Mal De Ojo Bracelets: Meanings, Rules And Colors

The Mal de Ojo is an ancient Mexican and Hispanic belief in a curse that is brought about by the glaring of an evil eye.

That’s why, the words “Mal de Ojo” mean the “evil eye” in Spanish. This glare can be an evil stare from another person who doesn’t wish you well.

Mal De Ojo Bracelets: Meanings, Rules And Colors

This person may be jealous or does not wish you to have success. Often, we do not even realize that others are giving us an “evil stare”.

A bracelet that is used as a protection against this kind of evil spell is called a Mal de Ojo bracelet. It wards off negative energies and bad luck.

In many cultures, a Mal de Ojo bracelet has become common practice as people are greatly aware of how important it is to protect themselves against negative forces.

There are a number of different spiritual meanings with the Mal de Ojo bracelet.

In this article, we explore these meanings, all rules associated with this protection bracelet and we find out the symbolism behind different colors of the Mal de Ojo.

Mal De Ojo Bracelet Meanings

A Mal de Ojo bracelet can have four different meanings, and it’s a good idea to understand each, so that you can carry this spiritual bracelet with you for the right purpose.

The Mal de Ojo bracelet has spiritual significance around the globe, including Asia and America.

These spiritual bracelets are considered to carry a strong power against evil forces that try to invade your surroundings and causing you to have bad luck in life.

Knowing which spiritual meaning the Mal de Ojo bracelet has for you is important to help you channel the right expectations and energies.

Let’s find out more about the different Mal de Ojo bracelet meanings, and how you can use their powers.


Mal de ojo bracelets are best known for their protection meaning. When you carry and wear your Mal de Ojo bracelet, then you protect yourself against evil spirits and forces.

This bracelet grants universal protection from the divine, and this is one of the main reasons why many wearers of the Mal de Ojo bracelet use it.

We all need protection at different times in our lives, and wearing a bracelet can be a powerful way to remind ourselves that there are other forces out there.

Many people believe that a Mal de Ojo bracelet is capable of protecting its wearer from any types of evil and bad luck that is directed towards him.

Even if you chose to wear your Mal de Ojo for another reason, you can still choose to focus your inner eye towards protection, and the bracelet can help you to gain more confidence.

Being sure that you are safe from any bad influences around, you can go boldly out into the world and enjoy your life without having to worry about any “evil stares”.

Good Luck And Wealth

Another important spiritual meaning of the Mal de Ojo arm band is that it does not just ward off any evil but it also invites good fortune and wealth.

If you experience bad luck or misfortune in your life at the moment, then a Mal de Ojo bracelet can turn this around. It will send good luck your way.

A Mal de Ojo bracelet is a powerful amulet that can bring an end to misfortune in your life.

If you are currently struggling with some setbacks, then a Mal de Ojo bracelet can turn your fate around and bring good luck and wealth.

You will then be able to live your life without expecting bad things, and you can also enjoy a life without fear.

A Mal de Ojo amulet does not just ward off any negative energies in your environment but it also brings good luck and wellbeing to your life.

With this spirit bracelet, you will quickly start to feel the blessings, and you will know that you deserve all the good luck that comes your way.

No Envy And Jealousy Growing Around You

Many cultures and folktales consider the source of evil to be jealousy and envy. The concept of the evil eye and its evil stare is similar.

It rises out of the idea that there is someone who envies you, and this person sends negative energies and hate towards you.

This means that each time you receive this metaphorically evil stare from someone, something bad will happen in your life.

With the negative energies, the progress of positive events in your life gets disrupted, and you will encounter a lot more negative things.

When you wear your Mal de Ojo bracelet, it will shield you from this evil stare and its associated negativity.

Many people believe that the evil eye of your Mal de Ojo bracelet is much more powerful, and it fights the evil stare from anyone else.

This means that anyone throwing their evil stare at you will find the stare considerably weakened by the shield of your evil eye bracelet.

All negativity is kept away from your life when you wear the bracelet, and this will always help to prevent any negative feelings from festering or growing around you.

You will feel much more free and liberated without any emotional baggage from your past.

A Spiritually Healthy Life

Another important meaning of the Mal de Ojo bracelet is its association with a spiritually healthy life and good health.

As the amulet protects you from negative influences and it builds your confidence, you can also build much more resilience against bad things happening in your life.

This does not only contribute to a healthier spiritual life but it also makes you much more relaxed in your own body.

This means that your physical wellbeing is believed to improve when wearing this bracelet, and many people also believe that it can remove sickness from the body.

Spiritual healers think that a Mal de Ojo bracelet advance your healing process when you are sick.

It is thought to absorb any negative energy that is emitted by the illness or slows your healing down.

But besides the physical healing, the amulet is also considered to be a powerful emotional healing tool.

Whether you are going through a difficult time in your relationship, at work or anywhere else in your life, this bracelet does almost literally keep an eye on you and reminds you that you are well protected.

This can give you the strength to look ahead without fear, and courageously go your way in life.

Mal De Ojo Bracelet Rules

From spiritual protection to great wealth, a Mal de Ojo bracelet has a great range of positive meanings to their wearers.

When you consider one or two of these meanings for yourself when wearing the bracelet, then you can create a powerful protective energy against negativity.

Saying this, there are also a few rules that you should follow when wearing your Mal de Ojo bracelet.

These rules will help you to make the most out of your protective energies.

Clean Your Surroundings

It’s important that before you put your Mal de Ojo bracelet onto your wrist, you should tidy and clean your surroundings.

This can be tidying up a room, cleaning your home and taking the rubbish out. Any kind of waste and dirt often attracts negativity into your home.

A clean home is often also considered a reflection of a clear and sharp mind which can help you keep any negative thoughts and feelings at bay.

There is a good reason why you need to clean your surroundings even before you put your bracelet on.

It is believed that demons and evil spirits are powerful forces that can bring a lot of negative energy with them.

When you live in a dirty or untidy environment, then these spirits can latch onto this, and use this energy against you and your bracelet.

This may cause the positive power of the Mal de Ojo bracelet to break.

That’s why, try to keep your home as tidy as possible and remove any unnecessary things that you do not need in your life.

Create a space that allows you to live happier and work more effectively in a spiritual sense.

Go Through A Purification Ritual

But it isn’t just vital to keep your home clean. You will also need to cleanse yourself spiritually of any negative energy in your body and mind.

If you carry any negative energy within you while wearing the Mal de Ojo bracelet, then you won’t get the results that you are hoping for.

Therefore, it is a good idea to do a cleansing ritual with some rosemary and sage smudge sticks to cleanse yourself.

You can also use the smudge sticks to ritually cleanse your home, in addition to the tidying up.

The smudging ritual will help you to release all of the negative energy within you, and it will allow the positive energy to flood back into your mind.

Removing any negativity and internal blocks will allow your soul to open up for all the positive things coming your way with the Mal de Ojo bracelet. It will also allow the bracelet to work effectively.

Going through a cleansing and purification process for yourself is a must with many powerful protective amulets, such as the Mal de Ojo.

Without purification, the bracelet will not be able to pick up all the negative energy properly, and you run the risk of breaking the evil eye.

This can then expose you even more to other external energies, which require a significantly more intensive purification ritual.

However, the best way not to let this happen is to purify yourself regularly. The nice smelling herbs of the smudge sticks will also help you to balance your mind and release yourself from bad thoughts.

Bless Your Mal De Ojo Bracelet

After you have purified your home and yourself, you will need to bless your Mal de Ojo bracelet. You shouldn’t wear the bracelet before you have blessed it.

Through the blessings, you will activate the powers of the bracelet. If you do not bless it, then it cannot help you in the way you intend.

Blessing the Mal de Ojo bracelet is a crucial step, and it lifts this piece of jewelry out of the realms of pretty jewelry into a powerful amulet.

We will take you through each step of the blessing ritual further down.

Do Not Use The Mal De Ojo Bracelet When The Evil Eye Cracks

Just like with a watch, you will need to regularly check if your bracelet is still working properly.

If you notice that the evil eye is broken or cracked, then the bracelet has absorbed a large amount of negative energy, and you will need to dispose of it.

When your evil eye bracelet is full of negative energy, then you cannot use it anymore because the cracks will slowly release the negative energy again.

This means you would not be protected anymore against evil forces or bad demons, and you would continually expose yourself to negativity again coming from your wrist.

That’s why, always check your Mal de Ojo bracelet each time you wear it, and make sure that you regularly carry out purification rituals, so the bracelet is fully always fully exposed to the negative energy.

Mal De Ojo Bracelet: What Does The Color Of My Bracelet Mean?

Mal de ojo bracelets come in a range of different colors, and each of these colors has a different spiritual meaning.

Let’s take a closer look at these colors and what you can use them for with your Mal de Ojo bracelet.

Dark Blue

Dark blue is the color of the ocean and deep lakes. A blue Mal de Ojo bracelet protects you from bad karma, and it keeps away all the negative things that may agitate your soul.

Dark blue is considered to be easing the mind and it will bring peace to your soul.

Many people also think that a dark blue Mal de Ojo amulet helps with sleeping problems as it settles your mind and gives it peace.

Light Blue

The light blue of the sky always brings a smile to our face. When you are wearing a light blue Mal de Ojo bracelet then you are protected against all negative energies around.

The airiness and lightness of this wonderful color helps you to get a better understanding of the world.

With this beautiful color bracelet, you can expand your mind and allow it to be free. This will also give you another perspective on life, with much more positivity and possibilities.

You can do anything and everything, knowing that you are fully protected against any evil forces.


Red stands for fire and energy. If you have a red Mal de Ojo bracelet, then this will chase away the negative energies and it gives you courage to pick up any challenges in your life.

The red Mal de Ojo amulet is ideal for moments when you find yourself struggling with fear. It will provide you with more energy, enthusiasm and passion to strive for your goals.

When you have the passion, courage and energy to achieve your goals, then nothing can stop you.

Light Green

Light green is always a reminder of nature, and its bountiful wealth of creation. That’s the reason why the spiritual meaning of a light green Mal de Ojo bracelet stands for wealth and prosperity.

When you wear this bracelet, then you can protect yourself against any negativity related to poverty. Your life will become more enriched in many ways.

Many people believe that a Mal de Ojo bracelet in light green will create a base for more success in business and your career.

You will enjoy a successful life in fulfillment and prosperity.


Yellow is the vibrant color of the sun, and its beautifully positive energy that gives life to us all.

A yellow Mal de Ojo bracelet helps you protect yourself against any negative energies that are associated with sickness.

It is believed that a Mal de Ojo amulet with a yellow color will restore your health and keep you free of sickness. It will also help you to enjoy a perfectly healthy life.

Blessing Your Mal De Ojo Amulet

As we mentioned above, blessing your Mal de Ojo bracelet is a vital activation process to ensure that your amulet is ready to absorb any negativity and keep you protected.

Here are some of the essentials steps of blessing a Mal de Ojo bracelet.

Carry Out A Cleansing Ritual

Before you can use and bless your Mal de Ojo bracelet, you will need to cleanse and purify it. This will remove any negative energies from your bracelet and ensure that it is clean.

Speak Your Wishes

Once you cleansed the bracelet, you need to hold it in your right hand (You might also want to check out What Does The Hand With The Eye Mean). Close your eyes and feel the energy coming from the bracelet.

Then, speak out your wishes and desires. If you want to ask for a healthy life, then speak this out loud. Or if you need protection, then say this out loud as well.

Saying your wishes out loud will channel the arm band in the right way, so that it can help you as best as possible.

Envision Your Wishes

The last step is to envision your desires. Keep holding the bracelet in your hand, and visualize what you want the bracelet to do.

Once this is done, your bracelet is ready to get to work.

What Hand Should You Wear A Mal De Ojo Bracelet On?

You can wear a Mal de Ojo bracelet on either the right or the left wrist. Both are acceptable and there is no real difference.

Some people feel more comfortable wearing their bangle on the left because it complements their watch or other jewelry.

There is another good reason why the left hand might be a good place for your Mal de Ojo bracelet.

The left-hand side of our body is often associated with emotions which are linked to our soul.

Therefore, when you wear your bracelet on the left hand, then it is believed that your physical and emotional wellbeing is protected.

Good Reasons Why You Need A Mal De Ojo Amulet

If you are not convinced that a Mal de Ojo bracelet is right for you, then here are some good reasons why you should wear one.


The Mal de Ojo bracelet is a powerful protection amulet that wards off any evil and negative forces.

Stress Relief

Many spiritual healers believe that a Mal de Ojo bracelet has strong therapeutic powers which can provide relief for everyone suffering from stress.

Wearing a Mal de Ojo amulet can also help with any sleep problems.


With the protection against negative forces, a Mal de Ojo can bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

It is also a symbol for good luck and positivity. Money problems are said to disappear and the bracelet will also keep you safe from poverty.

Good Health

A Mal de Ojo bracelet, particularly in light green, will help you speed up any healing processes when you are sick, and it will also keep any sickness away from you.

It is said that you can enjoy a healthy life when wearing this bracelet.


Sometimes we just never get anything done because we lack motivation and enthusiasm. A Mal de Ojo bracelet is believed to restore your motivation and courage.

With this, you can follow your goals with more energy and you can achieve whatever you want to do in life.

Final Thoughts

A Mal de Ojo bracelet is not just a pretty piece of jewelry. These amulets are said to be powerful enough to stave off any negative energies.

But it is important that you choose the right bracelet for you, and that you prepare the bracelet properly before you wear it.

This will make sure that you can channel this powerful amulet to get the most out of it.

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