What Is The 369 Manifestation Method And How Do You Use It?

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The 369 method of manifestation is actually quite an old idea at this point, however it has received a huge upsurge in popularity in recent years and this is for very good reason.

It is an extremely popular method of positive manifestation which has only been bolstered by its mention in the popular Law of Attraction.

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Manifesting involves cultivating something tangible, purely through positive beliefs and thoughts that those tangible benefits will be rewarded.

The 369 method takes this formula and makes it extremely easy but still requires determination, which is part of the reason why it is so well known as it involves a bit more dedication and planning than simply hoping something into existence.

Therefore learning about the benefits of the 369 method and how it actually works is well worth doing and is not only extremely accessible, but also incredibly positive for your physical and mental wellbeing when you know how, so with that being said here is all you need to know about the 369 manifestation method and how exactly to practice it.

Where Did The 369 Manifestation Method Come From?

The 369 manifestation method actually started with famed Serbian-American scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla who is not only popular for his creation of the Tesla coil and uncovering of AC currents, but also for his spiritual beliefs.

Tesla believed that the numbers 3,6 and 9 actually held tremendous significance in our universe and to us as people.

He linked the numbers to the energy, frequency and vibrations of the universe which are also the exact ingredients used when manifesting energy. 

3,6 and 9 are also recognised as the numbers which could utilize numerology with the law of attraction in their own ways.

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3 represents our connection to the universe and our creative self-expression, 6 represents our inner strength and harmony and 9 represents our inner rebirth and letting go of what no longer serves us including negative thoughts and feelings. 

How To Know What To Manifest?

As mentioned previously, manifesting is also known as the practice of thinking of aspirational dreams and desires with the purpose of making them real. 

Because the whole process is based on manifesting dreams into reality, it is first important to figure out exactly what it is you want to manifest.

This is a very deep decision and cannot be done instantly, it is important when deciding what you would most want to manifest to take some time to become introspective and understand what it is you really want.

It is also important to know that a manifestation is not necessarily just any ‘desire’ we feel in our day to day lives of what we would most want there and then such as craving a bar of chocolate.

The thing we want to manifest will be what we invest our energie into the most and is something far more long term that we are willing to apply our body and mind too. 

It is also important to manifest what you want specifically, rather than what you think you would have or what you think others would want for you. 

It can also be a great idea to narrow down what you would want to manifest by looking at what you don’t want in life or that you really want to change.

For example, maybe you are tired of feeling financially anxious every month which can lead you to manifest more income through a side job or a new job entirely that you enjoy a lot more. 

Finally, try and reflect on what parts of your daily routine feel out of alignment for you in the present moment, and what parts need the most attention.

For example, this could be wanting to lose more weight or wanting your home environment to become more aligned.

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How To Practice The 369 Manifestation Method?

Once you have spent some time thinking about what you would most want to manifest and direct your energy towards, then it is time to actually utilize the 369 manifestation method.

What Is The 369 Manifestation Method And How Do You Use It (1)

The process involves using a journal throughout the day, so make sure you have one handy even if you are traveling so that you can continuously record your manifestation and direct all your attention towards it.

Step 1 – Journal Your Manifestation 3 Times In The Morning 

Once you wake up for the day, write out your full manifestation in the journal 3 times in total. Lay out exactly what it is that you want to come into existence.

You don’t need to write a full paragraph, just a few lines of writing for about 17 seconds will be enough.

Also, a great tip is to speak out loud while you write using words such as ‘I want’ or ‘I will’. Saying this out loud is speaking out to the universe and letting it know that this dream is not yet in your possession.

Make sure to speak in the present tense and know that while your chosen manifestation may not be yours right now, it’s only because it has not arrived yet.

In terms of how to phrase your manifestation when writing it down, a key component is to use words that amplify the emotions and energy that you want to gain from the desire, and begin by thanking the universe for making the dream come true, even when it has not yet.

Thanking the universe for this request and describing how it will give you positive feelings such as joy, passion and excitement for example is the perfect way to phrase a request.

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Step 2 – Journal Your Manifestation 6 Times In The Afternoon 

You will then want to do the exact same thing at around midday a few hours after you made your first 3 entries such as during a lunch break when you have a little bit of extra time to take out and write in your journal. 

This time, write out the same manifestation but 6 times rather than 3. Make sure to remain hopeful while writing too and don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that writing the manifestation down is pointless.

By keeping a positive mind and visualizing yourself being with your desire while you write, this directs even more positive energy and belief towards it becoming true in a matter of time.

Step 3 – Journal Your Manifestation 9 Times Before Bed

Do exactly the same right before you go to bed and this time write down the manifestation 9 times.

Make sure to remain focused and hopeful towards the desire and as tired as you get, try your hardest to guide the remainder of your energy towards these final 9 lines of the day as each number is vital towards manifesting the desire into reality.

The first 3 lines are written to make the intention initially known to the universe, the next 6 are then written to amplify the intention and make it known that you are committed to directing your positive energy towards this dream, and the final 9 are written to set the manifestation in stone. 

Step 4 – Repeat Every Day 

The key to the 369 manifestation method is persistence along with repetition to demonstrate to the universe that you are wholly centered on guiding as much energy and positive belief towards the dream as possible. 

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This 369 method must therefore be practiced every day in order for the manifestations to develop into reality.

Luckily, because this process simply requires writing the desire down a certain number of times throughout the day, it is not too hard to do and simply requires you to make a log in a journal from time to time. 

The real struggle of the method that will test your mental fortitude is remaining positive and determined after a few days, weeks or even a month without seeing results.

These feelings of self doubt will inevitably creep into our minds, however a good method to negate this and convert your negative feelings into positive ones is to actually write down the doubts you are having to visualize them and make any changes that could remove the doubt entirely.

Additionally, sometimes we can write down a desire that we wish to manifest without realizing that it may give us doubts of its realism in the long term.

For example if you were to write down that you wish to manifest a huge sum of money, over time our mind can easily tell us that this is far too unrealistic and makes us doubt the process entirely.

If you find this is causing you more unease than you’d like and is preventing you from positively believing in the process, then there is no shame in editing the amount when writing again, this will not ‘revert’ your desires as the universe will already be aware of what you are hoping to achieve

How Long Does The 369 Method Need To Be Repeated?

Continue practicing the 369 method everyday to increase the chances of the manifestation appearing each time you do.

While there is no exact set amount of days you will need to repeat the process, it really depends on how strong a connection to your desire you have and how much you truly believe within yourself that it will happen.

For example, while the average number of days people report their manifestations appearing in some form is between 30 to 40 days, some people with a strong and resilient belief have been able to see results in as little as 7 days. 

As always however the key is patience, having your desire manifested in as little as a week is extremely rare, so never be discouraged if your dream does not appear in front of you that fast, it is all about applying your positive emotions towards the belief that you will receive what you want.

If you find a few days, weeks or even months have passed, do your best not to lose your mental resilience and remember that the manifestation is already yours, it has just not appeared in front of you just yet. 


The 369 manifestation method has not only grown to experience extreme popularity and is one of, if not the most popular manifestation technique out there, this is not to take anything away from the practice as a huge number of people who have utilized it report the incredible benefits from truly and wholeheartedly believing that their dreams will come true.

If you know what you would like to manifest for your life and you have a journal or notebook handy, try the 369 method and devote all your positive belief and energy towards it to reap the incredible results. 

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