Prediction Reading – 4 Reasons Not To Have One

A psychic’s coat buttons up over a number of different roles, however the most prominent role of a psychic is to see what the subconscious of a person is telling them and to provide clarity for problematic or troubling decisions the client may have to make.

These are done through readings, and perhaps the most prominent of these readings is that of the prediction reading.

Prediction Reading - 4 Reasons Not to Have One - Psychic Readings

Prediction readings are different from other kinds of readings as they do not deal with the here and now, but provide clarity over what you must do in the future.

Yet, these types of readings are not for everyone, and sometimes it will not benefit a person to get a prediction reading. As such, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t have a prediction reading.

Free Will And Self-Determination

When you get a prediction reading, you are deciding to trust at least a part of your fate to a determined tract rather than rely totally on your free will.

This is because in order for a psychic to give you a prediction, they will have to look at the future.

This means that their reading will be based on what they see in the future, and what they see may not be something that you like or want. If the prediction they give doesn’t reflect what you would like it to reflect, you may react poorly.

You will also have no way of knowing whether or not the prediction is correct. You can be assured that no psychic will be able to tell you the future with 100 percent certainty.

This is precisely because of your free will, which means that what the psychic sees in the future is subject to your decision-making and acceptance of the future.

If you don’t want the future the psychic sees, you can change it, making the reading null and void. If you are someone who relies on themselves and is not looking for answers that don’t adhere to their plan, then you should not get a prediction reading.

Go for an enlightenment or clarity reading instead, that way you can make your decisions without feeling constrained.

Psychics Aren’t Omnipotent

Psychic predictions aren’t cast in stone. They are merely an insightful look at what might come to pass based on the current energies surrounding a situation.

While there are psychic readers who are gifted enough to have a consistent track record of accurate predictions, no psychic is not infallible or omnipotent.

Even in cases where the psychic’s prediction is right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire thing was foreseen. There are many things that the psychic might not be aware of that could change the prediction’s accuracy.

There may be other people involved in the situation – either people you know or don’t know – who have as much power to change the situation as the person who is getting the reading.

Sometimes there may also be external events that can change the outcome.

For example, a psychic might predict a promotion for a certain person, but that promotion might be dependent on something else happening first.

There are more powers at play than just those of the psychic and the client, the world itself is full of energy along with the people in it.

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Your Own Spiritual Learning

There are many skills that you can learn through learning about yourself and your own spiritual energies.

One of these is the ability to look into your own subconscious and see what issues you have that may be hindering you or causing you distress.

This is done through many processes, including meditation or mindfulness, which will allow you to find the root cause of your problems and then allow you to improve them.

This is a skill that you have to learn and is great for you to do, but it may be hampered by psychic prediction readings.

Predictions make us believe there is a set course of action, that there is one path to take. However, this is simply not the case, predictions are the future in terms of probability, and they guide us to the paths that we are most likely to take.

As such, prediction readings are all about guiding us to paths we wish to take instead. The problem with that is that it can stunt your spiritual growth as you no longer try in life.

Suddenly, all the answers are there for you, which in the long run does not help you as a person.

Therefore, if you are still not reaching or pushing your spiritual potential, then maybe do not get a prediction reading, as it can stop you from growing as a person.

Cost And Finances

One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t get a prediction reading is the cost of it. While psychic readings are generally affordable, prediction readings can be extremely expensive.

Most psychics will charge a lot more for a prediction reading because they take much more time to do, and they require total dedication from the psychic and client.

Due to the fact that a prediction reading involves looking into your future and seeing what is coming up next, it will take more time to do than a general reading.

This means that not only will you have to pay more for the reading, but you will also have to wait longer for it. This can be particularly difficult if you need an answer right now.

As such, if you want to receive a reading about what is coming up in your future, you should research the best ways to do this without having to pay a psychic to do it.


Prediction readings are a cool and wonderful thing to do, however there are some reasons that you shouldn’t do one.

If you are confident in yourself, willing to listen to what is said, understand that not everything will come true and can afford it, then you should definitely get a prediction reading. If you are not, maybe get a different type of reading instead.

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