10 Best Crystal Shops On Etsy

Etsy is hands down one of the best online marketplaces around. There are loads of independent sellers trying to earn a living, and you can get some beautiful bespoke stuff. And there’s none of that cheap, second-hand rubbish that you’d get on Ebay.

I’ve also found that there are loads of great crystal shops on Etsy, and in this article, I’m going to share with you my reviews on my top 10. Here goes…

10 Best Crystal Shops On Etsy

1. Howlites Moving Castle

HowlitesMovingCastle, based in California, is one of the most popular crystal shops on Etsy. 

There have been well over 9,500 individual customer ratings for this seller, and yet the average customer rating still comes out at a very impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5.

When this article was written, they had 23 items in their product offering, which includes 3 of Etsy’s best sellers. 

Their best sellers are mystery bags and boxes, and they range in price from $15 for a crystal mystery bag or box, which will feature a minimum of 12 different crystals, right up to an extra large collection, which costs over a whopping $100.

They also offer medium size mystery boxes, including one for $25 and one for $45. The larger boxes qualify for free delivery.

These boxes typically feature a nice range of different crystals, and the majority of them are smoothed and polished. But there’s no telling what you may get in a mystery box.

For those who know exactly what they want, there are also specific crystals available for sale, including hagstones, blue lace agate, amethysts, moss agate, orange calcite, dalmatian jasper, green calcite, fuschite, red jasper, pink kunzite, pyrite, howlite, and even real dinosaur fossil bones.

Much of these are tumble stones, but there are also many shaped offerings. There’s an onyx penguin, Bolivian amethyst complete points, small howlite heart-shaped bowls, and crystal towers.

I would argue that all the items are good value for money, with the exception of the extra large mystery box.

2. World Incense Store

Now, this crystal shop has the honor of being dubbed an Etsy Star Seller. This means that it has an outstanding track record of customer service. They consistently get 5 star ratings from customers and dispatch their orders quickly.

They are one of the largest crystal shops on Etsy, and have a product range of over 1,000 individual items. Their pages of products run to 36 pages long. If you don’t find the crystal you want here, you won’t find it anywhere.

But perhaps the best thing about this Florida based company is that every single order comes with free shipping. And, better yet, there’s no minimum amount for free shipping either.

What’s more, the prices are very reasonable considering all shipping is free of charge.

Several of their products are best sellers, including a 10 piece beginners crystal kit, a 20 piece beginners crystal kit, and a mystery box.

They also have natural raw crystals, rough chips and geodes, as well as the more popular polished tumble stones. And they sell crystal jewelry such as bracelets and keychains.

As you may imagine from the company name, in addition to selling crystals they also sell incense, candles, and the like, with particular attention to smudge sticks, which are good for cleansing.

3. Rock And Tumble Co

This Dallas, Texas based shop is also an Etsy Star Seller, known for its excellent customer service and consistent 5 star ratings from happy customers.

To fall into this category, sellers must provide speedy delivery, respond quickly to messages, and have a customer rating of at least 4.8 stars. 

When this article was written, RockAndTumbleCo had 165 items in their product offering, spread across 5 pages.

You can buy your crystals either individually or in bulk. The prices for the individual stones are very reasonably priced, always below $5, and often costing little more than $1.

Some of their items for sale are Etsy bestsellers, including 2 pounds of raw crystal that you pick yourself, and a 21-piece beginner kit of raw crystals. 

These bestselling items are all available with free shipping, as is any order that comes to $35 or more. 

The available crystals range from rough and raw geodes through to shiny polished gemstones. 

They also sell items of jewelry, such as crystal bracelets, keychains and pendants, as well as smudge sticks for aura cleansing.

Each order, big or small, is hand-picked, carefully packaged and sent to you from Texas with love and care.

4. Crystals In The Rockys

Again, here we have another US based Etsy Star Seller, that gets consistent 5-star customer ratings, provides speedy delivery, and responds to messages promptly.

When this article was written, they had over a whopping 150 items in their product offering.

Like many other crystal shops on the Etsy platform, it does offer mystery sets, but these are usually smaller than those provided by some of the other shops mentioned so far, cutely dubbed crystal confetti.

But, whereas a lot of the crystal shops out there concentrate on selling ordinary run-of-the-mill tumble polished gemstones, most of the crystals for sale by Crystalsintherockys are expertly shaped, and occasionally hand carved…

For example, there’s a hand carved moss agate dinosaur, lots of crystal mushrooms, crystal stars, carnelian hearts, mini rainbow fluorite crystal towers, chakra crystal moons, selenite crystal charging bowls, chakra crystal stones, and much, much more.

They also sell crystal bracelets.

Admittedly, however, this is not the cheapest crystal shop on Etsy, and most of what’s available comes to at least $10 or more. 

But it clearly seems that customers believe these beautiful shaped crystals to be worth the money, seeing as there are over 800 happy customers.

What’s more, there appears to be free delivery available on every item, which you could argue makes up for the relatively steep prices.


This Etsy crystal shop sells the most beautiful crystal ornaments. And, better yet, it also happens to be one of Etsy’s Star Sellers.

This means that it consistently gets 5-star ratings from customers, delivers your orders swiftly, and always responds promptly to messages.

There have been over 4,000 sales from this seller, and over 700 customer reviews, yet the average customer rating is an impressive full 5 stars out of 5.

When this article was written, there were a whopping 212 items available to purchase from this seller, spread across 6 pages. 

Their specialty is crystal sun catchers. Some of them concentrate on just one or two types of crystal, while others feature a beautiful array of different crystals.

Sometimes the sun catcher is on a single thread of crystals, while other times there are multiple lines of hanging crystal threads.

Most of these sun catchers are entirely handmade, and the detail that goes into some of them is phenomenal. 

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Many of them feature well known motifs and symbols, such as moons, butterflies, the tree of life, the Hasma hand of Fatima, the blue evil eye for protection, angels, hearts, and more.

These sun catchers typically start at about $16, so the prices are very reasonable for such exquisite, beautiful handmade items. And they don’t get too much more expensive, with nothing in the shop costing as much as $40 or more.

What’s more, all items are available with free shipping.

6. White Witch Of The Moon

If, perhaps, you were thinking about buying someone a beautiful, meaningful, crystal gift, you might consider having one imported…

This crystal gift shop is based in the UK, but does ship out internationally to the US. 

They are one of Etsy’s star sellers, which means that they consistently get 5-star ratings from customers, ship quickly, and respond to messages promptly.

They have seen over 48,000 sales and have had over 12,000 customer reviews.

Their product offering features well over 2,000 items and is spread across 62 pages.

What’s more, their product offering seems to be compiled for those who practice Wicca and white magic, with items such as crystal energy generator pyramids, made with the likes of black obsidian, rose quartz, clear quartz, and more.

They also sell themed crystal bracelets (Check out the Mal De Ojo Bracelet here), such as one for mind calming, one for confidence, one for the root chakra, and so on.

They also sell many shaped crystals, including crystal hair combs, little crystal Buddha healing ornaments, moons, cats, and so on.

They sell a great deal of jewelry, including crystal beaded bracelets, crystal pendants, crystal earrings, and crystal rings.

And although this seller cannot offer free delivery, eligible orders can get up to 10% off.


Now, this seller may not quite have earned Etsy’s Star Seller title, but it’s not far off. After well over 8,500 sales, it has earned an average rating of a full 5 stars.

And despite shipping from all the way over in the UK, they have a good history of dispatching on time, and with tracking.

They have a whopping 3,000 items in their inventory spread across 86 pages. 

They are definitely a high-end crystal shop that offers much larger pieces of crystal compared to the usual small tumble gemstones you often gate. 

Their inventory is compiled primarily from sizable crystal ornaments, which can range in price from about $40, to over $1000 for a really special piece.

Their main sellers appear to be beautiful, large, polished crystal spheres that barely fit in your hand.

And crystal spheres are known to emit their positive energy and vibration in all directions at once, which makes them excellent tools for environment cleansing.

They also have a very large selection of crystal towers, which are popular for use in energy cleansing and spiritual healing, not to mention chakra clearing.

The shop’s photos displaying the crystals typically show them being held in someone’s hand, so you get a really good impression of the size of the crystal ornament you will get.

The crystal spheres are typically polished, whereas the crystal towers look a little more raw and natural. 

8. Sydney Gems 

Now, this is a crystal shop with some great things going for it!

First off, you get a free crystal whenever you order 3 or more items from them. And, you can get 15% off any order you make with them when you sign up for their mailing list.

But better yet, $1 AUD from every order goes directly to charity, namely the Cancer Council which is dedicated not only to cancer research and prevention, but also to helping and supporting real cancer patients.

The shop has seen over 3,500 sales, and they have an average customer rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5.

They have over 100 items in their inventory, spread across 4 pages. And all items come with free shipping. Yet despite their product offering being so relatively small, they have quite the range of crystals and crystal ornaments.

They have incredibly rare gems worth hundreds of dollars, they have beautiful shaped pieces including, snakes, the female form, mushrooms, crystal towers, crystal spheres, hearts, eggs, clusters, and butterflies.

Prices start from around $10, and all items are eligible for free delivery.

9. Rock Paradise

RockParadise is one of Etsy’s Star Sellers. This means that it consistently gets 5 star ratings from its customers, it has a history of dispatching on time and with tracking, and it responds promptly to messages.

It has seen well over 150,000 sales, and all items ship from California, USA. The company works directly with crystal mines around the world and has their own cutting and polishing factories in Brazil.

They have well over 4,000 items in their inventory, which makes it one of the largest crystal shops you will find on Etsy. Their product offering goes beyond the usual tumble gemstones, and they have a whole lot more to offer.

This includes the likes of crystal Christmas tree ornaments, quartz lamps, crystal tealight candleholders, geode keychains, agate slices, pointed healing crystals, hearts, arrowheads, butterflies, bookends, beautiful pendants, moon phase stones, crystal spheres, stars, and more.

Many of the items available are eligible for free delivery. 

10. Heavenly Light Crystal

And we’re going out with a bang! This Massachusetts based crystal shop has some beautiful crystal gifts worth checking out. The overall theme of the shop is rainbows, healing and love.

It hasn’t quite reached the status of a Star Seller just yet, but it does have a 5-star rating after over 2,000 sales, which is pretty impressive. What’s more, it has a history of dispatching on time and with tracking. 

They have well over 200 items in their inventory, spread across 7 pages.

They are not limited to genuine crystals alone, and many of their ornaments are made from glass.

They specialize in sun catchers, and many of these have themes and motifs, especially animals such as dragons, whales, dragonflies, dolphins, owls, elephants, and birds. Not to mention angel wings, and the tree of life.

Other themes include Celtic shamrocks, the Hasma hand, nautical symbols, hearts, moon and stars, fairies, crosses, 

The sun catchers occasionally feature genuine crystals such as agate, howlite, rose quartz, and clear quartz. And there are several designed to go on your rearview mirror, which can surely help you to spot your car in a car park.

The only thing I don’t like about this Etsy shop is the photos of the products. They don’t always show the product to the best effect because of their busy backgrounds.

Unfortunately, the items don’t always come with free shipping. However, there are occasionally deals where you can get a discount of up to a whopping 25% off the listing price.

Wrap Up

So, there we have 10 wonderful crystal shops on Etsy.

And whether you’re buying to simply add to your own crystal collection or perhaps are looking for a nice gift for friends or family, something is bound to catch your eye in one of these great shops.

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