7 Sneezing Superstitions And Myths: Look Out For Sneezing 2 And 3 Times!

There are certain superstitions that most of us participate in and one of those is saying ‘bless you’ whenever you hear someone sneeze.

7 Sneezing Superstitions And Myths Look Out For Sneezing 2 And 3 Times!

The specific wording of the blessing may change yet the intention remains the same to look out for someone after they sneeze.

You may be surprised to learn that there is a deeper spiritual meaning, including several myths and superstitions around the world, behind sneezing.

An intertwining exists between the real world we inhabit and the spiritual world and that includes such physical acts as sneezing.

In this guide, we will look at the seven sneezing myths and superstitions from various cultures and countries.

We will also look at what it means to sneeze two, three, four, and five times in a row, even more myths and superstitions, and the religious meaning behind sneezing.

There are even steps to prevent any forthcoming bad luck after sneezing once which we will detail too. 

The Seven Sneezing Myths And Superstitions

There are seven sneezing myths and superstitions that come from around the world. For instance, in India, sneezing two or three times in the morning is said to indicate coming misfortune.

However, in Poland, it can mean that your mother-in-law is discussing you while in Italy it can signify good luck. We will look at each one in detail as their spiritual meanings do differ. 

  • In Poland: Your Mother-In-Law Is Discussing You
  • In India: Misfortune
  • Getting Prepared For Unexpected Opportunities/Visitors
  • All Your Future Plans Coming To Pass 
  • In Italy: Good Luck
  • Revealing Your Future
  • In Asia: Gossip

In Poland: Your Mother-In-Law Is Discussing You

This one is only truly relevant in Polish tradition so strictly counts as a myth. Should you sneeze two or three times, it is rumored that in Polish tradition your mother-in-law is talking trash about you.

If this is the case, you should take meaningful steps to seek her forgiveness and reconcile before it gets even worse. This is purely to avoid any negative situations occurring between your mother-in-law and you.

The reconciliation should prevent any effects from the evil eye and prevent negative energy.  Of course, if you are yet to be married then this myth has no discernible effect. 

In India: Misfortune

Indian culture has the belief that sneezing two or three times in the morning signals misfortune that you may suffer some sort of misfortune during the day. Even if it is later in the morning, the sneezing indicates misfortune is coming.

You may still be able to prevent it by drinking a glass of water and saying some positive affirmations out loud before you leave the house.

This could be before heading to work and the sneezing is a warning that you may be about to lose your job but the general warning is about watchfulness. 

Getting Prepared For Unexpected Opportunities/Visitors

You may not need to be watchful about sneezing as it could be unexpected, and it may signal unexpected opportunities or visitors.

When you sneeze two or three times, it could be the universe telling you to prepare for the visit or someone you have not seen for a while. This is typically something to celebrate and it indicates the start of something stupendous in your life. 

Try to get used to being friendly with the people that cross your path as the spiritual message is one of true friendship.

The myth also indicates friendliness as, when this person or group of friends arrives, it should come with divine opportunities intended for you and your life. 

All Your Future Plans Coming To Pass 

Try turning your head to the right twice while sneezing. This indicates that your future plans will come to pass.

Everything that your heart desires will come true and whenever that does seem difficult, the universe will make you sneeze it twice or three times into reality. 

Both Asian culture and African tradition believe that turning your head twice when you sneeze will mean fulfillment. That should mean persuading you to go ahead with the plans you have been formulating.

None of them should be too wild or too big to be achieved as they will come to pass. Keep planning as the spiritual message inspired faith and courage to dare and take big strides. 

In Italy: Good Luck

For Italians, whenever you sneeze it should bring good luck. That belief is solidified by the further belief that the act of sneezing helps get rid of those little fluids which indicates negative energy exiting your body.

Every sneeze is bad luck leaving your life and the following inhale is good luck coming in. The spiritual message indicates prosperity and sneezing two or three times means experiencing something great in the coming days.

That could be your love life, financials, or your career, the possibilities are endless. For Italians, sneezing two or three times should mean something good is about to happen. Look out for those chances that could potentially change your life. 

Revealing Your Future

Those sneezes are also supposed to represent your future being revealed. This largely comes down to the sound of your sneeze being the universe speaking via your soul.

There is a lot to take in and many people doubt this myth is true yet the spiritual message may be helpful. That is of being attentive to those helpful signs that surround you and at least being spiritually conscious. 

Sneezing twice is said to indicate you will soon meet the love of your life. That could be helpful if you are yet to meet your soulmate.

However, sneezing three times is said to be an indication that enlightenment will come, as will spiritual grounding. This is an opportune time to consider becoming spiritually grounded and let in the spiritual light for wisdom. 

In Asia: Gossip

In East Asia, sneezing twice or three times is said to alert you that there are individuals who are exchanging gossip.

This will be behind your back and you will be helpless to prevent it so just let it happen. What you can do is to be increasingly vigilant and even sensitive to those individuals who occupy your space.

These people could be family members, your friends, or even colleagues. However, if you do find out who is indeed gossiping about you, you should be wary of it.

The spiritual message associated with this myth is to pay attention to the individuals who are around you. Someone may be gossiping about you and it may be someone you least suspect. 

Sneezing Two Times

Sneezing Two Times

Sneezing twice can indicate signs of several possibilities. That could include love, a deeper connection with oneself, and emotional strength.

It could also mean the fulfillment of divine destiny for yourself. In general, it is thought that sneezing twice is said to be a good sign. 

Sneezing Three Times

As you can expect for sneezing three times, there are various spiritual meanings for that too. This can mean a good sign that good luck is about to enter your life and that you will find unity by discovering your own power and discovering who you are.

However, sneezing three times can mean that an individual is gossiping about you behind your back. It can also indicate that this is a time for vigilance as negative energies surround you. 

Sneezing Four Times

While sneezing twice is said to be a good sign, there are mixed spiritual meanings for sneezing three times. For sneezing four times brings a sign of misfortune, at least spiritually.

If you do sneeze four times, it is said that the universe believes you will face some weird and strange incidents. It helps to be prepared as this could be problematic. 

Sneezing Five Times

While you may believe that sneezing five times is going to be even worse than sneezing four times, it has a different spiritual meaning.

Sneezing five times in a row has a spiritual emphasis, one that you are not perhaps paying your full attention to something in your life.

This is a particular aspect that will require you to take those necessary actions. Typically, sneezing five times can be seen as a call to attention from the universe. 

Even More Sneezing Superstitions And Myths From Around The World

We have looked at how sneezing multiple times means various things depending on the country or culture where it occurs. There are even more sneezing superstitions and myths in different parts of the world.

In Scotland, it is believed that until a child sneezes they will remain under a fairy’s clutches.

There is a more common myth in the UK, USA, and India which is that a sneeze acts as evidence of truth so a sneeze should act as confirmation that a statement should be believed. 

Ancient Greece was similar in that many thought sneezing was an indication direct from the gods of good things.

That myth began with the Odyssey, specifically when Penelope is elated following her son sneezing at her talk of revenge. Penelope believes that the gods have listened in and the sneeze is a positive sign of her plans. 

The Religious Meaning Behind Sneezing

Numerous cultures hold a religious belief behind sneezing. That looks towards a more general belief that the act of sneezing may leave our very souls to exit our bodies.

In order to prevent this from happening, the phrase ‘God bless you’ was believed to have originated in England. This was to prevent the Devil from taking a soul following a sneeze and ushers our wandering soul back.

The origin in England followed the plague where many died. Pope George began saying ‘God bless you’ to those who sneezed.

It was thought that this may prevent more deaths and more illnesses so quickly became an adopted habit as sneezing was an early indication and symptom of the plague.

It even became mandatory as it was thought that sneezing stopped an individual’s heart for a brief millisecond. 

Sneezing is strange in that almost everyone does it yet there is something close to a universal requirement to respond whenever it occurs.

Another origin for the ‘God bless you’ phrase comes from Pope Gregory The Great who began saying it during another plague, this time in Justinian. This was similar to Pope George’s in that it was hoped that the sneeze was not a symptom of illness. 

Steps To Prevent Any Forthcoming Bad Luck After Sneezing Once

If you sneeze once, it can be quite simple to prevent any upcoming bad luck that may occur. 

  • Following that sneeze, politely wipe your nose
  • Say a quiet ‘sorry’ to yourself
  • Make sure that you straighten your spine
  • Light up your face with a smile
  • Carry on with your day

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do People Sneeze Three Times In Close Succession?

There is some science behind sneezing in threes. Dr. Jordan S. Josephson has done some research into the act. He is a sinus specialist from Lenox Hill Hospital which is in New York City.

He has noted that the first sneeze loosens up the mucus, and the second one moves it up the nose to the front. That final sneeze is the one that finally pushes it out. 

What Is A Sneeze Considered Signifying In Islam?

In Islam, a sneeze is considered as a blessing from Allah. That’s why Muslims tend to say ‘Al-hamdu-Lillaah’ which is translated to Praise be to Allah. Whoever has sneezed should reply to that command. 

Final Thoughts

When you do sneeze multiple times in a row, simply count each time you do to try to ascertain the spiritual meaning. If you are simply sneezing two or three times, it generally indicates that good things will come.

You can expect the spiritual message to be protective but also bring prosperity and good luck. However, that spiritual message changes if you sneeze four or five times in a row so be vigilant. 

The sneezing may not have a spiritual meaning if it is an indication of an allergy or a cold. If it is not something to worry about then it is typically the body’s reaction to several irritants that can be found in the nasal passages and the mucous membrane.

When that membrane is irritated, the sneeze expels it through the nose and mouth. However, a sneeze attack may be more serious and this is continual sneezing one after the other which could signal allergies or even underlying conditions. 

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