What Does It Mean Spiritually When You Hear Knocking?

We are all aware that if we hear knocking, typically we’d think that someone is at the door or someone is knocking something nearby.

What Does It Mean Spiritually When You Hear Knocking

But what if it actually means something spiritually? Well, research suggests that it means that the spiritual realm wishes to communicate with you and deliver a message.

However, there’s a lot more to know than just this. This guide will examine the spiritual meaning and symbolism of hearing knocking, along with other things you may need to know and think about. 

Read on to learn more. 

Knocking And Spirituality

So, as we mentioned, if you hear knocking when it comes to a spiritual sense, it could mean that the spiritual realm is trying to send you a message. This could be down to a previously lost loved one or other spirit trying to communicate with you. 

One of the most common knocking sounds comes from your door. As this is the usual way that people in this realm try to get your attention, the spiritual realm may be using the most well known methods to get in contact with you. 

However, this is not as simple as someone just knocking on your door. This could be a sign that the spiritual world has been trying to send you a message for a while, but you simply have not been attentive enough to notice.

As a result, the spiritual world tries to get your attention in more obvious ways. Some of which, like knocking, might seem a little scary or confusing – but you need to be aware of what is going on around you and be ready to listen to their messages.

From here, we can note the seven most common spiritual meanings of why you are hearing knocking. 

1. You Are Not Receptive To The Spiritual Realm

Going back to our previous point, this is perhaps the most common reason why you are hearing knocking in a spiritual sense. You have not been attentive to the signs that the spiritual realm has been sending you.

Because you haven’t noticed or responded to the signs and communication methods that have been used by the spiritual realm, they have moved up their efforts and tried to send you a more direct message.

All you need to do is try to be more receptive and prove that you hear their message and you are aware there is a message being sent to you.

2. God Wants You To Be Saved

Readers of the Bible will likely be aware of this sign. From a Biblical perspective, knocking on your door symbolizes God who is trying to call upon your soul to be saved from any of your previous sins and rebellions. 

Symbolically, the heart and the door are aligned as something that must be opened – like in the phrase “knocking on the doors of our hearts”. 

So, if you are a Christian – you may see this as something to behold that God is calling on your soul to be saved. 

3. You Have The Power Over Negativity

3. You Have The Power Over Negativity

Another spiritual reason why you might be hearing knocking is because you have the power to block out those with negative messages and negative beliefs. 

It helps you to recognize that you are the one in control and you do not grant access to the people that will send you the bad messages.

You may have been dealing with peer pressure or someone trying to convince you to do something you may not wish to do. Luckily, you have the strength to resist and this is shown through you hearing knocking. 

4. You Should Expect Something Good

If you hear a knock on your door, it might create a kind of expectation that you are going to experience something great. 

Often when we hear a knock, we automatically open ourselves up to the possibility of a surprise or something similar. This is no exception when it comes to spirituality. 

Expect something great to be coming your way and you may start to experience great things along the way! 

5. Your Soulmate Is Nearby

If you are single, this may be a sign that your soulmate is near and you must open yourself up to the possibility of becoming a partner with someone. If you do not know who it could be, then put yourself out there and look around ready for happiness!

6. Your Potential Needs To Be Unlocked

You may be sailing through your life in terms of your hobbies, work and family life. However, hearing a door knocking might be a symbol that your potential is out there, but you’re simply not allowing it to come through. 

You must unlock your potential by pushing yourself to your limits and letting your bright light shine through. Prove to yourself and to others that you can exceed their expectations and you can be the best at what you do. 

7. Someone You Love Recently Died

Perhaps one of the biggest spiritual reasons for hearing knocking is that someone you love has recently passed over to the other side and is trying to communicate with you.

They are sending you a message that they are still with you, even if they are not necessarily still in this world. You are still loved by them and they still wish to watch over you – and to show their love, they knock on your door so you can hear them. 

The Bottom Line

Spiritually, if you hear knocking, it could mean that the spirit realm is trying to communicate with you and send you a message. 

There could be other reasons as we have listed – but the important thing is that, for whatever reason, you must open your mind, ears and soul to the messages being sent to you from the other realm.

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