11 Superstitions About Finger Itches: What Do They Mean?

Itchy fingers are not uncommon. Everyone gets the sensation at some point. Therefore, it is easy to become accustomed to the feeling and not pay attention to what the spiritual messages of the feeling could be. 

Having itchy fingers is actually a sign from the universe that the universe is trying to communicate (You might also want to check out What Having Itchy Nose Means). However, there are many different interpretations as to what that sign could be. 

In this article, we will discuss the eleven superstitions about finger itches, and more! So, if this is of interest to you, then read on! 

Finger Itches: What Do They Mean Spiritually?

An itchy finger actually being a spiritual message may sound amusing. However, you should ask why the universe wants your attention – what is it trying to communicate to you?

It is important to be open to receiving these messages from the universe. Any insensitivities to spirituality may be a huge obstruction to the communicative flow between the universe and yourself.

So, you must ensure that your spiritual senses are open and alert. 

If you have lost communication or touch with the universe or spirit world, then you will experience an itchy sensation in your fingers.

From here, you have the option to become more spiritually conscious and the universe can deliver you the message it needs to. 

So, to reiterate in simple words, when you do not pay enough attention to the spirit world and the signals around you from the universe, the universe will cause your fingers to grow itchy.

This is to inform you that you need to be more spiritually conscious. From here, you have the ability to open up and receive the message the universe is trying to send to you. 

That particular message will only be sent to you once you start paying attention. You cannot see the message retrospectively. 

This is the main message of an itchy finger. However, it is not the only one. Let’s check out more examples of the universe and itchy fingers!

Itchy Finger On Your Right Hand 

An itchy finger on your right hand is a sign of good luck! So, when you experience an itching sensation in your right hand, it is a sign that the universe is sending you good luck. 

In fact, the right hand is used to relay many good messages from the universe. So, anything to do with your right hand in terms of spirituality is probably a good sign. 

So, in the case of an itchy right finger, you should feel encouraged and hopeful. 

Your right finger itching may also be a sign of a good opportunity coming your way. Whatever it is, you should be open to the message! 

Itchy Finger On Your Left Hand 

If your fingers on your left hand are itchy, then this is a sign that someone misses you. Typically, it is someone you are close to in life. In this way, the left fingers are the same as the hiccups – they are both signs that someone you love misses you! 

Whenever this happens, you will usually get the urge to check up on them either by texting, calling, or visiting them in person. 

Alternatively, an itchy finger on the left hand is an indication that the universe is sending you a warning. Usually, this is a warning against something negative.

When this happens, it is important that you increase the amount of positive and protective energy surrounding you. This is because these negative forces are trying to get into your chakras, and it is vital that you defend yourself against this. 

The Meaning Of An Itchy Pinky Finger 

Everyone knows that the pinky finger is the littlest finger on the end of your hands. If your pinky finger begins to itch, then this is a signal from the universe that you are about to face some consequences for ignoring some things in your life. 

It is often the case that we ignore things in our life, brushing them off as minor details or inconsequential happenings, much like how we view the pinky finger. 

However, we are not able to use our hands to their fullest extent if we do not have full use of our pinky fingers. It is important to us, just like the small details. 

So, an itchy pinky finger means the universe is trying to remind you of the small parts of your life you have neglected, that you need to pay attention to.

So, the next time your pinky finger starts to itch, consider the things or aspects of your life that you have deemed minor and unimportant, and then pay attention to them, the universe is trying to tell you something important. 

The Meaning Of An Itchy Index Finger 

If you have an itchy index finger on either one of your hands, then this is a sign from the universe that a phase in your life is over, and it is time to let it go (You might also want to check out What Does The Hand With The Eye Mean). 

In this case, we must be able to take advantage of a life cycle and discover the lessons it is trying to teach us. We must learn these lessons and then move on to the next stage of our lives. 

So, the next time your index finger gets itchy, you need to prepare for a huge life transition. 

Not only that but when your index fingers start to itch it is a sign that the universe wants you to pay attention to your mind and ways of thinking.

Often, you have permitted yourself to feel negative about something for a long time, and it is starting to affect how you view the world around you. The universe is urging you to work on this by causing your index fingers to itch. 

The Meaning Of An Itchy Middle Finger 

There has been great discussion about what it means when your middle finger itches. Some people say that when your middle finger itches then it is a sign that you are going to get a promotion at work. 

Of course, this is excellent news. However, it means you need to keep up with consistency and attention to detail at work. Not only that, but it is a signifier that you need to be prepared to take on more responsibility. 

So, while an itchy middle finger is a sign from the universe of something great, it is also a sign that you need to be prepared to be responsible and hardworking. 

11 Superstitions About Finger Itches: What Do They Mean?

So, now that we have covered the basics, Let’s get into the 11 superstitions about itchy fingers and what these could possibly mean (Also check out What An Itchy Nose Means). Remember, these superstitions will all have a divine message for the individual.

These divine messages can help you as you go on your self-fulfillment journey. They can also help you find your sense of direction and gain clarity in life. 

Let’s check out the 11 superstitions in more detail below! 

1. Lucky Money 

The first superstition about itchy fingers is related to the lottery. It is a sign that you are going to win, typically. Additionally, if any of your right fingers begin to itch in the morning, then this is a sign that by the end of the day, you will gain some lucky money. 

So, expect to see some money coming your way before the day is up! And, if you’re a lottery fan, you may want to confirm your numbers asap! 

2. Someone Misses You 

As previously mentioned, if any of your left fingers itch then this could be a sign that you are missed by someone. This is usually someone close to you, like a friend, family member, or even your soul mate

This will hopefully make you feel loved and special, but it should also serve as a reminder to show someone else some love, too. 

3. Good Fortune Is On Its Way 

If your right-hand middle finger starts to itch, then it is a sign from the universe that good fortune is coming your way.

This may come as a relief if you are going through a particularly difficult time in your life, as it will feel like breathing in the fresh air. It may also give you hope that your difficulties are coming to an end, or that you will find a way to cope with them better. 

This should make you feel strengthened and looking forward to some better times in life. 

4. Get Ready For Future Opportunities 

If it is the afternoon and all five fingers (or four fingers and one thumb) on your right hand start to feel itchy, then congratulations! This means that opportunities are about to come your way. 

However, this does not mean you will see those opportunities through. You still need to prepare for them or else they will be lost to you. 

In this way, this is not just good news, it is also a warning from the universe. Therefore, you should always be prepared, work hard, and remain positive and motivated. 

5. Finding Love 

Good news! If you feel an itching sensation on the fourth finger of your left hand, then it means you are about to find love. So, if you have been wishing and dreaming of finding your soulmate for a while, then this is excellent news! 

And, if you are in a relationship, (or even if you are not) an itchy fourth finger on your left hand could be a sign that you are about to get married! 

Overall, an itchy fourth finger on your left hand can mean that you will soon find love, and may even get married. How exciting! 

6. Finding Balance Emotionally 

An itchy fourth finger on your left hand is a sign of love, but an itchy index finger on your left hand is a sign from the universe that you need to be more balanced emotionally.

If you have recently experienced heartbreak, perhaps the end of a relationship, or you have experienced a betrayal from a family member or friend, then it is an indication that you are ready to start that healing journey and regain emotional well-being. 

Of course, you should take this as slow as you need to, especially if you do not yet feel ready. The universe is not trying to rush you, it is just trying to guide you. 

7. Someone Is Speaking Behind Your Back 

If the clock strikes twelve, midnight, and your left fingers grow itchy, then this could mean that someone you are close to is speaking about you in a negative way when you are not around.

They do not want you to know, but the universe does. 

If this is the case, then you need to be careful. It is wise to be on your guard for the time being, especially around people you think you can trust.

Of course, try to carry on as normally as you can, but be aware that you could be surprised very soon, and therefore your mental energy needs to be guarded. Do not let it be tainted by this negative person. 

If you do discover a person close to you is being negative about you when you are not around, then you have the chance to discuss it with them and see if it can be resolved.

Or, you should cut them out of your life, because your life should have no room for negativity. 

8. Your Work Is Being Blessed By The Universe 

This may be a rare one. If all of your fingers start to itch, then this is an excellent sign! 10 itchy fingers (or 8 itchy fingers and 2 itchy thumbs) means that your work is being blessed by the universe. 

Because of this blessing, you may feel more productive at work.

This can be particularly refreshing if you are going through a difficult time at work because it brings some assurance that good things are going to come your way, and there is little need to worry. 

9. Sensitivity To Spiritual Things 

Itchy fingers on your left fingers at midnight may be a sign that someone is speaking negatively about you, but an itchy left hand at midnight, fingers and palm included, means that you need to be more sensitive spiritually.

It is a sign that you need to experience a spiritual awakening. 

Here, the universe calls you to go on a spiritual journey in the hopes that you will be spiritually enlightened at the end of it. By doing this, you will be able to identify any divine abilities you may have and use them for a purpose greater than yourself. 

This is a very important task, so it is a good idea to keep your eye out for this. 

So, in simpler words, if you experience a hot, itchy feeling in your whole left hand, fingers included, at midnight, then this is a sign that you do not have a very good spiritual sensitivity and you need to do whatever you can to get it back again.

If the universe thinks it is important, then you should, too. 

10. A Sign For Seeking Out Protection 

If you feel that both your pinky finger and your index finger are itchy at the same time, then this is a bad sign. It is a warning from the universe that there are many negative forces at play in all areas of your life. 

Without the universe’s help, it will be difficult to identify these attacks, and therefore you cannot protect yourself against them. If you find yourself in this situation, then it is best to protect yourself with both protection rituals and prayer. 

However, there is no need to panic. Just try your best to listen to the universe and use your intuition to take care of yourself and your physical, mental, and spiritual energy. 

11. Remember The Past

More specifically, remember the valuable lessons you learned in the past.

If your index finger on either hand itches anytime between midafternoon to midnight, then this is a sign from the universe to remember valuable lessons from your past and what you learned from them.

This will be very important to your future self, so pay close attention. 

Is There Any Cause For Concern?

If your fingers itch, then it is not a cause for concern, but a cause for your attention. While you should not panic, you should not disregard the feeling as something unimportant or something that does not concern you. 

You should pay attention to your itchy finger and be open to receiving a sign and guidance from the universe. 

Final Thoughts 

Itchy fingers are signs that the universe is trying to communicate with you. It could be telling you something good like you are about to find love or be promoted.

It could also be a warning against something bad, like someone speaking negatively about you or something is about to go wrong in many aspects of your life.

Alternatively, it could be a call to action, such as the need to remember your past or to contact someone who loves you to see how they’re doing. 

Whatever the reason, be open to receiving the message from the universe. Just make sure to take care of yourself! 

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