What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You – Is It Good Luck?

If you have ever had a bird poop on you, then you might have thought that it was the worst luck ever! However, what about if we told you that actually it has a more positive meaning?

While it does smell horrible, and looks really gross, traditionally it is said to be a very lucky thing to happen to you. 

What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You – Is It Good Luck?

If the bird poops on your car, or even on your clothing, then do not feel surprised if you suddenly have good luck.

In this article we shall take a look at why bird poop is said to bring good fortune, and what it means if a bird poops on you. 

Why Is Bird Pooping On You Said To Be Good Luck?

For thousands of years, it has been a superstition that a bird pooping on you means good luck. It is also said to mean good luck if the bird poops on any item that you own – and today that includes your car.

In the modern world this superstition is less prominent and often called a myth, after all people are often disgusted by a bird pooping on them.

It smells and looks disgusting, and it can stain clothes, especially white garments. However, despite some people calling it an age-old myth, there is some truth in it.

This is because the poop itself is related to the digestive system and food. To have food is often related to wealth and health. When it comes to birds, this signifies both abundance and having great health. 

So when a bird poops on you, it is said that the universe is passing on to you some good luck. Thousands of years ago birds became used as messengers as a way to communicate.

So, when a bird poops on you, it is the spiritual world trying to give you a message of good luck. 

Does It Mean Anything If A Bird Poops On Your Car?

While you might find it annoying to remove bird poop from the roof of your car, just remember that the universe is showering good luck upon you.

A bird pooping on your car might seem disgusting and smelly, but it is actually the universe’s way of trying to communicate some good luck and positivity with you. 

So, while it might take some scrubbing to remove, try and do so with some positive thinking. 

Does It Mean Anything If You Dream Of Bird Poop?

Having a strange dream is normal, and sometimes this can involve bird poop. While odd, it may have a significant spiritual meaning. 

Fortunately, if you see a bird pooping during a dream, then it actually is a positive sign. Often, it symbolizes the fact good luck will be with you soon. 

If you just dream of bird poop rather than just a single bird pooping, then it means that change will happen at some point in the future, and it will be a very positive time.

If you keep dreaming about these things, then just know that it is the universe’s way of telling you that your future has positive things in store. 

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On You

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On You

Here are several spiritual reasons why a bird might poops on you:

Good Luck

If you are hoping for some good luck, then bird poop may just be your answer. If some falls on your or an item that you own, then you will have some good luck soon. 

So, don’t worry that you might not be feeling so lucky with bird poop on your new sweater – it does mean that luck is on your side. 

If you are struggling then it is a sign to keep on going. It is an affirmation that what you are doing is the right thing. 


While by now you know that bird poop is a sign of good luck, it is also a sign that you may earn money soon.

Even if you are going through a difficult financial situation, then you may earn some money in the near future.

Because bird poop can symbolize money, it may be worth entering the lottery. Some cultures believe that once a bird poops on you, you should try your luck at something like the lottery. 


If you are pooped on while in a relationship, you should take it as a sign to stay faithful and loyal to your partner to make sure you keep their trust.

It could also mean that you need to make a big change if the relationship that you are in is toxic.

If you are single, getting pooped on by a bird may mean that you are currently craving loyalty. Don’t worry, you will find people over time, whether that is friendships or a relationship. 


If you are currently lost, then having a bird poop on you might be a final straw.

However, don’t let it be. If a bird poops on you, then it is a sign from the universe telling you that you need to find what your purpose is.

If you have a gut feeling, follow it. Once a bird has pooped on you, then it is the universe telling you to go for it. The path you choose is the right one for you. 


Birds were once messengers. If a bird poops on you, then understand that it is a message from the universe.

Often, if you are feeling low, then you must take it as a message from God that is telling you that everything will get better.

Final Thoughts

If you have had bird poop on you or something like your car, then you might automatically assume that it means bad luck.

However, if this has happened in real life or in a dream, just know that it actually means good luck and positivity.

While it is never a nice thing – it smells, after all – it does mean that you will have positive change and good luck. 

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