7 Traits Of Crystal Children

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Crystal children are those who have been gifted with unique traits that show their strong spiritual connection.

Sometimes called star children, crystal children are unlike their peers and have naturally high vibrations.

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7 Traits Of Crystal Children - Psychic Readings Guide

This makes them easily sensitive to others’ energies and due to this, many people fail to understand them.

However, crystal children deserve to be understood and accepted by their communities so if you are wondering if your child counts as a crystal child, then here are seven traits that are common in crystal children.

This way, you can identify your crystal child (You might also want to check out What Rainbow Children Are) and take the steps necessary to accommodate their needs as they grow.

7 Traits Commonly Found In Crystal Children

Here we are going to go check out the seven traits commonly found in crystal children.

It’s worth mentioning that not all crystal children will exhibit the same traits and some may lean on a few traits more than others, so take a look at these traits to see if they remind you of your child.

Crystal Children Are Honest To A Fault

One of the reasons why crystal children are so misunderstood by society is due to their complete and blunt honesty.

Crystal children are capable of picking up on unspoken emotions, energies, and more, thus they can spot someone who is being manipulative or insensible from a mile away.

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They’re not afraid to announce this either – and some people may interpret this as the child being rude.

While it is important that we hold our tongues for the sake of politeness in certain situations, crystal children just don’t understand this concept and can take a while to learn this.

They say things as it is and without filter, but this can land them in hot water with their friends. To some, it’s rude.

Others find them insensitive – but crystal children will eventually grow to learn that sometimes, some facts are better left unspoken.

You shouldn’t encourage your crystal child to lie as it’s just not in their nature but if they want to maintain healthy relationships with others, it’s important that they learn that sometimes being honest is not an excuse to be rude or unsympathetic to others.

Crystal Children Can Become Easily Overwhelmed

Crystal children are especially sensitive to energies and this can make it difficult for them to be in certain situations.

The noise and business of crowds can overwhelm crystal children as it’s just too much energy in one room for them to deal with.

Others will be sensitive to light, heat, colors, and emotions, and this heightened sensitivity means that they can be easily overwhelmed in certain situations and environments.

This can result in upset and you will need to remove your crystal child from these uncomfortable environments so they can have some downtime to regain their balance.

Sometimes, your crystal child may even want time away from everyone just to settle back down.

It’s also not uncommon to see anxiety build up in crystal children due to this heightened sensitivity and they may become afraid of large crowds, busy atmospheres, and unusual events.

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Crystal Children Form Few But Strong Connections

Some crystal children can find it difficult to form friendships.

Whether it’s their honesty or their dislike of busy areas where most children gather (like playgrounds or classrooms), it’s not unusual for your crystal child to struggle to form friendships  (Check out these Amazing Crystals For Friendship).

However, when they do find a friend, crystal children put a lot of work and dedication into making that bond a strong, long-lasting one.

Whether it’s with friends, pets (Check out Loss Of Pet Quotes), or family members, crystal children have the ability to be very affectionate people.

They are loyal and dedicated, which is why they make such great friends.

Crystal Children Act Spontaneously

Crystal Children Act Spontaneously

This trait ties in with the honesty of a crystal child as just like with their words, crystal children will act on instinct and sometimes underestimate the consequences.

Due to their natural sensitivity and empathy, crystal children will take strides to do what (in their eyes) is right.

This means that they can act impulsively but this isn’t always a bad thing.

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They know when they need to take breaks, work hard, and go with the flow – but this can sometimes lead to them falling behind in responsibilities.

As their parent or guardian, you should help them keep on track and safe until they are old enough to understand by themselves that spontaneous trips or purchases are not always wise.

Crystal Children Have A Unique Aura

If you have the ability to sense or see auras, then crystal children will stick out like a sore thumb.

They have a completely unique aura that is clear yet beautiful, and is often described as opalescent.

Crystal Children Can Be Extremely Wise

Although spontaneous and brutally honest, crystal children can also show a high level of wisdom despite their young ages.

Some may even call them ‘old souls’ or ‘wise beyond their years’ due to the high amount of thought and emotion they put into their actions and responses.

Of course, all children are unique but crystal children can make spontaneous yet wise decisions that use a lot of forethought and empathy.

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Don’t expect them to behave exactly like an adult just yet – after all, they are still children – but they can surprise you with some of the wise comments and actions they take.

Crystal Children Have Strong Emotional Responses

Crystal children are extremely sensitive to emotions and energies.

So, it’s no surprise that they will have emotional outbursts and responses to things that seem minor to you.

They will cry when their friends are crying, or be moved by certain parts of a movie more than anyone else in their circle, or find a joke extremely hilarious.

They are taking on others emotions and it is heightening their own – so it just makes sense that when a group is disgruntled, the crystal child will be furious.

Final Thoughts

Crystal children are extremely unique and sometimes difficult to identify.

Check out the above traits once more to see if any of them apply heavily to your child!

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