15 Healing Crystals For Nightmares And Night Terrors

Nightmares are a common occurrence that can be very disturbing to our normal, everyday routines.

Not only are they a distressing experience, but they are also just generally unpleasant, as well as taxing on our physical and psychological well-being. 

15 Healing Crystals For Nightmares And Night Terrors

When it comes to preventing nightmares, there are all sorts of different things that you can try, such as avoiding caffeine and any other kind of stimulants before going to bed, maintaining consistent patterns when it comes to your sleeping habits, and following a regular exercise routine. 

There are other, holistic methods that you can try when it comes to coping with nightmares too, such as healing crystals.

Both healing stones and crystals have been used for generations as a method of holistic healing, and so if this is a healing method that you are interested in, then you can find crystals to help for all manner of issues, including night terrors and nightmares. 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at fifteen different crystals that can you can try out when it comes to helping with nightmares. Let’s get started. 

1. Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite

A variety of Calcite stone, Pink Calcite tends to crystallize into large, mass formations and is made up of the mineral that is calcium carbonate. 

When it comes to what Pink Calcite is known for, it has a soothing and tender energy that is thought to bring a level of serenity and calmness. Seeing as nightmares can be triggered by anxiety and stress, Pink Calcite is certainly a suitable choice. 1.

As well as being a stone that emphasizes soothing energy, it is also one that might be able to release the trauma that is caused by night terrors. 

2. Amethyst


One of the most well-known therapies associated with the pretty purple crystal that is amethyst is the aiding of insomnia and nightmares, making it one of the most suitable choices for these problems. 

Amethysts are also known for being used as a proactive crystal, thanks to being a gem that has a high level of vibrations. 

As well as that, Amethyst is also a natural tranquilizer, featuring energy that is able to resonate with the dreaming stage of sleep, hence why it works so well to aid with insomnia. 

For restful sleep and the dispelling of negative feelings, then Amethyst is definitely the crystal for you. 

3. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

This particular variant of tourmaline is a crystalline borosilicate mineral that has a black hue thanks to the titanium that is embedded within the molecular structure of the mineral.

The black tourmaline is a complex and spiritual grounding stone, known for dispelling negativity, such as those that are associated with bad dreams and night terrors. 

The grounding nature of black tourmaline encourages self-confidence and strong connections with those around you, helping to reinforce a positive attitude.

A better mindset can be a great help when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, which can also help to dispel bad dreams in the process. 

4. Aquamarine


Aquamarine is named for the Latin phrase aqua marinus- translating to “water of the sea”- and the stone has a sparkling turquoise color. The crystal is known for evoking the relaxing and exhilarating nature of the sea.

The crystal also has a cleansing and calming nature, making it an excellent choice for calming an overactive mind and reducing stress and therefore being a suitable crystal for use with issues related to sleep, such as nightmares. 

5. Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

The kambaba jasper is an ancient sedimentary fossil made up of prehistoric algae, which is what gives it a distinctive greenish blue color along with its black swirl and spot patterns. 

Considered to be a stone of spiritual confidence, the kambaba jasper encourages positive personal development and happiness via the calming of both the mind and body in order to allow the user to let go of their worries and stresses. 

As well as this, the kambaba jasper is also a crystal that encourages being kind to yourself by alleviating any negativity the user has that is directed towards themselves, which can be beneficial to better mental and physical health as well as better sleep in the long run. 

6. Hematite


Considered to be one of the strongest grounding stones when it comes to minerals and crystals, Hematite is an iron ore that is made from iron oxide crystals. 

This powerful grounding crystal is linked to the idea of both personal survival and security thanks to the strong energetic stability properties that the crystal offers.

Hematite is basically the security blanket of healing crystals, helping to promote shielding against negative energy so that you can protect yourself from the negative feelings that can lead to nightmares. 

7. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

One of the most common forms of the popular Quartz stone, Rose Quartz is a crystal that is known to encourage loving vibes, such as unconditional love, emotional healing, and peaceful feelings. 

As well as this, Rose Quartz is also a crystal that is known for encouraging and emphasizing the idea of self-love and building your inner peace in this manner. 

This is a crystal that can be useful when it comes to improving your sleeping patterns and improving your positivity in regard to your self-worth, which can then lead to a decline in any nightmares that you might be dealing with. 

8. Selenite


The clear, white Quartz crystal that is Selenite represents positive energy and purification. It is all about clarity, purity, protection, and cleansing to start new beginnings when it comes to selenite.

This focus on cleansing the mind can promote a new mindset if you find that you are struggling with negativity, which as we all know can lead to bad dreams and night terrors.

The emphasis on relieving negative energy via cleansing and clarity makes selenite a top contender when it comes to nightmare dispelling crystals. 

9. Prehnite


Prehnite is a green, silicate crystal that tends to form within stalactites and in large clusters. 

The crystal has various properties that it is well known for, such as positive spiritual development, good fortune, personal growth, and learning to name a few. 

These properties can lead to a sense of peace and can encourage self-protection and positive personal improvements thanks to that focus on personal development. 

These properties make Prehnite an excellent crystal when it comes to preventing nightmares, but also in regard to understanding them and pinpointing the cause of them. 

10. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

A grayish brown, translucent Quartz crystal, Smoky Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal- much like the other kinds of quartz- that gets its dark, smoky color from the free silicon that is formed by the silicon dioxide of the crystal, caused by natural irradiation. 

As a healing crystal, Smoky Quartz is known for its grounding vibrations, which can neutralize negative emotions whilst also promoting the importance of positive thoughts as well as releasing fear. 

This release of fear promotes a restful night, which is an incredibly important factor when it comes to reducing nightmares and night terrors. 

11. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This is a particularly popular crystal thanks to its attention-grabbing rich, dark blue/indigo color. The crystal itself is a sodium aluminum, silicate-rich mineral that is mixed in with a metamorphic rock.

Lapis Lazuli is another crystal that promotes inner peace by encouraging the release of anxiety. It also promotes the expression of our true, innermost feelings as one of the primary methods of releasing that aforementioned anxiety. 

Nightmares and night terrors are often thought to be the manifestation of our subconscious fears and worries, and so being able to rid yourself of these negative fears is essential to healing your sleeping patterns.

This is where Lapis Lazuli can be incredibly beneficial, thanks to that focus on expressing our emotions honestly and releasing them to promote the reduction of anxiety, therefore leading to better sleep. 

Not only that, but Lapis Lazuli can also promote restful sleep thanks to the emphasis that the crystal places on tranquility and harmony when it comes to our inner thoughts.

12. Sodalite


Sodalite is a particularly striking crystal, thanks to its dark blue core with milky white marble-like tones running through it. 

In terms of aiding with nightmares, sodalite is a particularly effective crystal thanks to the properties that it has. Sodalite is a crystal with a strong focus on improving rational and logical thinking in order to stabilize the more chaotic mindset.

Untamed, negative thoughts can be a key factor when it comes to the causes of night terrors and nightmares, and so this can be a particularly useful property. 

This is also a crystal that emphasizes the importance of clarity with our thoughts so that we can clearly recognize when they are becoming unruly and if they could be causing issues with sleep patterns. 

The sodalite crystal is also one that seeks to improve and enhance intuition so that poor sleeping habits and routines can be recognized more easily. 

13. Angelite


Another crystal that emphasizes the importance of soothing and calming energy, Angelite- which is also known as Blue Anhydrite- is an anhydrous calcium sulfate mineral that is often associated with Halites and Calcites and tends to form in masses.  

The protective nature of Angelite is one that encourages the user to shield themselves from negative, harmful energies that can affect the subconscious as well as the conscious mind. 

As mentioned, the subconscious is often what is thought to be the cause of nightmares, and so Angelite can be a particularly useful crystal for this kind of issue.

14. Lepidolite


Lepidolite is a rose, lilac, and gray-colored crystal that is part of the mica group of minerals, relating to a group of silicate minerals that have particular physical characteristics.

Although mostly made up of lithium, Lepidolite also features aluminum and potassium and is one of the most common mica minerals. 

This is a crystal that emphasizes the dissipation of negativity via in-depth emotional healing. This healing has a particular focus on releasing negative psychological and behavioral patterns that can cause nightmares. 

As well as that, Lepidolite is also a crystal known for encouraging restful sleep thanks to its focus on reliving exhaustion and promoting peaceful thoughts and emotions. 

15. Chrysoprase


Chrysoprase is a gemstone that features a small amount of nickel and has a distinctive apple green color (though this can sometimes vary to a deeper green shade). 

This stone is a crypto crystalline gem, meaning that it is composed of incredibly fine crystals. These crystals are fine to the point where they can’t be seen as separate and distinct particles when magnified as normal. 

In terms of healing, chrysoprase is known for promoting harmony and serenity, as well as stability and emotional balance. It is a popular crystal to use for evening mediations thanks to its calming aura, which is the perfect state of mind to be in before going to sleep. 

This is also a crystal that promotes the general improvement of emotional health- such as empathy, self-love, and personal growth- which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to preventing nightmares and night terrors. 

This combination of promoting emotional health alongside the calming properties of the crystal makes chrysoprase a fantastic choice in regard to a crystal to be used when dealing with disruptive sleep problems.  

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen crystals that are well known for their relaxing and soothing effects, making them suitable choices when it comes to crystals for night terrors and nightmares.

If you’re suffering from these kinds of issues, and you want to utilize crystals to help you out, make sure that you do so alongside more traditional methods, such as maintaining a proper diet and establishing an exercise routine.

So that you cover all bases and improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep that is restful and free of night terrors and nightmares.

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