The Spiritual Meanings Behind Broken Glass

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Broken glass is a pain to clear up, making sure you’ve managed to collect all the shards whilst avoiding stepping on any yourself.

The Spiritual Meanings Behind Broken Glass

Most of us have broken glass at some point during our lives, it’s a common material that easily gets knocked over.  

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If you’ve ever wondered, is this broken glass a sign or bad luck symbol? You wouldn’t be alone.

Breaking something like a mirror or window can certainly feel like a stroke of bad luck as they are more difficult and expensive to replace (Also check it Is Two Mirrors Facing Each Other Is Bad Luck?).

Plus, clearing up thousands of shards of glass can seem like an impossible task at the time. 

Glass is associated with specific symbolism.

There are various different spiritual meanings that can be taken from seeing or breaking glass when you are awake or asleep, we are going to break them down in this article. 

What Does Glass Symbolize?

Glass has dual symbolism, meaning that the object mentally represents the symbol itself and its relation to what it stands for.

It is important to understand the symbolism behind glass before you can understand the spiritual meaning behind broken glass. 

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Firstly glass signifies the idea of rebirth. As glass shatters, it can be collected up and recreated into something new through a heating process.

This is where the idea of rebirth comes from, you may shatter into a million pieces but you have the opportunity to recreate yourself and build something stronger. 

Glass is also symbolic of the physical characteristics of glass itself as it is known for its vulnerability, fragility and brittleness. 

Lastly, glass can be considered a symbol of protection and strength but also fragility.

Therefore, you must be aware that although you may feel strong and protected, there may be things you cannot see that will threaten your strength. 

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Broken Glass

It may feel like broken glass holds negative connotations as it shatters and causes mayhem, but this isn’t always the case.

Glass is a material that can constantly be reused and recycled to create something new, from an old form. 

This indicates transformation and reversible change.  We should accept these changes and continue to evolve into new forms regardless of how difficult this may be. 

1. Broken Glass Is A Sign Of The End Of A Cycle 

When a glass breaks, this may indicate the end of a current cycle in your life. If you break or see a broken glass, you can expect to experience change in the near future.

The end of an era, be it in your job, schooling career or other life stages can indicate positive if you accept it has come to an end. 

Hopefully, this is good news as the breaking of a cycle may welcome positivity into your life.

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For example, breaking a bad cycle of a toxic partner may allow you to move on and find peace.

The breaking of a career cycle may indicate you will go on to have a more rewarding and prosperous position in a new job. 

Seeing broken glass in your dreams can also indicate that you are coming to the end of a cycle in life.

Encourage yourself to start this new beginning by seizing opportunities that you may get. You can look forward to meeting new people and visiting new places. 

2. Broken Glass Signifying A Broken Relationship 

The Spiritual Meanings Behind Broken Glass

Experiencing broken glass may indicate that a past relationship can no longer be fixed.

Perhaps there has been an old love interest that has come into your life again or a troubled family relationship that you were holding out hope for, take this broken glass as a sign of a shattered relationship that can no longer be patched back together. 

The warning may come as a blessing as it may inspire you to sit down with loved ones and resolve your issues to continue to create more meaningful and long-lasting relationships in the future.

On the other hand, it may give you the motivation or opportunity to end an unfulfilling and negative relationship once and for all.  

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3. Accidentally Breaking A Glass Means You’ll Get Good News

We’ve all accidentally broken a glass at some point. Broken glass cannot be perfectly put back together again to the original product.

This is a sign of removing negativity from your life and are going to go on to embrace new chapters or ‘forms’ in your life full of good luck and fortune. 

Despite what you may think, broken glass is a symbol of good luck. Usually, this is to do with finances or career goals.

Getting a new job that you didn’t expect to get may change your life forever and give you many new opportunities. 

4. Sending A Message To Be Careful 

If you’ve ever broken a glass, the chances are someone has told you to “be more careful!”

When we aren’t paying attention or are trying to do too many things at once, we may knock (Find out What Hearing A Knock In Your Dreams Mean) over or drop a glass causing it to shatter.

A broken window can also symbolize the breaking down of barriers, which can be either protective or restraining.  

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In life, we can also experience not being careful enough and letting our barriers down.

Breaking a glass due to carelessness indicates that something bad may happen to you soon as you’re not paying enough attention to your surroundings.

To avoid this, being more vigilant and aware of your current situations can prevent any negative experiences. 

Remember that as you’ve allowed the glass to break, it is you who must try and counteract this bad luck.

Assuming nothing bad will happen as a result of ignoring this warning may lead to you coming to some sort of harm. 

5. Broken Glass As A Sign Of Diversification 

Some of us are more rigid in the way we conduct ourselves and the lives we lead.

Broken glass may indicate that you need to embrace change and explore more diverse options in your life.

Letting go of your current mindset and opening yourself up to accept more diverse perspectives and theories will work to your advantage. 

Similarly to glass those with a rigid mindset aren’t able to bend their opinions meaning they close themselves off to many different chances in life.

If you aren’t ready to accept other people’s ideas and help with your problems, you will face them alone.

Behaving like unbending glass may make your life harder and can even shatter. 

6. Feng-Shui

The Spiritual Meanings Behind Broken Glass

Have you ever come across broken glass in the street or in your own home?

The feng-shui tradition believes this to communicate a warning sign with the person who has found it telling you that your spiritual defenses are weak.

Weak defences in any situation means that something is vulnerable to attack.

Those with weak spiritual defences must increase these through different means such as positive affirmations, hanging rosemary or bay leaf at the doors of your house or burning protective incense and sage around the house. 

The tradition also believes you could be about to experience abundance as the many shards of glass are difficult to count.

You can expect a change in financial status when this happens.

Finally, whenever a glass is broken it signifies the end of a cycle.

This is seen outside Feng-Shui too and symbolizes the end of a cycle or phase which means we are open to the possibility of new experiences and possibilities in our lives. 

Does The Glass Color Matter?

The majority of glass doesn’t have a color, it’s transparent. Sometimes we do come across colored glass bottles, jars or ornaments.

Brown or green glass bottles are commonly found in relation to beer or wine.

Breaking a green bottle is good luck, but only in the spring and summer seasons. This conveys a message from Mother Nature. 

A broken green bottle is also considered to be a good omen for gardeners.

Breaking a green bottle means that you should expect to get a really great crop yield over the harvest season. 

Broken brown bottles are quite similar to the green, as they both relay good luck in regard to Mother Nature and any gardening you may do.

Brown, which is the same color as soil, has more to do with the ground as a result.

If you’ve broken a brown bottle you could receive good luck with the earth itself and your feelings of being grounded will grow. 

Does Breaking Glass Equal To Seven Years Bad Luck?

A common superstition with breaking the glass from mirrors is that you will receive seven years bad luck.

This theory originated with the ancient Romans, who suggested that life renews itself based on a seven year cycle.

After seven years, they believed any damaged or broken parts of your life would renew itself such as relationships or health. 

Today we tend to view broken glass differently, not as something that can be cursed, but as the object it is.

Some highly superstitious people are still firm believers that broken mirrors are bad omens as mirrors are regarded as highly spiritual objects that allow a true reflection of  the self.

Thus a cracked or broken mirror reflects the cracked self image. 

Our individual attitudes towards our view on what the broken glass means will influence our experiences as a result.

Viewing the broken glass as a bad omen will result in bad outcomes and similarly, viewing the broken glass as a good omen will lead to good outcomes. 

Other Glass Related Superstitions

We’re taught about superstitions from a young age, a black cat walking across your path, walking under a ladder or stepping on a crack in the sidewalk all correlate with bad luck.

Superstitions vary across cultures around the world, including those about broken glass. 

Breaking Utensils Made Of Glass

If you’ve recently broken a glass bowl, cup or bottle it is considered to be a sign of luck, bringing you good fortune and money in the near future.

Those who break these forms of glass can expect good news about financial matters soon. 

Often broken glass is used in happy celebrations such as weddings.

Jewish wedding ceremonies require the bride and groom to step on the glass to break it which symbolizes long-lasting marriage, eternal love and good fortune. 

Glass that is broken accidentally is considered a warning sign and requires you to be more vigilant than usual.

Perhaps you’re about to make a large financial decision or you’ve met a new romantic partner that you’re unsure about, this could be a warning that you need to put more thought into your decisions. 

Traditionally, ships were “Christened” by smashing a bottle on the bow before a long journey.

The christening is thought to scare away evil spirits alongside keeping the crew safe, ensuring a safe journey. Ship Christening is still in practice today. 

Broken Mirrors

As mentioned earlier, breaking a mirror is commonly associated with receiving bad luck. 

Broken Clocks Or Wrist Watches

The Spiritual Meanings Behind Broken Glass

As clocks and watches are also made of glass they also fall into the category of a bad omen when broken.

Some people believe this signifies a lack of progression in work or career.

Others believe this indicates that you will soon be in a hostile situation.

Getting rid of the broken item as soon as possible is believed to help you move forward. 

Broken Windows 

We have touched briefly on the meaning of broken windows. There are several different spiritual meanings behind a broken window such as weakened defences.

A broken bedroom window signifies this as the ‘shield’ around you has been damaged leaving you to be fragile and weak. 

Other spiritual meanings suggest this carries connotations of neglect for yourself.

If you have been too worried about taking care of others such as a sick relative and you’ve forgotten to think about yourself, you may experience a broken window in your life.

This is a reminder to look after your own comfort and health as well as others. 

Breaking Glass Ornamental Decorations 

Glass ornaments aren’t as popular in modern society, but some still like to collect antique items or interesting sculptures.

If you or someone else breaks a glass ornament the meaning is considered to be subjective to the person who it belongs to.

Meaningful, priceless family heirlooms for example may signify that you are about to lose something in your life. 

Broken Eyeglasses

If you wear glasses, you’ve probably dropped them once or twice and they’ve broken or a bit chip has been taken out of them.

As it’s harder to see through broken or smashed glasses it may be harder to see what is going on in front of you metaphorically.

It is believed that this is an omen for a period of obstruction such as people keeping secrets from you.

A more difficult time could be ahead when you’ve broken your glasses. However, this may not be a bad omen, but a warning.

If you take this sign as a warning against potential foul play from these periods of obstruction you may spare yourself from potential pain and suffering in the future.

Remaining calm is important to focus on the truth. 

Obstruction often refers to lies or deceit. This doesn’t always come from others, so this warning may actually force you to look introspectively at yourself in certain situations.

Are you deceiving yourself? Periods of reflection enable us to grow as people and take more notice of our intuition.  

So Is Broken Glass Bad Or Good?

Overall, broken glass is actually a more positive indicator than a negative one.

Broken glass can reveal a message to you depending on the situation and the type of glass that has broken.

For the most part, these signs are usually warnings to watch out for potential wrong doings or financial worries that you may experience in the future. 

If you find yourself stuck in a rut or have found yourself at some kind of crossroads in life, broken glass can help you figure out what path you should take or provide you with clarity in your decision making. 

Should I Deliberately Break Glass For Good Luck?

After reading this article you may be thinking of breaking some glass to improve your luck. However, this theory will not work.

Breaking glass accidentally informs you of a message or a blessing that you were meant to see rather than you just smashing up your kitchen.

When it comes to feelings of spirituality, you may need to let the omens come to you. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s clear that breaking glass has many different meanings, which can be a lot to remember.

Overall, broken glass is thought to be a good omen and it is important that you treat it as such.

Remember that broken glass often indicates an upcoming change that you must make in your life in order to find peace and calm. 

We hope you learnt something new about the spiritual meanings behind different forms of broken glass and can use this in the future to help you out.

We wish you all the good luck and only accidental broken glass! Save this article for later in case you quickly want to decipher a message in broken glass. 

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