What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean? 

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When you fall asleep are you finding yourself often dreaming about gaining weight? Don’t worry, many people actually experience this regardless of their size.

What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean?

While all sizes are beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with gaining a little extra weight, these dreams can be stressful or unsettling for some people.

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It can leave some people anxious about their health and for those who have previously lost a significant amount of weight recently, it can simply be their fears popping up in their dreams. 

But dreaming of weight gain doesn’t always mean a person is self-conscious. There are a whole host of reasons why these dreams may be repeating themselves of an evening.

So if you’ve been spending a while looping around in your mind asking yourself why you’re having these dreams, you’ve come to the right place.

Throughout this article, we will go through many different interpretations of these types of dreams. 

General Interpretations 

The very first thing you should be aware of is that dreaming about weight doesn’t instantly correlate to your health.

I know that that is likely the first conclusion that you’ll jump to, but you shouldn’t.

Weight dreams are also closely linked to emotional states, news about finance, as well as relationships such as that with your family or friends. So what else can a weight dream mean? Keep reading to find out. 

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Often weight gain dreams can come from feeling like you are not getting deserved recognition.

If as an adult, you’ve been making an effort to improve your professional life but this effort is going unnoticed this may manifest through dreams such as weight gain. 

However, there is some good news! These dreams can be an indication that all of that hard work is about to pay off and your superiors are about to notice just how much you’ve been bending backward for them. A pay rise or promotion may be on its way for you soon. 

If you are not employed, some extra money may still be coming your way.

Perhaps it’ll come from a source that you are not expecting or maybe it’s an inheritance thanks to a distant relative.

It could even be from an unfair means such as gambling. Either way, your finances may be improving sometime soon. 

You’ll Find Prosperity Soon

Seeing someone of larger size in a dream can be a symbol of upcoming prosperity. It can be an indication that the people you surround yourself with are kind and loving.

These people may be your friends or your family, but they are people that continue to be there for you when you feel like everything may be just about to fall apart.

These kinds of people should be held onto tightly as they will be at your side before you even have a chance to ask. 

Your dream, or more specifically your subconscious, is reminding you of all the love and support that you have around you and also represents an immense amount of happiness that is right around the corner.

The support system you have is incredible and so it is really important that you also ensure that you are there for your loved ones in the way they are there for you. 

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You Have Poor Self-Confidence/Low Self-Esteem

This may come as the least surprising interpretation, but if you often have dreams about yourself gaining large proportions of weight it can be an indication that you are lacking in self-confidence. 

But this type of dream doesn’t mean that you are only worried about gaining weight, it’s deeper than that. It is likely that you feel as if your reputation is being threatened.

You are more than likely feeling anxious most of the time and have begun to second guess yourself all the time.

You’re overthinking the actions that you are taking and the choices that you make. You may have started to judge others since you feel consistently judged. 

You may even be trying to gain weight in your day-to-day life, and this dream is an indication that you are sceptical of both the routine and the diet that you have set for yourself.

You’re likely to have this dream if it’s in your nature to constantly analyze the effectiveness of each and every part of your physique.

If this is the case you should consult with experts about training and diets and not feel like you cannot ask for help.

Patience is also a virtue that you’ll need to master, as you may be impatient to start seeing results. 

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You Are A Complicated Person

If you’ve been dreaming about other people laughing at you for weight gain, this can be a depiction of you being a little (or a lot) complicated. What does this mean?

It means that you are ultra-conscious of each and everything that you do and you tend to let your mind run away with you and exaggerate fairly simple situations in your head.

You always feel the need to be on the ‘winning’ side, even when most things are not a competition, and feeling like you’re losing in any situation is stressful and disheartening for you. 

You may be struggling with constantly feeling demotivated and when you fall asleep, your subconscious mind brings forward all these insecurities and thoughts of low confidence.

It is likely that your social life is suffering because you always feel as if people are speaking about you or laughing at you behind your back.

This could be due to past experiences which haunt you in your slumber.

What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean?

If this dream recurs often, you may want to consider talking about your feelings and seeking help whether that be from friends and family, or from a professional. 

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You Have Become A Little Lazy Recently

One interpretation of dreaming about gaining weight is that you may have subconsciously noticed that you’ve become lazier recently.

Maybe you’ve started to procrastinate much more than you used to, or you have started to ignore important duties and responsibilities that require your attention. 

This could be due to an absence of discipline in your younger life which leaves you unable to truly value time constraints and therefore makes you often delay tasks that need immediate attention.

Contrastingly, it may be that you have been over disciplined for much of your life and you have let go as an act of rebellion.

Regardless of your reason, it has started to affect your life negatively which is why it is now predominant in your dreams. 

It’s not fun constantly chasing the clock though to get work done at the last minute so while it’s a difficult habit to break, you need to.

You may need to slow down on the relaxation time and try and get back to the grind. 

Different Types Of Weight-Related Dreams And What Each Dream Means

Your subconscious mind can bring up particular dreams for a whole host of reasons, sometimes it may be to send you a message about your present or future luck, to portray worries you may not have even realized have manifested, or to provide a solution to a current problem you are experiencing.

But for you to be able to recognize what your subconscious is trying to tell you, you’ll need to be able to interpret your dreams correctly, and that means being aware of all the small details of a dream and what those details reflect.

So let’s take a closer look at the specifics of certain dreams and exactly what they mean. 

Dreaming About Gaining Weight

If your weight-related dream involves you gaining a lot of weight, this can be an indication that you are experiencing many difficulties at present and are suffocating from all the worry that you feel each and every day. 

Habitually worrying has caused you to boil over with stress and this stress is affecting your day-to-day life in several different ways.

This dream may be your subconscious asking for a little time off from all this constant doubt.

You have probably become far too concerned with other people’s perceptions of not just your appearance but your personality too. 

It’s likely that most of your self-worth comes from your physical appearance and so this fear of gaining weight and becoming unattractive (at least conventionally, since all body types are beautiful) is being reflected in the dreams that you are having.

You have a very negative image of yourself and so are constantly people-pleasing to try and are trying to make up self-worth in other ways. 

This could be a product of the opinions of the people you surround yourself with. If this is the case, these people are not true friends and should be cut off immediately as this is a toxicity that is unneeded in your life.

You should take some time to inject some positivity into your life and realize that you are beautiful just the way you are because there is no one else like you.

Dreaming That You Are Overweight

In your dream were you staring at someone who was overweight who throughout the dream is revealed to be you? Were you surprised by this revelation?

This could indicate that there are difficult situations ahead. It can also signify that you may have issues with body dysmorphia or eating disorders, if so you should seek medical assistance immediately.  

This type of dream can also reflect that you have been neglecting yourself while going through a particularly stressful time.

Perhaps you have not been getting enough you time and so have been relying on quick fast-food meals.

It could be a future prediction or fear that you may have health issues if you continue with this pattern. 

If you are particularly slim and are having this dream it may reflect insecurities to do with your external appearance such as ageing or becoming ‘ugly.’

It’s important to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when I say this, I’m not implying validation from someone else.

The only beholder that truly matters, is yourself. Stop giving yourself a hard time, everyone is beautiful and the conventions of beauty are nothing but a social construct.

Everyone’s bodies change with age, youth isn’t permanent no matter how much we may chase it, but a few wrinkles, gray hairs, or a few extra pounds won’t rob you of your beauty. 

Dreaming About Losing Weight

If you have been dreaming about shedding the pounds, it may mean that you’re about to fix some issues you’ve been having while awake.

This could be a professional or a personal matter, but it’s been weighing on you for some time.

You may have become frustrated with even trying anymore since every attempt has failed. 

Well, here is some good news, this dream could be the sign you’ve been waiting for, that suggests your troubles are about to become a thing of the past.

Your subconscious mind is telling you not to give up because you are closer than you think.

Make the most of your time once this problem fades as you should finally have some time for some much needed R&R. 

Dreaming About Losing Weight Extremely Quickly

If you dream that you are losing weight at an alarming rate, it could be an indication that you may soon take ill.

You are in a situation that currently leaves you with little time for yourself and consequently, your health has been majorly impacted. 

Keep an eye on your eating habits, and try to take some time for yourself, both mind and body.

You may also want to pick up a bit more exercise and you haven’t had time to be physically active much recently.

What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean?

This isn’t so much for weight loss as it is to clear your mind and revitalize your body. 

This dream could be your subconscious telling you that all the stress you have in your life is going to make you sick.

Stress isn’t always avoidable, but if you are dealing with stress it’s imperative that you give yourself some time to chill out and relax, even if it’s just sitting for a cup of coffee for half an hour, or taking a bubble bath of an evening. 

Dreaming Someone You Know In Real Life Has Gained Weight

Seeing someone you know in real life overweight in a dream can symbolize that they are about to take something away from you.

This isn’t necessarily an object though, it could be your happiness or your kindness, but either way it is likely that this person is going to rob you of something measurable or immeasurable that belongs to you.

It can be an indication that you are giving too much away to those around you, be it your kind nature or your love.

Either way, you are sharing too much of yourself with someone who does not deserve it. 

Contrastingly though, it can also mean that this individual is struggling and is in need of your help.

So if you find this person to be genuine and kind you may want to offer your support.

However, if you often feel taken advantage of by the person in your dream, it is probably time to start pulling away. 

Dreaming Of Overeacting

If you dream about overeating often it implies that you are losing control in real life.

There’s potential that you’ve been going through quite a hard time and you are unable to process it properly.

Perhaps you’ve put everything you’ve got into this issue but it is still at loose ends and you’re feeling really helpless and underestimating your own abilities. 

Sometimes, even when we try our hardest, it just isn’t enough. Don’t get disheartened; it happens to the best of us.

From here, you’ll need to identify if the issue can be resolved with help. If it’s unlikely that there will ever be a resolution, you’ll simply need to learn to move on from it. 

Overeating dreams can also represent guilt and that you are trying to punish or discipline yourself because of this guilt.

But this will not solve the issues at hand, you’ll need to be more logical about your problems. 

Dreaming About Being Called Fat

Dreaming about others calling you fat often signifies that you are worried by others’ opinions of you.

It is yet another representation of self-doubt and low confidence. Your self worth is based solely on other individuals’ attitudes towards your personality and appearance.

It is likely that you struggle to be fully present in situations because you are too preoccupied worrying about how others are perceiving you. 

It can also represent the buried hurt that your subconscious brings to the surface while you are asleep.

If you haven’t dealt with previous painful experiences and that damage is still evident in your confidence then your mind will force you to confront them even when you don’t want to. 

This suggests that you need to learn to move on and accept the truth that their opinions do not matter.

This can be hard to do, but as long as you are happy with yourself and know in your heart that you try your best and are kind, who cares what others think about you. They don’t know you like you do. 

Dreaming Of An Overweight Animal 

If you see an overweight animal in your dreams you should be very happy as this indicates a tremendous amount of happiness and joy coming your way.

Those cute chubby animals can be a symbol of luck with food, finance, and relationships.

Furthermore, it also means that you have a lot of love for those closest to you and that nothing too bad will occur to you for a while. 

This is the perfect time to live your life to the maximum and enjoy your time. If you are currently facing difficulties, this signifies their end.

Change for the better is coming and any broken relationships are likely to be healed in the upcoming weeks. 

Dreaming About An Overweight Man

If you see an obese male in your dreams it could symbolize your laziness.

It’s likely that your subconscious has noticed you’ve been lethargic and are avoiding urgent matters which is causing you stress even if you aren’t aware of it. 

Once tasks are left to the last minute, you are then rushing and negatively impacting the quality of your work and duties.

You may want to try and curb these harmful habits, you’ll notice a weight is lifted once you do.

What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean?

Dreaming About An Overweight Woman

If you see an obese female in your dreams it can signify that you are being spoken about behind your back.

There is certainly someone in your circle that finds you a very interesting topic of conversation. 

So, if there’s anyone you may suspect could feel this way about you, you should stop sharing sensitive information with them immediately.

They are not as trustworthy as they seem. And they may even use this information to cause problems for you.

Keep an eye out for friends particularly fond of gossip and keep your distance. 

Dreaming About Being Fat-Shamed

If in your dreams other people are shaming you about your weight, it indicates that you have started obsessing over other people’s opinions of you.

Other peoples thoughts on your capabilities and appearance means much more to you that your own thoughts and feelings.

It’s likely that even just one negative comment could shatter your whole world and belief system of yourself. Essentially, you rely on others perceiving you in a positive light. 

This could be because you’re still healing from old wounds. Maybe someone hurt you in a way that you haven’t yet been able to move on from.

You still have hurt that needs to be acknowledged and processed. Don’t let the past affect your future though. Your happiness should not depend on other people. 

Dreaming Of A Fat Dog

Very similarly to dreaming of fat animals, seeing an overweight dog in your dreams can also predict upcoming happiness, satisfaction, and times brimming with love.

It is very much the case that you value your loved ones above all else. Whether that is friends or family, you are forever by their side, ready to battle for those who you adore. 

It indicates that you are a passionate person particularly when it comes to personal matters.

They are your absolute priority. This is something hard to come by today since work tends to overshadow all else. 

Dreaming Of A Fat Cow

If a fat cow with horns makes an appearance in your dreams, it can signify that your subconscious wants to release your inner creativity.

You are probably already aware of your creative side but have had trouble finding a way to put it to good use to benefit yourself. 

Not everyone has the creative flare that you do, so let it out. Even if no one sees it at first, you’ll feel a lot better for having released that creative energy. 

Dreaming About An Overweight Bride

Keep seeing an overweight bride waiting for you at the end of the altar?

This could mean that you have building romantic feelings for a special someone or that you have rising aspirations to succeed in your professional career. 

If you’ve been harbouring a secret crush, it may start to keep it secret for much longer. There’s a good possibility that you’ll be acting like a giddy love sick teenager around them.

Don’t worry this isn’t a bad thing, and if the feelings reciprocated it could be the beginning of something rather special. 

If you think it’s more likely a dream about job aspirations, it’s likely that you are desperate for success.

However it is likely that the challenges you face along the way will actually stimulate you much more than the end goal itself will.

It’s likely that if you were to succeed without any challenges that you will feel discontent. You like the challenge and want to prove yourself. 

Dreaming Of A Fat Baby

If you see a cute, chubby baby in your dreams it implies that you are content in your relationship with your family.

You will do whatever it takes to keep your family safe, regardless of what risks or consequences you might personally face. 

Your family are your motivation for all things in life. You are truly devoted to your family and are sure that your life’s meaning and purpose is to ensure the well-being of those you love. 

Those that you love are more fortunate than they know to have someone like you in their lives.

However, you spend so much time putting everyone else above yourself that you can neglect yourself.

It is important to value yourself and remember that it is okay to say no every once in a while. 

Dreaming About Not Being Overweight

If you are currently overweight and often dream about not being so, it could signify your consistency and persistence in reality.

This could be about your actual weight, but it could also be to do with any real difficulty you struggle with in your life. 

It could symbolize how you have often lost the weight or made it through a hardship, only for those struggles to continue to reoccur.

Your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you that this is it. The big one. The time that you win the battle and the struggles do not return.

Essentially these types of dreams show your relentless motivation for a happier, healthier life. 

Dreaming About Undergoing Treatment For Your Weight

This type of dream is suggestive of dealing with unfortunate or difficult circumstances.

It may indicate that you have never been through these types of situations before and are feeling helpless. 

You have a current difficulty that you really just don’t know how to deal with or process, and you are unsure of how to make things easier or better.

This dream may be your subconscious letting you know that you need to ask for a little bit of help from more experienced individuals. 

You need someone to hold your hand as you walk through these dark times for the first time.

What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean?

But don’t feel bad about it, we’ve all had a little bit of help the first time we’ve been through something truly difficult. 

Dreaming About Reading About Weight

If you are reading anything to do with weight in your dreams it symbolizes insecurity.

You are obsessed with perfection and this negatively impacts the reflection you see in the mirror.

You perceive yourself as completely flawed if you don’t have 100% perfection as is seen in the magazines. 

You want to be flawless and you would happily undergo surgeries to achieve this.

You often scroll through social media, devouring content of the ideal image and fantasize about being popular on social media because of your appearance. 

This indicates a superficiality to your personality. Everything is surface deep and you are blinded to your own natural beauty.

Surgery won’t make you fall in love with the body you have, and your trying to measure up to photoshopped photos and its unattainable.

It’s likely that the people you want to look like don’t actually look like that themselves. 

Dreaming About Writing About Weight

If you find yourself dreaming about writing about weight, it usually symbolizes upcoming challenges in your career.

When you initially face this task, you will write it off as too difficult to overcome.

And while you may underestimate yourself, you should not turn it down as it will be an exciting and inspiring challenge.

If you are really nervous, you can always seek some additional help, but persevere as you will prove yourself in the end! 

Dreaming About Purchasing Plus-Size Clothing Due To Weight Gain

If you’re dreaming about going up dress sizes due to weight gain it can indicate that you have an unhealthy relationship with food.

Perhaps you skip meals throughout the day and then eat a lot of an evening, if you’re attempting to lose weight, you are not doing it the correct way and your routine is messy.

It could suggest that you have a lack of awareness when it comes to your health and that you need to think more about what you are eating and when. 

Dreaming About Selling Plus-Size Clothing Due To Weight Loss

If you dream about selling plus-sized clothes due to weight loss it can signify that you are taking risks when it comes to your professional life.

It can be seen as a warning and you may want to consider the choices that you are making. 

Any out-there ideas should not be pursued at this time and instead you should take smaller, more trusty steps to help you reach your goals at a less rapid pace.

Trying to rush the process is going to end up costing you. Listen to your subconscious mind and take a step back or you may lose all you have worked so hard to achieve. 

Dreaming That Your Partner Stops Loving You Due To Your Weight

If you have a dream where your partner leaves due to your weight it implies anxieties within your relationship.

More specifically, you are paranoid that your partner is going to leave.

This may have come about from nowhere or perhaps you’ve had a particularly rough argument that has triggered your worries. 

If you are genuinely concerned about your partner leaving, you’ll need to talk to them and effectively kiss and make up.

It is evident that even your subconscious knows you cannot be without your significant other and that you value them very highly. 

It can also imply that you have a guilty conscience. Maybe you know that you’ve done something where if the truth comes out they may leave.

But every relationship requires trust and the truth always comes out eventually, and the longer a secret is held the harder it is to come back from it. Talk to your partner and hope that they forgive you. 

It is also important to remember that heartbreak is something that we all hope to avoid, but sometimes that simply isn’t possible.

And it’s out of your control, if your partner wants to leave, you have to let them go because the relationship just won’t work. And the longer you hold on the harder it is to heal. 

Dreaming That Your Spouse Has Gained Weight

This dream may show you that you have been worrying about your partner’s appearance.

Perhaps that is very important to you. However, you should consider whether you could truly love the person if a fluctuation of weight can break your connection and relationship. 

True love is unconditional love, and it should not be surface or skin deep.

Nobody is perfect and if you are willing to leave them because of their flaws then you can’t possibly be truly in love with them. 

Dreaming About Eating Constantly To Gain Excessive Weight

If you are dreaming about constantly eating to gain weight, it is likely a desire inside you to accomplish something within your professional or personal life.

Most likely, there’s a goal you’ve been working towards for a while now and you’re losing your patience waiting to reach it. 

Remember all the time that you have invested in this goal, why would you want to waste all of that time by rushing at the very last hurdle?

Take your time, while a task taking a long time is rather annoying, it’s nowhere near as frustrating as investing all of your time to fail or not reach the goal at all because you cut corners at the very end.

What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean?

Dreaming Of A Frying Pan Filled With Fat

If you have a dream of a frying pan filled with fat it may be symbolic of you finding a new love interest.

Especially for females, it can indicate that a love where you are treated well may be on the horizon. 

Perhaps you’ve been in previous relationships but never felt like you have truly been treated the way that you deserve to be.

Well the good news is that you are about to meet someone who will go above and beyond all of your expectations. 

This person may come out of nowhere, or you will find them when you are least expecting it, so always be nice, friendly, and open to new people in your lives (within reason of course, if they make you feel uncomfortable then do not bother.) Keep your eyes peeled. Mr or Mrs Right is on their way to you. 

Dreaming Of Eating Fatty Foods

If you are dreaming about tucking in to some fatty foods, I have good news; financial stability is on its way.

If you are currently going through a rather tedious task at work, never fear it is almost over and your efforts will be rewarded.

There’s a very good chance that your next accomplishment will result in good fortune and for the next few years you’ll be living lavishly. 

It could also mean that your sorrows are about to come to an end.

If you have been suffering due to a lack of financial stability, it’s likely that you’ll soon have a chance to change this and stablize what has felt rather rocky for the past few weeks or years. 

Dreaming Of Several People Eating Fattening Foods

This dream can mean that someone close to you is close to getting married!

However, it’s not all smooth sailing, as this type of dream can mean that the big occasion is likely to be postponed.

It is also likely that the groom will take the brunt of the blame for this setback.

Nevertheless, the bride is still excited for the union, and it is the rumours and gossiping that is ruining the bliss of this situation. 

So if you hear whispers about the occasion, speak up and find out the source of all this bad mouthery. Do not get involved as it is only hurting the betrothed couple. 

Dreaming Of Eating Fat With A Spoon

Unfortunately, this dream signifies some financial struggles ahead. This is likely to be quite a long and hard battle, but you will come out the other side having learned a very valuable lesson. 

You’ll want to start trying to budget now and see what costs you can shave down because once this prediction comes into fruition it’s going to be a long road before you come out the other side, and it may be more difficult than you are initially anticipating. 

If you really begin to struggle, ask your close friendship circle for help, while a few may ignore you, one friend will stand beside you during your darkest moments.

Ensure that once you come out the other side you spend the time to show your appreciation for this person. 

Dreaming Of Yellow Fat

 Dreaming about yellow fat could mean that some money will soon be coming your way.

This will especially be the case if you’ve recently started a business. A fantastic deal may be about to fall into your hands. 

However, you are just one option of many for this dealer, so you’ll need to put your pedal to the gas and not take too long to snatch away this fantastic opportunity. 

Dreaming Of Red Fat

If red fat appears in your dreams then your finances could be in jeopardy. Not only this but a very sad time could soon be on the horizon for you.

Try to fill any holes in your current financial situation because if you’re not careful you could be about to lose a great deal of money. 

Dreaming Of Green Fat

Dreaming about green fat is a great thing. It means that you’ll soon have great luck and a whole lot of money.

This money could be coming to you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

It might be worth purchasing a lottery ticket sometime soon as this fortune has all the possibility of coming from a small gamble. Either way, you’ll be likely to win a prize or two soon if you enter a competition. 

Dreaming That You Suffer From Obesity

This dream signifies your subconscious mind’s approval for change. Deep down you want to change.

Perhaps you’re at a point in your life where you feel like there is no way out. You feel stuck and accepting your fate has seemed easier than striving for change.

But deep down you want more than to just accept the best of a bad situation. You need to start fighting for change before things start to decline rapidly.

What Do Your Weight-Related Dreams Really Mean?

Dreaming Of An Overweight Woman Struggling To Breathe

Dreaming about an overweight woman struggling to catch her breath can be your subconscious sending a message about moderation.

In some aspect of your life you have been overdoing it. In moderation, this aspect is probably fine, but too much is putting your health at risk. 

This dream acts as a warning that if things don’t slow down, you’ll reap the severe negative affects in your future.

If you want a harmonious life, you’ll need to start reevaluating your actions and habits now. 

Dreaming Of Seeing Yourself Obese And Naked In The Mirror

It may come as no surprise that this dream symbolises self-consciousness and insecurity.

Now, you don’t need to worry about this too much, everyone has some degree of insecurity.

However, this dream does suggest that you perhaps need to learn to love and accept yourself a little bit more than you do currently. 

Maybe now would be a good time to prove to yourself that you can do some of the things you believe you don’t have the capacity to do.

And if you try and you don’t initially succeed, don’t give yourself a hard time. Practice makes perfect.

And even if you never fully grow your capabilities to where you want them to be, remember that no one is 100% perfect, I’m sure there are plenty of other things you are more than capable of. 

Dreaming Of Naked Overweight Women 

A dream of a naked overweight woman can be an indication of an upcoming illness or breakup.

Many people who feel misunderstood by their partners can tend to have this dream. 

It is likely that you desire support from your significant other but they are refusing to show you their emotional side.

The relationship is likely suffering because of this and you have even contemplated leaving in order to find true happiness. 

However, these dreams can also be more geared towards stress within your finances.

You are pushing yourself to earn as much money as you can but your body is suffering the consequences of all this stress.

There is no point earning all this money if you’ll be too ill to ever enjoy it. Slow down a little before you really jeopardise your health. 

Final Thoughts 

Interpreting dreams is no easy task. There are so many small details that completely change the meaning of each individual dream which makes it quite tricky.

You’ll want to keep a dream journal and write down your dreams in as much detail as possible if you want to decipher their meanings. 

Many of these dreams however, boil down to a lack of confidence. This is something that you’ll have to build back together yourself.

Try to remember that regardless of your appearance, small or tall, slim or a little bigger, you are beautiful inside and out.

Don’t let other people’s words and negativities influence you. You are perfect the way you are.

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