Soul Mate Definition

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Do you find yourself thinking of people that you only met once but that left a lasting impression?

Or maybe you have people in your life that you feel you have always been destined to meet and being around them makes you feel at home?

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Soul Mate Definition - Psychic Readings Guide

These tend to be people who are often referred to as soul mates.

In this guide, we explore what the definition of a soul mate is and the different types of soul mates many people experience during their lifetime.

What Is A Soul Connection?

A soul connection is when two people link extraordinarily or when their souls link.

The feeling of a soul connection is something that transcends the planes of the earth and makes you feel that a higher power brought you together, not just the practicalities of your first meeting.

Often those who experience a soul connection find that it feels almost as though you knew the other person in another life or that your souls were linked long before you got to meet.

While all people link on a soul level thanks to a common humanity or spiritual consciousness, a soul connection is much more than this.

How soul mates are recognized often depends on the type of soul connection you experience and there are many.

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What Is A Soul Mate?

A soulmate can be several different things but the simple definition is that a soulmate is someone perfectly suited to you.

While most people believe that soul mates are a purely romantic thing they can also be platonic and people can have many soul mates in their life at once.

Identifying a soul mate is a gut feeling, you just feel it. You feel at home around them, there is a mutual respect for each other and also a need for one another.

The purpose of a soul mate is to help a person reach their full potential by helping the other person to expand to their full growth and this, in turn, raises their consciousness.

Types Of Soul Mates

Below we look at several of the many different types of soul mates a person can be lucky enough to encounter in their lifetime.

Soul Partners

Soul partners are those who you have committed to spend a lifetime with, be it opening a business with another person, raising children, or agreeing to be best friends.

You both have committed to partnering your souls and being there for each other through life.

Soul Ties

This type of soul mate refers to someone who you feel has entered your life for a specific purpose.

These people coming into your life makes things happen that you had never dreamed of.

Past-Life Soul Mates

Many people feel as though they have met others in a previous life.

You are inexplicably drawn to this person and how you feel is like nothing you have previously experienced. These types of connections are the most powerful.

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Romantic Soul Mates

This is the most common type of soulmate that is spoken about.

This is when you find a home in another person and they allow you to grow, learn, and heal within your relationship.

Twin Flames

Twin Flames

A twin flame is when two people believe that they are one soul split between two bodies and by coming together they feel complete.

Companion Soul Mates

This is the title going to platonic soul mates. These friends are like your spiritual sidekicks, helping and supporting you through your life journey.

Your companion soul mates may be your friends since childhood or they could be people that came into your life at a later stage.

With companion soul mates you will always wish the best for you, even if you lose contact you will be able to pick things up from where you left off and there will never be any negativity harbored on either side of the friendship.

Soul Groups And Families

Your soul family is typically formed with those who are related to you by blood but many people also experience soul groups that share a similar purpose to you but you may never meet them.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits are not always soulmates but they can be. A kindred spirit is someone who truly understands you at your core and accepts you.

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This type of connection with another person can bring peace into your life as they just get you and these relationships tend to be very calm and bring a lot of positivity into your life.

Karmic Soul Mates

Every interaction with another person creates energy that becomes karma.

A karmic soul mate may come into your life and facilitate a moment of change, which could be positive or negative, which then enables growth.

Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are not always with people, they can also be with a goal you wish to achieve in your life, such as writing a book (Check out these Angel Books) or bringing up a child.

These soul contracts can push you through difficult times and help you to follow your intuition to achieve whatever it is you wish to.

Soul Crossings

Soul crossings occur with people who you have a fleeting experience with, you come in and out of each other’s life like ships that pass in the night but the timing in your life or the circumstances prevent your relationship from lasting for a long time.

Soul Teachers

A soul teacher may be someone who will teach you at a divine timing in your life when you are in need of guidance.

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This connection will influence your world and enable you to take the best path for yourself.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has answered any of your questions that you may have had about soul mates.

Have you met your soulmate? Or maybe you have been lucky enough to encounter different types of soul mates.

If you are lucky enough to experience meeting a soulmate this is something that should be cherished as some people will go through life and experience bonds with people but may never actually meet their soulmate or mates.

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