Learn the Meaning of the 7 of Pentacles Reversed

Tarot cards can be interesting, to say the least, and with so many cards out there, one needs to know what each of them represents. 

Today, we’ll be taking a look at 7 of the pentacles reversed. What does it mean, and how is it interpreted in different aspects of life? Keep reading to find out.

What Does the 7 of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Mean?

If the 7 of Pentacles reversed appears in your Tarot Spread, then it could potentially mean failing to get achievements. 

It shows that even though you’re working hard and giving it your all, there may not be a worthwhile reward. You could be working hard in different facets, but something would halt your progress each time.

In another sense, it can also mean that you’re the one who’s lacking willpower and direction. Instead of working hard, you may be procrastinating and being lazy. It may be that you’re not using your potential to the fullest, and as a result, you’re getting shortcomings. 

As a result, it can cause frustration, lack of confidence or belief in your abilities, and an overall sense of dreariness in life. This can be an issue if you’re going for long-term success. 

Interpretation of the 7 of Pentacles Reversed

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The 7 of pentacles reversed has different interpretations in specific facets of life. Be it your romantic life, career, or spiritual aspect, all of these will be affected in the end. 

Love and Relationships

The seven of pentacles reversed is not exactly a good card to have in terms of your love life. If you’re in a relationship, then the tarot card may suggest that you’re having difficulties with your significant other. 

It can also reflect that you’re unsure if the person is right for you. Perhaps you’re not convinced if they are truly the one who is meant for you. This can further hinder your relationship as you’d be less willing to make an effort to fix stuff.

Similarly, if you’re not in a relationship, then the 7 of pentacles reversed could indicate a lack of importance for the love aspect of life in your eyes. It may be that you have different priorities and you’re more focused on making money and hustling in the business world rather than taking out time for your emotional relief. 

Regardless of your current position, the card suggests that you’re essentially not doing well with relationships in your life. 

Work and Career

In the case of career, the 7 of pentacles reversed can primarily mean two things. Either you’re too dedicated or not at all. In either case, it suggests you’re unsatisfied with your current situation. 

The tarot card can show a lot of things in this regard. You may have a low sense of confidence, and you’d be working harder every day without feeling a sense of accomplishment. This would make you feel beneath others, and complexity would develop within you. 

In the other case, you could be in the complete opposite situation where you would have no courage to do stuff, nor the willpower. You’d end up wasting time and effort doing absolutely nothing and making no dent in your career. Instead, you’d feel frustrated and likely leave tasks half attended or often get setbacks and delays. 

Overall, the seven pentacles reversed can suggest financial shortcomings. There may be poor investments, a lack of profits, or a bad business loss. 


Like in other aspects, 7 of pentacles reversed in spirituality can mean a confusing direction. You may be frustrated and have negative energy built inside. 

Spiritually, you may not be doing so well, and you’d feel frustrated. This can happen if we’re trying to fight against our destiny. The universe may be trying to send you towards certain goals while you’re using your energy to walk in a different direction.

In such cases, it is better to trust the process and not resist where your fate is taking you. Instead, just try to have good intentions and move wherever the universe takes you with life. A psychic awakening in this period could also help you heavily defeat your struggles with spirituality. 


In terms of health, the reverse of 7 of pentacles can suggest poor choices from the past or perhaps a lack of focus in the present. 

The card may represent health issues or bad lifestyle choices. These can become a cause of concern for your health. You may not be sick, but it could be that your current lifestyle is dangerous for your future. 

Getting this card isn’t necessarily bad, as it could simply be a warning to be mindful of probable health concerns in the future.

This is especially true in the case of pregnancy. If you’re a pregnant woman, then it may be that you’re not as focused on your diet as you should be. Often, changing your diet and becoming more serious about your health can be a good way to go. Sometimes people will venture into the world of psychic healing to fix themselves as well but is it possible?

Can the 7 of Pentacles Reversed be a Positive Card?

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Generally, the reversed position of the seven pentacles is not a good sign. It essentially means a loss of something in your life. However, it heavily gets impacted by your interpretation.

Sometimes losing things can set you in the right direction and make you more mature. It can also help you look at other options in life and explore further. Many times, people are not as goal-oriented, for instance, and struggling in these aspects can become a way to use those shortcomings as fuel for a better tomorrow. 

Rough patches and lack of growth, however, are the most well-known interpretations of the card.


Essentially, the 7 of pentacles reversed is a negative card to have. It suggests a lack of progress in future relationships, bad business management, and poor health habits and is generally a bad omen. 

In many cases, however, you need tarot card combinations to learn more about the situation. If you get the unlucky card, do not worry much and instead have a long-term vision focusing more on future business ventures so that you can make the most out of your life. 

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