What Is A Psychic Awakening?

Not everyone is aware of their psychic abilities from the moment they are born.

In fact, most psychics go through an awakening where their powers become stronger and you become more aware of them. 

So, what exactly is a psychic awakening and how can you find out if you are going through one yourself? 

Here, we are going to be talking about psychic awakenings including what they are, how they differ from spiritual awakenings or awareness, and the common signs of a psychic awakening. 

So, if you want to find out what the signs are for a psychic awakening, then the information you need is down below! 

What Is A Psychic Awakening?

A psychic awakening is the general process someone goes through as they become more aware of their psychic abilities. 

Some psychics believe that everybody has a degree of psychic power within them but some people are naturally more aware or in tune with this ability than others.

While some feel it naturally and can easily be in touch with their own psychic ability, others need time and sometimes a bit of practice to become more aware and thus ‘awakened’ to their own psychic abilities.

Think of it as any other kind of skill or ability. 

Some people are naturally skilled at art and tap into that talent early on, while others require practice, time, and dedication to reach the same level.

The same can be said for psychic abilities – we all have the potential, but some of us find it earlier than others. When we do, we go through a ‘psychic awakening’. 

Psychic Awakenings Vs Spiritual Awareness

Psychic awakening and spiritual awareness are two phrases often used interchangeably when in reality, they actually refer to two different things. 

Psychic awakenings are more defined by the opening of our own hearts, and the feeling of personal and also spiritual growth, as well as a call towards a path of service.

It is a process that connects you to your higher being and allows you to open up to more. 

Spiritual awareness, however, is different.

Spiritual awakenings and awareness focuses solely on yourself and your sensitivity while psychic awakenings also make you aware of others.

Signs of a spiritual awakening include a sudden change in your behavior, a deepening of your own emotions, and a growing sense of happiness based on your lifestyle choices and freedom. 

While some of these signs are similar to a psychic awakening, there are certain signs that make a psychic awakening completely different – but what are they? 

Let’s take a look at the common signs of a psychic awakening! 

Common Signs Of A Psychic Awakening

What Is A Psychic Awakening?

Here are some of the most common signs of a psychic awakening.

Take a look so you can further understand what a psychic awakening means and how it affects a person. 

Dreams Become Vivid

Everybody dreams but if your dreams have suddenly become more frequent and vivid, then this is a sign that you are undergoing a psychic awakening.

They may contain signs or symbols that seem strange to you but these are usually messages that are being passed on by your subconscious to your normal self. 

As a result, these vivid dreams often  stay with you and you are able to recall them long after you have awakened.

This is the difference between normal dreaming and psychic dreaming – we all dream every single night but most of us forget what we dreamt of as we wake up or not long after we wake.

A sign of psychic awakening is that you are constantly remembering your dreams and they are sticking with you throughout the day. 

You may ever find that your sleep has become disturbed.

Whether you are dreaming or not, constantly waking up and falling back asleep at strange, irregular hours could be a sign that you are going through a psychic awakening.

You Become Sensitive To Other People’s Energies

A spiritual part of a psychic awakening often involves an increased sensitivity to energies.

This means that being surrounded by lots of people, or a certain type of people with particular energies, can result in you feeling overwhelmed or tired where you used to be fine in the past.  

This kind of sensitivity can also lead to confusion as you may begin to sense that people are not meaning what they are saying, or there is a mismatch between their emotions and words.

Some psychics have described it as knowing the truth when someone else doesn’t or won’t admit it to themselves or others. 

This can also lead to more precise ‘understandings’ – including knowledge about certain people or events that you cannot explain. 

Some psychics have even complained of strange sensations and a sudden attraction to crystals and other stones or tools that psychics use.

This could be because the over abundance of energy that you are now taking in is blocking your chakras (hence the strange sensations) and the desire to use tools to help empty out all those negative energies that are affecting you. 

You Become Dissatisfied With Your Life

‘Dissatisfied’ may not be the exact emotion you are feeling but a sudden change in your goals and feelings are definitely a huge sign that you are going through a psychic awakening and is the key difference between a spiritual and psychic awakening. 

Some psychics explain that they feel ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘unhappy’ with their situation even though they should be. Some even feel isolated, as though no one understands them. 

These are signs that you are experiencing a higher calling to a different path, one that utilizes your heightened awareness and psychic abilities.

You will be compelled to make drastic changes to your life to try and fit yourself into a lifestyle that better suits your new awakened abilities. 

Final Thoughts

So, a psychic awakening is often described as a process where your psychic abilities become heightened and improve your sensitivity to energies and emotions. 

You will experience a range of different signs from feeling dissatisfied with your lifestyle to suddenly having vivid and memorable dreams every night.

If you think that you are experiencing a psychic awakening then don’t worry, you’re not alone and your path is one experienced by many other people all around the world.

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