Quotes About Grief

Grief is a very strong and often overpowering emotion that can seriously affect you and those around you.

Due to its deeply affecting nature, grief is often difficult to overcome and takes a long time to truly reduce the pain it causes. 

Quotes About Grief

Some of the main ‘treatments’ for grief is simply time and support from loved ones, but some people find comfort in quotes. 

Reading quotes about grief can sometimes help you explain your emotions, feel as though you are not alone, or provide support and reassurance to others going through grief. 

If you want to find some great quotes about grief, then here are some of our favorites.

Check them out and see if there is anything here that speaks directly to you and your emotions.

We hope you can find comfort, reassurance, and support through these simple sayings. 

There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief. 

No. 1: A Life With Love Will Have Some Thorns, But A Life Without Love Will Have No Roses

It’s common knowledge that if you want to experience the good things in life – such as positive energies and happy emotions related to love and joy – then you need to be prepared to take some of the lows too. 

A natural part of life is to experience grief and sadness. Without it, it’s a sign of life lived devoid of meaningful relationships and strong connections. 

So, keep this quote in mind when you are faced with low energies and thoughts after losing someone close to you.

The alternative would have been to never have known them at all, and just imagine how empty and cold your life would have been without them. 

Grief is often called a sign of a life loved and so, your grief is natural and something you should not try to ignore or overcome prematurely. 

No. 2: To Weep Is To Make Less The Depth Of Grief

This Shakespearan quote is a great one to share with others and remember whenever you feel like the negative energies of grief are dragging you under. 

When we grieve, it can almost feel like drowning and it can be difficult to pull ourselves together to carry on.

Some of us may even be afraid to let others see us so emotionally low – but as this quote proves, a great way to combat grief is to actually show it. 

Letting our tears fall is a great way to naturally expel our negative emotions and energies.

While some people may rely on precious rocks and stones (Check out this article about The Meaning Of Stacking Rocks), tears themselves will quickly alleviate your grief – so don’t bottle things in.

It’s important to let your grief flow so you can unblock your chakras and lift your heart. 

It may take a while, but the best way to lessen your grief is to just let it out and purge it from your body. 

No. 3: Happiness Is Beneficial For The Body, But It Is Grief That Develops The Powers Of The Mind

There are many studies that prove the positive effects of happiness on our bodies.

Living a happy, stress free life can lead to lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, better sleep patterns, and more. 

Grief is on the opposite of the scale and many will claim that no good can come of grief but the opposite is actually true.

As this quote reminds us, grief is a way to develop our minds.

It helps us put everything into perspective, think about the things we value and love, how much of an impact they have on our lives and us on theirs. 

As a result, grief is an emotion that is closely tied to the mind and while it may weigh heavily on our hearts, it can also strengthen our minds and make us more grateful for what we have while it’s here.

It makes you challenge your minds’ negative patterns and change them too, allowing you to be more prepared for further troubles ahead.

No. 4: Grief Is Like An Ocean; It Comes On Waves Ebbing And Flowing

Like with any emotion and energy, grief will heighten and fade again and again over time.

Many people never fully stop grieving and you will always carry that feeling of loss and longing with you – but there will be days where it is stronger than others. 

This quote perfectly compared grief to the ocean itself and how it ebbs and flows.

It’s a great way to compare how our energies, abilities, and motivation can go up and down due to our grief. 

As a result, this quote can be a comfort to those who feel guilty or disappointed that they still feel grieved a long time after their loss.

It reassures us that we can have our bad days, or weeks, because grief comes on waves just like the tide. 

So, if you find you are having days where you feel more swallowed up by your grief than others – then don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and natural.

Take your time and never expect yourself to just ‘get over’ your grief. It will never go away although the pain will lessen with time, support, and comfort. 

Final Thoughts

Grief is one of the most powerful emotions and one felt by everyone at some point in their lives.

Many psychics can find this emotion very overwhelming and as a result, need further support and guidance to help them through this difficult time in their lives. 

While holding on to one of your favorite healing stones is also a great way to help rid yourself of negative energies, keeping some of these inspiring quotes above will also help you by inspiring hope and assurances. 

So, if you or someone close to you is going through one of the most difficult times of their lives, then recite these quotes and keep them in mind as you recover from your grief. 

We hope that these quotes have provided you with some comfort and hope in what is sure to be a very hard part of your life.

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