The Meaning Of Hands In A Dream

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We all dream every single night, even if we can’t remember it!

Often, our dreams contain signs and symbols of what may be going on in real life and each thing we dream about, be it an object, or an aspect of life, carries symbols and meanings that are representative of what is going on in our subconscious mind. 

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The Meaning Of Hands In A Dream

A very common dream is dreaming of hands. Normally, they symbolize how you see the world around you, as well as how you see yourself. 

However, the meaning changes depending on what kind of hand you are seeing. For example, seeing too many fingers on your hand, more than five can sometimes symbolize there are problems in your life. 

Similar to this, seeing no fingers on a hand could indicate indecisiveness and inability to make informed decisions. 

This article will be discussing the meaning and symbolism of dreaming of hands. 

Common Dreams About Hands And What They Mean

Dreaming about hands is very common, so we’re going to discuss the most common ones and what each one signifies. 

Dreaming Of Beautiful, Soft Hands 

As you can assume, dreaming of beautiful-looking hands is a very positive dream. This symbolizes the good in your life, and that everything is working out as you want it to. 

Dreaming of beautiful hands means you will have financial stability, a good love life, and good health. Dreaming of hands like this also indicates great achievements. 

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The softness of the hands symbolizes emotional stability, meaning you will find a good and healthy relationship. 

Deformed Hands 

Hands are one of the most important aspects of our bodies, and they are essential for normal functioning. Therefore, it is no surprise that dreaming of deformed hands symbolizes negativity. 

This dream is symbolic of negative health and means you may become ill. As well as this, dreaming of deformed and ugly hands can mean you won’t succeed in life, and you’ll be devastated as a result. 

Therefore, dreaming of deformed hands means negativity as a whole, from health to your goals and success in life. 

Old Hands 

Dreaming of old hands could indicate you are feeling tired, and burnt out by your current situations in life, be they job obligations, or regular situations. 

This dream could also indicate that a task you have taken on is too much for you, and you won’t feel competent enough to complete it. 

If you do dream of old hands, it means you should rest, relax, and take some time to evaluate your situation. 

Baby Hands 

Dreaming of baby hands signifies innocence, vulnerability, and good temperament. If you dream of these hands, it means you are a good person who is not malicious and loves people easily. 

However, this can sometimes mean that people could walk all over you, so you should be cautious. 

Baby hands symbolize generosity and a good personality, but you should make sure that others do not abuse this. 

Bloody Hands

Bloody Hands

For those who are familiar with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you won’t be surprised at the interpretation of dreaming of bloody hands. 

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This dream signifies bad personalities and dishonest behavior. If you have done something with no good intentions, this dream indicates that you regret it. 

Many believe that this dream is symbolic of your subconscious mind reminding you of your negative actions, and is giving you a sign to change your behavior. 

Missing One Finger

The meaning of this dream depends on the finger that you are missing. If you are missing your index finger, it means you normally boss people around, telling them what to do.

This dream is a sign that you should stop this behavior, and take a good look at yourself. 

If you dreamt that you were missing your thumb, this could signify that a negative situation is coming your way that you may not be expecting. 

Dreaming of your middle finger missing means that you tend to be stubborn and closed-minded. This is a sign that you need to let go of your ego, and open yourself up to new opportunities. 

While these interpretations may seem negative, they can be interpreted positively. They could signify that you need to change certain behaviors you are adopting, so you can live a better life. 

Hairy Hands 

Dreaming of hairy hands means you aren’t letting other people see the real you. You are hiding your true face. 

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It also represents your insecurities, which are the main reason why you won’t reveal your true self to anybody. 

In summary, this dream symbolizes a lack of confidence in yourself. 

Hands With Scars 

If you dream of seeing a scar on your hand, it could signify a few things. For example, one of the interpretations is that something will happen to you, leaving a huge mark on your life. 

It is a sign of permanency, and the idea that certain actions you are going to take will have consequences.

This dream, therefore, serves as a message to you, to really think about your decisions because they are going to make a big difference in your life. 

Another meaning of this dream is that you may be about to get hurt by someone important in your life. This could be a partner or a close friend. 

Furthermore, this dream could also be symbolic of emotional instability, indicating that you are not ready for a new relationship. 

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Small Hands 

Small Hands 

Sometimes, you may dream that your hands are a lot smaller than they are in real life. This could signify your personality, that you are conservative and patriarchally oriented. 

This dream also represents your strong beliefs, and your beliefs are so strong that no one can dismiss them. 

However, this dream does signify that if you do want to make any chances in your life, you need to start to look at life from different perspectives. 

Dreaming Of Admiring Your Hands (Women)

You may have a lovely dream where you feel a lot of love and adoration for your hands. 

This is a flattering dream and signifies that many men would love to have you as their partner. 

It is symbolic of the fact that you are a charismatic and beautiful person who is often the center of attention. 

Aside from this, this dream may also symbolize that your next relationship may involve a man that is very jealous, so you should proceed with caution. 

Tied Hands 

Dreaming of tied hands is also quite common. As one would assume from this dream, it does symbolize feeling restrained in life, that something is holding you back and preventing you from shining on your own.

This dream serves as a warning sign, urging you to figure out what that thing could be, so you can start dealing with it. 

Likewise, this dream could also signify emotional instability, as well as a lack of confidence and fear of starting new relationships. 

Amputated Hands 

While this can be an unsettling dream, it can signify certain things. The most common thing it can represent is a fight with your partner. 

This could be a fight that has already happened or one that is looming. It means that a misunderstanding will happen, and it will affect your relationship. 

It could also be representative of the fact that you don’t agree with the way your partner thinks, and disagree with certain actions. 

Dirty Hands 

There are a few meanings when it comes to dreaming about dirty hands. There is a more literal meaning, that is symbolic of the fact you are a hard-working person. 

However, this dream can also mean that something is coming up that is really going to need your full attention in order for you to succeed.

It is going to take everything you have in order to complete it successfully, time, money, and patience. 

On another note, dreaming of dirty hands can also be symbolic of a good personality, justice, and honesty. 

Dreaming Of Someone Kissing Your Hand (Women)

Experiencing this lovey gesture in a dream means that someone adores you. However, if you have a partner, this person is not them. 

This dream acts as a somewhat warning sign, telling you to be cautious around this person, as they may want something more from you, but you are not available. 

Holding Hands 

If you dream of holding hands with someone, or you’re seeing clasped hands, this could be symbolic of a romantic relationship. It is symbolic of the affection you feel for that person, and you feel protected and loved. 

These dreams are also symbolic of very good friendships and signify that these friendships are going to be in your life for a very long time. 

However, this dream could also mean that you are anxious about losing this person, and it can also mean you need to communicate more effectively and ask for help. 

Final Thoughts 

In summary, there are many kinds of dreams you can have that are to do with hands, but this article has covered some of the most common ones and what they can symbolize. 

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