Best Questions To Ask A Psychic

If you’re planning on getting a psychic reading, it pays to be as prepared as possible…

Of course, if you have a particular issue on your mind, you’re going to want to ask about that right away. But the last thing you want is to walk away thinking, “I wish I had asked that!”.

Best Questions to Ask a Psychic - Psychic Readings Guide

For this reason, I recommend that before you have your psychic reading, you put together a list of questions that you want to ask. And you can use this article for inspiration.

In this article, I’m going to suggest several different questions you can ask your psychic. You  can then pick and choose which ones you want to ask, and even add your own.

But before we do that, let me first kick things off with a few handy tips.

Tips For Questions To Ask A Psychic

  • Be as specific as possible
  • Avoid yes/no questions, make them open-ended
  • Avoid loaded questions that make your opinion obvious

Best Questions To Ask A Psychic

1. Is My Current Relationship Right For Me?

If you are already in a relationship, you may wonder what the future has in store for it. Some relationships are meant to be, while others are more fleeting.

And when you’re in the midst of a toxic relationship, it can be hard to break free. It may be that the psychic can give you the push you need to break away and start again afresh.

Or alternatively, the relationship may be right for you, but you may have issues to work through together.

2. Can I Turn My Passions To A Career?

A lot of people like to ask psychics questions about their life purpose. And for many people, their life purpose may be passion for helping others, or being creative with something they do as a hobby.

A psychic may be able to tell you what your life purpose is and whether you can turn your hobby into a side hustle and make money with it.

3. How Can I Tell If I Am Making The Right Decision?

Now, this can be a crucial question for many. Many people tend to turn to a psychic when they are at a crossroads with some kind of dilemma. And the psychic will be able to help with this, since they can see the possible futures for you.

What’s more, the universe gives us signs to let you know when you’re on the right path, like messages from your angels, and a psychic may be able to tell you what those signs may be.

4. What Can The Divine Tell Me About Ways To Find Healing?

Many people turn to a psychic in times of great need. And if  you have been suffering in some way, perhaps troubled by your past, or anxious about your future, then it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask for a little guidance on how to heal.

Once you  learn to come to terms with your troubles or concerns, your life opens up to you once more, and you can be free to live the life you were born to live.

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5. What Do I Need To Do To Attract My Soulmate?

If you are single, and you would prefer not to be, a psychic may be able to foresee how you find your next relationship, and thus what you need to do or where you need to be to attract them into your life.

6. What Should I Know About My Current Partner?

If you have recently started dating someone, then you may not know everything there is to know about them. They may have secrets they have yet to let forth, or they may have a nasty side that you are yet to see.

By asking this question to a psychic, you can be forewarned, and thus forearmed.

7. Am I On The Right Career Path For Me?

A person can have several talents and skills, and there are even more ways to channel them. It can be tricky to know what to do for a living when there are so many opportunities out there and different directions to go in.

But a psychic can tell you whether you’re on the right track, or whether a change is imminent.

8. How Can I Reach My Financial Goals? 

Money is key to survival, and it’s also important for your quality of life.

It makes sense to have some financial goals in life, and a psychic can tell you what you need to do to improve your finances, whether it’s taking your career in a new direction, or whether you’ll suddenly come into some money unexpectedly.

9. What Messages Do My Deceased Loved Ones Have For Me? 

This is a key question for many people. Everyone knows someone who has passed, and quite often it can be someone who was once very close to them.

And if you didn’t have the opportunity to say a real goodbye before they passed, there may still be something to communicate. More often than not, they simply want to say that they’re fine, and that they love you.

But please note, not every psychic has the ability to connect with the spirit world, for this you will need to speak to a psychic who is also a medium.

10. How Can I Prepare For My Future?

This is a great question to ask a psychic because it is so open-ended. The answer could go off in any direction, about love, about finances, about family and friends, about your career, about travel and new destinations, who knows?

And better yet, the answer can provide you with real actionable steps to help you on your journey.

Wrap Up

I hope that the 10 questions to ask a psychic that I’ve suggested here today give you some good inspiration, and I hope that the tips provided also help too.

You need to go into the psychic reading with an open mind, and no expectations. And remember, any bad news you hear is simply an opportunity to grow. But hopefully there will be some good, if not great news for you.

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