Dreams About Cleaning – Interpretation And Meaning

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Dreams About Cleaning - Interpretation And Meaning

So, when you have a dream about a mundane activity such as cleaning, it can be a bit disappointing. 

Cleaning isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite activity, but it’s something that needs to be done.

When you dream about cleaning, you might interpret the dream as needing to clean your flat, even if you’ve only recently cleaned it. Turns out, there are other interpretations for dreams about cleaning. 

Here are the top interpretations and meanings for dreams about cleaning! 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Cleaning?

When you have a non-specific dream about cleaning (such as tidying your bedroom, cleaning up the kitchen, and just having a general clean of the home or room), this typically means that you are dreaming about cleansing your life. 

Whether it’s cleansing yourself from negative energies, like a negative coworker or friend, or giving yourself a spiritual cleanse, this is generally what cleaning dreams are trying to tell you.

Dreams, after all, are messages from our unconscious mind. When you’ve got a negative energy getting in the way of your happiness, it can translate into dreams as cleaning. 

Dreaming about cleaning might also be a reflection of an obstacle that you need to face or get over.

Overcoming and tackling an obstacle can manifest in stress-related dreams, such as cleaning a dirty room. 

This is especially true when the obstacle you need to face is a mundane, real-life situation such as having a difficult meeting at work, calling the plumber, or sorting out rent and bills.

Such obstacles can be translated into mundane and realistic dreams such as cleaning. 

If you genuinely enjoy cleaning and living in a tidy home, dreams about cleaning might simply be your unconscious mind rewarding you with a sense of peace and accomplishment. Not all dreams need to be chaotic to be nice!

Of course, you might simply be dreaming about cleaning because your house or bedroom is a mess in real life!

Dreams can be wild and imaginative, but sometimes, your unconscious mind might simply be reminding you to clean your bedroom when you wake up.

These realistic dreams typically happen as you are falling asleep, because your mind is still active with thoughts about your day. 

Types Of Cleaning Dreams 

However, it’s hard to give a proper interpretation of your dream without looking into the details of the dream.

Here are the most common types of cleaning dreams and what they mean!

Dreaming Of Cleaning The Kitchen 

When you dream about cleaning the kitchen, it means you are aiming for a well-balanced and abundant household for your family.

We all know there’s nothing better than seeing a fully stocked refrigerator or food cupboard, so if you’re frantically cleaning the kitchen in your dream, you might be searching for harmony and abundance in your household. 

After all, the kitchen is often the heart of the house. Dreams about cleaning the kitchen are typically positive ones because of the association with family and an abundance of food and goods. 

Dreaming Of Cleaning The Bedroom 

Bedrooms are the safe haven of our homes. It doesn’t matter whether your bedroom in real life is messy or clean – what matters is that you feel safe and comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep.

So, if you’re dreaming about cleaning your bedroom, this might mean that you are finally prioritizing yourself, or it’s an indicator that you need to prioritize yourself. 

Dreaming of cleaning a bedroom doesn’t mean that you need to clean your bedroom (unless the dream is oddly familiar to the state of your bedroom, then you might need to tidy up in the morning).

It often means that you need to prioritize your happiness, your peace, and your health.

It’s something we don’t often like to admit, but sometimes, you need to put yourself first. 

Dreaming Of Cleaning The Bathroom 

Dreams about cleaning the bathroom are often a sign of some well-needed emotional cleansing.

Dreams About Cleaning - Interpretation And Meaning

Bathrooms are designed for privacy, and if you don’t take time in your real life to assess your emotional wellbeing, then you’re going to have an explosive emotional build-up. 

So, it’s time to drain yourself from any negative energies weighing you down.

This is the ultimate act of self-care, and it might even be worth taking inspiration from your dream by caring for yourself in a warm, bubbly bath!

Dreaming Of Cleaning The Floor 

If you have a dream about mopping the floor, this is typically a sign of luck.

Floors are often forgotten about when we clean our homes, but once the floor is clean, everything feels much clearer.

So, your dream is telling you that you can make your own luck by clearing a path in your own life to reach your goals. 

Dreaming Of Cleaning Windows

Dreaming about cleaning windows (whether singular or plural) often signifies that you are overwhelmed with life outside your comfort zone.

You might be particularly vulnerable to external forces, such as being easily swayed by other people or being overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of a city. 

So, these dreams are telling you that you can control your life outside your comfort zone if you just take the necessary steps to see a situation more rationally, with the metaphor of cleaning a window. 

Dreaming Of Cleaning The Wall 

Dreams about cleaning walls are symbolic of limitations and obstacles that you need to face in your real life.

Walls are both literal and metaphorical blockages that will limit you from achieving your goals, even if it’s something as simple as forcing yourself to go to the gym.

Whatever is stopping you from reaching your goals, it’s time to focus on your limitations and tackle them. 

Dreaming Of Cleaning Clutter 

If you’ve had a dream about cleaning clutter around your home, this signifies that chaos and disorder in your real life.

You know those dreams when you’re constantly trying to clean the things around you, only for more clutter to appear?

Those dreams are manifested in stress from your waking life, so it’s time to look into the chaos that’s stopping you from having a peaceful sleep. 

Endless clutter can be symbolic of unresolved issues from the past that need to be let go for you to enjoy the present and the future.

It can also be indicative of how disorganized your waking life is.

When you have these dreams, it’s time to make a plan about how to make your disorderly life less chaotic. 

If you’re dreaming about cleaning someone else’s clutter, this might show your frustrations for a friend or loved one who is not taking control of their lives.

Your dream-self might be telling you to offer them a hand in whatever is causing the chaos. 

Dreaming Of Cleaning The House 

If you’re dreaming about having a general clean of the house (whether your own or someone else’s), this is usually an indication that something in your life needs to be changed (You might also want to check out Hotel Dreams And Their Meanings).

Your unconscious mind might be telling you to let go of habits that are stopping you from making necessary changes to your lifestyle – whether it’s to quit smoking or find a new job. 

The dream could also be telling you to let go of things in the past that stop you from progressing.

This could be unresolved trauma or feelings towards a person or event. Sometimes, it’s kinder to let everything go, even if it is unresolved, to start afresh. 


So, there you have it! There are several meanings as to why you’re having dreams about cleaning, all of which are symbolic of something you need to face in your waking life.

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