The Meaning Of Angel Number 1155: Your Expectations Shall Be Attained

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Numerology is the idea that numbers have a lot more meaning than just their digits.

Instead, Numerology believes that each number has a meaning attached to it, which results in every number having its own energy that can internally and externally influence people.

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The Meaning Of Angel Number 1155: Your Expectations Shall Be Attained

If somebody is seeing a certain number come up a lot, then they are likely under the influence of its special energy – energy which can even dictate the person’s personality traits. 

There are certain kinds of numbers and patterns within Numerology, too, such as “Angel Numbers”.

These are sequences of numbers that have repetition or patterns within them, and Numerologists believe them to offer spiritual insight and direction to your life when you need it most.

One of these Angel Numbers is 1155 which, as you can see, contains two pairs of repetition: two 1s and two 5s. But what is its meaning?

To put it simply, the Angel Number 1155 means that it’s time to follow new directions and projects.

There shouldn’t be doubt over how they’ll turn out, though, because the outcomes will be good and your expectations shall be fulfilled. However, there is more to learn, and you can do so by reading on. 

In our informative guide below, you’ll more thoroughly find out all about the meaning of the Angel Number 1155, as well as information on why you might be seeing it, among other things. 

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What Is The Meaning Of Angel Number 1155? 

In Numerology, it is believed that angels are everywhere and looking over us. To help us through life, they communicate through various channels, one of which is these special numbers like 1155. 

When somebody is under the influence of an Angel Number like 1155, it means that it has a big presence in their life. For example, they might see it everywhere they go.

The number has effects on them, and you can recognize people that are under its influence by looking at their characteristics and the way they behave – as well as how they dress.

Typically, people influenced by 1155 will be cold and introverted, keeping to themselves. On top of that, they will dress in unique and notable ways. 

However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be sociable and friendly.

If you know one of these people properly, then you will have seen that they have many friendly qualities once you get beneath the surface, and they will often provide you with good, caring advice.

This is because of their methodical mindsets.

They will listen to you intently, analyzing the situations carefully and with great detail, which allows them to make smart decisions and suggestions. This is how they live their lives. 

How Is The Number Constructed?

How Is The Number Constructed?

The Individual Numbers

As we said earlier, the Angel Number 1155 is made up of two repetitive pairs, being two number 1s and two number 5s.

These numbers carry their own meanings when it comes to Numerology, which can then reflect people under the influence of the whole number 1155. 

Firstly, the number 11 in Numerology is linked to being spiritually enlightened. This quality in a person helps them to completely transform their life into a spiritual one. 11 is also a Master Number in Numerology. 

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Within the area of belief, there are three of these Master Numbers: 11, 22, and 33. Each of these have energies more powerful than the other, single digit numbers in Numerology.

They are linked to a more cosmic, spiritual energy, which can then be harnessed by people being influenced by them.

With that power, it can then be channeled into turning real life ambitions and dreams into reality, as well as revealing helpful insights and knowledge that is gained specially. 

Since 11 is a Master Number, it means that the angels are telling you that your inner voice is growing stronger.

The inner voice is where we may listen for advice, and with a strong inner voice aided by this Master Number being part of 1155, Numerology says the advice should be heard.

With its help, people can reach their dreams, especially when it’s combined with 55 – which we’ll get into next.

The number 55 in Numerology may not be a Master Number, but it still does have energy and meanings all its own.

It symbolizes a person that is shy, as well as someone who has a sensuality to them. Additionally, they might find themselves lost and disorientated in life.

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These are both powerful numbers and each has strong spiritual meanings according to Numerology. When they are occurring a lot in your life, regularly popping up everywhere you look, then it should not be ignored.

The Whole Number

When the numbers are put together to form 1155, it creates a whole new meaning as well. The Angel Number 1155 in Numerology suggests that a person has internal conflicts within them.

This can cause a lot of problems and danger due to the passion: these people set big goals for themselves and really want to achieve them.

However, when you dream big, you psych yourself up more. With expectations that high, people will often only end up disappointed if it doesn’t work out. 

Additional Number Links

Some Numerologists will also look at the Angel Number 1155 in terms of all the numbers that it is made up of, and how they add up. To put that more specifically, 1 plus 1 plus 5 plus 5 equals 12.

12 is made up of two numbers, a 1 and a 2. When these are added together, it equals the number 3. In Numerology, the number 3 signifies the idea of abundance and having lots of something. 

When it comes to the overall Angel Number 1155, this idea of abundance could be read as having lots of intuition.

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With the guidance of the angels, it suggests that your intuition and decision making is getting stronger and more plentiful, allowing you to change your life path for something better.

On top of that, your psychic and spiritual abilities might be getting stronger too, according to Numerology. 

The Symbolism Of Angel Number 1155

In Numerology, this number is all to do with spiritual enlightenment. If you see it a lot, then it means angels are looking to guide you into a journey into the spiritual.

This means that important changes are going to be happening in your life, but you won’t be facing them alone.

It won’t be simple to adapt to the changes, adjusting to new opportunities, but with the guidance of the angels it will be a lot easier than without. 

With their help, you can prepare for a new section of your life without having to worry about the change. With the changes, there will be plenty of success and professional fulfillment.

Your expectations will be met, and you will be encouraged and supported through it all by this spiritual side. 

The Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Number 1155 

When people are under the influence of Angel Number 1155, they will see it in their lives a lot. It could be on a store window or in a math sum, for example.

According to Numerology, if you’re spotting it pop up a lot then it’s a sign from angels, trying to guide you and reassure you that you’re on the right path for your life.

With their guidance, you can achieve things that you may not have ever thought about achieving, and it’s all confidently done by listening to the voices of these spiritual supporters. 

Angel Number 1155 is, among other things, associated with the idea of following life’s natural flow.

We may always want to be in control, but there are times when you can trust life to be taking you down the right path, and people can allow it to flow a little.

This means that things can come to you- things and opportunities that you may never have encountered if you hadn’t followed the flow of life every now and then. 

Accepting this flow can lead to happiness and a lack of stress, because you’re not pushing against things so much, trying to have control.

A big trait that also comes with the number is leadership. According to Numerology and this number, you shouldn’t be taking a backseat in life.

If you’re always a follower, taking instructions, that isn’t the way that’s right for you. Instead, you should be a leader and believe in yourself.

With the guidance from the angels, you will be able to confidently lead others. With leadership comes power and success, which you will get from the influence of the number.

What Does Angel Number 1155 Mean In Love?

According to Numerology, this number will bring important changes to your love life. Romantic relationships may have gone poorly in the past, but they won’t in the future.

With the help of the spiritual guidance, you will be able to forget the past and previous behavior, allowing your soul to become more stable and your future love to not suffer the same mistakes. 

This can include not letting your stress get to your partner. If you’ve had a miserable day, it’s important not to blame the people closest to you, because it can then break down those relationships.

Speaking about your feelings is encouraged, just don’t blame them. Above all, try to get rid of the negative feelings and instead give out happiness and an optimistic attitude into your relationships to keep them strong. 

Five Reasons For Seeing Angel Number 1155

Five Reasons For Seeing Angel Number 1155

There are lots of different reasons that you might be seeing the Angel Number 1155 pop up in your life a lot.

Below, we’ve looked in detail at five of them, and the meanings and paths that they could be suggesting your life will go towards.

A Creative Venture

Sometimes, seeing the Angel Number 1155 is a sign that you’re going to be acting as a leader over some sort of creative venture or project.

This gives you a chance to tap into your creative side, as well as enjoy a spirit of freedom and adventure that you may have had to sometimes resist in life.

The project could be to do with your job, though might also be in your regular life. 

Ending A Bad Relationship

If there’s a toxic relationship in your life, then the continual presence of the number could be a sign that it needs to end.

Significant Change

The sign could tell you about a chance to change your life for the better. Change can be difficult, but with the spiritual support it should be easier, and there will be emotional reward.


Sometimes the number will be signifying that you need to be patient for certain things in life.

We’re always hurrying nowadays, trying to make the most of our time and achieve the biggest things straight away. Sometimes, the best will come when we have waited a little. 

Guiding Your Life Path

According to Numerology, the number can be a sign that you’re going to be guided to the right life path.

If times are difficult, this will make you more confident, knowing that things will be alright soon if you hear their guidance. 

What Does 1155 Mean For Twin Flames?

Twin Flame is the spiritual idea of an immense soul connection with another person, the idea being that you share the soul but it was split into two different bodies.

When it comes to the Angel Number 1155, it means that you will meet your twin flame person at last. This is good, because some people go through their life without coming across their twin soul. 

According to these spiritual ideas, a twin flame doesn’t just have to be your romantic partner. Instead, it can also be a close friend.

Whoever it ends up being, 1155 dictates that you will meet them and you will both be able to share your hearts and emotions freely with each other.

Just as the angels guide you on your life path, they will guide you to find this twin flame. 

What Does Doreen Virtue Think?

Doreen Virtue is a spiritualist who wrote about Angel Numbers. When it comes to the number 1155, she believed that it meant guardian angels were helping you to bring out your spirit through the sending of their divine energy.

She suggests that the Universe has chosen you and that you can do wonders, using the spiritual energy to advance your life and others.

According to her, success will come when you pursue a new chapter of your life with new goals.

It is important to believe in the goals that you set, especially when there are angels guiding you through to achieve them. With that spiritual help, you should be able to accomplish them and not stress about failure.

Final Thoughts

According to Numerology, the Angel Number 1155 means that you’re going to enjoy the guidance of spiritual help to achieve high ambitions on the right life path.

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