Tsunami Dream – Meanings And Dream Plots

Some dreams you want to come true, while others you just hope that they won’t ever become reality and you are glad it was all just a dream.

Tsunami Dream – Meanings And Dream Plots

As climate change becomes more prominent in our life, catastrophes such as tsunamis also happen more often in our world. This means, we also end up seeing them a lot more in our dreams.

In this article, we take a closer look at some tsunami dreams and what they mean. 

What It Means When You See A Tsunami In Your Dreams

Dreaming of a tsunami can have a range of different meanings.

You Feel Overwhelmed

When we see something bigger than us in a dream, then this can indicate that we feel overwhelmed.

A tsunami is usually much bigger than any human and even some buildings, so when you see a large wall of water approaching then this can mean that you feel something is threatening to overwhelm you.

You Are Anxious

Many catastrophes on our world can make us feel anxious, so when there is a tsunami appearing in your dreams then this hints at you feeling pressured in your life.

This could be that you feel the heavy burden at your workplace or in your family life. If you don’t share your worries or troubles with anyone then this stress can show in your dreams at night in the image of a tsunami.

You may also be afraid of losing control or someone important in your life. When a situation overwhelms and burdens you, then you might dream of a tsunami.

It’s A Sign Of Growth

While a tsunami brings a lot of death and destruction, it also clears the path for new life. 

This means that when you see a tsunami, then something in you wants to grow and smooth the path ahead.

This is especially true, if you currently go through a big time of change in your workplace, character or relationship.

A Time Of Change

A tsunami dream may mean that you are in the middle of a big life change or you are looking at possibly changing something in your personal or professional life.

Maybe you are looking for a new job or you have to deal with the break-down of your relationship.

You Are Afraid Of Water

If you have had a traumatic experience relating to water, such as a near drowning, then this fear of water can show as a tsunami in your dreams.

This deep-seated trauma may come up now and then, when you might wonder what you or someone else could have done differently to prevent it.

As these dramatic feelings of traumatic experiences of the past are often suppressed, they only show subconsciously in our dreams.

Tsunami Dream Plots

Tsunami Dream Plots

Different dream scenarios can have various meanings. Here are a few of the most common tsunami scenarios that can come up in a dream.

A Tsunami Coming Towards You

If you are dreaming of a tidal wave or tsunami coming directly towards you, then you could be facing a life-changing event.

This could be negative or positive but it’s almost imminent. You can feel that it will have a big impact on your life, and you need to prepare for this significant change.

Seeing A Tsunami

Simply seeing a tsunami in your dream can symbolize a large problem you have been aware of but ignored for some time.

However, you can only ignore it for so much longer until it will affect your life in a good or bad way.

Whatever the reason why you chose to ignore the problem, you know that the longer you leave it untouched, the more destructive it will be in the end. 

Seeing A Tsunami From A Distance

If you see a tsunami from a safe distance, then you recognize that there is an issue which could be potential destructive.

The more threatened you feel in the dream, the more impact the tsunami will have. This means that this issue could potentially affect you in the future, even if you are safe now.

Seeing A Tsunami Threat On The News Or TV

If you are watching the news or TV in your dream and you see a tsunami or tidal wave, then you may not know all the facts about the event yet.

This means that you will need to find out first what this threatening problem in your life is and how it could affect you.

Running Away From A Tsunami

When you try to escape a tsunami in your dreams, then this indicates that you are trying to run away from an obvious problem or your feelings about this issue.

You are trying to escape these repressed emotions but you will need to acknowledge these feelings to resolve the problem.

Drowning In A Tsunami

If you end up drowning in your dream tsunami, then this symbolizes that you are unhappy and overwhelmed in your present life.

There is no way that you can escape an overwhelming problem, and you also don’t see an option to survive by swimming with the wave, so you give in to the struggles.

People Disappearing In A Tsunami

If you are watching a tsunami in your dream and you see strangers or loved ones disappear in the waves, then this can hint at your feelings that you worry about harming someone.

If you see your partner or a family member die in a tsunami in your dream, then you may be concerned that an issue may hurt your loved ones.

A Tsunami Destroying Your Town Or City

The city or town you live in is your safe space, so when you see it destroyed in a tsunami in your dreams, then this means you feel that you are losing your sense of security.

Nothing feels safe anymore and you feel threatened that you could possibly lose everything.

Final Thoughts

A tsunami is always a frightening and terrifying experience, even when you just see it in your dreams.

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