Soul Urge Number 5

What Does Soul Urge Number 5 mean? In this article, we’ll explain all the meanings of the number 5 and everything significant to it.

Soul Urge Number 5


Finding out your soul urge number is finding your heart and soul’s desire. The soul urge number helps to dive deep into your spiritual self.

A lot of your desires are hidden from you. You might have a lot of unanswered questions in mind. 

Finding out your soul urge number will help you to reveal your inside spiritual desires, your inner cravings, urges, and the purpose of your life.

It reveals to you your passions as well as your fears. It gives you deeper motivations

. In summary, the soul urge number is the main guiding force behind fulfilling everything your soul wants to do in this lifetime. 

This post will help you navigate this critical journey by mapping out all there is to know on soul urge number 5.

In return, you will better understand several aspects of your life, relationships, and the people around you.

What Does Soul Urge Number 5 Mean?

The soul urge number 5 people consist of very delicate and vulnerable thinkers. For example, those students who are mad behind learning and trying something every minute.

This number is guided by Mercury, known as the fastest of all planets in the solar system. 

Thus, people of soul urge number 5 inhabit very quick reactions, fast wittedness, practical sharpness, ingenuity, desire to take a risk, and above all, adventure. 

This significance of 5 is considered the amalgamation of three masculine origins and two of the feminine.

Such a sacred union leads to unity and stability. This soul urge number puts you in touch with your soul and essence. 

Characters Of People With Soul Urge Number 5:

You are an enthusiast and are interested in anything that happens worldwide and is willing to be a part of it.

You enjoy life and have a craving for everything new and progressive. You always hunt for an opportunity to be a part of social activities. Something not so ordinary, rather entirely unexpected, is what you desire. 

You respect and need personal freedom as you have a very independent thought process, and so are your actions.

You are kind and attentive to what other people have to say, but you are strict with following your ideas and live your life by them. 

Careers Of People With Soul Urge Number 5:

You would be a great example to show others how to live fearlessly. There can be two extremes of your life if not maintained with parameters.

It can either turn out to be too much chaotic and go out of control or be over-restrictive.

Careers that include travel like journalism and hospitality is well suited for you. Or even you can have your own business, be your boss, and be in a position where you need to and can travel around a lot. 

You might not be liking discipline a lot. Any job that is just 9 to 5 and following the same routine is just not for you.

You would always try to escape from it and be in something freer, like entrepreneurship or self-employment. 

Relationships Of People With Soul Urge Number 5:

In the initial stages, such people are very intrigued and interested in their partner.

But later on, because of their eternal desire for new adventures and unique experiences, they lose interest very fast and move on to the next. 

After a certain point, your relationship will depend on whether your partner will be able to give you the freedom you desperately need.

Even it can be challenging to find a partner who loves adventure as much as you do. All you need to do is to be open and honest about what you want from your partner. 

Interesting Facts About Soul Urge Number 5:

  • They are always bubbling with energy. 
  • They are always in need of excitement and adventure. 
  • They are very adaptable.
  • They love to move around a lot and are attracted to adventures and new ventures. 
  • They are often challenged with responsibilities. 
  • They are mind-blowing thinkers with great imaginations. 
  • They can sometimes become a bit too easygoing.

People Also Ask:

Is number 5 good in numerology?

According to numerology, the number 5 denotes someone who is bubbling with energy.

This number brings the virtues like adaptability, independence of actions and thought, and a shadow feature of unwillingness to conform.

Why is number 5 so significant?

The number five is not at all ordinary in numerology. It denotes someone full of energy. The Chinese believe that five elements make up the whole world.

Metal, wood, fire, and soil. Hence, having five fingers in each hand and five toes in each foot is not a coincidence rather than a correlation.

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finding your soul urge number is essential as it tells a lot about yourself. It opens the curtains from a lot of spiritual secrets. 

People with soul urge number 5 are a sucker for freedom but also kind and loving.

They might pay heed to what others have to say, but he respects his freedom. 

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