Spiritual Meaning: White Ladybugs

If you have ever spotted a white ladybug, you might be wondering what it could mean spiritually. 

Otherwise known as lady beetles or ladybirds, they are most commonly seen in the color red and black. However, you can also find ladybugs that are colored orange or even black. Also, white.

Spiritual Meaning: White Ladybugs

If you have recently seen a white ladybug, then you are not alone in wondering what this sighting might mean for you on a spiritual level.

In this article we shall take a look at the significance of seeing a white ladybug. Are there any messages that you are being told from the spiritual realm, or is it symbolizing some important factor within your life?

Let’s take a look. 

What Are the Spiritual Meanings Of A White Ladybug?

While a red ladybug is associated with having great fortune and prosperity, does it mean the same when you see a white ladybug? 

Let’s take a look at a number of spiritual meanings behind seeing a white ladybug.

White Ladybug And Good Fortune

As we stated above, a red ladybug is often associated with both great fortune and prosperity. If you see a white ladybug, then you can be rest assured that you will have this in abundance.

If you are currently in need of some good luck, then spotting a white ladybug means that the plans have already begun on putting that good luck into place. 

You will have all the prosperity and good fortune that you desire.

White Ladybug Connection With The Virgin Mary

All ladybugs were once associated to Pagan Gods. One example is the pagans who lived in Scandinavia. They believed that all ladybugs had a connection with the goddess of beauty, love, sex, and fertility. 

Because of being connected to Freya in Norse mythology, ladybugs became a symbol of these things. 

As Christianity became common in Europe, some of the important figures within Chistianity took over from those who were seen as important in paganism. 

Freya is now represented as the Virgin Mary, so ladybugs are associated with her. This is why ladybugs are seen as being protective towards babies.

The white ladybug part comes from the purity (the white) of Virgin Mary. 

White Ladybugs Mean Marriage And Fertility

Because the white ladybug once had a connection with the goddess of beauty, love, sex, and fertility, it is believed that if you see one, it could symbolize the growing and formation of love.

It also symbolizes fertility. This is especially exciting if you are hoping to get pregnant.

If the white ladybug lands onto a female hand, then it could mean that you are to be married within the following year. 

Because white is associated with a wedding, it makes sense that if this happens, there is a good chance that you are to be married within a few months time. 

White Ladybugs Mean Protection

White Ladybugs Mean Protection

Because the white ladybug has an association with the Virgin Mary, it has long been a strong symbol of protection, especially when it comes to babies. 

One way to provide protection to a newborn is to pass on a gift that has a white ladybug on it. A baby safe white ladybug toy would be great. 

Even an item of clothing or a rattle that has a white ladybug on it will work wonders to make sure the new addition stays safe. 

While a red ladybug also offers protection, when it comes to the white ladybug, it is more aimed at newborns and babies.

This is because white is pure and babies are pure, so the connection implies that a white ladybug can protect a baby. 

White Ladybugs And Their Spots

If you recently became married and see a white ladybug, then you will want to count the spots on its back. They represent the amount of children you will have from this marriage. 

What Can The Color White Represent?

White has long represented purity, as well as cleanliness. When we see a room that is fully painted white, we assume it is bright, fresh and clean.

A wedding dress, while old fashioned, is white due to representing the purity of the woman.

In Christianity, the angels wear white to represent God’s perfection. However, in some cultures white can represent sadness and death. For this reason white flowers are used during a funeral.

While white can mean a number of different things, at the end of the day, if you see a white ladybug, it is up to you to interpret the full meaning. How does the color white associate to your life currently? 

What Does A Red Ladybug Represent?

To see a ‘regular’ ladybug means to see a red one. White ladybugs are much rarer to see, so once you cross paths with one, it can be quite a magical moment.

However, the red ladybugs form the foundation of what a white ladybug means, so it is important to understand them too. 

Just like a white ladybug, a red ladybug symbolizes both fortune and prosperity. This is especially true in Chinese culture.

Ladybugs fly in search for what they need, and this can symbolize your own need for adventure. Basically, do not hold back when it comes to your own life’s desires and dreams.

Ladybugs are wonderful creatures that can help you to move forward with your life. 

Final Thoughts

Seeing a white ladybug is a rare occurrence, so if it happens to you, make the most of it. While you might see a red ladybug often, the chance to see a white ladybug might not happen again.

A white ladybug symbolizes a number of things, from fertility and love, to when you might be getting married. However, it can also relate to having good fortune and giving a newborn protection.

Seeing a white ladybug can mean a different thing to you, compared to somebody else, so think about how it relates to your own situation. Just know that you have seen the white ladybug for a reason. 

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