What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks?

Many people believe that it is a good idea to get themselves some jewelry or other amulets to help to protect them from the forces of evil. Oftentimes, this can be very beneficial and works extremely well.

What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks

However, as with any other kind of jewelry, these types are not immune from becoming broken. The real issue with this though is that if these protective pieces of jewelry break – does that mean anything?

Does this mean you are no longer protected from evil or the bracelet was broken due to the forces of evil?

Well, the short answer is that sometimes a broken evil eye bracelet means absolutely nothing – but other times, it can be a sign of something much darker.

This guide will explain everything, from what an evil eye bracelet is, how you can use it and what it might mean when they break. 

Read on to learn more. 

What Is An Evil Eye Bracelet?

At its most simplest form, an evil eye bracelet is an amulet or type of jewelry which acts as a form of protection from the forces of evil. There is a lot of spiritual meaning regarding this bracelet and it can help you feel much more confident and protected in your everyday life. 

Generally, these bracelets are gold or silver with small lockets or charms that look like eyes, and they can be worn by anyone of any age. 

They do not necessarily have to be worn as jewelry either – they can be wrapped around furniture in your home or left on your bedside as protection for the whole house.

These bracelets are ancient and highly mystical which many believe have the power to deflect powerful evil forces from you by using defensive magic. 

It’s generally believed that these amulets are impenetrable, but this is not entirely true. In fact, some evil eye bracelets are quite easily broken depending on how they are made and where you have purchased them from. 

This is why it is not always a huge problem if you see that your evil eye bracelet has broken. It could be as simple as the materials are cheap and easily torn apart. 

However, as protection from evil is usually accepted as a guarantee when it comes to this bracelet – it can often be extremely concerning for your protection if your bracelet does break. 

Can An Evil Eye Bracelet Actually Break?

As we mentioned, it’s often believed that an evil eye bracelet is impenetrable – but this is simply not true. Therefore, it is quite possible for your evil eye bracelet to break.

There are two major reasons that this might have happened. The first and perhaps most obvious reason why your evil eye bracelet has broken is due to you, or someone else, putting too much pressure onto the amulet and this has caused the chain to come apart.

On the same point, you may have left the bracelet in an area of exposure (such as outdoors), and over time, the integrity of the amulet has become compromised and therefore, much easier to become damaged and fall apart. 

The second major reason why your evil eye bracelet may have broken though is because it has absorbed too much energy and can no longer absorb any more. Remember, it is a magic object but it does have its own limitations. 

As we mentioned earlier though, the fact that the bracelet has broken may not always be seen as a bad thing. There are often good reasons, or a good outlook when it comes to perceiving your broken evil eye bracelet. 

In this next section, we will look at some of the reasons why it might be perceived as a good thing and then why it might be a bad thing. 

Good Reasons 

So, we’ll start off by looking at some of the positive reasons, and why you should not worry too much about the fact your evil eye bracelet has broken. 

The first good reason to note is the fact that if the amulet has absorbed all of the negative energy around you and broken as a result of this, you should no longer have any more negative energy around you.

This means that the bracelet was effective and you’re saved from all of the negative energy that was once surrounding you. 

Another positive reason to think about when it comes to your evil eye bracelet breaking is the fact that you can get yourself another one and you have already previously proven that they work for you.

In other words, the guarantee that you are protecting yourself from the forces of evil is essentially still the same as it was the first time you acquired an evil eye bracelet. 

Bad Reasons 

Now, while you may see the negative energy being absorbed to a point of breaking as a good thing, it does lead us to question why there is so much negative energy around you. It could potentially mean that you are not safe wherever you are. 

Not only this, but the fact that your guaranteed protection has broken could potentially mean that the amulet did not absorb all of the negative energy and this has caused it to become damaged before fully protecting you.

This could also mean that the evil and negative energy that is around you is still present and you might need to find another form of protection before it is too late.

Remember, until you have done something – you are exposed and vulnerable to the dangerous forces of evil.

So What Does It Mean If Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks?

So What Does It Mean If Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks

As we previously mentioned, there are a number of different reasons why your evil eye bracelet breaks. Here’s some of those reasons in more detail. 

Negative Energy 

So the primary and most concerning reason for your evil eye bracelet becoming damaged is due to negative energies being around you. 

The thing to remember is, you cannot escape negative energies. Generally, we tend to go out of the house on a daily basis and we will integrate with many different people and places. 

As a result of this, it’s quite possible that you’ll be surrounded by some sort of negative energy. This could be in your school, your workplace or even at a partner’s house. This is why it is so critical that you get yourself some form of protection from evil forces.

If you had absolutely no protection from the negative energies that surround you, you will definitely be exposed. Once you are exposed to these negative energies, you will be vulnerable. 

After you become vulnerable to negative energies, you are also vulnerable to things like bad luck and bad omens. You could find that you are having bad days and bad months. You might begin to suffer financially, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your relationships might become fractured, your work might become affected and you may begin to notice feelings of fatigue and depression.

Having said this though, the universe tends to step in and try to help by sending you signals and messages to help you fend off the bad and evil forces which bring around this negative energy.

However, if you are not receptive to such messages or you fail to act on them, you could find yourself becoming exposed to the horrendous evil that is around you. Indeed, this is why having an evil eye bracelet can be a very good alternative to relying on the universe to serve you.

It will help you to conceptualize what is going on around you. This can focus your thoughts and your attention, and you will be able to march on with your life. This evil eye bracelet can be your faithful servant in protecting you from the forces of evil and negative energy.

Bracelet Limitations 

Despite the strong power that this protective amulet has, it does have its limitations. There is only so much negative energy and evil it can withstand before it inevitably will become weighed down and broken.

The majority of the time this happens, we can look at the most common rationales behind it. We can examine:

It Has Done Its Job 

Once your evil eye bracelet has absorbed all it can in terms of evil energy, it has technically fulfilled its obligation. The assignment it was given has now been completed and it can no longer take on further work. 

You have been shielded and protected from the horrendous forces of evil and negative energy that surrounded you. You are safe. Once this has been completed, the evil eye bracelet will break and this is simply a sign that the job is done. 

Too Much Evil

Another common reason, which can be slightly concerning, is the fact that there is simply too much negative energy and evil around you. The evil eye bracelet could not keep up with the sheer amount that it had to shield you from. 

This is not to say it did not work, but rather it had too much to do. In essence, there was so much negative energy around you, or you came into contact with so much negative energy, that the bracelet completed its task as much as it could. 

While it is great that you were shielded from all the evil that the bracelet has managed to protect you from, it could also mean that there is still a lot of negative energy out there in the air. 

You might feel frightened or exposed by hearing this – however, it is simply a sign that the bracelet is doing its job. You do now need to do something about all the negative energy around you.

Consider getting another form of protection or asking the spirit world and the universe for help in going forward. If you do not do this, you might find yourself exposed to the negative energy around you, and all the problems that come along with it. 


With your protection, you can find yourself not only feeling more confident with yourself, but positive efforts happen in your life. 

For example, you may have found that since you have been wearing an evil eye bracelet, you have been making serious headway in things like your work. From this, you may have worked extremely hard and got yourself a promotion or pay rise. 

Other than this, you may have found your life partner and you’re making huge progress in your life. It might be the best time of your life. 

The problem is, when you are doing well, there will always be people who feel envious towards your success and your amazing progress and achievements. This can lead lots of people to have negative energy while they are around you.

With so much negativity, the bracelet must deal with it and shield you as much as possible. The problem is, there is simply too much negativity for the bracelet to deal with, and your amulet might struggle to keep up. 

This can cause it to bend and break due to the pressure. It’s important when this happens that you recognize why this might be the case, but also that you know that you cannot please everyone all of the time. 

Because of this, many people who feel this envy towards you will simply need to take a backseat in your life – don’t let them take over and ruin your progress. 

If you fail to do this, you might feel your chest and head becoming heavy and you can feel awful auras around you. This is why protection from these negative energies is so important, because it is quite likely that you will experience these types of people from time to time. 

Envious people will almost always be out to harm you. Either in your workplace or in your life, and indeed – this can affect you spiritually. Just remember to stay positive and find your evil protection. 

Spiritual Attacks 

Another reason for your amulet breaking is because of an attack from the spirit world, or someone else is attacking you spiritually. 

There’s not a great deal that you can do about this until you identify who is doing this and why. However, protecting yourself by using an evil eye bracelet is indeed a great start. 

It’s advised though, that you look into what is going on. Who is trying to harm you spiritually? Could it be from someone outside of this mortal realm?

If it is, you may have to make contact spiritually with the person involved. Look to seek out a solution, and until then – find some protection and solace. Your bracelet can only take so much attacking, and then it will eventually crumble under the immense pressure.

You’re Around Enemies 

You may be in the presence of one or many of your enemies. You might not even know that they are your enemies, but as we previously said, you cannot please everyone. 

It’s natural that you will find yourself being disliked from time to time, and it is certainly something you should note. However, you also have to try to distance yourself away from this negative energy.

Remember, your bracelet can only absorb a limited amount of this negative energy. If it takes a real attack from the awful and evil aura due to the intentions of your enemies, then you could find yourself vulnerable to evil. 

It’s important to note here though that it’s not just enemies in a physical sense. You can have enemies in the spirit world and even through the thoughts of others. 

You’re In A Spiritually Contaminated Area 

When you have entered an area of great evil, such as somewhere that has experienced great sacrilege or evil doings – your bracelet is constantly under fire from all of the negative energy that comes along with it. 

You may start to experience pains and feelings of dread too due to the lack of protection. You are vulnerable to the spiritual elements, and you need to leave this spiritually contaminated area as quickly as you possibly can. 

Until this place has been spiritually cleansed, it should not be frequented and you should stay far away from the place.

You’re Fully Protected 

If the evil eye bracelet breaks, it could be a sign that you are now fully protected from the forces of evil, and you no longer need the amulet to help you go on with your life. You almost have a natural immunity to evil.

However, it is important that you remain in touch with your spirituality and you do not fall afoul of negative energies which want to convert you to evil doings.

Of course, the ultimate goal of this amulet is to protect you. Once the job has been done, you may want to purchase another one – but what you must remember is that you are now protected. 

If you were to get another one, maybe you will want to place it around your home or workplace instead for other people to be saved. 

Should I Dispose Of My Evil Eye Bracelet?

Once the job has been completed and the evil eye bracelet has served its purpose, you will have a choice. What do you do with a broken evil eye bracelet if it can no longer provide you with added protection?

Well, generally – it’s best advised that you go out and find yourself a replacement bracelet. This new bracelet will serve you as well as the last one did. 

It’s often seen to be a bad omen if you keep a broken bracelet about your person or in your home. You will need to get another one if you want to replace this one and will need to dispose of the old one in a positive way. 

Do not simply throw it in the trash. Respectfully recycle it or bury it in the yard for maximum effectiveness. 

When it comes to asking yourself if you need another one – you need to consider this logically. How will you know if your bracelet actually worked the way you wanted it to last time?

There’s only one way you can do this and that is by purchasing a second bracelet. By doing this, you will be able to prove once and for all if the previous one was a fluke or not. 

If you get a second evil eye bracelet and this does the same thing, you can confirm that you have been protected from evil and guarantee yourself protection from evil and negative energy. 

Final Thoughts 

If your evil eye bracelet breaks, you should not panic. There could be various reasons why this happens. Just ensure you remain calm and try to find extra protection until you get a replacement.

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