Psychic Children -10 Traits They Have

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Psychic children or Indigo children are an interesting and rare breed. Or are they more common than we think? Since the 1970’s there have been more and more records of the weird and wonderful Indigo children. 

Psychic Children-10 Traits They Have

But what does this mean? In this article we will cover 10 traits known to be displayed by psychic children.

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This explores whether there are specific children who are more open and aware of their surroundings, physical or otherwise.

Keep reading to find out more about Indigo children and how to identify them. 

What Is An Indigo Child?

The phrase “Indigo Child” or “Indigo Kid” was coined when discussing the aura colors of these extremely distinct children. It refers to an improved version of mankind.

Auric fields had previously been thought to contain all the colors of the rainbow, but the Indigos’ field was dominated by a royal blue hue.

By doing this, a new direction in human evolution and their indigo aura is established.

They first started showing up in the 1970s: gifted kids with a clear mission: to question and change reality.

Beyond psychic awareness, they exhibit great levels of drive and creativity as well as a perception that sees through societal conventions.

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Old spirits for sure, their goal is to upend the present world and pave the way for a future in which there is more peace and harmony for all.

Although, the term ‘Indigo Kid’ may be rather fooling. Psychic children are often well into their teens or adulthood before being identified making it hard for them to fit into regular society. 

10 Traits Of Psychic Children 

Wondering if you may be part of this slightly jarring lineage? Below you’ll find 10 common traits of Indigo Children which should help you in identifying your true spiritual awakening. 

You feel destined To Be On This Earth 

You have a tendency to be haughty at times and are bolstered by an immeasurable force. You are aware that your presence on this planet is intended to bring about positive change.

You are aware that those who were born on this planet are evolving and rising, and that they require support as they undergo a large transformation. 

Well-developed Intuition

Children that are indigo have strong intuitive skills. As a result, they have broader perception and are able to perceive aura fields.

Knowing someone’s history without speaking to them on the first meeting is a good illustration of high intuition.

This is a rather shocking skill to see within a child as most humans require a range of experiences in order to develop the skill of intuition.

Humans are often found ignoring the deep feeling within their gut. Indigo children are able to follow and understand their intuition before reaching maturity. 


They inherently possess leadership abilities and often use them from a young age. These young people will likely influence others by their charisma and enthusiasm.

It is common for psychic children to find it difficult to work with others as they gravitate towards being in charge or working on their own.

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They will struggle with following authority, specifically when they believe the authority in charge to be corrupt, illogical or outdated. They wish to offer those around them a better, wiser and healthier way of life. 

Excellent Memory and Focus Skills 

Indigo children aren’t only wizards who are creative or clairvoyant. They also have a laser focus and a razor-sharp recall. They are able to recollect recent events and think quickly under pressure.

They can also have an eidetic or photographic memory, among other abilities. They are also quite clever and sensible in their choices.

However, due to their intelligence, they can quickly become restless with routine and structure. They will commonly be misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD as they grow older and showcase their abilities. 

Highly Creative 

Indigo children can sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves verbally. They will often find peace in expressing themselves through art or music.

It allows them to invite others to view the world the way they do and create meaningful connections. 

It is important for psychic children to nurture and develop these skills as it allows them to build connections and express themselves in ways that words can’t. 

Psychic Connections 

Children will be fascinated by lessons on telekinesis, telepathy, and psychic or telepathic talents. They believe in cultivating a strong connection with the Universe and are continually honing their abilities in this regard.

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Some youngsters born under the sign of the Indigo believe in the Law of Attraction and see its effects in all facets of their existence.

As Indigo children hone their empathy, clairvoyance and telepathy they will gain the advantage of reading others. 

Anxiety And Depression 

Due to the extreme, philosophical questioning that psychic children experience, existential anxiety and depression are more intense. They are more concerned with life itself than themselves. 

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They will often question “Why was I born?” or “What is the meaning of life?”, which can be too much for a younger child with little to no life experiences.

These questions can cause the child to lose interest in trivial life experiences or expectations such as starting a career, creating a family or even making friends. 

Question Authority  

As mentioned above, Indigo children show extreme passion to be leaders and regularly struggle to adhere to authority figures.

They are certain of their views and ways of life which make them appear rebellious to those in positions of authority. 

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Abiding by the rules and regulations can seem difficult and rigid. This can quickly make a n indigo child seem antagonistic in their environment whilst other children filter in seamlessly.

It is important for Indigo children to learn patience and know that they will be able to make change in due time. 

Feeling Lost 

Psychic children may show feelings of being lost. They may feel outcasted and left out by their classmates or friend groups within the neighborhood.

During this period they may exhibit rebellious behaviors and prefer to be alone. 

They are not willing to change themselves or their thoughts in order to fit into the crowd. However, this can lead to further feelings of anxiety and depression throughout Indigo children. 

High Expectations 

Psychic children often focus on making the world a better place and are not willing to compromise on standards. They see themselves as being the best and expect others to do the same. 

This can cause strain on relationships with themselves and others around them. Their harsh criticism of the actions of others can become a negative characteristic.

This trait should be nurtured but they should also be shown that failure is a regular part of development for everyone. 

Tips For Psychic Children 

If you have identified yourself, your child or someone you know as an Indigo child it can be difficult to nurture and develop their spirit. These are a few tips to help Indigo children:

  • Stay grounded. Whether through meditation, exercise or reading, finding a way to stay centered can help when dark thoughts take over. 
  • Express yourself. Utilize your creative abilities with art or music to express yourself effectively. Keeping dark, unnerving thoughts or emotions locked inside will only allow them to build to an extreme intensity. Expressing through your creativity can give you an outlet which isn’t aggressive or detrimental to those around you. 
  • Spend time with nature. As an Indigo child or Psychic child you will find that nature has a balancing effect as it allows you to feel at peace. Find time to spend with nature in order to relax and unwind your body and mind. 
  • Emotional Acceptance. As you strive for greatness you can often find yourself frustrated with those around you. Take time to accept yourself and the emotions you feel in order to better understand and lead those within your close circle. You’ll find yourself developing more meaningful relationships than if you express yourself harshly and aggressively. 

Final Thoughts

Wondering if you might be a psychic child? These 10 traits should help you discover your true self and your destiny

Feeling yourself gravitating towards roles of leadership, challenging authority and being highly intuitive? These are all signs of being an Indigo kid. You often find yourself being able to easily read people and use this to your advantage.

However, you may lack the understanding of your existence. 

Being an Indigo child (You might also want to check out What Rainbow Children Are) can be confusing and jarring as you find yourself having deep, philosophical questions which don’t seem to relate to your peers.

Or you run into trouble more often than not, feeling outcasted by your classmates. You can find yourself in a dark place if you aren’t able to support yourself or have a working support system within those around you. 

Being a psychic child doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be exciting and thrilling once you identify your abilities and begin learning to use them to your advantage!

Find ways to center yourself and slowly work on making the world a better, healthier place to live.

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