Symbolism And Meanings Behind A Dragonfly Landing On You

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It is not uncommon to find that a lot of animals in the natural carry a lot of spiritual meaning behind them.

Whether they are important to the mythology and spiritual practices of a given culture, or simply their place within our popular consciousness.

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Symbolism And Meanings Behind A Dragonfly Landing On Youv

This applies to many animals that are found both in a few selected places, or more common animals across the world. Bears are both ferocious and caring.

Panthers are secretive and insightful, allegedly able to pierce the veil of polite society to get to the truth of the matter.

This symbolism that is tied to animals isn’t just reserved for the exotic ones either. Dogs are joyful and loyal (I mean, just look at them), pigeons are supposed to contain hidden wisdom, and cats are independent and spirited (they are cats, after all).

Pretty much all animals have some meaning and symbolism attributed to them, no matter their size, importance, or appearance. Including the iconic, yet misleadingly named dragonfly.

Not that, but there are also plenty of ideas and beliefs about what it means when these animals directly interact with you as a person, especially if you live to tell the tale!

In this guide, we are going to take you through the important meaning that can be attributed to the moment that a dragonfly interacts with you by landing on you

What It Means When You See A Dragonfly

Before we go any further, we should probably first explain some of the symbology that is attributed to dragonflies as a whole.

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After all, a lot of what can be inferred from a dragonfly landing on you is tied to the inherent meaning that many people find in themselves.

Because of how their name ties them to the mythological creatures from legends and myth, simply seeing a dragonfly in the wild is an occasion, whether they are resting on a plant, or flying elegantly across a pond or river.

A Sign Of Change

Like many insects that metamorphose from one form into another, dragonflies are often a symbol that times are changing, both for the world and for you in particular.

The fact that they are some of the fastest insects on the planet, being able to fly at over 60 kilometers an hour, can also signify that the change that is heading your way may be approaching faster than you realize or faster than you are prepared for.

The fact that dragonflies come in a variety of colors also means that, depending on the color that you see, could be the signifier of a change in emotion within you, or someone you know.

Perhaps they are going through a major change in their lives?

Mythology & Spiritual Meaning

Outside of the symbolism, we have described, there is also a lot of religious and spiritual meaning tied to eh appearance of dragonflies around you

In Native American spirituality and cosmology, seeing a dragonfly before entering an important battle would be a sign of fortitude, and the outcome of the battle will be a positive one.

In Japanese mythology and literature, the dragonfly, in a similar manner to dragons themselves, is a symbol of strength and victory, as well as courage and honor. This may be why the dragonfly is considered an animal of national importance in Japan.

Negative Folklore Tales

However, they are not wholly seen as just animals of positive meaning and attributes. Because of their insect appearance, they are often also attributed with a meaning of otherness that many insects and other bugs are often ascribed with.

In various pagan belief systems, they are considered symbols of coming evil, sometimes even, ‘the devil’s needle’, thanks to their thin-pin-shaped appearance.

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There is even an old myth in some folklore that dragonflies would fly into the rooms of bad children while they slept, and sow their mouths shut.

Certainly, that might have been seen as an effective way of trying to discipline your children in olden times!

What It Means When A Dragonfly Flies Around You

What It Means When A Dragonfly Flies Around You

So, these are the meanings that dragonflies are often given or attributed when they are spotted by people in the environment around them. So, how does that meaning translate when it is a dragonfly that is flying around you?

It can often feel like a very magical or whimsical moment when a beautiful animal flies or circles you, such as with butterflies, and the same can be said for dragonflies too (Check out What Yellow A Butterfly Symbolizes).

Generally speaking, seeing a dragonfly approach and surround you is a good symbol in many cultures, and is a sign of good luck or fortune that is about to fall upon you.

We briefly touched on how dragonflies are symbols of change.

The fact that, as creatures that metamorphosis from nymphs into dragonflies, both names that are also attributed to creatures of legends and mythology, is a symbol of the potential change that can be found in many creatures and people, including yourself.

Great Change Is Afoot

Generally speaking, a dragonfly that is approaching you is often a sign that change is occurring within you. Perhaps it has already happened, is currently taking place, or is going to happen to you shortly.

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Whatever it is, it is something that, regardless of whether it is a big or small change, is something that is going to have lasting consequences, both for yourself and those around you.

Good Tidings

Dragonflies can also live for a relatively long time, at least when compared to other insects that emerge from water-borne larval stages, with some species living and lasting through entire seasons before their life cycle is complete.

This can mean that, in theory, the same dragonfly can visit you throughout the spring or summer, or whenever dragonfly season has begun.

The sign of a dragonfly repeatedly approaching you is often a symbol that prosperity is coming your way, and that the tides (metaphorically speaking) are turning in your favor.

Living In The Moment

However, as with all insects, and indeed many living things, there is a time when the life cycle of a dragonfly ends (You might want to check out What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Ants). They live several months, longer than many other insects, but they still tend to die off annually after the peak of their season.

If a dragonfly approaches you whilst they are currently out and about during a warmer time of year, they can often serve as a reminder to live in and enjoy the moment.

After all, even if we are not as fleeting as dragonflies (and who is to say that we aren’t on a cosmic scale?), it is a reminder that whilst planning for the future and preparing for its vital, it is also just as important to live in the moment as well.

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After all, what good is all the planning for tomorrow if you cannot enjoy it when it arrives?

What It Means When A Dragonfly Lands On You

So, we have discussed the symbolism behind dragonflies, as well as discussed what their proximity to you can mean.

By this logic, then, a dragonfly that has landed on you must be a momentous occasion!

And while dragonflies may be stopping to rest, they are busy bees after all (not to be confused with actual busy bees!), and even that simple rest can carry a lot of meaning for some people.

Stay Focused

Generally speaking, people don’t tend to like it when insects land on them.

They certainly find it irritating when something like a fly or spider lands on them, and they often really dislike it when something like a bee, a wasp, or a mosquito lands on them!

However, occasionally you will have those rare species or cases where an insect, usually a very beautiful or dazzling one, is almost a blessing or good fortune for them to land on you.

Butterflies come to mind when thinking of insects that people enjoy landing on them, but this included other species of flying insects for some folks, such as moths and fuzzy bumblebees.

Dragonflies fall into this latter category. And for those people, when a dragonfly lands on them, it is hard not to focus on and admire their beauty and design.

This is often a symbolism that is carried over to other aspects of a person’s life. If you see a dragonfly land on you, and you find that your focus has been taken by it, it can be seen as a sign to carry that kind of focus with you in other parts of your life.

If you can maintain the focus that you give the dragonfly that has landed on you to other things, such as your relationships with people, your career, or your spirituality, then you will find that attention and focus are rewarded in some way.

On The Right Path

Alternatively, a dragonfly landing on you can be a sign of something else.

As predatory flying insects, and with only a few months to complete their life cycles, dragonflies are usually only often seen on the wing, managing their affairs, chasing prey, courting, and fighting other dragonflies.

Often, this means that, when a dragonfly has stopped to land on an object, it is because it either has to or it will tire itself out, or it can now afford to do so, as it has accomplished its goals for the day, whether that is feeding, or courting other dragonflies.

If a dragonfly has landed on you, this can be a sign that something right has also happened to you, or that you have made the correct choice on a decision that you have recently made.

In this respect, a dragonfly that has landed on you is kind of like congratulations of sorts. It is almost saying,’ well done, you have done it! Now is a chance to rest before you take the next step’.

With this in mind, enjoy the path that you have set yourself down for a time. There is probably more to be done later (when isn’t there?), and whatever comes might be tough.

But for now, it is okay to bask in a job well done, or a decision well-made. Stick to this path, and you will surely come out the other side stronger.

Being Watched Over

This can often be a meaning that can be interpreted when a dragonfly lands on your shoulder and doesn’t necessarily decide to move quickie or instantly from it.

One of the things that virtually all insect species have in common is their eyes. Up close, they are large, bulbous, almost crystalline in some cases, and they take up a massive amount of space on their craniums or heads.

There is a reason that ‘bug-eyed’ is a saying that people use, after all.

Given that they have such large eyes for their size, insects are often associated with aspects such as sight, insight, knowledge, or other things related to both wisdom and thoughtfulness.

All-seeing eyes are often associated with being of a higher power, and what could be better for seeing everything than the almost 360-degree vision that dragonflies have?

If a dragonfly lands on you, it could be a sign that you are being watched and looked out for, perhaps by some higher power or goo, or even the universe itself.

This can be seen as a blessing by many and helps give them the courage and faith to take the next step in whatever they intend to do in life, in decisions both big and small.

A Sign Of Good Luck

Sometimes, the symbolism and meaning behind things can be in-depth and insightful to both ourselves and our understanding of the world around us. And sometimes, those signs can be just as simple as they look.

Consider, for a moment, the day-to-day life of a dragonfly? As we have already covered, dragonflies have a lot to do as animals, and not all that long to do it.

Resting, courting feeding, mating, producing eggs, finding the right place to lay those eggs, chasing off competitors. A dragonfly’s life is as hectic as it is brief, at least from our perspective.

So, when a dragonfly rests and wants to rest safely, they need to find a place that is both safe, and a little comfort too. Rocks (Check out this article about The Meaning Of Stacking Rocks), branches, grasses, and flowers are all popular places to rest for a short while.

So, the fact that dragonfly has shown you as their resting spot, whether on your leg, your shoulder, your head, hand, or another part of your body, that’s a rare opportunity and moment that not many other people get.

If a dragonfly chooses to rest on you, consider it a moment of good luck, and, similarly to what we said before, that the universe is looking out for you and on your side, at least at this moment.

Beauty And Grace In Your Life

This is something that pretty much anyone can appreciate, whether you are a fan of bugs and insects, or not.

Dragonflies are some of the most striking insects to look at and admire.

With their iconic wings, the long, often decorated tail, their eyes that reflect like gemstones, as well as the variety of beautiful colors they can often appear with, they are some of the most beautiful insects in the natural world, especially considering that they often lack the bright and recognizable patterns and design that are found on butterfly and moth wings.

Not only that, but dragonflies, unlike many other types of flying insects, from butterflies, to bluebottle flies, to even bees and wasps, seem so much more controlled when they are in flight.

Their ability to hover in place for extended periods, as well as their incredible speed when moving, gives them poise and elegance unlike virtually every other kind of flying animal in the world today, save for a few other animals, such as hummingbirds.

This means that, when flying around you, or even landing on you, dragonflies are often a symbol of not just beauty, but elegance s well.

Having a dragonfly land on you in this regard can mean that you may be about to experience a little more of that elegance in your life going forward, whether that is a change in the environment that you find yourself in, or seeing that beauty and elegance in another person, whether they are new to you, or a familiar face.

A Bad Omen?

However, not everyone sees the landing of a dragonfly on you as a wholly good omen, unfortunately.

For many people, it is impossible to escape the fact that, despite their distinct look, their beautiful flight and outside appearances, and their elegant method of flying, many people can’t seem to escape the fact that, despite these many unique traits that set them apart from other insects, they are still, at their core bugs.

And while we may contest that, we can’t ignore that they do still share a lot in common with other animals that we have reason to be cautious around.

Being flying insects that often resemble blood-sucking insects such as horseflies, that are known to relentlessly chase their prey until they have had their fill of blood. This still technically applies to dragonflies too, in a way at least.

Although they do not feed on human blood (thank god), their speed and agility aren’t just for show and looking pretty, after all. In terms of the insect world, dragonflies are apex-flying predators that can chase down virtually any other insect that they set their eyes on.

A dragonfly landing on you won’t bring you any harm. However, it could be a sign of an ill omen to come, that perhaps someone or something has their eyes set on you, and the chase is about to commence.

You are going to need to be vigilant to spot this bad omen when it manifests to you, whatever the form it chooses to take.

New Beginnings

On a slightly less dour note, dragonflies, like many insects and other animals with relatively short life spans, are also symbols of renewal and rebirth.

Dragonflies’ life cycles are very chaotic and start when the creature is born in a body of water as a nymph. This is the form that they take for most of their lives, sometimes for as long as 4 to 5 years!

When they eventually turn into dragonflies, this means that, although they are beautiful, they also o not have much longer to live and carry out the rest of their life cycle.

A dragonfly that appears to you may be a sign and reminder that beauty and elegance, despite their momentary appearance looking powerful and beautifully crafted, is a temporary status. Eventually, they will have mated, and eventually, die away with the season/

Don’t be too said, however. A dragonfly will also likely mate and create many more eggs that will eventually turn into nymphs, and perhaps dragonflies themselves.

They are a sign that, although this moment of beauty is coming to an end, there is always another one to come next year or season.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of thoughts and beliefs about dragonflies.

However, now you know that, when one lands on you next, the possibilities of what it means could be endless!

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