Superstitions And Myths Around Itchy Noses And Their Meanings

If there is one thing that we as human beings are good at, it is pattern recognition.

Being able to make connections between one event occurring, and something else in our environment happening, is believed to be a trait as old as humanity itself, and maybe even life as a whole.

Superstitions And Myths Around Itchy Noses And Their Meanings

It is what helped us in our early beginnings, and it continues to be a source of intrigue for us to this day.

Evading predators, not trusting strangers, and sensing and detecting patterns in the world around us, whilst certainly having its shortcomings at times, have also been key to our development as people, and of societies as a whole.

Sometimes, these recognitions of patterns are things that we hope to explore better and understand at a more intricate level. These have evolved into schools of philosophy, sociology, and many of the sciences that we know and study today.

Others, whilst not being as easy as quantifiable, have still stuck with us culturally, such as the hairs that stand up on the back of our necks, what a twitching eye may show and tell us, or, in our case, discussing what exactly an itchy nose can mean, or has meant in the past.

In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the beliefs, myths, and superstitions that have surrounded this otherwise benign or mundane feature on our faces.

Physical Reasons for An Itchy Nose

This may seem like an obvious answer, but we feel that it should at least be acknowledged before we go any further in this guide to superstitions and other beliefs.

Your nose, after all, is said and done about the stories surrounding it, is still a physical part of your body. As a result, your nose can easily simply start to feel itchy, especially if it is reactive to some kind of stimuli in the air around you. 

An itchy nose can be a sign that something has come into contact with your nose, whether that is a ticklish breeze, pollen, an insect, or some other foreign entity to your body.

Alternatively, an itchy nose can be a reaction from the body that is caused by something inside of you. It could be that you are developing some type of illness, such as a cold or flu, or a sign of another irritant that is causing your nose to itch, or even allergies in some way (You might also want to check out What Does An Itchy Finger Mean).

Of course, these are just the physical causes of itchy noses and sneezing in the human body, and they’re pretty mundane and a little boring.

If you want to start discussing some of the beliefs and myths surrounding itchy noses, this is where things start to get a little interesting.#

Meeting Someone

This is a common belief in many parts of the world. An itchy can mean that someone has made plans to meet you and that they will soon be on their way to pay you a visit

What exactly this visit may entail could mean a lot of different things, as well as the nature of the person meeting you.

It could mean that a person is on their way to delivering great and joyful news that you should be happy to hear, or it could be a sign that something unfortunate has befallen you or someone you know.

Not only that, but the person, as we just mentioned, despite being a stranger to you now, could be someone of great spiritual importance to you in the future, especially after meeting you.

They may become a close friend that you will cherish for years to come, or they may even be a guardian angel for you in trying times ahead. Whoever they are, they have great potential to affect your life in some way, great or small.

Whether the person is a man or woman, a boy or a girl might also be similarly elusive, although sometimes what side the nose is itching on can be an indicator for some.

A nose with an itchy left side has a good chance of them being a man or boy, whilst a nose that has an itchy right side could signify that the person is a woman or girl/

It almost begs the question: What about if both sides of the center of your nose are itching? A little bit of both, two people, someone who is neither? Two people perhaps?

Only time and fate will reveal the details to you.

A Visit From A Friend

Similar to the last point, an itchy nose could also mean that a close friend has decided to come by and visit you for some reason.

Again, like with the last superstition, what exactly the news or visit entails can be both good and bad.

It could be that the person has some good news about their life that they want to share with you, or a personal tragedy has struck them or you, and want to discuss it.

Whatever it is, the information may be quite sensitive, so the advice is to always approach the situation with an open heart and understanding, if not kindness.

Another interesting note about this is that it means that, for an important piece of information, someone has decided that you are an important enough person that it is worth discussing it with, meaning that, for whatever reason, you were at the forefront of their mind.

And now, thanks to the itchy nose, they are in your mind too! If you feel that this is a positive sign of your relationship, take comfort in this quiet moment that you are thinking of each other.

A Visit From The Holy Spirit 

Alternatively, on the subject of visits from important people, an itchy nose could be a sign of an entirely different sort of encounter.

Some people believe that if your nose is irritated in some way, you should be expecting a visit from the Holy Spirit at some point in your future.

When exactly that experience or visit might take place is uncertain. Some people have stated that they have encountered the Holy Spirit in some form whilst awake, while others were approached in their dreams.

Chances are, the Holy Spirit, if it is coming to visit you, it will be at a time that you least expect it, or a moment where you most need to see Them.

The nature of this visit from this great spiritual authority could be for a variety of reasons. It could be that you have perhaps disconnected or strayed from God in some way, regardless of which religion you practice.

Or perhaps, it is a sign that the Holy Spirit is trying to protect you from something, whether it is a spiritual or physical event that is likely to be received by you shortly.

Whilst it may end up being a passing storm, and you should hope for the best, make sure that you also prepare for the worst.

A Grateful Reminder

Moving away from superstitions that are tied directly to visits, an itchy nose could be a gentle reminder, either from an outside spiritual force or within, to be grateful for something.

After all, that sense of smell that you have gives you so many ways for you to learn about and interact with the world around you.

It has been shown that, when it comes to unlocking or recalling certain memories from our past, that sense of smell can feel like it hits the hardest, instantly reminding you of something that impacted you or affected you as a child.

That sense of smell may be a reminder from your subconscious to remember where you have come from, as well as be thankful for where you are today.

Your nose is a gift, so make sure that you put it to good use. Now, go smell a field of flowers or a freshly-baked cake!

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

On the subject of senses and lessons, itchy noses have also been tied to superstitions about imparted wisdom. After all, why do knows and nose sound so similar when spoken out loud?

Okay, etymology jokes aside, the type of wisdom that is being bestowed upon you or even being remembered by you from deep within.

The superstition goes that the gift benign bestowed upon you is some kind of wisdom, although what exactly that wisdom entails varies wildly. It could be making a good decision that will benefit you and others shortly.

Or it could be something as simple as saying the right thing at the right time to help someone else.

Whatever form that wisdom takes, it is up to you to use that gift wisely, wherever it may turn up or be needed.

Someone Close To You Is Talking About You

This is a common belief held in many parts of the world. If you find that your nose is itchy, tickles, or you feel like you need to sneeze, then it could be that someone else that you know is talking about you.

The nature of how you are being discussed, as with many superstitious beliefs, is quite vague and doesn’t narrow down on the context that you are being mentioned in, or how you are being discussed. 

There is a good chance that, if a person thinks highly enough of you, you are being discussed in a positive light, and that the person who has mentioned you thinks the world of you, or sees you as an excellent example to live up to.

Alternatively, it could just be that your name has been brought up in a conversation in general gossip. Just idle chatter, and nothing more.

Whatever the reason, you are on someone’s mind.

Meeting A Future Flame

Back on the topic of meeting people, and itchy nose could mean that you are about to meet someone who is about to be very important in your life going forward.

More specifically, it could mean that you are about to meet the love of your life.

This belief can be interpreted in a few ways. In the most obvious way, it could just simply mean that you are about to meet a future love partner.

Alternatively, it could mean that the way that you see or look at someone you know is about to irrevocably change.

Someone who is just a friend or acquaintance you know is about to be seen in a very different way, and that change could come when you least expect it.

Talking A Little Too Loud

This s something that you should be keeping mindful of in social situations.

If you are speaking in a conversation, and you feel that the bridge of your nose starts to feel a little irritated, it could mean that you are speaking a little too loudly than is appropriate.

This might not even just be a hunch. If you stop to absorb how you are speaking, you may realize that the volume of your voice is reverberating around your face, including on your nose.

Stopping talking all of a sudden just to feel your nose may seem a little strange, so make sure to manage your tone when speaking to others.

You may find that, without realizing it, you are speaking over other people, people who deserve to be heard just as much as you do.

Make sure to keep this in mind, especially if you know the person or one of the people you are speaking to isn’t as assertive as you and struggles to otherwise get their voice heard.

That itching may be a reminder that you are not the only voice in a room that needs to be heard.

You May Be About To Experience Conflict

You know how speaking to a person that seems to get on your nerves, or is just sending you rancid vibes, can cause you to rub your temples in frustration?

Well, the same can be true for an itchy nose.

In this case, itchiness on your nose could be a signifier that conflict of some kind is on the horizon, or that you are about to come into contact with someone who is a negative influence on your or others’ lives.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

As you can see, many of these superstitions are linked in some way to others, so be mindful the next time you feel your nose itching.

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