What Do People Do In Heaven?

This question has been asked by many individuals and faiths, or you might be mourning the passing of a loved one.

You might be wondering what their experience is when they make the transition to what is known as the future resurrection to life on new earth.

What Do People Do In Heaven?

This knowledge can comfort people in knowing that their loved one has a revitalizing new purpose, but this place remains one of the most fundamental questions we have in these times.

This guide will look into what sort of place heaven is and what purpose the people inhabiting this realm have by using what the bible describes it as, so it won’t align with other religions that have different views of what the process of the afterlife looks like.

This is intended to give comfort to those who are worried that their loved ones are roaming aimlessly in a different realm and can provide them with peace of mind that the person is content in themselves within this realm.

Heaven As A Place

When we are asked to picture what heaven looks like, we tend to imagine a place that is high above the skies and is situated on clouds that open out into various structures and have fountains and delights wherever we look.

We can assume that heaven isn’t a place we can see or accept the reality of its existence, but it’s entirely possible as it’s postulated that there are ten unobservable dimensions and likely an infinite number of imperceptible universes.

So it’s not difficult to imagine one of these dimensions containing heaven with its angels and magnificent structures.

Looking at scripture, there is evidence that the present heaven has physical properties like elders with faces, martyrs who wear clothes, and people with palm branches in their hands.

There is also mention of musical instruments in the present heaven, horses coming and going, and an eagle flying overhead.

There is some speculation over these descriptions that these passages shouldn’t be taken literally, and some argue that some of these passages are epistolary and seem to suggest that we should see the earth as a derivative realm and heaven as the source realm.

What Happens To People When They Reach Heaven?

This is another contentious question as the process of an individual soul reaching heaven asks more questions, such as the presence of different realms and how some souls get caught in limbo.

Assuming that the individual reaches heaven, it seems possible that between our earthly existence and our bodily resurrection, God may give us a temporary physical form that will allow us to function as human beings while in a state between bodies.

This can be while waiting for bodily resurrection and would account for depictions of people in heaven that are occupying physical space and wearing clothes, carrying branches, and having body parts.

What Happens To People When They Reach Heaven?

Regarding consciousness, it’s taught that there isn’t such thing as a soul sleep or a period of unconsciousness between existence on earth and life in heaven.

The rest that is spoken about in scripture refers to the physical part of us until the resurrection, while the spiritual aspect of us relocates to a conscious existence in heaven. 

What Do People Do In Heaven?

Another question that has garnered a few answers can be summarized by knowing that as awake and conscious beings, those in heaven are free to ask God questions, which means an audience of some kind.

The main purpose of this state of being is to desire learning and pursue it and can be why spirit guides are able to show signs and messages to those who request it, as heaven and its contents can be seen as a fountain of knowledge.

The air they breathe is joyful, and nothing they can see on earth will ever diminish that joy, it is known, as this joy doesn’t depend on ignorance but on perspective, drawn from the Christ in whose presence they live.

People in this realm won’t be standing around bored either.

These roles entail satisfying and enriching work, like tending to the domain that will be a joy to get to and won’t get tedious, and they can also create, accomplish, set goals and attain them.

There is the assumption that all this righteousness is boring, and the fulfillment of one’s duty in a beautiful place that is an endless fountain of fascination.

There’s no mention of a memory wipe so they’ll be able to recognize a loved one or acquaintance, so they’ll be able to rejoice in past memories, which is bound to comfort those in mourning who are worried about their well being.


Whether you believe in this realm or not, it is of great comfort to know that you can exist in a paradise such as this and have the opportunity to learn more about the existence of yourself and others that occupy the earth.

It’s not a pleasant realization that you will pass into this realm at some point and makes some fear it because of the ambiguity of it all, but you can think of it as a new type of existence that is undoubtedly more fruitful and joyful than your existence on earth.

This shift in perspective can make you more at peace with your current circumstances and help you set a positive path in your life so you can be the best you can be.

From these accounts, we can see that our passed loved ones are constantly pursuing knowledge and undertaking roles that can enrich their and others’ existence in heaven, which can fill you with a sense of pride and delight that they are working to make their existence better.

This also means that as they watch over you, you can be sure that you won’t be too far from their thoughts, making your contact with them that much more rewarding and joyful.

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