What Color Pen Should I Use For Manifestation? (8 Options)

Manifestations can help you achieve your hopes and dreams and make them become a reality.

One of the methods of doing this is to write down your aspirational thoughts but before you begin, there are a few things you should consider to ensure that your manifestations have the best chance of success.

What Color Pen Should I Use For Manifestation? (8 Options)

One of these is the color of the ink you use when writing. In this article, we will look at eight different color options to help you choose which pen to use for manifestations.

1. Red Colored Ink For Manifestations

Red Colored Ink for Manifestations

Red has long been considered the color of passion and love and you can use this to help with your manifestations.

The color red helps you put large amounts of energy and emotion into your written manifestations and this is what you need for success.

When performing any kind of magic, red is a color that can act quickly so if you want your manifestations to become real as soon as possible, then red is a great color to choose.

As well as being a fast-acting color, red is also a great choice when writing manifestations concerning passion, love, and lust. You should also use it for any manifestations related to fire energy.

2. Pink Colored Ink For Manifestations

Pink Colored Ink For Manifestations

Like red, pink can also be used for love-related manifestations but it has a lighter and sweeter connotation than red.

Pink is seen as a soft and sweet color so it’s ideal for writing manifestations that deal with self-love and beauty while also requiring a softer touch.

For example, we would recommend using pink colored ink in a situation such as when you have a crush.

If you want to soften your crush’s thoughts of you so that they will pay more attention and notice you, then pink is a great color for this. Pink can help speed up this manifestation due to its inert sweetness and love.

Pink is also the perfect color for beauty rituals and affirmations. You can use pink when writing manifestations about both internal and external beauty.

3. Orange Colored Ink For Manifestations

Orange Colored Ink For Manifestations

Orange is the color of energy, creativity, and vigor. This makes orange-colored ink the perfect choice for manifestations requesting aid when dealing with artistic endeavors.

You should also use orange for manifestation requests that are mentally stimulating.

As orange is the color of creativity and energy, you can also use it for birth. This refers to both the birth of both creative ideas and new endeavors as well as the birth of new life, such as pregnancy. 

4. Yellow Colored Ink For Manifestations

Yellow Colored Ink For Manifestations

Like orange, yellow is also an energetic color. Yellow is also the color of willpower, so it is the ideal color when writing manifestations that request more energy or power around your intentions.

We would recommend using yellow pens when you’re facing periods of lacking focus and determination in your life. Yellow can help you manifest both of these.

Yellow can also be used when manifesting any goals that involve your career or larger goals in life.

You should also consider yellow pens for instances where you need to be more dominant and extroverted. Think about using yellow for job interviews or important meetings.

Yellow is also strongly associated with the sun and sunlight, so this makes it a great choice when you want to manifest something positive in your life and manifest it quickly.

5. Green Colored Ink For Manifestations

Green Colored Ink For Manifestations

There are many different themes associated with the color green, making green pens useful for a wide variety of manifestations.

Green is considered to be the color of both green and abundance. This makes it the perfect color for any manifestations involving prosperity, money, and wealth.

If you need a quick injection of cash, then green is the color you should use when writing your requests.

As well as hoping to direct manifest money, you can also use green for situations that will lead to more wealth. For example, use green when you’re chasing a promotion or a lottery win.

6. Blue Colored Ink For Manifestations

Blue Colored Ink For Manifestations

Whether it’s for manifestations, interior decor, or other situations, the color blue is commonly associated with feelings of peace and calm.

Blue is seen as a soothing color that can help you relax, and that’s why blue pens are great for manifestations related to mental health, as well as a general sense of peace and calm in your life.

Consider using a blue pen when you need some more calm in your life. If you find that your mind is racing and your thoughts are too scattered, then manifestations written in blue can help to calm and focus your mind.

This will help you get back on track and deal with any problems or tasks that you need to deal with.

As well as being associated with calm, blue is also the color of the throat chakra.

This chakra is the center that is associated with being able to communicate effectively and speak your mind, so blue is also the best color for manifestations that deal with communication.

7. Purple Colored Ink For Manifestations

Purple Colored Ink For Manifestations

If you’re looking for ink for spirituality and intuition, then purple is what you need. Purple is best for manifestations related to the Divine and also for boosting or realizing psychic abilities.

For example, if you’re looking to begin or improve your tarot reading skills, use a purple pen for your manifestations.

8. Black Colored Ink For Manifestations

Black Colored Ink For Manifestations

The final color we will look at is one of the most common pen inks. As it’s so common, this makes it a great color for general and universal manifestations so you can use it for anything. 

However, we would recommend black specifically if you are looking to banish something from your life or need to put some protection into your manifestations.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we ran through the eight most common pen colors and explained when best to use each one when writing manifestations.

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