from a new, more honorable self.


Throwing up fruit in a dream and be interpreted in a few ways, but perhaps most would think of it as a sign that something fresh is just around the corner, a new beginning, that – much like we spoke about a moment ago – will allow you to move into the future a better, happier person.


Here’s another one that has a sort of duality to it. Throwing up a vegetable in your dream can be reflective of an imbalanced life tipped in favor of the arduous.

In other words, you’re working hard and hardly playing at all.

However, at the same time, it symbolizes personal growth, no doubt in part due to your recent efforts and sacrifices, but it warns you to take it easy.

The people around you have noticed you’re burning the candle at both ends and will try to get you to slow down… listen to them.


The purging of mucus in a dream typically references a toxic situation or relationship in your life.

You need to free yourself from these bonds and begin pursuing mutually beneficial relationships with people who build you up rather than tear you down.


The vomiting of coins in a dream refers rather generally to money. Is it coming in? Is it going away… use your awareness of your current situation to deliberate on the true meaning.

If, however, the metal was formless, it’s often a sign that you have recently lost certain comforts or securities in your life, which may feel like a great loss at first.

But the purging of metal also reminds us that without these comforts, we are made lighter, free to swiftly engage with life however we see fit!


If you’re lucky enough to dream about throwing up a diamond, it means there’s a gift coming your way.

Diamonds typically relate to engagement, so if you’re in a relationship, perhaps a future wedding is on the cards.



In this dream, the rings represent certain relationships, not necessarily with your romantic partner. They are going to reach a turbulent stage very soon.

They’re by no means doomed, but you should brace yourself now, and prepare to fight for what you have.


Throwing up worms can relate to a fear of death. There’s no escaping our eventual demise, but even though it has the final say, the only way death actually wins is if it holds us back in life.

Laugh in the face of mortality and live a magical life celebrating yourself and those around you. We don’t have long, so instead of worrying about the destination, enjoy the journey!


A dream in which you vomit rice might be a reflection of dwindling mental or physical health. If you’ve been feeling run down as of late, perhaps your subconscious is urging you to seek help.

The earlier you catch infirmity of body or of mind, the quicker and the more fully you will be able to recover.


Throwing up hair in your dreams means that you’re isolating yourself too much, that you’re craving kindness and care but at the same time spurning it.

It tells you that it’s time to bring down those walls, if only by a few bricks at a time, and seek the help you want and need.


A sign of your rigidity, if you vomit stones in your dream, consider being more flexible with yourself and others. Be more open-minded and try to walk in someone else’s shoes.


This dream indicates that you’re avoiding an issue in your life, most likely in regard to a relationship. It shows that you are obsessing over making changes to your personal life to escape the reality of your situation.

Still, the only way to escape the emotional prison cell you’re caught in is to confront the problem and process how you feel about it.


Paper in dreams – whether falling out of your mouth or otherwise – often pertains to something in your professional life. In this instance, I’d suggest it’s something to do with a work relationship.

Perhaps in your heart of hearts, you want to impress someone in your professional environment, but something is holding you back.

Maybe it’s your inability to accept that by wanting to impress someone, you are, in a way, subservient to them.



Here we have a clear indication of your feeling hollow. You’ve been trying to enrich your life with various things, people, and activities, but nothing quite hits the spot.

It could be that you reached this end by making poor decisions.

To move forward, try reaching out to the wise people in your life. Let them guide you. Consider that the feeling of emptiness is actually a problem of the mind and soul, and perhaps cannot be fixed with physical things.


A dream of throwing up glass is indicative of helplessness (Check out The Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Glass). You’re trying to avoid a confrontational situation from which there is no escape.

Once you come to terms with this, you can brace yourself, be brave, and do what has to be done.


Here we have another indication of guilt, perhaps not derived from harming others, but yourself. And this harm may not be a direct result of your behavior.

It could be that you’re putting yourself in jeopardy in an indirect fashion. 

For example, you might be unwilling to leave an imbalanced relationship even though you’re getting meager returns on maximum efforts.

Something’s got to give, as you’ll burn out before long, and it’s clear that the other party will never be satisfied with your efforts.

In a more general sense, this dream is about others being ignorant to your needs, even as you fulfill theirs, particularly the matriarchal figures in your life.


Vomiting foam in a dream is another dual-meaning event. More often, it relates to feelings of failure and emptiness of the soul.

You may have low self-esteem and feel self-conscious about the fact that you have nothing of value to give. As such, only this filler material manifests itself in your throw-up dream. 

But you’re not just packing material. There is something substantive in every single person on this planet.

The cruel thing is that our minds veil it from ourselves, however, that’s not to say that other people don’t see and value your worth.

On the other hand, this purging of filler could also be seen as a making of space for something more vital.

Perhaps you’re telling yourself to engage with more important aspects of life. Try reading more and filling the newfound wiggle room with some sage knowledge.



Throwing up animals is a bizarre dream event, and although the intricacies of meaning will be found in the type of animal/its condition, generally speaking, it is usually a symbol of hope.

Perhaps you’re close to achieving a goal you set yourself a long time ago, one that you feared you would never tick off your list.


While this is incredibly unpleasant, throwing up cockroaches in your dream is actually a hopeful sign. This is your subconscious visualizing the purging of negative thoughts that no longer have a hold on you.

This is confirmation that you’re making good choices in life, learning from past mistakes, and shaking off your old shames, torments, and anxieties like a shaggy dog shaking off the rain.


Throwing up mice in your dreams? Well, it could well be a sign that by accepting a sudden change in your life that you’ve been resisting, you will be rewarded with an enriching experience.

Remember, throwing up an animal is almost always a good omen, but in certain instances, you’ll have to do a bit of work to get to the lucky stage.

Raw Egg

If you threw up a raw egg in your dream, ask yourself whether you’re stressed.

This dream usually pertains to someone in your life being dismissive of your feelings, inevitably adding anger and frustration to your already overflowing emotions.

The egg tells you to try your best to temper these emotions to prevent a future calamity, but whatever you do, don’t start dismissing these feelings.

Who Is Throwing Up On You?

Needless to say, if you’re being vomited on in your dream, the figure doing the vomiting is of crucial importance when trying to extract meaning.

A Baby Throwing Up Milk On You

A baby throwing up milk might just be your benevolent side manifesting itself in your dreams. It communicates that you’re making good choices and living well.

This is generating feelings of peace and calm within you that you can now pass on to others.

It could also insinuate that you might be reunited with a long-lost friend or relative, and you’ll rediscover your connection in a very positive way.

A Child Throwing Up On You

A child throwing up on you in your dreams tends to foreshadow somebody in your life falling into a dangerous situation in the near future.

Try your best to look out for your loved ones, and provide protection when they need it most.

Your Child Throwing Up On You

Your Child Throwing Up On You

If you have a small child in your life, then this is a clear manifestation of your worry for them. They might be at risk of falling ill in the near future, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Take good care of them as you do already, give them the love they need, and all will be okay.

Your Parents Throwing Up On You

A surface-level reading of this dream is that your parents have, are, or will put too much on you, causing great emotional stress and feelings of responsibility that stretch far beyond the norm.

Unless your parents require your care due to infirmity, the best thing to do here is to remind them that you have your own life, and that they, adults, should be capable of carrying their own burdens.

Delving deeper into this dream, it could be a bad omen, suggesting that someone soon will attempt to scupper your plans and perhaps even cause you harm. Identify who this is, and prepare for a swipe from them when you’re at your lowest.

You Throwing Up On Yourself

If you threw up on yourself in your dream, it’s your subconscious urging you to reconcile with a loved one you have wronged. It may not have been intentional, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve an apology.

Other People Throwing Up On You

Unfortunately, if others are throwing up on you in your dream, it’s a sign that you’re trying to change somebody who cannot be changed.

No matter what you do, you will meet fierce resistance. They may even overcompensate and behave in the exact opposite way you’re advising.

This is a warning not to waste so much effort on people that won’t appreciate or acknowledge it. It’s good to help others, but sometimes you have to take a step back to help yourself.

Where Were You During The Vomiting?

Next we must consider the location of your dream, as much like the other factors, it can drastically change how you interpret it.

Let’s take a look at some common location-based readings of a vomit dream.

Throwing Up In An Automobile

Cars in dreams are symbolic of change, of the journey to a new destination, a different way of thinking and being. Throwing up in an automobile is a clear manifestation of your fear of this change.

Even if you know a change is for the best, breaking out of your comfort zone can be a scary prospect.

Take your time to come to terms with the inevitability of the change, and try to go with the flow. You’ll end up in a better place!

Throwing Up In Public

Dreaming of throwing up in public could well be inspired by your social anxieties, especially if you’re going to be near crowds of people in the near future. You’re worried that you’ll be criticized and made fun of.

This dream could also foreshadow an accusation. Someone close to you will believe that you have purposefully spread a secret, though it will have been an accident.

You will have to re-earn their trust and act with virtue to prove that there was no malice or intent in your actions.

Throwing Up In A Building

Buildings in dreams are widely considered to represent state of mind. The building is your current self, your fortress through which your thoughts leave and others arrive.

Throwing up in this dream structure indicates that you’re aware that your state of mind has been less than optimal as of late, or maybe even that it has been constructed by someone else, and now you’re an alien presence in your own sense of self.

You should take some you time and try to see the world in a new light. Read some books, explore your own passions, and grow into your own person.

Throwing Up On Walls

Throwing Up On Walls

If you catch some vomit on the walls of a structure in your dream, it’s usually indicative of excitement, sometimes even sexual arousal.

Throwing Up On The Toilet

Throwing up on or in a toilet in your dreams means that you’re feeling ready for progression in certain aspects of your life, but outside forces are preventing you from moving on.

This feels like a loss of control, much like when, for lack of a more elegant phrase, it’s coming out at both ends.

A Toilet Overflowing With Your Vomit

Here it’s not so much the vomiting that we should consider, but the toilet and the fact that it’s clearly blocked. I’d guess you’re having problems expressing yourself lately?

If so, it might just be that you’re trying to communicate in a manner that simply doesn’t work for you.

Explore what helps you communicate with clarity and request listeners allow you to use this technique when trying to get your point across.

Throwing Up In Your Home

The home is where the heart is, our safe space, so when we throw up in our house in a dream, it can mean that our security feels compromised or that the very notion of home is corrupted in our minds due to a happening in our lives.

Throwing Up In A Workspace

Blowing chunks either at work or in school is never pretty. In fact, the embarrassment of it all is worse than the illness, so it could be that you are feeling exposed.

Another interpretation is that you’re purifying your body in these places as a way of purifying the places themselves, meaning you might spearhead some changes that improve things for everyone in the building.

Seeing Vomit On The Floor

Catching a glimpse of some vomit on the floor in your dream indicates that you spend a lot of time in places you dislike. Get out of there if you can!

Throwing Up On Your Clothes

This is a sign that you need to forget yourself a little bit and offer help to those around you who clearly need it.

Forget about surface-level noise, and explore your environment and those in it more deeply — Be selfless.

What Color Was The Vomit?

Color plays a crucial role in symbology, so it should come as no surprise that the color of vomit in your dream can be quite significant.

White Vomit

White vomit represents grace, purity, and scrutiny, three qualities that will lead to peace of mind and serenity. 

Yellowy-Green Vomit

Yellowy-Green Vomit

This tells us that you have been trying to expel negative aspects of your personality, such as anxiety, worry, and shame — as if they were bile. However, you’re having trouble getting the job done.

Either you’re holding yourself back, perhaps because you also feel guilt and that on some level you deserve these negative feelings as punishment.

Seek counsel from loved ones, and try your best to continue your journey towards positivity.

Red Vomit

As is the case in nature, red in your dream usually means danger and a willingness to seek refuge from threat.

If you spot red vomit in your dream, there might be some brutality awaiting you. Tread carefully and stay safe.

Black Vomit

Needless to say, black vomit is no good omen. It could be a sign of your anxiety and depression steadily sinking their claws in. Should this come to fruition, seek help immediately and nip it in the bud.

Green Vomit

Green vomit in a dream signifies a loss of control. Perhaps you have been pushing your own boundaries as of late, or, more likely, learning where they lie.

This dream is saying that you have reached your reasonable limit; continuing on this path will lead to ever-increasing entropy.

Orange Vomit

Orange vomit in a dream highlights your vulnerability. Certain people may be able to take advantage of you in your current state, so surround yourself only with your closest friends.

Yellow Vomit 

Yellow vomit signifies preoccupation. Your attention has been captured by things outside your typical remit, such as other peoples’ drama. Try bringing the focus back to the self.

Blue Vomit

Dreaming of blue vomit shows intelligence, but not infallibility. You are acknowledging your own faults, preparing yourself for serious self-reflection and soul-searching in order to become a better you.

Miscellaneous Vomit Dream Scenarios

Holding Your Vomit Back

This is another manifestation of social insecurities. You’re worried about expressing and being yourself around others for fear of judgment.

Granted, it’s good to be tactful with opinions, as blurting them out as gospel is a sure way to offend and dismiss others, but completely cutting your own voice off isn’t the answer.

Trying Unsuccessfully To Prevent Vomit

Trying Unsuccessfully To Prevent Vomit

This could mean you’re being pushed beyond your usual abilities. You’ve excelled yourself, completing many tasks, but as soon as one challenge is complete a harder one comes along.

It’s intense, and you may be near breaking point, but nothing will come your way that you’re not capable of handling. Stay calm and persevere; you will be rewarded in the end.

Seeing Vomit

Even just seeing vomit in your dream can be quite telling. Usually, this has sexual implications, that you feel ashamed of your baser instincts and desires.

Rest assured that these feelings are universal, and thus, you don’t have to be ashamed.

Cleaning Vomit

A symbol of your altruistic soul, cleaning vomit in your dream shows you have a tenderness of heart and a desire to help those around you in any way that you can.

Do be careful, though, as this leaves you vulnerable to devious personalities. Don’t allow yourself to be used.

Taking Medication Due To Vomiting

Taking medication to aid vomiting is a sign that you’re incredibly driven and will likely experience a lot of success in the future.

You will face adversities along the way, but you’re not one to give up. One way or another, you’ll find a way to succeed, but sometimes you need to be reminded to have patience.

Persistent Vomiting

If you find yourself unable to stop vomiting in your dream, it might be reflective of a negative cycle that you’re stuck in.

This might be a cycle of poverty, addiction (You might also want to check out Psychic Dependency), abuse, depression, or simply something along the lines of yo-yo dieting.

You’re aware of the situation, but for the life of you, you can’t find a way to break the cycle and move forward in a positive light.

Unfortunately, the worst of these negative cycles are the product of societal flaws, so that feeling of powerlessness is not unwarranted.

However, keep striving for a better life, and it will come. There is nothing stronger than the will of the individual!

You’re About To Throw Up

So you’re enjoying your dream when all of a sudden you feel the need to throw up… but don’t.

This might mean that, for whatever reason, you’re holding on to unhealthy things in your life. It could be a habit, a bad memory, or even a person.

Feeling Nauseated For A While Before Throwing Up

This dream alludes to your hesitation in life, perhaps in regard to something that’s already in motion. Life is shifting without your consent and dragging you along for the ride.

It will help to talk about your reluctance with a trusted friend. Once your feelings are out in the open, they may not feel quite as burdensome, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Smelling Vomit

Smelling Vomit

If you smell vomit in your dream, consider it a warning. You’ll likely eventually find the mess in your waking life, and even though you won’t be the cause, you’ll be expected to clean it up.

Surrounded By Vomit

This is telling of your opinion on other people and their ideas and beliefs. You value your own views to such an extent that all alternative options are essentially no better than vomit, which is never true.

Accept that you are no better than anyone else, that we are all equal, and there will always be someone smarter than you out there.

At it’s core, this dream is warning you that you need to take yourself less seriously and accept being wrong from time to time.

Forcing Yourself To Vomit

If you were forcing yourself to vomit in your dream, you are in crisis mode; you’re breaking down, and you should seek help immediately.

This dream is a manifestation of mental fragility, that your thoughts are working against you.

Don’t try and deal with this alone!

Unable To Throw Up Though You Feel You Need To

If you’re unable to throw up despite feeling the need to, you may be concealing something that you feel ashamed of, something that might cause pain to another person in your life.

You’re a good person at heart, which is why you feel the need to vomit in the dream, but your fear of causing harm is holding you back.

Although it may be difficult, it’s best to come clean, and get everything off your chest.

Stepping In Watery Vomit

Stepping in colorless vomit suggests that you may get a helping hand with something dear to your heart from somebody who perhaps is not.

You won’t see it coming, but will be thankful after the fact.

Stepping In Foul-Smelling Vomit

Symbolic of deception, if you step in some smelly vomit, prepare for an attack out of the blue. 

Slimy Vomit

Slimy vomit is usually reflective of a state of vulnerability, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Being vulnerable at times is the only way to thrive.

As long as you share your vulnerability with the right people, it’ll be a rewarding experience.

Vomiting In A Dream: Spiritual Interpretations

Before we go our separate ways, let’s explore the issue from a spiritual perspective.

Emotional Issues

Vomiting in your dream is the product of the mental turmoil you’re experiencing in your waking life, perhaps even the questioning of your belief system.



Misery can also work its way into your dreams in the form of vomit. But this is a warning, not a sign of your anguish conquering your spirit.

This warning reminds you that misery of the mind will eventually take its toll on the physical.

Address it early, and you’ll minimize the eventual impact on your overall health.

Fear Of Being Rejected

You may be trying your best on all fronts in life, professionally, in relationships, with your health, but when we put in effort, there’s always a chance that it will be ignored and you will face some form of rejection.

This dream is you purging your self-doubt and deciding that you’re going to continue giving life your all, even if there are some hurdles along the way!

The Unexpected

Just as turbulence on a boat can cause sea sickness, turbulence in your life can lead to queasiness of the soul.

This dream is telling you that there have been too many unexpected changes in your life, and you’re feeling a little deracinated.

Ignored Efforts

Overexertion in an attempt to please and succeed, combined with the complete disregard of your efforts, leads to mental and physical fatigue, fatigue that manifests itself as vomiting in your dream.

Feeling Trapped

In spiritual terms, vomiting in your dreams could also be a sign that you’re feeling claustrophobic in your present reality, and you’re looking for a way to feel a little more freedom. 

Approaching Challenges

Throwing up in your dream may also be an expression of the dread you’re feeling as you approach challenging circumstances.

Loss Of Control

If things are getting a little out of hand in your life, this can send your emotions out of whack. To maintain your spiritual center, try simplifying your situation.

Shame (A Child Or Baby Throwing Up)

Seeing a child or baby throw up in your dream may relate to feelings of inadequacy or anxiety from your youth.

These memories are still affecting your life, and to move on, you need to explore them and accept your past.

Conflicting Loved Ones

Sometimes, the ones affected most by a conflict are the ones around it rather than in it. If your loved ones are at odds, your stress levels might be peaking, causing your vomit dream.

Vomiting In A Dream: Biblical Meanings

Vomiting In A Dream: Biblical Meanings

Looking at your dream through a Christian lens, you’ll generally find a lot more positive connotations. Let’s check them out.


There is a stark parallel between being absolved of your sins and the purification process of physically throwing up, so if you feel like you have shed the guilt of your sins recently, you may dream of vomiting.


In the same vein, purging in your dream is also a sign of victory, of the triumph of good over the evil of sin.

Clearing Blocks

Throwing up leaves a physical void in your body, but when it happens in your dream, it opens you up for spiritual fulfillment and blessings.

Changing Core Beliefs

Perhaps the only negative biblical association with vomiting in a dream is that of renouncing core beliefs in order to subscribe to another mode of thinking.

Vomiting In A Dream: Islamic Interpretations

Dissimilar from the biblical perspective, specifics of the scenario are paramount to viewing your dream through a Muslim lens.

Throwing Up In A Dream (General Interpretations)

In the Islamic faith, there are a number of readings for a dream such as this:

  • The telling of secrets
  • Returning something to its true owner
  • Gluttony
  • Poor diet
  • Recovery

Throwing Up Untarnished Food

This is said to mean your life will become less arduous.

Throwing Up Blood

Many would consider this a symbolic representation of the fulfilling of an oath and/or atoning for your sins.

Throwing Up Blood (If You’re Poverty Stricken)

If you’re having a hard time financially, the meaning of this dream shifts. It nods to an influx of money, the conceiving of a son, or the welcoming of a relative that has been on a journey.

Throwing Up Blood Into A Bowl

There are two possibilities here:

  1. A relative is coming to live with you.
  2. Your son will fall ill.

Throwing Up Blood On The Floor

Unfortunately, this dream is said to foretell the death of a relative.

Throwing Up Your Intestines

This gruesome dream is said to foreshadow the death of a child.

Throwing Up (If You’re Sick In Real Life)

If you’re very ill and you dream of throwing up, from a Muslim perspective, you’re coming to terms with the possibility of your demise. It is perhaps symbolic of the passing of the soul from the body.

Throwing Up Snakes

Throwing Up Snakes

This can also be a symbol of coming death, but it may also pertain to hiding from your enemies.

Dreaming Of Throwing Up (If You’re A Ruler)

This is a manifestation of the guilt a person of authority feels when abusing their power. It’s a sign that they must atone for their actions.

Licking Vomit After Throwing Up

If you have this dream, you may have a fairly balanced financial situation. Sure, you have debt, but you have the means to repay it, so you feel secure.

Throwing Up In A Basin

This dream oscillates between two meanings depending on your circumstances. One is that you need to atone for your sins, while the other is that you need to fairly distribute money acquired via illegal means.

Visceral Throw-Up (With An Aftertaste)

An unpleasant dream, it speaks of your unpleasantness in waking life. It urges you to not just say sorry, but to truly feel sorry for your actions.

Throwing Up After Wine

Here, stolen luxuries must be returned to the owner, particularly money.

Throwing Up After Getting Drunk

This is said to reveal the selfishness of the dreamer. Try harder to focus on others.

Throwing Up Honey After Swallowing A Pearl

Throwing up honey in your dream after swallowing a pearl is said to give you some special insight into the verses of the Quran.

Throwing Up After Drinking Milk

In this scenario, you need to confront a truth that you’ve been refusing to deal with.

Throwing Up Honey After Drinking Milk

Here we have confirmation that your sins have been atoned for — good job!

Throwing Up Yellow Liquid

This dream suggests that you will be remorseful for your past misdeeds even after you have atoned for them.

Throwing Up Mucus

A dream such as this urges you to use your will as a final chance to make amends for your actions.

Swallowing Vomit Down Before Throwing Up Anyway

A sign that you will go back on your word.

Throwing Up None Stop

This rather grim dream is said to mean that you’re on death’s door after a lengthy battle with chronic illness.

Dreaming About Throwing Up: The Psychological Outlook

A purely scientific view of dreams suggests that they’re simply your brain consolidating memories, but psychologists such as Freud and his acolytes would say that dreams are actually the window to the subconscious.

All your anxieties and desires (some you may not even be aware of) are manifesting themselves in your sleep.

In light of this, it stands to reason that if you were under significant stress in your waking life, you may end up vomiting in your dream.

Final Thoughts

Even though we’ve covered some serious ground here today, we may not have come close to explaining your dream, and this is because the possibilities of circumstance are almost infinite, and it’s the details of the dream that truly tell the story.

So, use what you’ve learned here today as a jumping-off point, and examine the finer points of your vomit dream.

The more you can remember about it, the more successful you’ll be at decoding it, and, hopefully, learning from it.

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