Rainbow Children – 13 Signs You’re The Parent Of A Rainbow Child …

According to legend, Rainbow children are the third generation of star children who would usher in celestial enlightenment by coming to earth.

Rainbow Children – 13 Signs You're The Parent Of A Rainbow Child …

The Crystal children are creating a brand-new foundation on top of the paradigm, while the Indigo children are tearing down established structures, paving the way for the Rainbow children.

When the Rainbow children emerge, they will finish the construction project begun by prior eras.

Do you think that your child could be a Rainbow child? Continue reading to find out.

What Is A Rainbow Child?

A Rainbow child is the following generation of Star Children, a group of young people who enter this world with an air of wisdom far beyond their age.

In order for us to interact with the higher dimension and feel unconditional positive regard, it has been suggested that this new generation, the rainbow children, will aid in our understanding of our spiritual selves.

A Rainbow Child is a gateway to our authentic identities, which will eventually come through fully once we learn to harmoniously cohabit in the emerging world.

In addition, rainbow kids are smart and kind, particularly if they don’t have any karma to resolve.

Therefore, they can dedicate their whole being to helping people.

These artistic, perceptive spirits are superb healers, and friends to the world.  There is no doubt that the Rainbow children will leave the world in a better condition than they found it.

Additionally, it is likely that they will live much longer than earlier generations.

Is Your Child A Rainbow Child?

If you have gotten this far into our article, it is likely that you suspect that you may be the parent of a Rainbow child. 

Below, we have listed 13 indicators that your son or daughter may, indeed, be a part of the Rainbow generation.

1. Your Child Was Born In The Year 2000 Or Later

Most Rainbow children are thought to have been born in the year 2000, or in the years that followed.

However, it is entirely possible that a Rainbow child could have been born before 2000, but it is less likely. 

A child born before this year may be an Indigo child instead. 

2. Your Child Has A Balanced Energy Of Male And Female

We often possess either a more male or a more female energy when we’re in physical human form.

However, due to their affinity with spirit, Rainbow children will have a balanced male and female energy.

3. Your Child Demonstrates Resilience And Determination

Your child may frequently display a complete attention and commitment to do something nice for others, which can frequently get misunderstood by many as being impatient or rebellious. 

A Rainbow child won’t let anything stop them from satisfying their soul’s needs, since they realize that without it, something is lacking.

4. Negative Emotions Can Be Promptly Overcome In Your Child

Your child might oddly continue to be optimistic even when there are significant negative emotions present.

They are not hostile towards other, and hold no grudges.

In addition, they never seek to polarize or alienate others. They simply want to develop connections that are harmonious and joyful.

5. Your Child Exudes A Lot Of Energy

Rainbow Children – 13 Signs You're The Parent Of A Rainbow Child …

When we say ‘high energy levels’, we are not referring to the ‘bouncing off the walls’ energy that Crystal children are known to emit.

This energy is more constant, and does not change during the day. 

Rainbow kids don’t need a lot of rest, yet they always appear to have energy in abundance.

6. Your Child Has Large, Wide Eyes

Physically, a Rainbow child will display big, soulful eyes that appear to be able to see everything around them, both physically and spiritually. This is because they can!

You can tell what a Rainbow child knows by simply looking into their eyes.

This is due to the fact that they are completely in line with spirit, and strongly correspond to their purpose in life.

7. Your Child Loves Lending A Hand To Others

A Rainbow child has little demands of their own, and is entirely compassionate. They merely want to spread happiness and serenity to others.

Rainbow children will give without asking for anything in repayment.

Even at a young age, they will go to tremendous lengths to ensure the happiness of people around them.

8. Your Child Has Little To No Fear

They are not overly terrified of anyone/anything since they know exactly who they are, why they are here, and what they are here for.

A Rainbow child has no fear since they are aware of their protection, and have faith in the spiritual world and the divine domain to assist them in carrying out their mission on this planet.

9. Your Child Is A Very Forgiving Person

A Rainbow child has an undeniable capacity for love and forgiveness.

They are unable to harbor harmful feelings like wrath, rage, or even contempt as a result of their increased awareness.

They immediately extend forgiveness and move on to their objective, since they see how connected we are to one another, and how important emotions and feelings are.

10. Your Child Loves Color, And Is Incredibly Creative

A Rainbow child is incredibly imaginative, and is drawn to alternative treatment methods.

They might discover that vividly colored surroundings, clothing, or objects excite and entice them.

After all, they were given their name for a purpose. They are drawn to all the rainbow’s colors.

11. Empathy And Telepathy Have Been Displayed By Your Child

The power of thought-form is a form of communicating with Rainbow children. 

They may not start talking until they are 2/3 years old, since they do not need to converse physically.

They won’t feel the need to until they get older, and realize that not everyone has their abilities.

Additionally, Rainbow children are highly perceptive and psychic since they are in sync with spirit.

12. Your Child Can Successfully Manifest

Rainbow children can instantly manifest anything (Check Out What Is The 369 Manifestation Method And How Do You Use It?) they need since they are highly developed beings.

They can accomplish their life’s task as a result of not misusing precious time.

They can directly communicate with spirits, thus if they want something to happen, they can use manifestation to make it so.

13. You Have A Functional Family (In Which Your Child Holds A Significant Presence)

Rainbow Children – 13 Signs You're The Parent Of A Rainbow Child …

Since Rainbow children have never experienced bad karma, they are born into a healthy and happy family.

They will have a stable upbringing in a supportive, drama-free home, allowing them to easily fulfil their true mission.

Additionally, as their home is calm and stress-free, he or she is able to focus on their life goal without being distracted.

Are You A Crystal Child?

It is generally believed that if a person has a Rainbow child, it is highly probable that they, themselves, are also a Star child.

In this case, the parent is likely to have been a Crystal child.

The term ‘Crystal child’ is used to refer to kids who exhibit psychic traits throughout their lives.

These children are believed to exhibit the same qualities that make crystal a distinctive; it is a precious material that offers spiritual energy.

It is vastly believed that angels from above sent this generation of children to earth.

Although some are still being born at this day, most crystal babies first started to be born in the 1980s, and continued until the early 2010s.

However, there is no explicit time for any category of Star children to be born; they are born when and where they are needed to be.

The cognitive and emotional characteristics of most, if not all, Crystal kids seem to be the same.

For instance, their big, bright eyes are a great indicator; you can feel as though a Crystal child can read you directly and entirely when they glance at you.

Crystal children are older souls sent back to earth. They  give off the impression of having lived in this world previously, and have endured a variety of circumstances.

They are also linked to a high depth of awareness, a clean soul, and the natural world.

You can learn tolerance, kindness, understanding, and sincerity from a Crystal child. They might also be exceedingly sympathetic and highly emotional.

Children of crystals enjoy solitude and may choose to avoid social engagement as well as commotion and gatherings. They are inspired by isolation.

If you feel that you can relate to some of these traits, and you were born during the aforementioned timeframe, you may be a Crystal child.

This, in turn, would make it more likely that your own offspring is also a Star child of some form.

Final Thoughts

Rainbow children are sensitive, loving souls who would give anything to see those around them happy and thriving.

Their main goal in life is to spread positivity, and to help others in any way they can.

If you are the parent of a Rainbow child, you should consider yourself extremely lucky.

You have given life to someone who, no matter how small they are right now, has a large personality, and will someday change the world.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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