Are Mediums Real?

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Also known as psychic mediums, mediums are people who claim their ability to speak to the dead through extrasensory perception, telepathy, and clairvoyance.

Are Mediums Real?

Mediumship has come with years of debates, with lots of people disagreeing with their tactics and methods to communicate with spirits and energies that have passed. 

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In a world where people can make rockets and literally fly to the moon and around the solar system, it might not seem too far-fetched that some people can communicate with spirits who have passed.

However, because it can be so easy for someone to claim that they “see the dead”, it’s led to misinformation and disbelief in mediumship. 

So, if you’re wondering whether mediums are real or not, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about mediums and if they are real. 

What Is A Medium?

Before we delve into whether mediums are real or not, let’s take a look at what a medium actually is. 

A psychic medium is someone who claims to have abilities to communicate with people who have passed.

Mediums will typically say that they can communicate with souls and spirits that have transcended to the “other side”, as their energies remain on our planet. 

They claim that they are often the “portal” between the world we know and the “other side” for spirits and energies to use to communicate with their loved ones, or even complete strangers.

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Mediums are sensitive people who use their intuition to pick up on energies, using their own gut feeling and intuition to reveal what spirits are trying to communicate. 

Mediums will use their abilities in a variety of ways. Some mediums are quiet about their abilities and only communicate with energies when necessary, while others (and the vast majority) will profit off their abilities.

These mediums will charge for readings and visits to homes or buildings that are said to be “haunted”, whether by a malevolent energy or a family member who has passed. 

Are Mediums Real?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to whether mediums are real or not.

There have been countless experiments and scientific studies to prove the legitimacy of mediums, held by both skeptics and believers.

Despite such studies, the research is still proven to be…spotted, to say the least. 

Scrutiny comes from both sides. When a skeptic scientist conducts a study about mediumship, there’s already a bias there, which irritates believers and mediums.

When a study supports the claims from mediums, this is met with criticism from the skeptic audience.

So, really, there is no clear scientific answer to prove the legitimacy of mediumship. 

The reality is that there might never be a way to prove the validity of mediumship.

It’s one of those unanswered questions that may only come down to a personal belief system.

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Mediums and believers will often try to persuade non-believers to take part in their communication, and it’s actually encouraged for skeptics to try before they reach a solid conclusion.

Are Mediums Real?

Some skeptics have been convinced by mediumship, while some believers have had instances where their belief system was completely destroyed by a medium who lied to them.

While it’s important to keep an open mind, it’s also not wise to become obsessed with the idea of communicating with the dead. 

How Do Mediums Communicate?

Mediums will communicate with spirits that have passed through a range of methods.

Some will use objects such as tarot cards or Ouija boards, while others will use their intuition to speak out loud, listen for voices, or write down what spirits are saying. 

Modern methods of communicating with spirits that have passed include ghost hunting technology such as a REM pod, flickering torches, music boxes, spirit boxes, and more.

REM pods and temperature readers are used to signify when an energy is nearby, as the technology will beep or show colors to indicate that a spirit is trying to communicate. 

Every medium has their own method of communication. Some prefer to communicate by themselves rather than in a group, while others will rely on the help of other people to communicate.

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However they like to communicate with the dead, it’s not usually through stereotypical means like staring into a crystal ball. 

How To Spot A Fake Medium 

While it might not be easy to say whether a medium is real or not (other than experiencing something so life-changing that it converts you into a believer), it’s easy to spot the fake mediums. 

Firstly, if a medium is being vague in what they say to you, then they might be wanting you to continue the conversation for them to gauge what to say next.

It’s easy enough for them to say “I can see an old woman” and for you to reply with “My grandmother died last year”. So, to catch them off guard, it’s important to not answer questions with detail. 

Unfortunately, fake mediums will use your fear and vulnerability against you.

This is especially true for those who care only for the money they want to make from their “abilities”, because some mediums will charge extortionate amounts for quick and vague readings. 

Not only do these mediums ruin potentially moving experiences that people will often seek to find when they lose a loved one, but it also ruins the livelihood of mediums who are desperately trying to be believed.

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Again, there’s no proof that mediums are real or fake, so if there are legitimate mediums out there, this sets a bad reputation for them. 

If you ever book a session with a medium – whether it’s inviting one into your home or going to a tarot card reading – you should always go in with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Of course, it’s important to keep your mind open, otherwise the medium might pick up on your unwillingness to communicate, which could impact the overall experience. 


So, there you have it. It may never be clear if mediums are real or not, so it’s worth researching and experimenting with mediumship with an open mind and healthy dose of skepticism.

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