Is Psychic Healing Really Possible?

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Psychic healing is used to treat various illnesses and sicknesses.

Not many believe in its effectiveness and credibility, however, with even the word “psychic” being enough to inspire doubt in those who do not know much about it and are yet to try it.

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Is Psychic Healing Really Possible - Psychic Readings Guide

But does psychic healing really work? Is psychic healing possible?

To come to your own answer, it’s important to understand what psychic healing is, the different types of psychic healing, and why many practitioners and patients consider psychic healing to be effective.

In this guide, we answer the above questions, as well as provide the best scientific arguments for and against psychic healing as an effective treatment. 

Whether or not you currently believe in psychic healing, reaching the end of this short guide will provide you with some new insights and opinions, and a greater understanding of psychic healing overall.

What Is Psychic Healing?

Psychic healing is a form of healing therapy, also known as spiritual healing and energy healing.

It is used to treat illnesses and sicknesses, which psychic healers (also energy healers) believe to be caused by imbalances or blockages in the body’s energy field.

Due to this, psychic healing has connections to Qi, the Chinese concept of “energy” or “life force”, as well as other cultural practices and religions that believe in maintaining a healthy flow of energy around the body.

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Despite that, psychic healing does not involve religion in any way. It’s therefore a direct contrast to faith healing, which is grounded in religion.

Psychic healing is deemed spiritual, focusing on the human spirit or soul and its connection to life, or energy.

The Types Of Psychic Healing

Psychic healing (energy healing) is, in fact, an umbrella term. There are different types of psychic healing, each with their own uses, methods, and believed effects. 

Knowing about the different types of psychic healing provides a better understanding of psychic healing on the whole, so we have listed a few of them below.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic touch, one type of psychic healing, is used as a treatment of pain, stress, and anxiety.

As the name suggests, it involves a practitioner—a psychic healer—placing their hands not on the patient, but close to the body, to detect imbalances in the patient’s energy field/

This is one of the most widely used forms of psychic healing. Energy healers who practice therapeutic touch claim to have psychic healing powers, therefore having the ability to manipulate and correct any energy imbalances in the patient’s body.


Reiki is a type of psychic healing founded in Japan (Check out The Best Reiki Tables Here). Its origins date back to the 19th century, rooted in the same belief that negative physical and emotional conditions can be treated by correcting imbalances in patients’ energy fields – also called biofields.

Reiki is therefore strongly connected to Qi – the energy or life force flowing through the human body, having a system of meridian points where energy imbalances or blockages can be detected and subsequently treated. 

Reiki practitioners may put their hands on the patient’s body, or close to the body—the patient’s aura—to detect problems with energy flow and either manipulate or help guide the energy to promote healing.

Crystal Healing

A practice that is related to energy healing (but different from psychic healing) is crystal healing.

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Grounded in the same concept of bodily energy, as well as a flowing energy that connects all things, living and inanimate, crystal healing is used to treat physical and mental illnesses by drawing from and encouraging different energies.

There are various healing crystals, also called chakra crystals and chakra stones, used to channel different energies.

Is Psychic Healing Really Possible Psychic Readings Guide

There are seven chakra-healing stones, in particular, including amethyst, chameleon, citrine, blue quartz, green aventurine, red jasper, and sodalite.

Each of the seven stones is related to a meridian point on the body, such as the solar plexus, heart, throat, and crown, as well as used to promote a specific energy.

As examples, the amethyst is for intuition and guidance while red jasper is for stability and grounding.

The Argument Against Psychic Healing

It goes without saying that psychic healing and energy healing has its skeptics – something that is only natural. Psychic healers channeling energies that are unseen is hard to prove, after all, with only the results felt by patients serving as evidence.

It’s no secret that psychic healing is considered pseudoscience or, in some cases, pseudo-physics.

There are many that consider the benefits it has on patients to be the same as administering a form of placebo, with few science-backed studies that support its benefits.

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The Argument For Psychic Healing

Despite the arguments against psychic healing, there are many who believe in its benefits – largely due to a wider belief in energies (Qi, Odic force, etc.) that flow, move, and connect all things.

Needless to say, this energy, or life force, is something that has to be felt, or pondered in some way, before it can be believed.

It can be psychic, spiritual, or neither, as some also consider this energy to be something that flows through the universe as whole, relating to life cycles and the natural “balance” of the ecosystem.

The Benefits Of Psychic Healing

We can’t talk about psychic healing and the arguments for and against it without mentioning the benefits and disadvantages.

Those who have experienced successful treatment due to psychic healing claim that it:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provides mental grounding and stability 
  • Treats illnesses without the need for medicine
  • Treats physical conditions without the need for medicine
  • Makes them feel greater connected (spiritually or not) to their surroundings
  • Makes them feel more connected to their body

As for the disadvantages of psychic healing, these are little to none – only considered to be unproductive if the patient does not achieve the expected results.

Practicing psychic healing itself does not pose any negative side effects to patients, physically or mentally.

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Conclusion – Is Psychic Healing Possible?

Psychic healing is possible for those who believe in it, which includes a belief in an energy or life force that flows within the body and through all surroundings, providing balance or imbalance.

Psychic healers treat patients by detecting these imbalances (or blockages) and  correcting them, either by guiding the energy or channeling their own.

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