40 Tiger Dreams And How To Interpret Their Meaning

The tiger is a symbol of strength, power and courage. It is a proud animal that embodies freedom and instinct.

40 Tiger Dreams And How To Interpret Their Meaning

For this reason the tiger has held a special place in the traditions and cultures of many people and represents different things to different people.

In general if you dream about a tiger it is a positive sign and not something that should trouble you. Although there are times when dreaming of tigers indicates that you may have some repressed feelings and emotions. 

Other dreams about tigers can be warning signs for your subconscious, you are burying something deep, and it is trying to break through the surface of your consciousness. A tiger is a symbol that is hard to ignore 

We will take a look at what forty of the most common dreams about tigers mean. Not all of them will apply to every person, but some will resonate with you more than others. 

Let’s take a look at what dreaming of tigers actually means. 

General Interpretations Of Tiger Dreams

In some cultures such as Chinese, tigers are considered divine and magical beings who bring benefits to humans such as richness and generosity. The White Tiger is given significant reverence and is considered a guardian of the earth. 

So when we dream about tigers there are many attributes of the tiger that can be considered through the interpretation of the dream. They are symbols of power, wealth, luxury and even royalty. 

Power And Courage

The tiger as a spirit animal is the ultimate symbol of power and courage. So if you are dreaming of tigers then you may be failing to harness the power of your inner strength and courage.

Seeing a tiger in your dreams is reminding you to be brave and strong.

As tigers are a symbol of power, seeing one in your dreams reminds you that you have inner strength and power.

Solitude And Loneliness

Tigers are solitary hunters and live alone for most of their lives. So a dream about a tiger is telling you to be comfortable in your solitude and the inner peace that comes from being by yourself. 

Taking the time to spend time alone allows you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. It can foster personal growth and permit creativity to blossom and encourage you to be more positive. 

Self Control

When you dream about tigers it is a sign of self control and independence. The tiger is not dependent on anyone else and relies on its own abilities to survive. A tiger in your dream is telling you that you are capable of anything and to trust yourself.

However, you must also exercise self control to achieve your goal. Like the tiger when hunting, keeping instincts under control until the appropriate moment. 

Physical Strength And Vitality

The tiger is the epitome of physical strength and vitality. If you dream of a tiger it represents energy in its physical form but also swiftness. The tiger is not just strong, he is agile and quick too. 

All of these attributes are indicative of vitality and energy. A tiger in your dreams is telling you that you need to improve your physical power and increase your energy levels. It can also mean you are sensuous. 

Aggressiveness And Anguish

Not all meanings of tigers in dreams are positive, some attributes are negative. It may symbolize a threat in your life, either in your career, your relationships or for the achievement of your life goals. 

The aggressive and fierce nature of the tiger is representative of your state of mind which may also be aggressive or even violent. Being angry with someone or anguished because you feel out of control are indicated by dreaming of tigers. 


Tigers are wild animals and are very unpredictable, you will not know what a tiger is going to do until perhaps it is too late.

Seeing tigers in your dreams means that there are some unpredictable circumstances in your life that you are finding it difficult to deal with. 

Unpredictability in your life can make you anxious and may even cause you to make hasty decisions that are not in your best interest.  Take your time with decisions.

Honor And Fame

Tigers are honored as symbols of power and authority. A dream about tigers can mean that you are a capable person and that others look up to you with respect and admiration. You are a good leader and can take charge with authority. 

A tiger means that you are a self confident person who knows their own worth. However, on the other hand this can also mean that you are prideful and feel superior to others. 


Someone who has the tiger as their spiritual animal is very intuitive but also is capable of overcoming challenges through their own willpower. Seeing a tiger in a dream reminds you to persevere and be determined when dealing with tasks to be done. 

You can turn any situation to your advantage and do it justice. Consistency and strength are your attributes and the tiger in your dream is telling you to remain focused until you finally succeed. 

40 Scenarios & Interpretations Of Tiger Dreams

40 Scenarios & Interpretations Of Tiger Dreams

There are many different scenarios and interpretations when you dream about tigers, both positive and negative. What may be symbolic for one person will have no meaning for another.

Therefore it is important to interpret tiger dreams as they relate to your life. 

The symbolism of the tiger in your dream can vary depending on whether you are dealing with emotional issues, career challenges or relationship problems. 

Let’s take a look at some variations. 

Seeing A Tiger In Your Dream

A tiger that presents itself to you in your dream may represent positive growth and success. Or it may be symbolic of some change or transformation that is either taking place or is about to occur in your life. These are all positive outcomes for you.

On the negative side, a tiger can be a symbol of pride and arrogance or a raw energy that serves no creative purpose and is instead destructive. 

Dreams About Tigers Attacking

Unsurprisingly, a dream about tigers attacking represents enemies and obstacles in your life that are causing you problems.

It could be that the people closest to you are planning some kind of malicious action against you and the tiger is representative of that. 

A dream of attacking tigers can be symbolic of your self esteem and how it can be damaged. You are being warned to be careful and vigilant about those around you. 

Escaping From A Tiger In Your Dream

Fleeing or trying to escape from a tiger in a dream doesn’t simply mean you are trying to avoid being eaten. It has a deeper meaning. This dream represents your desire to run away from your emotional issues, particularly the negative ones. 

You are trying to avoid something that is inflicting emotional suffering and pain. If you are trying to avoid the feeling of being unsafe you risk damage to your mental health and inner peace. 

Dreaming Of Tigers During Pregnancy

If you are dreaming of tigers when you are pregnant this represents a spiritual awakening. You are becoming a powerful and worthy person, and it means you are on a path of maturity. 

A tiger dream during pregnancy means that you can analyze situations rationally and come to a good decision. It also represents creativity potential that is being nurtured within you just as the baby in the womb is nurtured. 

Dream Of Tiger Attacking Someone

Dreaming of someone being attacked by a tiger or group of tigers means that your subconscious mind is acknowledging some of your deepest fears. You are concerned for someone who is close to you, a child, parent, partner or friend. 

This kind of dream may also symbolize problems in your own life such as pain, suffering or unresolved emotional issues. Your mind allows you to manifest these fears only in your dreams. 

Being Chased By A Tiger

Feelings of insecurity are manifested in dreams about being chased by a tiger. This represents your desire to distance yourself from any fears or other personal feelings in your life that you feel unable to control or deal with. 

It can also mean that you are in fear of someone in your waking life who is trying to gain control over you. The dream means that you are overwhelmed and very anxious. 

Friendly Tiger Dream Meaning

Dreams about a friendly tiger represent feelings of self love, pride and confidence. It means that you have accepted who you are and that you are comfortable in your own skin. You have overcome negative emotions such as anger and aggression. 

You are now a friend to yourself and there is no need for you to change who you are, a unique person. Just as a tiger doesn’t need to change neither do you. 

Dreaming Of Tiger Sleeping

A sleeping tiger in your dream represents latent talents which have not yet been realized or exploited.

It could be that a plan or idea is just in the early stages of development and creation, being manifested as a dream before it is fully revealed to the outside world. 

This type of dream is a good and a positive sign. Obstacles in your way will be removed, and you will be able to cope. 

Roaring Tigers In Dreams

When you dream of roaring tigers it is a sign to remain vigilant and carefully consider your course of action. It is also representative of the responsibilities and obligations that you have in your life and that you need to work on. 

This dream is warning you about the actions that you need to take in order to achieve your goals. There is also the symbolism of negative energy which may be surrounding you. 

Tigers On A Hunt Dream Meaning

A dream about tigers on a hunt means that you are a goal-oriented person, constantly hunting down opportunities in your real life. It symbolizes a hard worker who focuses on getting the job done and this is manifested in your subconscious mind. 

It also symbolizes that you are open to new learning and the chance to demonstrate your skills and talents wherever possible. The dream of hunting tigers portrays a progressive mindset. 

Fleeing Tigers In A Dream

Fleeing tigers in a dream is a powerful manifestation of the success of overcoming your fears, anxieties and insecurities. You have faced them with courage and determination and are now free of them.

This dream also represents proving yourself to your family, friends and workplace colleagues who may have doubted your abilities. Fleeing tigers represent how you have sent these doubts far from you and they no longer have any control over you.

Killing Tigers In Your Dreams

Quite a common dream theme is killing a tiger. This is a powerful assertion that in your real life you have overcome and defeated the things that were holding you back. It means a real win for you. 

Killing a tiger in your dream reminds you of your lost power which you can now reclaim. You can overcome any obstacle and have victory over the worries and stresses that you had in your life. 

Tiger Running Away From You In A Dream Meaning

A tiger running from you is a victory and means that you are overcoming the hurdles that were in your way. This triumph over adversity is symbolized by the tiger fleeing from you.

The obstacles that once stood in your way are now gone freeing you to move forward. These obstacles may have been enemies or just setbacks in your life that were preventing you from achieving your goals. 

Tiger Entering Your Home Dream Meaning

One of the most positive meanings about tigers is when you see one enter your house in a dream. This is a sign of good luck and good fortune in your career, or personal life or in relation to money. 

A tiger is a very powerful and courageous animal so when they visit your home in a dream it reminds you that you need to often stay brave and bold as well.

Fighting A Tiger In A Dream

If you find yourself dreaming of fighting a tiger in your dream it may have more than one meaning depending on how the fight ends.

If you are successful in overcoming the tiger then this means that you will also be successful in the endeavors of your waking life. 

If however you are defeated by the tiger this has more negative connotations and represents failure and bad luck in your life. 

Riding On The Back Of A Tiger In A Dream

A dream of riding on the back of a tiger means that good luck is just around the corner for you. This is also symbolic of you being in control of your life situation and that you will have no problem overcoming any difficulties or problems. 

It is also representative of success in achieving certain goals and endeavors. The dream similarly indicates a level of authority over your life. 

Seeing Yourself As A Tiger In Your Dream

When you see yourself as a tiger in your dream you may wonder what this is about. This dream symbolizes discord and conflict within your workplace particularly with your superiors. 

Your personality is potentially too aggressive and although you try to take on a leadership role it does not sit well with your work colleagues. You try to be bold and courageous, but instead they see you as arrogant and aggressive. 

Dreaming About Hunting A Tiger

This dream means good luck is coming your way or a new opportunity. It may be a lucrative new career opportunity or a new love life, but either is a positive outcome for you. 

If you are successful in your hunt of the tiger then this indicates that you are going to be successful in real life. If you fail to successfully hunt the tiger this may mean failure or a deferment of success. 

An Agitated Tiger In Dreams

Dreaming of an agitated tiger reflects the frustration and conflicts that are going on in your own subconscious.

You may have experienced some trauma or suffering from another person and are in anguish which is coming out in your dream state. 

These negative feelings take away your happiness and inner peace. Personal relationship problems may also be causing you anxiety and distress which can be represented by the agitated tiger in your dream. 

Dreaming About A Tiger Resting

The opposite of the previous dream, this dream is very peaceful. The tiger is resting and in a peaceful state. This is a good omen and indicates that harmonious and peaceful times are coming your way soon.  

The dream of a resting tiger represents calm and stability in your home or work life, or both. It means that you are able to manage all the things that are going on in your life.

Dream Meaning Of A Dead Tiger

Dream Meaning Of A Dead Tiger

As you can imagine dreaming of a dead tiger can be seen as a bad omen in some instances. It can be a symbol of danger that could come about suddenly or harm from someone that you would not expect it from. 

In other cases a dead tiger may not have such negative connotations and can symbolize overcoming life’s obstacles and being successful. It can mean that you will experience personal joy and satisfaction. 

Dream About Tiger Catching Prey

If you dream about a tiger catching its prey it could be about you or about someone else. In your own life it can represent your inner courage and determination to overcome the obstacles which get in your way. 

It can also symbolize protection and someone who is watching over you and who wants to protect you from all the evils in life. In either case, this is a good sign for you. 

Hugging A Tiger In Your Dream Meaning

When you dream of hugging a tiger it can mean a few things and be very deeply rooted in your subconscious emotions. This dream can represent several major changes that are going on in your life which cause negative and positive emotions. 

It can also be that you are comfortable with who you are and can embrace this. Similarly it can mean that you are ready to take control of your life. 

Captive Tiger In A Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a captive tiger means that you are experiencing feelings of confinement and loss of control. It is also symbolic of being trapped in situations in your life that you cannot escape. 

The dream indicates suppressed anger and feelings of helplessness at being unable to overcome the situation. These negative emotions express themselves through your dream.

You are restrained by your enemies, so this dream reminds you to be cautious in life.   

An Aggressive Tiger In A Dream

A dream about an aggressive tiger is a warning to be careful in your personal and professional life and avoid conflicts there. This can mean that there is disharmony in your relationships that could result in arguments.

You may need to face disagreements with your superiors at work or in your personal relationships. The dream is telling you to prepare for disappointments in your life that you may subconsciously already be aware of. 

Dreaming About A Tiger’s Bite

A dream where you are bitten by a tiger is a bad omen and is a warning to you that someone who is very close to you is conspiring against you. This may be someone backbiting at work or a personal relationship that has gone sour. 

The harm or damage that you are potentially facing is represented in your dream by the tiger’s bite. It can symbolize disappointments or hidden dangers in your life. 

Tiger Killing You In A Dream

This is a painful dream to have and represents the end of an important part of your life. This could be the end of a relationship, losing your job or having your goals crushed. Whichever it is, this dream indicates emotional pain and suffering.  

You may already be feeling that things are not going your way and your dream is tapping into your subconscious to tell you to prepare for disappointment and heartbreak. 

Dream Of A Tiger Eating A Dog

A dream about a tiger eating a dog can be very upsetting and may make you wonder what it means. This dream is telling you that there are people around you who are not what they seem to your face and are using you for their own advantage. 

This may be someone in your close family or circle of friends, but they are actually an unknown enemy who are pretending to be friends. 

Barking Tiger In Dreams

A barking tiger may seem an odd thing to dream about, but this has a deep and negative meaning. This dream is warning you that there is someone in your life who appears to be a threat.

However, they cannot actually harm you and can only bark, not bite. 

Such a person may be able to scare you but will not be able to do you any real harm because they are weak. 

White Tiger In Dreams

Dreaming of a white tiger is a rare and wonderful thing which should be treasured. It symbolizes extraordinary qualities that make you unique and special and reminds you to nurture those important attributes. 

The white tiger is representative of your talents, creativity and intuitive wisdom. You are encouraged by this dream to develop your gifts of intuition and innovation as the white tiger appears in your dream to remind you of who you are. 

Tiger Protecting You In A Dream Meaning

A tiger who is protecting you in your dream is sending you a powerful message. This dream indicates that you may have experienced a negative situation, but it has actually had some positive outcome for your life. 

It could be the end of a bad relationship that has set you free and allowed you to pursue your own happiness. The dream represents growth and new opportunities and to make peace with yourself. 

Pet Tiger In Dream Meaning

When you find yourself with a pet tiger in a dream this can be a wonderful experience, and it communicates a very positive message to you. It signifies your ability to tame your life’s problems even if you are hampered in your efforts. 

This dream represents your ability to take control of what is going on around you and turn them into positive experiences. It also means that you have empowered yourself. 

Injured Tiger In A Dream Meaning

An injured tiger in your dream means that there is someone in your life that is secretly plotting against you and who is not pleased with your progress.

They are holding feelings of resentment and anger towards you and may want to hurt or injure you in some way. 

This dream represents feelings of hurt, anger, jealousy and disgust that are directed towards you by someone who believes you have injured them in some way. 

Eating The Meat Of A Tiger In Dreams

To dream of eating the meat of a tiger is a very strong and powerful message. This dream signifies that you are courageous and confident in all that you do and that you are not afraid to fight against the odds. 

This dream strongly signifies empowerment, prosperity, growth and change. It means that you are determined to improve yourself and your life in the best way possible and without holding anything back. 

Playing With A Tiger Cub In Dreams

This dream may seem great fun, but it is actually a bad omen. Dreaming of playing with a tiger cub means that you are underestimating the size of a problem and not dealing with the reality of it. You make it small so that it is easier to cope with. 

The problem is when the real issue presents itself in its proper dimensions you will not be able to deal with it properly. 

Tiger In Your Bedroom Dream Meaning

A dream about a tiger in your bedroom is symbolic of emotional upset and turmoil. You have very deep negative emotions that are not being dealt with and these are having an impact on your mental health. 

In this sense you are unable to find any inner peace. Your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary and a haven. When there is a tiger there it means you no longer have a safe space.

Dreaming About A Tigress Protecting Her Cubs

This dream is all about a mother protecting her young, this shows that you are always willing to put yourself in the front line to protect your children, or those who are vulnerable, from harm. 

It represents the completely selfless nature of a mother who will stand between her young and any danger to protect them. This also shows that a mother teaches her little ones how to overcome any challenges in their life. 

Tiger Cub Dream Meaning

If you dream of a tiger cub this represents growth, courage, strength and creativity. It means that you need to develop these qualities in your everyday life. A tiger cub is symbolic of something that is small or in a state that is not fully developed. 

Dreaming of a baby tiger means that you have some growing to do, and you need to develop your mental strength and qualities that will allow you to have more opportunities. 

Shooting A Tiger In Your Dream

This may seem negative but dreaming about shooting a tiger is a sign of success. It signifies accomplishing your goals and fulfillment of your secret desires and dreams. This dream is about achieving what you have long wished for. 

It is symbolic of having trust and confidence in your own abilities to change your life in a way that is going to benefit you. This dream signifies that you are strong enough to change. 

Dream About Looking At A Tiger

If you dream that you are looking at a tiger this indicates that you are ready to compromise or negotiate with significant people in your life. 

On the other hand if you dream that a tiger stands still in front of you this is a sign of danger and a warning that there may be a threat in your life that is ready to surface in your real life. 

Spiritual Significance Of Dreaming Of A Tiger

Spiritual Significance Of Dreaming Of A Tiger

The spiritual aspect of tiger dreams is about paying attention to your inner strength, developing perseverance and overcoming your fears. Dreaming of tigers is also symbolic of bravery and resilience in fighting hardships and misfortunes. 

The significance of dreaming about tigers is different for different cultures and belief systems. Overall it signifies the strong willpower and determination as well as solitude and independence. 

Dreaming of tigers teaches you how to connect with your inner self and find the strength and resilience to overcome difficulties. You are a sacred soul and have an intuitive knowledge within you that you can develop and strengthen. 

Biblical Interpretation Of Dreaming Of A Tiger 

Tigers are strong and courageous creatures and when they appear in dreams they are conveying some meaning or message to you that is relevant to your life.

It reminds you that you can overcome any situation with resolve and bravery using your intelligence. 

Biblical creatures such as big cats are commonly held as synonymous with royalty, authority and power. Those who are born to lead need to be able to demand respect from those that follow them.

Others need to be able to look to leaders for guidance and protection. 

Tigers are also a symbol of wisdom which is a necessary trait for a successful leader. 

Cultural Meanings Of Dreaming Of A Tiger 

Tigers are symbolic of strength, independence, power and strong will. These attributes are admired in many cultures and people strive to imitate the characteristics of the tiger to demonstrate their own potency and vitality. 

Cultures including Chinese, Japanese, Celtic, Native American and Indian all have their own take on what dreaming of a tiger means. The same is true for different faiths or belief traditions such as Buddhism and Christianity. 

We will take a look at what these differing cultures and traditions believe about dreaming of tigers. 

In Chinese And Japanese Culture

In Chinese and Japanese culture the tiger represents energy in a positive way and symbolizes the power that lies within us all. When people from these cultures dream about tigers it is to develop their inner strength and courage. 

As the tiger originated in China it is entwined and embedded in their culture and beliefs forming a close relationship with the Chinese people. They greatly influence the culture and when Chinese people dream of tigers they take the significance of it to heart. 

In this culture tigers are powerful enough to ward off thieves, fires and evil spirits. Perhaps in Chinese culture more than anywhere the importance of the tiger is acknowledged even in dreams. 

Different colored tigers in Chinese tradition represent the four cardinal points as well as the earth and after life. 

In Buddhist Faith

Tigers are hugely important to the Buddhist faith. In their texts it is said that Lord Buddha gave his flesh to feed five hungry tiger cubs. Later on these tigers became Buddha’s disciples and spread Buddhism around the world. 

There is an analogy in Buddhist philosophy that the world is like a sleeping tiger, and we are all asleep on its back. Every now and then the tiger wakes and wakes us up with it when someone we love dies or there is disturbance to its rest. 

For Buddhists the tiger is a symbol of leadership and confidence and is a vehicle for many deities. 

In India

For those in India the tiger is a symbol of power and integrity. Dreaming of a tiger for the Hindu religion means that something is bothering you, and you are compromising your integrity as well as your values and beliefs. 

In Hinduism, it also denotes your authority and extreme competitiveness. There is a need to weigh situations up more carefully and to exercise more humility.

The message of the dream may be one of conflict between you and your desires, something that you struggle with. 

Tigers denote pride and honor in Indian tradition and culture. It is the vehicle of the Hindu goddess Durga who for some is perceived as Mother Nature. 

In Christianity

For Christians there is no cultural or traditional symbolism associated with the tiger as they are not native to the area where Christians originated.

But for the followers of Christianity who were persecuted by the Romans the tiger was certainly something to be feared. 

When Christians were put into the arena of the Colosseum in Rome as entertainment for the mob they were put in there with lions and tigers. With nothing to defend themselves they were easy prey for these ferocious beasts and were quickly torn to pieces. 

So for most Christians the tiger even in a dream is a bad omen. 

In Celtic Culture

A tiger represents fearlessness, dignity and courage all of which are attributes and characteristics of the Celtic culture. There is a pride in the Celtic people which is fiercely defended and promoted, something that is associated with the tiger. 

The symbolism of the tiger was applied to the economy of Ireland during a time of incredible growth and prosperity. In fact this period of Irish history is referred to as the Celtic Tiger.

The might and energy of this animal was revered and used to denote the pride of the Irish. 

The passion, beauty, and ferocity of the tiger was greatly reflected in the Celtic tradition.  

Native American Culture

Native Americans respect the strength, physical grace and dignity of the tiger and dreaming of tigers is considered a symbol of leadership.

It is an animal that is respected for its wisdom and knowledge, other important aspects in a leader. 

It is believed that the tiger is a powerful spirit animal that can guide people through life protecting them and offering courage and good fortune.

In dreams the tiger represents ferocity and wildness which may be reflections of the person’s personality. 

In other cases the tiger may simply reflect something that the dreamer is afraid of and which is manifested as a dream. 

Tigers In A Dream: The Exquisite And The Ugly

Tigers In A Dream: The Exquisite And The Ugly

For those who are dreaming of tigers the reason why they are dreaming of them can be complicated. The tiger is a powerful and courageous animal but is also ferocious. So there are both good and bad meanings for dreams about tigers. 

The positive aspects of dreaming about tigers can be:

  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Power
  • Self confidence
  • Protection

Some of the more negative connotations of dreams about tigers are:

  • Anxious feelings
  • Fear and inability to change circumstances
  • Aggressiveness
  • Repressed feelings and emotions
  • Difficulties and obstacles in life
  • Inflexibility in behavior

What To Consider When You See A Tiger In Your Dreams?

So if you have a dream about tigers you will obviously wonder why such a creature is inhabiting your dreams. What does it mean, and how should you go about interpreting it?

To do this you will need to get some paper and a pen and make notes of a few questions to ask yourself. 

  • What was happening in the dream?
  • What was the tiger doing?
  • How did you feel about the tiger being there?
  • Do you ever see more than one tiger at a time in your dreams?
  • How often do you see big cats in your dreams?
  • What is your life like at the moment?

Parting Thoughts

The symbol of a tiger in your dreams is usually a good omen and a sign of strength. In your subconscious state the appearance of the tiger reminds you that you are a strong being with a spiritual center.

It is there to let you know that you can overcome most obstacles and difficulties in your life. 

Even when the tiger appears fierce there is a sense that it is there to help you work through fears and anxiety and move you forward with a sense of pride and courage. 

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