What Does It Mean When You See An Owl In Your Dreams? 52 Owl Dream Interpretations

We’re willing to bet that if you’re reading this, you have had a dream about owls.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl In Your Dreams? 52 Owl Dream Interpretations

These majestic birds will commonly appear in dreams to deliver crucial messages that we may be unable to receive when we’re awake. 

Owls are fascinating animals that have incredible traits that in the context of dreaming, can be interpreted both positively and negatively.

For example, thousands of years ago owls were thought to be bad omens, but as dream analysis has shifted over the years, owls in dreams are now generally considered to be symbols of wisdom and rebirth, and even a shadow watching over you. 

Of course, owls may manifest in your dreams in different ways, and in this article we’ll be exploring the myriad ways owls might appear to you in dreams and what this means. But first, let’s look at a general interpretation of owls in dreams.

The General Interpretation Of Owls In Dreams

As an owl is commonly considered to be a symbol of wisdom, usually dreaming of owls means a total awareness of what’s going on in your waking life.

It also amplifies how aware you are in your subconscious mind, especially when times are tough.

In a similar vein, owls can also appear in your dreams to warn you of trouble ahead. 

When an owl swoops down on you in a dream, it can be a warning of potential danger in the future or that you will soon be facing difficulties.

As you may have noticed, seeing an owl in your dream can be equally bad and good, and this balance of both positive and negative outcomes is crucial to dream interpretation. 

An owl flying into your dreams may be acting as a messenger, attempting to guide you through future events or make you aware of any threats in your waking life.

An owl is a nocturnal animal and if you have a dream of one pecking your eyes out, it could be interpreted as a wake-up call, and a way to tell you that to protect your well-being you need to be more insightful in your waking life. 

More often than not, owls can represent loved ones that have passed on and in this instance, an owl would be manifesting as your spirit animal. 

While these are a few general interpretations of owls in dreams, there are many conclusions we can draw from owls in dreams, particularly in relation to the breed of owls, their colors, and how they’re behaving in your dreams.

So let’s take a closer look at owl dream interpretations with these factors in mind. 

Different Owl Breeds And Dream Interpretations

While there are over 200 species of owls, very few species will appear in our dreams, and often when we wake up we forget what breed of owl we encountered in our dream, or are ignorant of what the breed even is.

We may only remember colors or features, and therefore it’s difficult to interpret the exact meaning of these dreams. 

Barn Owls

Dreaming of a Barn Owl may mean that you are silencing your inner voice or suppressing your instincts.

This could mean that you’ve missed an opportunity, or there is something under your nose that you are not noticing in your waking life.

However, Barn Owls can act as a positive messenger too, encouraging you that you are making progress with your goals. 

Snowy Owls

When you see a Snowy Owl in your dream it could be a reminder that you have many angels and spirit guides looking out for you.

If you receive a message from a Snowy Owl, it means you can communicate closely with them, even if you cannot understand the message. 

Screech Owls

When you see a Screech Owl in your dream and they deliver a message to you, it’s important you read between the lines.

Namely, that people may be deceiving you by telling you what you want to hear, omitting facts, or just totally lying.

Great Horned Owls

When you see a Great Horned Owl in your dream, it could signify good things to come and the importance of sharing with those close to you.

Long-Eared Owls

When you see a Long-Eared Owl in your dream it can signify your perceptual ability developing.

For example, you now know that something you once took at face value as the truth is actually a lie.

When you see a Long-Eared Owl, get ready for some difficult changes in your life. 

Short-Eared Owls

On the other hand, if you see a Short-Eared Owl in your dream it could be a symbol of wisdom that you have thus far overlooked.

It’s important that you’re patient when weighing up your choices so you can make a carefully considered and wise decision. 

Barred Owls

If you see a Barred Owl in your dream, it can mean that you are about to take a new direction in life that will lead you towards your true purpose. Therefore, it’s important to be open to new opportunities.

Burrowing Owls

When you see a Burrowing Owl in your dreams, it’s trying to tell you that you need to pay more attention to those close to you, as there may be a chance that someone is concealing something from you. 

What Do Owl Colors Mean In Dreams?

Owls come in many different colors including white, black, and grey, and even more striking colors like gold and purple.

Paying attention to what color the owl in your dreams is is important as every color has a different meaning.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl In Your Dreams? 52 Owl Dream Interpretations

White Owls

If you see a white owl in your dreams this could represent pleasant surprises coming your way, and could also represent a new, content relationship full of mutual love and trust.

Black Owls

If you dream of a black owl it could be indicative of an inner transformation.

Black owls normally have red eyes, and if you see such an owl in your dream it means that you’ve made a mistake that you must try to correct. However, a black barn owl can also represent achieving goals. 

Brown Owls

If you dream of a brown owl, you may feel that you’re a practical person with a lot of willpower.

However, dreaming of a brown owl can also mean that you are lacking a purpose in life, and that you need to think about what you want to get out of life.

Grey Owls

Seeing a grey owl can be very ominous as it means that you will soon face the consequences of your actions.

Gold Owls

If you dream of a gold owl, this is a reassuring sign as it means you are sufficiently equipped to deal with tough times.

Purple Owls

Purple has long been a color associated with nobility and wealth, and while an owl with purple feathers is significant so is eye color too, as owls are noted for their extraordinary vision. 

Red Owls

Red is a color normally associated with romantic love and anger. If you see a red owl in your dream it can indicate feelings of affection or of anger. 

Owls With Green Eyes

If you see an owl with green eyes, it may mean that you are desiring independence. 

Owls With Yellow Eyes

Meanwhile, if you see an owl with yellow eyes it can represent companionship, friendship, and even pity. 

Owl Dream Scenarios And Their Meanings

Dreams About Staring At An Owl

If you are staring at an owl in your dream, it could represent that you are not being treated very well by someone in your waking life. This can be a colleague, your family, or your friends. 

Dreams Of Owls Staring At You

It can be quite unnerving to have someone stare at you for a long time.

Owls are known for their keen eyesight, and are normally portrayed as being bright-eyed and alert.

So if an owl stares at you in your dream, it can feel just as uncomfortable and awkward as when a human stares at you, and probably even more so! 

It may represent real-life conflicts you’ve had with a partner, friend, or college that has made you more guarded and alert than usual. 

Dreams Of A Flying Owl

If you dream of a flying owl it can represent that you will be reaching new milestones in your life and that you will be achieving success.

If you see an owl soaring through the sky it can be a subconscious signal that you too will be achieving your goals soon.

This is a motivating dream, encouraging you to be ambitious with your targets and work hard to make your dreams come true.

A flying owl also represents celebration and your inner kindness, as well the joy you feel when you hit professional and personal goals.

It can also represent that you have many people in your life who not only trust you, but respect you too.

Dreams Of Silent Owls

If you dream of silent owls it may mean that you are subconsciously contemplating the meaning of life, the mysteries and secrets of life, and searching for truth.

This is a positive dream, meaning that your secrets are being kept safe and you are also keeping the secrets of others safe too. 

A silent owl also emphases how cautious you need to be with your secrets and the secrets of others.

It also symbolizes that your mind is in a great place, and that you have plenty of patience and peace. 

Dreams Of Screeching Owls

If you dream of a screaming owl this could symbolize trouble ahead and even death.

The owl is screaming to signal the pain you’ll feel when the unfortunate event happens.

It can also  signify that those close to you will go through a tough time.

But if the owl is hooting, this can signify that you really need someone or something. The hooting owl signifies subconscious hope during a hard time in your life.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl In Your Dreams? 52 Owl Dream Interpretations

Dreams Of Owls Flying Overhead

If an owl flies overhead in your dream, this may symbolize that you are trying to escape a dangerous situation or you have just escaped a dangerous situation. It may also mean that there is more trouble to come.

Dreams Of Owls In Trees

Dreams of owls in a tree can symbolize intuition and wisdom. It can represent that you are stable in your life, and that you are free to make plans and follow your dreams.

This is because trees in dreams usually represent blessings, and an owl in a tree symbolizes warmth which can translate into contentment in your waking life.

Dreams Of An Owl Without Feathers

Dreaming of an owl without feathers symbolizes a stressful life. This is because stressed out owls will shed their feathers.

No matter how much you’re trying to conceal your stress in your waking life, your dreams will often bring this stress to the forefront of your mind. 

You may feel anxious or disturbed during this dream, and it may encourage you to confront this stress in your waking life and take steps to overcome it. 

Dreams Of Owl Feathers

Dreams of owl feathers can mean you are being imbued with spiritual potential.

Feathers are of course associated with angels, and if you see owl feathers in your dream it can mean that your mind is attempting to connect to your spirit. They can also signify intuition and humility.

Dreams About Owls Hunting Small Animals

Dreams like these are usually interpreted as negative omens. It emphasizes your flaws and insecurities, which somebody in your waking life may be exploiting.

It means you are controlled by your fears and these are holding you back from achieving your true potential. 

If you have this dream it means that your insecurities are having a bigger effect on you than usual lately, and it has led to unfortunate outcomes in your waking life.

It also means that your fears are going to get more difficult to overcome as time goes on if you don’t take action.

Dreams About Owls Circling Their Prey

Dreams about owls circling their prey symbolizes how alert and careful you are when scanning any plans for potential dangers.

It shows that you are quick-thinking when it comes to navigating risks and making decisions. 

A circling owl symbolizes how you carefully plan out your life and navigate any risks or fallouts.

The prey in the dream represents your motives or end-goals, that may be full of risks but so worth it. 

Dreams Of An Owl Hunting A Mouse

Dreams of an owl preying on a mouse can be indicative of a tricky, or dangerous situation.

It may indicate that your deepest secrets may soon be revealed, probably accidentally by those around you. When you have this dream it may lead you to wonder who you can trust. 

It may also mean that you’ll have to do some damage control to rectify this breach of trust.

It may also signify that someone is going to hold their secrets against you. 

Dreams About Running Over An Owl And Killing It

If you have this distressing dream, it represents that you’ve been trying to ignore an argument.

This dream represents that those around you might get into a fight in which they want you to take sides but you have managed to stay away from these conflicts.

If you run over and kill a single owl this may signify that you have control over the situation and there is only one person you’re avoiding an argument with.

The car is representative of your adamant mind that is not going to get side-tracked or dragged into a fight.

Dreams About Owls Fighting

If you dream of owls fighting with each other this can represent an inner conflict, i.e. you’re confused by something but you need to make a decision soon.

The fighting owls may also represent something you’re resisting, and the confusion is creating blocks in your mind.

It may also mean that you have to do some forward-thinking and make a change to your attitude to put an end to the inner conflict.

If one of the owls dies, this means you’ve made a decision based on the skills you have. 

Dreams About Attempting To Kill An Owl

If you dream about attempting to kill an owl, this can represent that you are trying hard to solve a problem but are getting nowhere.

Basically, it means you are fighting a losing battle and you need to change your strategy.

This dream may also be encouraging you to find better solutions, and that although you are facing a challenging obstacle you will overcome it eventually and to never give up trying.

Dreams About Almost Running An Owl Over

Any locked spaces are considered a bad omen, and a car is no exception.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl In Your Dreams? 52 Owl Dream Interpretations

It can mean you are avoiding a confrontation that you will soon have to confront, and this is the case if you almost run an owl over with your car.

If you almost run over more than one owl then this can mean there are multiple conflicts you are avoiding.

However, it may also mean you are being primed for a leadership role in your waking life, and are feeling nervous about the responsibilities you will be taking on.

Dreams Of Killing An Owl

Dreams of killing an owl – while distressing – may symbolize your raw strength and illustrate to you that you are more than capable of fighting back.

You may feel like you are being taken advantage of by your superiors, or being heavily controlled by them.

But this dream should encourage you that you have the energy to ward off negativity and come out victorious in tough times.

Killing an owl in your dreams shows that you will be triumphant after a long struggle, such as resolving a family conflict, or coming out on top in a work dispute.

This proves that you have the strength and determination to face the challenges in your life head on.

Dreams About An Owl Being Killed By Someone Else

If you see an owl getting killed in your dream it could mean your goals and ideas being smothered in your waking life.

It may mean that there is someone who will damage your reputation or at least have a negative impact on your life. 

This dream may encourage you to ask questions in your waking life so you can find out who may be out to damage your reputation and take action. 

Dreams Of Injured Owls

Dreams of injured owls may symbolize spirits that are broken, injured just like the owl. It may represent that there are tough times ahead where it will be difficult to hold on to hope.

It also represents anxiety about a wide range of issues, whether you’re worried about loved ones or yourself.

If you can see how the owl is injured it can give you some insight into what may happen in your waking life. 

Dreams About Owls Killing Each Other

This dream can symbolize that you have come to a crossroads, and have a big choice to make.

The death in this dream means that depending on the choice you make, you will never be the same and will be reborn. 

It can also symbolize the grief that comes with big changes in your life.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you are able to solve problems thanks to your willpower and your strong resolve. 

Dreams Of Hunting An Owl

Some people may dream of catching an owl in flight, and this usually symbolizes walls you have built around your loved ones.

However, it can be a good omen if you’ve successfully navigated situations where those have tried to encroach on your personal space.

Walls may need to be knocked (Find out What Hearing A Knock In Your Dreams Mean) down if you have to open up to your loved ones, or if you have to face the consequences of your actions. Dreams of owl feathers represent positivity, freedom, and letting go. 

Dreams Of An Owl Biting You

If an owl bites you in your dream it can symbolize anxiety that someone is trying to encroach on your personal space.

An owl bite symbolizes that someone who isn’t welcome has become a part of your waking life.

Dreams of an owl biting you can be alarming, and this alarming feeling could signify you should be guarded in your conversations and be ready for any obstacles that might prevent you from accomplishing your goals. 

Dreams Of An Attacking Owl

If an owl is attacking in your dream this can represent a major turning point in your life, and may also symbolize a passive feeling of being attacked.

Owls rarely attack humans, and so this dream can symbolize the importance of protecting yourself and keeping your guard up. 

An owl attacking you also symbolizes a threat in your waking life, but the fact you’re seeing this owl means you are aware of the threat and are prepared to face it. 

Dreams Of A Deceased Owl

If you find a dead owl in your dream this means that you will avoid getting into an accident in the near future.

A deceased owl is a symbol of potential negativity that can affect your life, or medical issues that can affect you or those close to you.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl In Your Dreams? 52 Owl Dream Interpretations

It may also symbolize losing hope in the future and your efforts being for naught.

Still, there is a deeper, more hopeful meaning to seeing a dead owl in your dream. It can represent hope, faith, and rebirth after a rough patch in your life. 

Dreams Of Owls Fighting Eagles

While this may seem like an oddly specific dream, many people report having this dream.

It symbolizes upcoming blessings, but also that you are courageous and adaptable, staying resolute in hard times. 

Dreams About Baby Owls

If you dream about baby owls it may be symbolic of your own personality.

But it can also represent careless and naive decisions, or times when we’ve acted without thinking about the consequences in the near future.

They also act as a warning for you to rethink a decision before it’s too late.

However, it can also represent new developments in your life that have affected you on a spiritual level, especially if it’s related to a creative pursuit.

Dreams About Angry Owls

Again, this dream can be reflective of how you really feel, and in fact, an angry owl can amplify how you truly feel, namely, feelings of anger.

This dream can represent repressed rage, or that there may be events coming up in your life that will anger you. 

This may also be your subconscious sensing anger that those around you might be feeling, and potential conflicts you might get into.

If you’ve had this dream lately, it’s best to avoid any debates or arguments for a while.

Dreams About Owls Turning Into Humans

Dreams about owls turning into humans can symbolize finding true friendship.

It means that you will find somebody who you can have a totally honest relationship with, and who can be a confidante and somebody you trust.

It represents your capacity to care for others, and that your loved ones can make you a better person with their love, and that you can do the same by nurturing them. 

However, having this dream can also represent someone in your past making a return to shed some light on your waking life and give you guidance. 

Dreams About Holding An Owl

Surprisingly, this dream is also a bad omen that symbolizes negativity that could impact your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

It can represent accidents, injuries, or pain that may befall you in the near future. This dream emphases the importance of being alert and aware, as an owl represents wisdom. 

This dream signifies that to make it through these tough times you need to be wise, strong, and stick close to your loved ones.

This dream should encourage you to stay in touch with your support network, and take everything one day at a time.

Dreams Of An Owl Landing On Your Bed

If you have a dream that you’re in your own bed it means that you are happy in your comfort zone, and if an owl lands in your bed it means you trust your common sense and have a strong sense of self.

This also implies a need for love. If you’ve recently entered a new relationship or made exciting plans with your partner this dream could symbolize the happiness ahead.

If there is more than one owl on your bed, you can take this as you and your partner have many happy years ahead of you.

Dreams That You Are Flying As An Owl

If you are flying in your dream this symbolizes that you are navigating your life well, or that you are capable of doing so.

It represents that you are making smart decisions, are overcoming potentially confusing situations and basically managing your life well. This dream also means you are well aware of your surroundings. 

Dreams of flying as an owl often means that you will have a smooth, straight path to your goals despite any peripheral obstacles. 

Dreams Of Owls In Water

If you dream of owls in water, it may be good luck! Dreams of owls in water can keep negativity away and keep you grounded.

Water is often a symbol of harmony and desires coming true when you’ve achieved balance in your life and have your priorities straight. 

Dreams Of An Owl In Your House

If you dream of an owl in your house, take it as a warning that financial success may be your downfall.

It can also symbolize challenging times ahead for your family.

However, it can also mean that you will have disagreements with your family and that conflict will break out in your home.

If you dream of an owl in your house, remember to listen to your family members and respect their opinion so you can avoid any conflict. 

Dreams Of Owls Speaking

While owls do not have the ability of language, they also make very few noises as it is crucial for them to stay silent to hunt their prey successfully.

This is a rare dream to have about owls, but if you do hear an owl speaking in your dreams it may mean that you may let a secret about someone slip.

Everybody keeps secrets. These can be secrets about ourselves, or secrets about others that we’ve discovered or have been told in confidence.

If you dream of a talking owl this owl can maybe provide you with insight into the near future. 

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, dreams of owls can have multiple meanings. They can be an omen of death, or an encouraging, positive omen that good things are to come.

But to get the most detailed interpretation possible it’s best to focus on as many features of your dream as possible, and reflect on the color of the owl, the species of the owl, and what the owl was doing in your dream. 

You should also focus on how you feel when you awake from the dream, and if there is anything going on in your waking life that you can directly relate to the contents of the dream.

Always keep in mind that dream symbols can have a lot of hidden meanings so you just have to keep your mind open.

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