How To Spot Fake Psychics In Two Seconds Flat

There are many types of psychics: psychic readers, psychic healers, mediums, palm readers, clairvoyants, and numerologists – to name just a few.

But while psychics can offer valuable information that informs, comforts, and guides, it is important to recognize that when the information isn’t honest.

How to Spot Fake Psychics in Two Seconds Flat - Psychic Readings Guide

There is only one way to describe this situation: a scam. And hopefully it’s something that you have not experienced.

Whether or not this has happened to you, however, this guide is here to help you spot the signs of a fake psychic. 

We also list the clear signs that a psychic is genuine, so that you can fully tell the difference and make sure that the information you receive is sincere!

With that said, let’s get into it.

Fake Psychics: 5 Signs

Recognizing fake psychics is not as difficult as most people think. But whether you consider yourself to have a sharp eye or not, here are the 5 major signs for how to spot fake psychics.

They Are Vague

This is the clearest sign a psychic is fake. If the reading, prediction, or recollection the psychic is giving you is too general or vague, it’s a big indication that they are simply, well, guessing.

In some cases, the psychic might be struggling to provide specific details. 

But in other cases, the psychic—a fake one—is providing vague information with the objective to find something that applies to you. By judging your reaction, a fake psychic can also carry on providing more dishonest information.

They Speak Slowly

Another clear sign that a psychic is fake is if they are speaking slowly or taking too long to provide information. This can mean that they are thinking about what they are going to say, or are not sure how to proceed.

Similar signs include stalling, stuttering, or even contradicting something that they said earlier – all indicators that the psychic is not genuine.

They Are Insistent

Fake psychics are essentially scam artists – out to make money. So if a psychic seems too insistent on providing their services to you, it can be a big sign that they are just looking for business.

This might include them directly approaching you in some way or insisting multiple times that you should get a psychic reading with them.

They Quickly Mention Payment

Similar to the above, a fake psychic (scam artist) can be spotted by how quickly they mention payment, as this can be a sign that they are more concerned about being paid than they are to help you.

If payment is demanded upfront or requested immediately after they have provided their service (to get you to leave), it’s worth considering whether the psychic is fake.

They Insist On More Visits

After providing vague information, typically involving something that needs “extra attention” to resolve, a fake psychic will insist that you visit them for further readings.

In most cases, the psychic’s reading might be something unfortunate or concerning to make you worried, with the aim to have you return a second or third time to make more money out of you.

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Real Psychics: 5 Signs

We can’t talk about how to spot fake psychics without mentioning genuine psychics. So listed below are the 5 major signs for how to spot real psychics.

They Are Specific 

Instead of offering vague, general information, a genuine psychic will provide specific details that surprise you, often because it is something that you wouldn’t expect them to know about you, or because it is very relevant and relatable.

This might be specific information about a loved one, a past trauma, or a situation you are currently facing or expect to deal with in the near future.

Their Reactions Are Not Forced

This sign can be harder to spot than others, but it is worth including.

A fake psychic will often display forced reactions, typically without empathy, while a real psychic will seem genuinely concerned by what they find, or happy for you in a way that shows real empathy.

As mentioned, it’s not always easy to judge a psychic by their reactions. However, if you can sense that the psychic really cares about helping you with the information they are giving, this is a good sign that they are genuine.

They Explain Their Methods

A good psychic—let alone a real one—will often explain their methods. This can help you to understand their individual approach, as well as allow you to research the method, or methods, after you have been given a reading.

If in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with asking the psychic about their methods so that you can understand how they arrived at the information they will provide or have provided.

They Don’t Need Lots Of Information

A fake psychic will ask for a lot of information about you – typically with the goal to help themselves provide a reading that is relevant to you. 

Due to this, another clear sign that a psychic is genuine is if they can arrive at relevant or specific information without having to ask a lot (details that seem excessive) about your background.

They Have Good Reviews And Ratings

Finally, a good sign that a psychic is genuine is that they have received a high number of impressive reviews and ratings online.

Needless to say, having many positive reviews that are detailed and endorseful is a clear sign of a real psychic who has helped many people. So if you are unsure of which psychic to go to, a great start is to check the ratings and reviews!


Now that you have a better idea for how to spot fake psychics—as well as how to spot real psychics—you can approach your next psychic reading with the confidence of knowing whether the information you receive is honest or dishonest.

No one wants to be scammed, after all, so make sure to keep the above signs in mind. With all of that said, we hope your next psychic reading is of value to you – one that offers the comfort or guidance you did or did not know you needed.

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