Woke Up To A Car Accident Dream? Here’s What It Means

There are many nuances to the dreams that we have. Some of them underlie great fears or trepidation that are currently affecting our life.

If you dream of your teeth falling out, it can symbolize loss and fear of what is coming. If you dream of falling off a building, it can show regret, remorse, and uncertainty of the path that you are taking.

Woke Up to a Car Accident Dream? Here’s What It Means

Dreams are generally the product of our unconscious mind trying to grasp our emotions in a meaningful way.

Sometimes though, a dream can feel a little too prophetic for comfort and a little too close to home to ignore. Say you were having a dream about a car accident before you woke up this morning.

It is one thing to have teeth suddenly fall out, the likelihood of that happening is almost 0%, but a car accident is something that is a very realistic possibility. What if it comes true? Or happens to someone you love?

Not to worry, as these dreams are not a prophecy, but they can tell us a lot of how you are feeling right now. So, let’s look at some reasons why you might be dreaming of car accidents:

Car Accidents In Dreams: The Common Meanings

While there are a few variations of the car accident dream – which we will discuss later – the most common meanings behind car accident dreams remain pretty consistent.

This is due to the fact that our dreams are the windows into which we can view our subconscious mind and how we are truly feeling.

This doesn’t make dreams the most easy to interpret, but at the same time it does mean that they can be quite consistent in producing signs and meanings that we can decipher.

As such, most car accidents in dreams have the same type of interpretations – most of the time – which we will look at now:

Your Work Situation

Is your job currently stressful? Or are you struggling with your co-workers, boss, or even your work friends?

It may seem strange that a car accident in a dream can be interpreted this way, but the thing to remember about driving a car is that it is an action above all other things.

Both working hard and driving are actions that require a person to engage with them for them to be a success.

Without engaging with your car while driving, you could be in an accident and without engaging with your work in the way you want, you could be becoming dissatisfied.

If during your dream the drive is one you do to work or one with co-workers, the link between your work and the dream becomes much more solid and tenable.

Close Relationships

Relationships are the backbone of our lives and our way of interacting with our society. Due to this a lot of meaning can be drawn from a car accident dream about our own interpersonal relationships.

In fact, the most common meaning behind a car accident dream, tends to have something to do with our own interpersonal relationships.

The car accident is an action or situation where something has gone out of control, which can be translated to feeling like your relationships are spiraling out of control as well.

It can be any kind of relationship, from a Platonic friendship to a familial bond to a romantic relationship, but something is making it feel more like a stressful contract than a cordial bond.

If you feel this may be the best interpretation that fits your dream, then it is probably that you feel yourself being side-lined in a relationship.

You lack any kind of control and the other person may be trying to be dominant constantly. They are ignoring your opinions or feelings, making you feel helpless and underappreciated.

Unfortunately, this is a surprisingly common interpretation for this dream.

Financial Situations

Woke Up to a Car Accident Dream

A car accident represents far more than just a danger to our lives or a mode of transport. Cars are an investment that cost money to buy and maintain.

If the devastation you feel in the dream over the car accident is because of the cost of the accident rather than your own potential demise, then you are probably worried about your own financial situation.

Financial issues plague most people in the modern world and many of us have some kind of debt, even if we have been careful with our money.

If the car in your dream is expensive or a kind of car you can only dream of owning, then it is probable you are feeling like you are losing control of your finances in general and are struggling to either stay afloat or maintain some form of financial control.

If worrying more about the financial impact than the cost of the car, like insurance claims or the repair cost, then it is obvious that you have to deal with financial stress on a daily basis, and it is beginning to impact your mental health as well as your waking life.

Goals And Aspirations

A car accident is a tremendous loss, not just financially and physically, but also in terms of our freedoms.

Cars are vehicles that we can use independently of set routes, and they can take us almost anywhere or close to anywhere we want to go.

Losing control of that car can mean we feel like we are losing control of the places we want to go, of the goals we want to aspire to.

Most people have some goals or aspirations for the future or even the present, but you may feel like you are lagging behind those deadlines and expectations.

The more you think about the distance growing between where you want to be and where you are now, the more you stress about how your own wants and needs are slipping further and further out of your grasp.

It may also seem like you are at a disadvantage to your friends or co-workers, as they have more resources – like more money or free time – to use on their goals, and how the lack of those things may be keeping you from your goals.

If this is something you struggle with, and now it is affecting your sleep, then it may be time to reconsider and replan your goals. Take stock of your life, are you really failing as much as you think you are?

Maybe it is time to look hard at what you want to do and maybe reduce what your goals are, so they are easier to manage, rather than a burden constantly affecting how you think and how you feel.


Car accidents are events that require someone to do an action, someone has to engage the car in a way that causes an accident.

Sometimes it is indeed a freak accident and no one’s fault, but that doesn’t stop people from feeling guilty about it.

Maybe you are feeling guilty about something you have done, or maybe you are constantly thinking about how you could have acted differently in a situation.

In any case, these feelings bubbling under the surface may have caused the subconscious feeling that you are to blame for an event in your past, and now you dream of a car accident you might have caused.

This feeling is probably starting to affect your waking life as well, with the feeling bleeding into your everyday life making you feel weak, alone, and making you prone to depressive states of being.

While the answer is obvious in that you need to put a stop to the constant barrage of self-loathing and regret you feel, it is rarely easy to do, and it may take some time to forgive yourself of your perceived wrongdoing.

Fear And Protection

Woke Up to a Car Accident Dream

It may be that the car accident in your dreams is not the only trauma you have experienced in your life.

When something happens to us that puts ourselves or those we love in real danger, it affects the way we think and live our lives.

Our need for safety or protection may increase dramatically, and we may start taking unnecessary steps in order to achieve that.

This would also affect our unconscious mind as well, with the car accident we see in our dreams being the metaphor for the event that made us crave that protection in the first place.

The dream may be an urgent request by your mind for protection, reminding you of the fear you felt.

If this is the case, then – no matter what you say – you are still clearly affected by this event and may need to speak to someone about it.

While it may take time, talking about these problems can ease your fear and provide you with solace.

Alternatively, you may react in a very different way to this traumatic event, becoming more brazen, headstrong, and unpredictable.

This is a different reaction to the same problem – the fear and the lack of protection – except that in this circumstance, mania drives your actions.

The car accident metaphor for a person experiencing such mania is twofold, with one being lack of protection and the other being the inevitable place this mania will eventually lead.

If these are things you are struggling with – again – please talk to someone, a family member, friend, or even a therapist.


Dreams are often dictated by emotions, and not many emotions are as obvious or debilitating as anxiety.

The worst part about anxiety is that it is the expectation of tragedy to unfold in your life and, as such, it can be caused by almost anything but can make you worry about everything in your life.

When a person has a car accident dream related to anxiety, it normally means that the person is having difficulty dealing with things present in their lives currently.

When this difficulty is translated from our conscious mind to our subconscious one, these worries grow and become true nightmares.

Our anxiety over the everyday becomes a fear of everyday horror stories, thus allowing a mere anxious state over your own life to become a horrific car accident in a dream.

If you feel this is the kind of car accident dream that you are experiencing, then try to find out what is troubling you.

Think about it throughout the day and see what is setting off your anxieties and challenging your mental health’s resilience.

Maybe there is something challenging that you are struggling to see how you could achieve, maybe you are seeing your life slipping from your grasp. Try to pinpoint it, before giving in to despair.


People often associate dreams with prophetic vision or as a warning about your future.

Some associate this with gods or a higher power, others with the collective unconscious of humanity or the energy that moves through our world. However, the conclusions they draw are the same: this will repeat in real life.

In almost all situations, this is not the case, however that does not mean you should not see this as a warning.

Gut feelings and our instincts are very astute, and they are one of the things we share with animals in nature. We know when something isn’t right around us, even if we can’t pinpoint it.

It may not be a warning about a car crash, specifically, but it may be your body warning you of something equally tragic.

Let’s say you start getting these dreams after being forced to walk through a bad neighborhood at night for the last few nights for work.

It might be you have felt that on the last night or so, something was off, but you couldn’t tell what. Your subconscious may have picked up on this and resent you for this message.

Even if it is nothing, you should listen to your gut and find another safer way home. It may be nothing, but it could be something incredibly sinister.

It is always good to listen to your instincts, because they are there for your survival.

The Most Common Car Accident Dreams

We have looked at the most common meanings behind car crash dreams, but everyone thinks and acts differently, which means that each individual person’s dream is going to be different as well.

Unfortunately, due to this, there are far too many dreams to talk about that include car crashes – well into the thousands if not millions.

However, we can go through the most common car crash dreams and examine them in a more detailed manner for you and give you the rundown on them.

Being In A Car Accident

Being In A Car Accident

This is a dream about a standard car crash, where the two cars hit each other in a normal, if avoidable manner. A few bruises and dings on the vehicle, but nothing more serious than that.

For starters, this dream is the one that people worry the most will repeat in real life, but dreams do not work like real life, and we are much more cautious in our waking world.

Normally, this dream implies that your life is slipping from your grasp, and you are losing control of things, but are unsure how to stop it.

Relationships, work, life in general, you are no longer in control of any of these, and you are now worrying that they are leading you to disaster rather than on an exciting journey.

Car Pileup Or Wreckage

The feeling you see when you see a car pileup in real life is the same feeling that is causing the car accident dream in the first place: being emotionally overwhelmed.

It signifies that you are struggling to take things as they are coming and, often, there are too many things for you to deal with reasonably.

As such, you begin to feel overwhelmed, as you would if you saw a multi car pileup.

During your waking life, you may feel panicked, or you may be repressing your emotions, so you can deal with everything coming your way.

But that repression is just coming out in your dreams instead, causing you anxiety instead of disappearing and leading to images of car wrecks in your dreams.

Confronting these problems may ease them in your dreams, however simply looking at them may help.

You do not have to deal with them immediately, just take a step back and take stock of what is happening in your life, instead of repressing them. Reaching out to someone can be very helpful as well.

Death In A Car Accident

In your dreams, do you think the crash is your fault? Do you feel as though you deserve to die in the crash?

If so, you may be taking on people’s negative opinions of you or be subject to bullying. Other people may be blaming you, unfairly, for careless mistakes, problems, or they may be taking you for granted in one way or another.

Normally, this dream indicates that these comments are not only affecting you, but you are beginning to believe them as well.

In some cases, it may be guilt that you carry, and you may actually need to change how you are and how you act.

However, in most cases it is not the dreamer’s fault, and they are probably suffering from other people, who are acting in a callous or cruel way.

It may be time to change yourself, but in a way that makes you feel better, or it may be time to cut some people out of your life.

Car Crashing Into A Wall

When you dream about a car crashing into a wall, it is not an external source that is causing you emotional distress.

In fact, all the problems you are facing are probably internal in nature. Usually, this dream can mean one of two things: attention to detail or perfectionism.

When you pay too close attention to details, you can miss the big picture quite significantly. By thinking constantly of the details, you can become pessimistic about what to do and harm your relationship.

While spontaneity and sudden desires can be damaging, planning everything to a fine point makes life less interesting and can make you feel stuck.

As such, you should always strive to be cheery about what is going to happen next or try to go with the flow once in a while. It will help you cherish the small things and make you feel like you are not missing out.

Similarly, perfectionism can stand in your way. You can’t do things because you can’t do them perfectly, as such you miss out on the joys of doing them at all.

Constantly pinning for things to be exactly right robs you of the chance to actually enjoy them, rather than the end result of them.

Someone Else Crashing Their Car

Someone Else Crashing Their Car

This one is always a little sad, it is about a relationship that you have and probably hold dear.

With this dream, it may be that this person has caused problems between the two of you in the past or their life is spiraling out of control, and you don’t know how to help them.

This person can be an old friend, partner, co-worker, or a family member, but you are struggling with what they are doing or what is happening to them.

In the first instance, they may have done things to make them distant from you, but you long for that connection back or at least regret the way it was handled.

In the second, it may be that that person is making grave mistakes or miscalculations, and you don’t know how to stop or help them. You don’t want to stand by and do nothing, but you also can’t push too hard without pushing them away.

This one has no perfect solutions and the only thing you can do is talk to the person causing this or continue being distant from them.

Your Home Being Crashed Into By A Car

Our homes are our castles. They are fortresses of safety and security where we feel the most secure. When a car is crashing into your home in a dream, it means that that safety or security has been compromised.

This can be in a number of ways, but the most common is by having your privacy invaded. We can infer this by the premise of a house in the first place.

The outside is uniform with society, but the inside is unique to the individual, with nick knacks and personal items strewn around the rooms.

The car crashing from the outside into the inside means that someone is deliberately pushing their way into your private, personal areas with complete disregard for you as a person.

The crash itself displays your own lack of confidence when dealing with this person, as the normal control of your life – the front door of the house – has completely been ignored.

You may not know how to deal with this person or feel comfortable doing it. Unfortunately, you are going to have to deal with them if you want your privacy back.

Often this ends in a confrontation, but you could also try and remind them of boundaries. However, it is up to you to enforce those boundaries, not someone else.

Surviving A Car Crash

While the message of this dream may seem terrible at first, it is actually something that could bode well for you in the future. Focus in dreams is important because what you are focusing on is normally the thing that is playing on your mind.

In the case of this dream, it is your survival of the car crash that is the focus, rather than the crash itself.

In this scenario, the car crash normally indicates that you have had a recent conflict or confrontation, probably from a close acquaintance.

This can be a family member, a friend, a romantic partner, or a work colleague, but something has caused friction and eventually conflict between the two of you.

You surviving the crash in your dream probably means that you will be able to save the relationship no matter what has happened, or that your relationship has already survived the problems that it faced.

As such, this dream message is a good one that plays on the strength that ties two people together, rather than the division that drives them apart.

Car Going Into Water

Car Going Into Water

Unfortunately, this next one is not so good. When we think of the elements in terms of our body and thoughts, we can normally pinpoint areas where we think they would be.

Some people think of the body as earth and the mind as air, but almost all people agree that the emotions are water.

It doesn’t matter what body of water you are crashing into – lake, river, stream, sea, etc. – having the car crash into water is kind of like a tipping point emotionally.

You are struggling to keep your emotions in check, and they are overflowing.

The crash is a final straw, a warning from your subconscious that you are struggling and when you struggle emotionally, you begin to struggle physically and mentally as well.

Finding the cause for this is the easiest part, but it may not relieve you of your struggle to control how you feel.

If this is the case with you, we would recommend activities that you enjoy but are not tied to anything emotionally.

Gaming, watching mindless TV, painting, writing, reading, anything that helps you practice mindfulness.

Being A Passenger In A Car Accident

Being a driver in a car accident is scary, being a passenger is terrifying. The entire experience is incredibly stressful, because you do not have control of the car, and you can do nothing but watch as the entire tragedy unfolds.

This impotent state of anxiety is a reflection of your normal state in the waking world.

Outside of the dream, you feel as powerless and anxious as you did within the dream itself, each moment being as tense as the last.

There are many things that could be causing this stress, including fears, insecurities, instability, or even loneliness.

However, one thing is for certain, you are having a terrible time in your life, and you are feeling it to the point where your subconscious is struggling as well. Finding a relaxing outlet may be the way forward.

In A Car Accident With Another Person

If the focus you have in your dream is not yourself, but another person, what was the focus on? Who was the driver of the car in your dream, and how did their actions affect you or the other person?

If you have a close relationship with this person, it is time to examine that relationship deeply.

If the driver was you and the other person was the passenger, it means that your actions are not only having an effect on your life, but others as well.

Maybe you’ve been acting in a manner that has been erratic or unreliable, maybe you’ve been pushing loved ones away, maybe you’ve stopped valuing yourself.

Whatever the case may be, you know deep down that this doesn’t only hurt you.

If the driver was the other person and the passenger was you, it is an early warning sign.

Maybe this person did something that you think will lead to something bad or they just straight up did something mean or cruel, either way something has raised your hackles.

It would be best to keep an eye out for untoward behavior and be prepared to not associate with them anymore.

Seeing A Car Accident

Seeing A Car Accident

In this dream, you are not actually involved in the accident, but instead you observe it happen in its entirety, quietly or loudly standing away from the accident.

The fact that you are so distant from such a tragic event, but were forced to watch it unfold anyway, says a lot of how you feel the people around you in your life are acting right now.

The interpretation in this dream portrays you as a person who has to deal with those they love act in ways that do not help you.

In fact, it would seem like you are deeply unhappy with their actions and a lack of trust for these people is being bred within you currently.

Their actions are probably destructive, irresponsible, dangerous, callous, self-serving, or unbearable for you to watch.

These dreams are not normally ones that happen because of people we dislike, they are normally the result of watching someone we love or like do things that hurt themselves as much as others.

In many cases, the loved one in this scenario is going through a terrible time and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and the dreamer is someone who is trying and wants to help them, but might not be reaching them.

It is a terrible feeling, watching helplessly as someone you love crumbles away and ruins their life. This feeling will affect the subconscious, giving you these dreams, and all you can do is to be there for them.

Someone Else Dying In A Car Accident

This dream is an all-round terrible experience and no matter who it was who died in your dream, you will probably wake up with an unbearable sadness and in a cold sweat.

Strangely, there is no real consensus about what this dream means, though.

It is clear that some negative emotions are swirling around in the ether of your brain, but what those emotions relate to is not clear.

The best way to understand these kinds of dreams is to work backwards and find out who the person is to you in the dream:

Are they someone you know?

Are they close to you?

Is their death fortuitous, but deeply upsetting? Or is it sad at all levels?

Basically, determine what your emotions are to this person. If you love or deeply like this person, it might simply be that they are doing something dangerous that makes you fear for them – maybe they drive recklessly.

If it is someone making your life incredibly difficult right now, it may just be a culmination of stress and a need for release that showed you this dream, but the horror that occurred when it happened made you see the bad influence they had on your mental state and yourself.

If it isn’t anyone you know, think about why you would dream about someone dying in a car accident. What stresses are there in your life currently that are causing you to dream such a tragic event?

Car Going Off A Cliff

If the car accident in your dream is one about that car going over a cliff edge, then the dream may contain a message about actions affecting others once more.

If you are driving the car and the course to the cliff could have been avoided, it is a tacit acknowledgement by your own subconscious that something you are doing is affecting others greatly or yourself, and you know it is.

If there is a passenger in the car with you when you go over the cliff, then it is clear that this is a message about your effect on others in your life.

Saving Someone From The Accident

Saving someone from a car accident is a noble and courageous thing to do in real life, while it is not the same in a dream, the intention is there.

This intention shows that the dreamer has a noble and caring attitude towards others, especially those that the dreamer cares about.

The problem lies in how it would affect the dreamer. The dreamer, in this situation, is showing that they feel responsible for other people’s actions and for their problems.

They will often put themselves in situations for others that rarely help or benefit themselves in any way.

This pursuit can also make them fail to see their own lack of boundaries and a failure to see their own needs.

While it is important to care about others, it is also important to care about yourself as well, and failure to do this can lead to stress or problems within your life.

Crashing A Luxury Vehicle

Woke Up to a Car Accident Dream

The mere anxiety of an expensive, luxury vehicle pulling up next to you when you are driving is already nail-biting. Crashing an expensive car might just make a person’s heart explode from sheer panic.

This is something people never want to have to experience, and when you do so in a dream, it says something about how you view your finances.

In the dream world, a luxury car kind of represents a bank balance, and crashing shows the untenable control you feel you have over it.

It may be that you just feel ill-equipped or unable to handle your finances.

Maybe you don’t make enough money, maybe the money just slips through your fingers no matter what you try, but in any case your confidence in your ability to manage fiscal responsibilities is at an all-time low.

This keen awareness of your own inability is something known to you, as shown in the dream.

If you continue to worry, you will only cause yourself more heartbreak, and so the best solution is to find someone who can help you with your finances.

Drunk Driving Car Accidents

Whoever is responsible for the accident in this dream – either you or the other driver – there is one clear and unequivocal interpretation of this dream: addiction.

It doesn’t matter what that addiction is, it is clear that the dreamer is the person struggling with addiction.

The reason we dream of drunk driving is because that is the addiction with the most clear and present danger to anyone on the road, but it doesn’t have to be drunk driving.

Drugs, cigarettes, TV, work, even an addictive attitude to a relationship, as long as you are struggling intensely to quit something then this dream is about your addiction.

Addictions represent a low point in our life, as once we become aware of them, we become aware of their effects.

In this dream, it is clear the dreamer knows that the addiction is driving them into an accident, but feels powerless to stop themselves.

If you are having this dream consistently, reach out to a supportive person or call an aide line – especially if your addiction is life-threatening.

Crash Into A Tree

In a way, we often view nature in a poetry and empowering sense.

The forests and woodlands of the world make us feel better about ourselves a lot of the time, and so having a tree in a dream is often a good thing. In a car accident dream, it can reveal two things about the dreamer.

The first is a lack of satisfaction in the mundanity of life. Our lives feel trapped in cities, while trees and wild open spaces are free.

This dream often signifies our want and need to get back into nature, be adventurous, or at least experience something that we haven’t experienced before.

In this way, nature can also be seen as a healing force that helps people escape from a rut or from a bad situation rather than sticking it out.

The second thing that this dream can indicate is that you may have lost control of a part of your life. Maybe you are stuck in a dead end job, maybe your relationship has grown stale.

Nature is an incredibly freeing idea for humans, and so it is time to take back control or at least try to fix your situation.

Apply for new jobs, ask your partner to go on a trip with you, do something to bring back the joy that is missing from your days.

Crashing Into A Different Car

We have already established that cars kind of work like our emotions and ourselves in a dreaming state.

As such, if you are in a car crash with another car in our dream, it may be that you are finding yourself in conflict with another.

Normally, this would mean another person who is close to you – like a boss, partner, or co-worker – but it can also be someone who is in your life, but causing problems with you for no reason or because of a difference of opinions.

Still, this conflict is causing major issues for you and the conflict is becoming so routine that it is starting to bleed into your subconscious and, as such, your dreaming state.

Cars Hitting A Bus

Unlike the car hitting another car dream, this dream is not so much about conflict as about being constantly on the receiving end of something.

It normally means that you are having difficulty in your life, and that difficulty may be being caused by someone you love and share a bond with.

However, this person appears to be trying to dominate you or control how you think and feel. While your end of the bond may be loving, theirs may be more about establishing control over you as a person.

The bus may be the hits that you are taking for love, and it may also be a wake-up call for you to move away from this person and this potentially toxic situation.

Hitting A Stationary Car

Hitting A Stationary Car

This type of car accident dream doesn’t really have good or bad connotations, instead it sits in a kind of gray area.

While in real life hitting a stationary car will have consequences, normally monetary or criminal, in the dream world it is not viewed with any kind of malice.

The reason is that a stationary car is not something we attach ourselves to or think of as an important component of our lives. Instead, it is an object and the accident is nothing more than that: an accident.

This dream can mean that you have great intuition and a wise understanding, with many people in your life turning to you for advice.

But the accident itself displays that you are worried that your advice is not as good as you think it is.

It is a minor worry to think about, as there are few negative consequences to your advice, but it is still something that plays on your mind.

Crashing Into A Truck

Unfortunately, in most cases, dreaming about any sort of truck or heavy goods vehicle is not a good sign.

If you dream about having an accident with a truck, then that is definitely not good at all. In almost all situations in real life, an accident involving a truck is a heart-breaking and terrible thing.

In the dream world, the truck will signify distinct problems in your life that you are ignoring, and they are growing all the time.

The crash into the truck also shows that you are somewhat aware of these problems and mistakes, but are taking very few steps to deal with them at all.

These problems are beginning to get out of hand, and you need to face them head on. Dealing with these problems and mending broken ties will help you stop having these dreams.

Escaping A Car Accident

The emotions that we feel towards a situation in the real world sometimes don’t have a different or intricate meaning.

Sometimes they are just showing us a different situation with the same responses from ourselves.

When you are in an accident or tragic event in real life, your body will enter a mode of self-preservation or complete shock – literally the flight or fight response.

If the dream you are having is escaping a car accident, it means that this response is not only being triggered in the dream world but in reality, as well.

There are some real life dramatic situations in your life that you are experiencing that keep activating the flight or fight response, and this is triggering a similar situation in the dream.

Barely Avoiding A Car Accident

If you are having dreams about jumping out of the way as a car careens by or swerving in the car to avoid an accident, then that danger is playing on your consciousness.

Something in the real world is making you feel in danger constantly, and so far you have been able to avoid its consequences.

However, you know there is only so long you can keep dodging danger.

If you are having this dream, you should proceed in your life with caution, but determination and do what you have to do to break free of that danger.


Car accident dreams are often heavily tied to our emotions and can signify that we are struggling with our emotions towards certain aspects of our lives.

It is important to listen to our dreams, because they give us windows into how our mental health is progressing.

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