Owl Symbolism: The Meaning Of Owls In Our Lives

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Owls are impressive birds. Their large eyes and speckled plumage makes them look mysterious, and that’s often also the reason why they are part of many folk tales and mythology.

Owl Symbolism: The Meaning Of Owls In Our Lives

As owls hunt in the darkness at night, they are hidden from our eyes, and we can only catch a glimpse of their flying silhouette at dusk or dawn.

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It’s hardly surprising then that an owl is at the heart of almost every cultural and folklore heritage but what does it really mean when you spot an owl in your neighborhood?

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of owls as a symbol in our dreams and waking life.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl?

Let’s be honest. Most of us do not see owls very often over the day because these skilled hunters usually only come out at night.

But whenever you do get the rare chance of seeing an ow, do you know what it means?

In many cultures, an owl is the symbol of inner knowledge and wisdom.

This understanding comes from the fact that owls have very good eyesight, and they can spot their prey from a good distance in the dark.

And just like the owl, the symbol of an owl can give you a deeper insight into your life and guide you through the darker, uncertain moments in your life.

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Additionally, owls are naturally curious explorers. They are always looking for new, unknown places to discover.

When you see an owl, then this may be a sign that you need to be more courageous and curious.

There are plenty of adventures waiting for you and you do not need to be afraid of taking the first step towards a new discovery.

Owls are a powerful symbol all around the world, and you just have to learn more about how to read the signs.

While an owl can be a sign hinting at new adventures and a deeper knowledge in your life, some cultures also considered owls as bad omens.

As they would only be out and about in the dark hours, they were associated with darker forces, such as death.

That’s why, an owl can also stand for an upcoming death. This could be anyone’s death, from the death of someone famous or the death of a friend or family member.

Just as death is a specific time for change, an owl is also a symbol of change generally. They often appear in your life when you are going through a transition period.

This doesn’t have to be negative necessarily. You may see an owl when your relationship or a job just ended.

The appearance of an owl indicates that you do not have to worry about your future path, and that your instinct will naturally guide you where you want to go.

The bad times are behind you now and you can look forward to a brighter time with many more positive things happening in your life.

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What Does It Mean When You See An Owl Outside Of Your House?

If you live in the country, then you may spot an owl outside your home more regularly, especially in autumn and winter when the days are shorter.

But what’s the meaning of seeing an owl outside your house? When you apply the generic reading of the owl as a symbol of change, then there may be an upcoming change in your life.

It may be a death happening in the family, or you may also have to make a big, life-changing decision, then the owl shows the way through this difficulty time.

What Does It Mean When You See A White Owl?

white owl

White owls, such as snowy owls, are even more difficult to spot than your average barn owl. But you may sometimes see a white shadow glide through the night, and these are often white owls.

Black and white often have very polarizing meanings in mythology and folklore. While black typically stands for the dark and gloomy, white is a symbol of magic, such as in white magic.

That’s the reason why white owls are considered to be magical creatures associated with magic spells, witches and wizards.

Just think of Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books. The headmaster of the wizard school Hogwarts always had his trusted white owl pet with him.

Although the understanding of the owl as a symbol of wisdom and magic is hundreds of years old, many books and movies helped to spread the word of the owl’s reputation as a smart and wise animal.

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There are a number of different interpretations for the symbolism of a white owl.

White Owls As Symbols Of Change

In mythology and folklore, birds are often considered messengers of some kind, and this also applies to an owl.

A white owl can be a messenger showing that there is change on the way. When you spot a white owl near your home or when you are out and about, then you can expect something new happening in your life.

If your life is just going as planned right now, then you may need to pay attention to any negative events coming your way.

On the other hand, if it’s a difficult time for you right now, then something unexpectedly positive might be on its way.

White Owls As Symbols Of Purity

It’s no surprise that a white owl is also called a snowy owl. They are almost as white as snow.

The color white is often associated with purity and cleanliness in body and mind.

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Related to a white owl, seeing this sign can mean that your spiritual energy is pure and there is no reason for fear. You do not need to worry about anything.

All you have to do is to keep your eyes and thoughts on your goal, and you will be fine.

White Owls As Guardian Angels

Just as the owl is a symbol of change, it can also stand for death. In fact, many birds in mythology are considered to be the souls of our ancestors.

Additionally, the pure color of the white owl, together with the animal’s large wings, almost looks like an angel.

That’s why, a white owl can also be your own guardian angel to show you that you aren’t alone, and there is someone to guide you.

Should You Be Worried When You Keep Seeing Owls?

Owl Symbolism - The Meaning Of Owls In Our Lives

There is nothing to worry about when you see an owl more than once in a while. An owl is a powerful spirit animal and it will guide you wherever you go.

As animal spirit guides, owls will help you through times when you may not be quite so sure what path to take.

They will lead you through a new life chapter and this means that you may see them several times while you are going through this time of uncertainty.

This shouldn’t make you worry. On the contrary, someone is always there to watch over you and show you the way.

Meaning Of Seeing An Owl In The Daylight

As an owl usually is only active at night, it hardly ever comes out over the day. However, you may still be lucky to see one now and then.

When you see an owl in the daylight, then this can have a number off different meanings, and the good news is that they are all positive signs.

That’s why, seeing an owl over the day is a moment you should treasure.

As owls are symbols of wisdom, they can also be easily related to the symbolism of light, and particularly enlightenment.

This means that when you spot an owl during the daylight hours, then this is a sign that you are about to feel enlightened in some way.

This could be almost anything. There may be something that you were unclear about, or you need to make a difficult decision. Then positive news may be on their way to you.

As nocturnal creatures, it is unusual to see an owl flying or moving around over the day. This makes it a truly special experience, and you may even get a chance to see more than just their typical shadow.

This extraordinary event should make you pause and think about possible upcoming changes. Perhaps you need to change your perspective.

Spend some time in deep thought, and consider where you may need to turn your life around, and how you can possibly do this.

A transformation is always possible in our lives, no matter how difficult it may seem. The owl shows you that there is a way forward.

Meaning Of Seeing An Owl At Night

Nighttime is when people struggle to see anything. While we are often courageous and brave throughout the day, the night can bring our deepest and darkest thoughts to the surface.

But always remember, animals see the world in a very different way. Many animals hunt in the night, and they use the darkness to their advantage.

When you spend some time outside in the forest at night, then you will hear plenty of sounds, including the hooting of an owl.

While many of us are afraid when we hear an owl hoot at night, there is nothing to fear. Although owls are excellent nocturnal hunters, they do not usually come near humans.

Their favorites are rather insects, mice and other small mammals.

So, when you see an owl at night, then you can experience this graceful bird at its most active. It guides you through the night, and with its screeching, it often also scares other animals away.

What Does It Mean When An Owl Flies Close In Front Of You?

Owl Symbolism - The Meaning Of Owls In Our Lives

When an owl flies relatively close in front of you or the animal crosses your path, then this is usually considered a good omen.

Here are a couple of interpretations.

What It Means When An Owl Flies Above You

Owls perch high up in the trees. This gives them a better view over their territory, and they will immediately spot their prey.

When you see an owl flying above you, then you should also assume a higher perspective, and don’t get bogged down in the details.

Sometimes when we are too close to what is happening in our lives, then you just cannot see the wood for the trees.

A bird’s perspective can help you notice the obstacles that are in your way, and it will also show you possible solutions that you may not have realized before.

When you are looking down on your life issues from a higher perspective, then it does take some patience.

An owl is a patient hunter and it waits for its prey to show itself and then strike at the right time.

This is a wonderful lesson that we can all learn from owls: patience. It does sometimes take a little bit more time and confidence to consider all options and then make a decision.

What It Means When An Owl Crosses Your Path

When an owl crosses your path at night when you wander the woods, then your life will change soon.

The owl stands as a powerful symbol for transformation, and it is in your hands to turn the course of your life around.

Consider all the different possibilities available to you right now. What does your heart tell you? Where should you go?

There’s no time for worries or mistakes. Your instinct will naturally guide you on this uncertain path.

Slowly follow your thoughts and explore a different perspective. Higher up, the world looks different. It seems very far away and time doesn’t seem to matter.

For a moment, consider what it must feel like to be an owl, and how easily you can discover a new perspective just by lifting yourself up.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of An Owl?

Even if you have never seen an owl in real life, some of us are lucky enough to dream of these beautiful birds.

As an energetic spirit animal, an owl always sends out a strong message that should not be ignored, especially when you see an owl in your dreams.

They are symbols of wisdom and awakening. This also applies to their symbolism in dreams. Owls are strong signs that your subconscious mind is trying to send you a message.

The dream bird will guide you towards a possible solution for an issue in your life.

Dreams are often a way to tap into our unconscious mind, and when we sleep, dream images reveal our emotions.

As careful hunters, owls are cautious and they use the dark of the night to hide from their prey. Once they feel safe, they go on the hunt.

When you see the image of an owl in your dreams, then this is a message from yourself deep down.

Something within you wants to remind you of something, and you should listen carefully. Do not ignore any issues that you are facing.

Instead, use the courage that the owl image gives you to face your problems and deal with them.

The owl reminds you that you deserve better and that when you believe in yourself, you can also stand up for your needs.

Do Owls Stand For Good Or Bad Luck?

Owls are night hunters, and anything lurking in the night is often a mystery to people. This can be interpreted in many ways, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

Many cultures consider the owl as a sign of impending death and upcoming change.

This was particularly a strong symbol during the Dark Ages, where owls were associated with witchcraft and wizardry.

Then, people believed that witches transformed into the shape of a bird, such as an owl, so they could wreak havoc and cause chaos.

Luckily, the owl’s reputation has changed a lot over history, and today we perceive this magnificent bird as a symbol of transition, change and new beginnings.

Owls have lost their reputation as bad luck symbols, and they themselves have changed into a sign for good luck that can bring a lot of great opportunities our way.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you see an owl, you should count yourself lucky. This wise animal is sending you a message that it is time to grow mentally and spiritually.

There are new shores awaiting you, and all you have to do is to spread your wings and fly.

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