Snake Plant Spiritual Meaning- 15 Symbolic Facts! (Explained)

Snake plants are beautiful succulents that grow in all climes and quickly adapt to all management conditions.

It is one of the favorites of houseplant parents as it is easy to groom and grow, even for busy plant parents.

Although snake plants are the most sought-after plant for air purification, their spiritual advantages are no less significant.

This essay will discuss the main spiritual advantages and significance of snake plants.

Yet, we know that all of the universe’s creations are teaching aids for its inhabitants and tools with which it passes messages of goodwill and blessings.

This article extensively discusses snake plant spiritual meaning and gives you an insight into all this beautiful plant could be saying to you. 

It is time to learn that beyond its looks, the snake plant is a sentinel and emissary in your home.

Facts About Snake Plants

The first impression of the snake plant is that it looks like a quirky green tongue.

This earns it its nicknames of Devil’s Tongue and Mother-in-Law’s tongue. Interestingly, there are other facts about these plants that we unconsciously overlook.

Appreciating these facts will help us examine the snake plant spiritual meaning. 

Some of these facts include:

1. A Natural Purifier

The snake plant is one succulent that can suck up putrid air and keep your living space clean.

This is because photosynthesis requires the carbon dioxide in our expired air to create its energy. 

So, our poison becomes its food source. It also helps that its leaves are modified and do not require high oxygen levels during plant respiration.

Research shows that the snake plant also expels harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde from home spaces. 

So, if there is no snake plant spiritual meaning (of course there is), you can rely on the incredible health benefits of this fantastic plant.

2. Easy Beauty

Gardening is a jealous hobby. It requires time, energy, and constant care. So, having the snake plant is a relief to busy houseplant parents.

This is because it is an independent plant that can survive little tending. It does not require routine watering and does well in indirect sunlight.

And you get away with being a lousy plant parent and still have healthy, beautiful plants.

If it does not teach anything, the snake plant spiritual meaning is that it gives allowance for grievances and does not take misconduct to heart. 

3. Healing Salve

The snake plant helps to keep the indoor air clean from toxic compounds such as toluene, carbon dioxide, xylene, and formaldehyde.

They also help by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere to help to keep respiratory allergies at basal levels by keeping free moving dust and dander under control.

Generally, houseplants boost the mental health of the inhabitants of the house. So, having snake plants as a plant pet benefits every aspect of your life.

Its sap can helps with inflammation, wounds, and burns, relieve minor ailments such as headaches and parasite infestation and boost the immune system.

Snake Plant Spiritual Meaning

There are several snake plant spiritual meanings, and the interpretations of the universe’s messages may differ due to a person’s understanding and surrounding situations.

Therefore, in this article, the snake plant spiritual meaning aims to guide you into looking at the snake plants from a holistic viewpoint.

Here are some snake plant spiritual meanings:

1. Favor

 The snake plant is believed to dispel evil and channel positive energy into its environment.

So, the snake plant not only looks beautiful in your living space, it brings you favor from all ends. Goodness fills the place when there is no evil or bad luck in your space. 

This is necessary as the days are full of evil, and everyone needs a break.

When the universe uses the green plants around you to project its love and goodwill into your life, career, and relationship, you should receive its gift joyfully.

Reports show that when an evil person gets into a space with the snake plant, they feel uncomfortable and may have to leave.

Therefore, they will not be able to cause harm or carry out their evil plans.  

2. New Beginning

The snake plant can look dry and almost dead in adverse conditions. It can undergo pest infestation or disease processes that affect all parts of the plant.

Yet, unlike other plants, it returns to a healthy state if the source of infection is absent. 

This holds a spiritual message from the universe that you can have new beginnings despite your past circumstances or choices.

You have so much to give, and the universe will support you with new opportunities to start again.

Just as you do not give up on your sick snake plant and try to remove the offending pest, condition, or disease, the universe will nurture you to health.

It would help if you never lost an opportunity to improve or do new things. You may have failed in the past and suffered grievances from those you trusted.

Yet, when the universe presents opportunities to try again, it tells you that it has not given up on you.

It would be best to never give up on yourself, gifts, skills, and opportunities.

3. Positivity

If you have gone into a greenhouse or entered the fields during the summer, you would understand the peace that accompanies being one with nature.

The snake plant is a potent air purifier. It absorbs poisonous atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide and toluene.

It also dampens the effects of airborne allergens such as dust and dander. 

Yet, it is not just a physical atmospheric cleaner but has a shielding effect against negative energy.

This disallows sadness and evil to hover over the space that houses the snake plant. Since they are hardy, they do not wilt quickly, creating a barrier against negative energy.

4. Prosperity and Good Luck

An easy way to bring more luck to your home is by introducing the snake plant to your living space.

Although the spikes denote lousy energy, the snake plant is one plant packed with good Feng Shui and is a lucky plant.

These spikes are terrible for your enemies and keep evil away by being prickly.

For you, it only holds good luck and promises to give you clarity and zeal for skillful application of knowledge and wealth building in your chosen field.

5. Improve Value

Some West African countries believe that the snake plant can remove evil eyes and protect people against harm.

The snake plant is precious in China because it provides the eight value virtues.

Hence, even if you do not naturally have these values, getting a snake plant helps improve everything around you.

So, these plants are valuable gifts in these climes and are often present at housewarming celebrations or in new business places.

6. Snake Plant and Capricorn

The snake plant is often associated with the Capricorn Zodiac sign. These people are hard workers and ambitious.

So, the hardy and accommodating snake plant is the best description of this zodiac sign.

If you are looking for a gift for the Capricorn employer or friend, this is a go-to gift. 

7. Growth and Change

The home or living space is a place of comfort and introspection. The snake plant creates a transparent atmosphere for deep thoughts and meditation.

Keeping the negative energy out of the door, the snake plant helps you rebuild your goals and priorities in your safe place.

This accounts for holistic growth in your life and career. Change is complex and requires acceptance and awareness of your current state.

This can only happen when there is a clear path for your thoughts. By cleansing the atmosphere, the snake plant helps you piece together all the information about yourself.

This way, you are attuned to the universe and your divine guides who help you to make wise choices.

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Fun Fact

Although the snake plant has health benefits to the plant parents and cleanses the living space, it can be toxic to house pets when ingested.

So, you must keep dogs and cats away from this plant to prevent poisoning.


The snake plant is one of the easy-going houseplants with vast benefits for the plant parent.

It is not only easy to propagate and groom, but it also has health benefits, and its presence in space lightens up the mood.

Yet, it has the spiritual implication of good luck and shutting out negativity and bad omen.

This is a complete package in one green plant; you can never go wrong with one of these in your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

People also wanted to know:

What does a snake plant mean and symbolize?

At first glance, the spikes on the snake plant make it look evil, but this is not the case with this plant.

The snake plant is a symbol of good luck and purity. It wards off evil and surrounds the living space with positivity and good health.

What is the spiritual meaning of snake?

There are several spiritual meanings for the snake plant. Generally, they clear toxic spirits from the atmosphere and keep the house’s inhabitants away from evil.

It also promotes good luck and gives valuable virtues to the houseplant parents.

Are snake plants good luck?

Yes, these plants have the spiritual implication of good luck.

Snake plant parents are also generally more productive because the plant absorbs toxic chemicals from the atmosphere, leaving it clear and clean. 

This results in the plant parent’s good physical and mental health and improves working conditions.

And so, it helps them to be at peace with their external and internal environment.

What is snake plant in feng shui?

In Feng shui, snake plants are lucky plants that confer the universe’s goodwill to the plant parents.

When your plant is happy and healthy, you have a great mood and experience holistic positivity. 


The snake plant is beautiful and elegant. It is a non-problematic plant and requires little grooming and tending.

Yet, it infuses the air with so much health and positivity that it is contagious.

Hence the snake plant spiritual meaning is limitless, but you can be sure that the universe is rooting for you and leading you toward excellence. 

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