Spiritual Meaning of a Double Rainbow- 15 Symbolic Facts! (Explained)

Rainfall is essential for various life processes, such as the growth of plants and the provision of food to all living things.

Yet, when rain falls, the atmosphere is dark and gloomy. On such days, the rainbow appears, and its beautiful and cheery colors give us a reason to smile.

Spiritual Meaning of a Double Rainbow

A double rainbow is rare but does occur. So, more than a beautiful picture, a double rainbow should have a spiritual significance when it appears.

This article explains the spiritual meaning of a double rainbow and helps you appreciate its occurrence.

Fun Facts About Rainbows

Every culture has beliefs about the rainbow and its spiritual significance. Yet, they all believe that the rainbow symbolizes fortune and goodness.

Interestingly, there are a few notable facts about the rainbow that you might know. Let’s discuss some of these:

  • Grace and Hope: In Christianity, God gave the rainbow to man to show that He would never destroy the world again with water. So, whenever they see the rainbow, it reminds them of God’s faithfulness and gives hope that there are better days ahead.
  • Isaac Newton solved the puzzle of rainbow formation in the 17th century. Before then, people only believed that it was a sign from God.
  • The rainbow has 7 unique colors that blend into one another. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
  • Romans and Greeks believe that a double rainbow is a path through which their gods move between heaven and earth.
  • The highest period that a rainbow has lasted is 9 hours.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Double Rainbow

Sometimes we get so in awe of its beauty that we neglect the spiritual meaning of a double rainbow.

So, even when the universe speaks to us through this rare phenomenon, we do not mind it. 

Yet, because the universe always watches out for us, it leaves us several pockets of love messages in a double rainbow. Some of these include:

1.Fortune and Wealth

A double rainbow is a sign of goodness and favor. It may hold the message of material wealth for you. This implies that you may get a sudden fortune or increase at your business or workplace. 

It may also signify luck, and you may win gifts or favor at this time. You will be wealthy shortly when the rainbow arc is closer to the ground.

The lower arc of the rainbow implies that these gifts will get to you faster since the bearers of such gifts have easier access to you when the arc is closest to the ground. 

Yet, it would be best if you recalled that rainbows often appear after heavy rains and thunderstorms.

So, although you expect great times and wealth, you may first experience dark and gloomy times. During these times, you must keep hope and trust in the promise of better days.

Becoming gloomy and sad is detrimental to you, as such moods may translate as doubt and unbelief. It may also put off the good spirits lurking with your gifts. 

2.Transformation and Change

There is a significant difference between the dark and heavy rains and the feeling of joy a double rainbow brings in its wake.

So, another spiritual meaning of a double rainbow is transformation. It implies that although you might have had a string of bad times or downs, it is time for a change. 

When you see a double rainbow, you might be getting a raise at work or going through significant changes in your career.

Sometimes, it also implies that you are going through growth and transformation in your personal life. 

Double rainbows always accompany newness and fresh starts. So, this may be a sign that you are on course if you are going through personal changes or transformations in your life and career.

Transformation is man’s worst nightmare, as we would prefer a consistent state without change. Change is scary and requires growth and acceptance of mistakes.

Yet, the universe sends the double rainbow to reassure you and soothe your burdens. It is a vivid message that you are not alone and will get positive results shortly.

3.Spiritual Growth

The spiritual meaning of a double rainbow is the need for spiritual growth if the rainbow has bow arcs faint. It is the universe’s call to you to focus on your spiritual progress.

The universe understands that you must balance your spiritual growth with physical achievements to find great success.

After this, you will make clear and positive choices which will translate to improved prosperity. 

To achieve spiritual progress, you must be intentional about growing and being in sync with your inner self. This may involve engaging in various spiritual exercises such as meditation, fasting, and breathing.

During these periods, you must be conscious of every part of your environment and learn from everything.

It is also possible to go through a phase of spiritual enlightenment at this time. This involves an enhancement of your spiritual senses and gifts. 

Other Spiritual Meanings of a Double Rainbow

When you see a double rainbow, these should come to mind:

  • The first rainbow represents the physical world and everything that manifests within it. The second rainbow signifies the spiritual dimension and heavenly bodies.
  • A lower arching double rainbow holds clues and messages for people. These messages may be personal and unique to each recipient. Your interpretation of such messages depends on the current stage of your spiritual or personal life.
  • The colors of the rainbow each have a spiritual meaning, and the color that best calls to you sends a personal message. This knowledge helps you to be intentional about watching a double rainbow.
  • A double rainbow with a higher arch often represents messages from otherworldly bodies and heavenly beings. So, they are not subject to your interpretation. It would help if you listened keenly to all the events around you so as not to miss the messages these spiritual guides are trying to pass you.
  • The double rainbow always stirs you towards purpose and joy. Every message it gives makes you want to live fully and become the best version of yourself.


There is a spiritual meaning of a double rainbow for everyone. These unique and personal messages will guide you through your life and encourage you to push further.

When you do not consider this, you may live in sadness and grief when things do not work your way. 

The double rainbow is special and has the unique ability to usher blessings into your life. So, watch out and be open to receiving all this beautiful rainbow brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are also helpful in explaining the spiritual meaning of a double rainbow:

What does it mean to see a double rainbow?

The spiritual meaning of a double rainbow is newness and transformation. After heavy rains and seasons of darkness and gloom, you need cheering.

Rainbows, with their bright spectrum of colors, lighten you up. A double rainbow implies that although you might be doing well at present, there are opportunities for self-discovery and growth. 

When life presents you with such sights, embrace the meaning and be intentional about getting better at being yourself.

What is the spiritual meaning of a rainbow?

A rainbow is a connection between heaven and earth. It gives a message of hope and transformation. After the heavy rains have passed, it appears as a reminder that the sun will shine again. 

So, a rainbow stirs you to try again even if you have failed in past ventures. It reminds you that a new day brings fresh opportunities in its wake.

What does a double rainbow mean in Norse mythology?

In the Norse culture, a double rainbow represents the bridge between heaven and earth. They believe angels come to earth to bless people with gifts and good fortune.

And so, just like the Eastern cultures, they see the double rainbow as a sign of good luck and fortune.


Every double rainbow holds a spiritual meaning and bestows benevolence on all within its reach.

Although science has an explanation for the rainbow, we know that it is a sign that we are not alone and we have help from our spiritual guides. 

Goodness and grace are abundant, and the universe uses everything to teach life lessons. To be great inhabitants of the earth and achieve our purpose, we must stay in tune with all the universe has to teach.

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