Everything You Need To Know About Your Angel Number

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Numerology is the belief in a divine relationship between an individual and numbers, or a sequence of numbers. Similar to astrology, numerology is often associated with paranormal entities and divination.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Angel Number

The practice involves five core numbers – the life path number, the birthday number, the expression number, the personality number, and the heart’s desire number. One of the secondary numbers of numerology is the angel number.

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This guide will tell you everything you need to know about angel numbers and will teach you how to calculate your own.

What Is An Angel Number?

According to some spiritual guides, angels speak to humans in synchronistic ways. In numerology, one of the ways angels communicate is through repeating numbers, or repeating sequences of numbers.

They can be calculated for an individual, and also be seen in recurring patterns throughout daily life.

Numerology believes that stumbling upon numbers time and time again is not a coincidence, and it is in fact an angel’s way of transmitting messages to us from heaven.

For example, a numerologist sees a deeper meaning in suddenly waking at 3.33 am or paying a cashier exactly $3.33. These numbers or sequences are believed to be angel numbers.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

According to numerology, angel numbers work according to their principles. In other words, each number is connected to vibrational energy and has meaning beyond numerical value.

They are representative of a divine acknowledgment to continue making certain life choices and important decisions.

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Common Sequences

Common Sequences

A repeating sequence of numbers can easily draw our attention, and every one of these sequences has a specific meaning. Below are the most common sequences of angel numbers and what they symbolize.

Angel Number 000

Seeing the number 0 in a repeating sequence is indicative of new opportunities coming your way. It signifies a fresh start and that you are the beginning of a new phase in your life.

For example, you might see this sequence after getting a promotion at work. It is a message from the angels that it’s the start of a new journey, and that you should confidently make the bold decisions you need to make.

Angel Number 111

This sequence of numbers symbolizes manifestation. It is a clear indication for you to take risks and move forward with your decisions.

If you come across this number often then you should consider taking actions that will help you achieve your goals.

Angel Number 222

This sequence of numbers primarily serves as a reminder to live in the moment and enjoy what the present has to offer.

You should trust your current position and interpret these numbers as confirmation from the angels that you are on the right path. Even if you are confused and unsure of your decisions, you should trust in yourself and carry on as you are.

Angel Number 333

This number sequence is usually a prompt from the angels to try and balance your life. It may come as a surprise if you are unable to notice any current unbalance, so be sure to take a moment and re-evaluate your priorities.

This self-correction will help you start working towards your goals and bring more stability to your life.

Angel Number 444

This sequence of numbers is a good sign if you are currently experiencing hardship in your relationships or at work. The sequence is a sign that the angels are nearby and are protecting you from the turmoil you might be experiencing.

It is a good omen and indicates that you will overcome your challenges and conquer them. 

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Angel Number 555

Regularly seeing this sequence of numbers means that change is on the horizon. While change can be seen as a negative thing, you should not see it this way.

You can easily adjust to life changes by keeping your goals in mind and by keeping a positive mindset. This sequence is a message from the angels to be prepared for changes in the near future.

Angel Number 666

This sequence of numbers is seen as a reality check delivered by the angels. Frequently seeing this sequence means that the angels want you to take responsibility and change something in your life.

You should consider a self-evaluation and make the relevant adjustments.

Angel Number 777

This sequence represents spirituality. It indicates that you should embrace the present and stop focusing too much on the future. It would benefit you to stop trying to control the future and what happens next.

Relinquishing this control will make you happier, as the angels are telling you to have faith in your current situation and trust that everything will work out well for you.

Angel Number 888

A sequence of 888 symbolizes the universe’s infinite loop of energy. It is a symbol of appreciation and means that your life is moving forward at the correct pace, progressing as it should be.

This sequence is also a reminder to be grateful for everything you have achieved and what your accomplishments have brought you.

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Angel Number 999

This sequence represents the cycle of life, and seeing the number 9 regularly in a sequence means that a certain phase of your life is about to end.

For example, after ending a relationship, you may see this sequence of numbers, meaning that the relationship is definitely over and that you should focus on other goals.

Individual Angel Numbers

Individual Angel Numbers

While you may regularly see recurring sequences that are angel numbers, you will also have your own individual angel number. These can be single or double-digit numbers that hold significance for your journey through life.

Double-digit numbers are combinations that come together to create a special meaning. Below are all the meanings of each number for individual angel number deciphering.

Angel Number 0

The number 0 represents infinity – it will usually be seen when you’re being most authentic. You should interpret it as a sign that you should keep doing what you’re doing, and that more success will follow.

Angel Number 1

It is important to work on trusting yourself and believing in your ability to succeed when you see this number. It is common to see angel number 1 when you are ready to begin a new venture or change careers (Also Check out What The Angel Number 1122 means).

Make sure you stay positive during this time and move forward with courage.

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Angel Number 2

When sending signs, angels use the number 2 to indicate that now is a good time to reflect on your life. Take a moment to pause and reflect on what you want in life, then set specific goals that are meaningful to you.

You may also feel pressured by others, but you should trust your own judgment over the opinions of others.

Angel Number 3

Repeatedly seeing the number 3 indicates that you are holding back something that needs to be released. It might be wise to tell someone a truth that you’ve been holding back from them.

Other times, it might be a project you hesitate to undertake. Either way, the number 3 signals that you should seize the moment and do what you need to do.

Angel Number 4

The number 4 is a reminder that it is important to take care of the foundational things in your life. You should be sure that you are practicing enough self-care, and nurturing your body.

You should also make an effort to maintain your relationship. There is a good chance that one of these things needs your attention if you see angel number 4.

Angel Number 5

The number 5 represents the need for change. In this case, you’re probably stuck in a rut or feeling stagnant when you see this number.

There are many reasons why we struggle to do new things, however, if you encounter the number 5 then the angels are indicating an upcoming chance for positive change.

Angel Number 6

The number 6 relates to balance, especially work-life balance. This means you should take some time to reflect on how you spend your time.

Most likely, you’ll discover that some things are being ignored at the expense of others and that the investment you place in different things could be adjusted.

Angel Number 7

A sign from the angels may come from the number 7 during a time when you need quiet and rest. Now would be the moment to take advantage of any chance you get to go away or spend time with yourself.

This will help you feel restored and will realign you with your life purpose.

Angel Number 8

The meaning of the number 8 is tied to times of challenge and difficulty (You might also want to check out What Does Angel Number 818 Mean). It means that the angels are reassuring you that you can tackle this period of hardship and that you’ll likely come out on top.

You should try to see the silver lining in what you’re experiencing, as better times are coming.

Angel Number 9

The number 9 (Also Check Out The Meaning Of Angel Number 911) is a sign of compassion, which can apply to yourself and others. Think about if you are judging yourself too harshly, or if you are failing to extend empathy to loved ones.

Seeing the number 9 means that you should consider a compassionate response to yourself and others.

How To Find Your Angel Number

Watch For Repetitive Strings Of Numbers

Angel numbers often appear where you least expect them to.

They could come from the clock on your phone, a license plate, or a house number. These numbers should automatically jump out at you – you shouldn’t have to search for them.

Any object that features numbers can be evidence of an angelic sign. If you wake up at 5:55 am, spend $5.55 in a store, and then receive a phone call from a number ending in 555, you can safely assume that your angel number is 5.

Calculate Using Your Birthdate

You can also calculate your angel number by using your birthdate as a formula. First, write out your full birth date numerically and then add all of the digits together.

If the total sum is a double-digit number, then add the two individual digits together. What you’re left with is your personal angel number that you should keep an eye out for in your daily life.

As an example, let’s say your birthday was January 2, 1995. Written out numerically, this would be 01021995. If you add these numbers together, you would get 27.

When you add 2 and 7 together, it will give you your angel number, which would be 9.

Calculate Using Your Name

You can also use your name to calculate your angel number. First, you need to assign numbers to each letter of the alphabet sequentially – A is 1, B is 2, and so on, ending with Z being 26.

Then, add together the number that makes up your first, middle, and last name. You’re likely to get a double-digit or triple-digit number, so you’ll need to add together the individual digits that make up this number.

This will leave you with your personal angel number. If you still get a double-digit or triple-digit number, then continue adding the individual digits together until you get a single-digit number. 

For example, if your name is John James Doe, you would complete the sum 10+15+8+14+10+1+13+5+18+4+15+5. This would give you 118, and then 1+1+8, which gives you 10. This will leave you with an angel number of 1 (You might want to check out The Meaning Of Angel Number 1155).


For numerologists and spiritual people, these numbers hold a lot of significance. If you are interested in the divine interpretations of numbers, you can refer to this article and use this knowledge to guide you in your daily life.

Angel numbers can help you make the best life decisions, as well as help you self-evaluate for a more fulfilling life.

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