Meaning Of Angel Number 111 And Guidance On Your Spiritual Awakening

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Angel Number 111 is a very interesting angel to see, it is a symbol of support and hope.

111 is often seen as the start of a new journey, reinforcing the idea that something needs to change. It can also appear in the middle of your journey when you are experiencing severe upheaval and you need encouragement to make some changes.

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Meaning Of Angel Number 111 And Guidance On Your Spiritual Awakening (1)

Due to the encouragement for change, angel 111 is often very closely related to a spiritual awakening and it is sent to you when you are facing a big decision or a crossroads. 

Read on to find out more about what angel 111 means! Once you have read this article, you will have a clear understanding of angel 111. And remember, read between the lines to find your meaning! 

What Does It Mean When An Angel Shows Itself?

Angels have a very special way of contacting us. When an angel has something that it wishes to tell us, we will see the angel numbers. If the angel is sending you a message, you will see the numbers over and over again, and you really shouldn’t ignore it! 

Angels are always with us, helping to guide our way and support us through any hard times we are going through.

While the ways in which they are guiding us are sometimes not able to be seen by us, this is one way that they take a very hands on approach to our experiences. 

Are you seeing the number 111 over and over again? Read on for a detailed understanding of this angel number and what it means.

How To Know You’re Being Shown 111?

So, if you’re new to this you may not understand in what way you’re expected to see the number 111. Think outside the box, because angels come to us in mysterious ways.

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If you go to the grocery store and your shop comes to 11.10, and then you look at the license plates of all the cars around you and all you can see is 111, then you can safely expect that angel 111 is trying to show itself to you.

You really shouldn’t ignore the signs. Whether they’re clear signs or subtle ones, you should always be on the lookout for your next angel to help to guide you through life. 

Meaning Of Angel 111


Angel number 111 bears a lot of relation to your energy, which relates to your spirituality. Angel 111 is based on the belief that whatever energy you radiate into the world, is the same energy that you will receive back.

This angel is a very clear reminder of this law of energy, letting you know that whatever your feelings, actions and thoughts are, they reflect your situation, and this will not stop. It is the law of energy.

In order for this to change, your feelings, actions and thoughts will have to change too. 

So, one huge lesson that angel 111 is hoping to send you is that if you are putting out an optimistic attitude, good things will come back to you. 

Let’s break down some advice that angel 111 would give in regards to energy. 

  • Be more grateful for what you have in your life. 
  • Appreciate your friends and family, and even strangers. 
  • Believe that people have good hearts. 
  • Ensure you are grounded and calm. 

In this way, number 111 is a very important angel as it helps you down the path of a spiritual awakening which, if followed, offers a new start in every area of your life. It is a sign of new starts to lead towards positive things, such as success.

It is also an encouragement of individuality and creativity. 

Seeing angel 111 is a reminder of the law of energy, and if you can take this under your wing (excuse the pun!) then you will start witnessing things getting better for you.

Combination Of Angel 1 And Angel 11

The number 111 is a combination of the attributes of angel 1 and angel 11. 

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Angel number 1 is representative of motivation, uniqueness, independence and new beginnings. It is also a signal for success and progress. 

Angel number 11 is representative of a purpose in this world and your understanding of your individual purpose. 

Together, this refers to a spiritual awakening which will lead you down the path of creativity and improving yourself.  This angel will rarely show itself to someone who is not a natural leader, creative and independent.

Although, sometimes it will show itself to people who are in need of portraying these traits. 

Focusses Of Angel 111

All of the angels have very strong links to symbolism and angel 111 is no exception. Angel 111 has symbolism that is linked to the following ideas and these should be your areas of focus if you are looking to explore angel 111: 

  • Prosperity 
  • Manifesting thoughts to become reality 
  • Uniqueness
  • Independence 
  • Awareness 
  • Motivation

Number 111 has very strong links to symbolism as it does not have a specific meaning, but an individual one. With the main focus being the link with spiritual awakening, there is not any one thing that you can expect to understand through this angel.

Rather, it is about your own journey and developing an understanding of your thoughts. An understanding of these thoughts is not enough on its own, you must try to monitor and control these thoughts in order to benefit from the presence of the angel.

You can control these thoughts by releasing all negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. 

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The reason the angels believe there should be no negative thoughts displayed is because this negative energy will bounce back and you will start to experience it. This is the energy law that we looked into earlier in the article. 

You should focus on your true desires and goals if you start to see angel 111. And don’t worry if you’re not sure what they are yet. Who does? But you should have an understanding of who you desire to be and what type of person you wish to become.

You should be aware of what you don’t want to be, so that you can make sure that you are rejecting any bad energy.

Your thoughts are the center of angel 111’s teachings so you must make sure that you have a positive outlook and not a negative one, even if you are struggling.

You must not allow any negativity to take over you, simply transform the negative energy into positive and use it to propel you forward.

So, to conclude the section on focuses of angel 111, the main focus is to simply only think about the things you want to happen, and not about anything that you fear.

This is because you want to manifest the good energym rather than focus on the bad. 

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Meaning Of Angel Number 111 And Guidance On Your Spiritual Awakening (1)

Angel 111 And Spirituality 

Spiritual awakening is a big aspect of seeing angel number 111. You must listen to the angel when it comes to spiritual awakening and take any guidance given because it requires some action on your part.

Seeing this angel is an indication that you have some changes to make in order to reach your spiritual potential.

The way that this angel is prompting you to achieve this is to release all negativity from all aspects of your life. Mainly from your thoughts.

This allows you to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, and it encourages you to move forward instead of remaining stationary. 

Remaining stationary in spirituality, and in life, is a trap many of us can easily fall into. However, there is always room for development in many different areas and this angel is encouraging you to remember that you can always move forward and grow. 

Perhaps you were shocked to encounter this angel number, as you thought you were happy, healthy and doing quite well in life. This could be why the angel has shown itself to you.

Perhaps you are stuck in a rut and need encouragement to chase after what you want.

Angel 111 And Love 

Due to the positive nature of angel 111 and the desire that this angel has to only exude positive thoughts and feelings, love will obviously tie in with this angel.

Love is one of the most positive and powerful feelings out there and it will always help you on your journey. This angel signifies new beginnings in love. 

Again, exude only positive thoughts and feelings about love and you will have positive experiences. Don’t let any of the negative emotions break through because you shouldn’t think about anything that you don’t want to experience in your love life.

This will manifest negative emotions. Angel 111 signifies moving on from past hurt in this way, letting go of any pain and trying not to exude these emotions into your next experience so that you don’t experience the same hurt again. 

If you are struggling to think positively in love, then the sighting of angel 111 could be an indication that you should think about ending a relationship that is not giving you what you need.

Angel 111 stands to remind you that if you have a relationship that is giving you nothing positive, then you are closing off any space to let anyone else into your life who might have this positivity to bring you. 

Angel 111 And Law Of Attraction 

Angel 111 has an important role in the law of attraction. You should take note of who you are with and what you are doing at the time of seeing the angel.

If you see the angel when you are with a certain person, this could be an indication that this person is positive for you and will be a positive help on your journey.

If you do see a pattern in what you are doing or who you are with when you see this angel, you should continue down the path that you are on at that time, it could hold the answers that the angels are trying to help you to see.

Actions To Take If I Am Seeing Angel 111?

1. Seek New Opportunities 

A key reason that you might see angel number 111 is that you are missing certain things that are all around you. For instance, you could be missing opportunities that are clearly there by simply not seeing them.

You are always being sent opportunities by angels that are there to help you to improve your life, connect with spirituality and help you to grow and achieve your goals.

If you are missing these opportunities and not grasping them, then you will start to see angel 111.

This angel appears to remind you that, while they are there to guide you, only you can make use of these opportunities the best you can. You will always have the chance to refuse the things that are handed to you. 

If you see angel number 111, remind yourself to seek out new opportunities and grab onto them with both hands. Throw yourself into new experiences because they are often leading you somewhere that you want to be.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown – embrace it!

Again, taking us back to the law of energy. If you grab onto these positive opportunities, more will come your way. Positive energy feeds back positive energy and so it all fuels itself.

2. Become A Leader 

Angel number 1 – which is a part of the make up of angel 111 – represents leadership. The appearance of angel 111 could be indicating to you that it is time that you took lead and helped to take responsibility for those around you.

This can be relative to your home life, your work life, your relationships or your spirituality. It is simply letting you know that you should be active and participate in these areas. 

This angel number indicates that it is time that you took on a leadership role and started to lead by example. You will help many people, and yourself, in doing so. 

While it is an indication that you should begin trying to lead others, you must always keep your own values and goals in mind while you are doing so. Make sure that any role you are adopting feels right for you, and reflects who you are.

You must lead, but only by your own values and not by adopting any negative values, or values that don’t represent you.

So, if you see any opportunities to lead, you must consider whether it is right for you and seize the opportunity.

3. Start Something New

Angel 111 indicates new beginnings. While it is often a spiritual new beginning, this is not always the case. Angel number 111 can also mean physical new beginnings. We have discussed new beginnings in love and this is a big part of angel 111. 

Sometimes, angel 111 is an indication that a new beginning is coming that is out of your control. It is warning you that it might be coming and that you should embrace it with open arms and positivity.

It does not just indicate a new chapter, it indicates a better one full of positives and possibilities.

Often, angel 111 is an indication that you need to start something new yourself. Think about ways that you feel stuck or would like to move on and take the leap. Perhaps it’s a career move or a new relationship. 

Whether it is in either of these ways, seeing angel number 111 indicates that the change is what you need, and you should push forward with it in order to make positive changes to your life.

Seeing angel 111 shows that you have the support of the angels during this change and they will be there to help you and guide you through any difficulties you might encounter. 

Don’t shy away from change, actively seek it out! You will always be supported by the angels in whatever you do.

4. Like Attracts Like 

Seeing angel 111 is a reminder that like attracts like. We have already explored this idea in a lot of detail and it is essential to seeing angel 111.

Any energy that you omit into the world must be positive, because this is the energy that you will receive back. This idea is closely linked to karma and it is very important to remember. 

You omit an energy that gives out a certain frequency, and angel number 111 reminds you that you will attract others who also omit this frequency. The energy that you give out, is what you will receive.

So, remind yourself that you wouldn’t want to receive negative energy, so you should not omit it.

This is an important lesson in many ways as it will help you to view others in a better light, too. Instead of seeing them as competition or enemies, you will be able to see them as a mirror of your own energy.

You will be able to forgive and move on to see them in a new light. 

Remember that your energy refers not only to what you put out into the world but your emotional, spiritual and mental sides as well. You must trust that you have the power to control the reality around you.

Final Thoughts 

So, now you have a very detailed understanding of what it means to see angel 111.

Hopefully, this will help to guide you and understand your spiritual awakening in lots of detail. Remember to always look to the angels for help and guidance – they are always looking out for you!

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